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Book Spotlight for The Party Plan by Melanie Jayne (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Today I'm introducing you to a quick yet sensual read, a story of reunited lovers.  Keep reading to get a tantalizing taste of The Party Plan by Melanie Jayne, along with my impressions of it, as well as a brief interview with Ms. Jayne.  Make sure to fill out the form for the chance to win 2-$25 GCs along with a Pamper Yourself for the Big Night Out Gift Basket!


-How did you come up with the idea for your story?
MJ:  The Party Plan started as a 3,500 word short story that I submitted to an Open Call for an anthology. It was rejected but I liked Avery and Kade so much that I decided to expand their story.  I have always been intrigued by missed opportunities and the “what ifs” in life. I thought I would give two people the chance to explore their long held feelings. By the way, I do have two godsons that are named Brian and Kyle but the resemblance to the characters ends there.
-Why did you choose to write Erotic Romance?
MJ:  It’s what I like to read.  I like sex. I like to talk about it, hear about it and think about it. It just seemed to be a natural extension that I write books with explicit sex in them.
-What is for you the perfect book hero?
MJ:  For me, this is a very hard question. So I am going to tell you about my current favorite.  I am so in love with Dallas and Lex, the King and Queen of Sector 4, from Kit Rocha’s Beyond series. I feel that I have to name them both because they are a package deal. Dallas is brave, intelligent, and he learns from his mistakes. Lex has a huge heart and the brain to back it up. She is a natural leader and her influence makes Dallas a better man. Dallas takes care of business behind a desk and in the ring fighting, and if necessary Lex won’t think twice about cutting your throat.  Plus they are both sexy and extremely sexual.
-Tell us something that people would be surprised you know how to do.
MJ:  I am a klutz. I run into things constantly and I am always bruised.  When music plays the klutziness magically goes away and I can move.  At one time in my life, I achieved some success as a competitor in Pro/Am Ballroom dancing.  I think it was mostly due to my partner who was a Viking and so bossy- just like a character in a book.  Still to this day when a good song comes on, I can move in 3” heels, two sets of fake eyelashes and a ballgown laden with stones that weighs a ton.

Avery Grant has been through a rough patch, she gave up her career to move home to help take care of her ailing parents. She married a man that she did not love and he almost bankrupted her family's farm. Now she is going to get what she wants and for over twenty years she has wanted Kade Martin.
Kade has been attracted to his sister's best friend for twenty years. In the beginning Avery was too innocent, then she was married and he was busy working hard and playing harder.
The plan is simple.
After tonight's party for their godson's engagement, Avery is going home with Kade. One night of sex with no strings.
That's the plan.


This domineering side of Kade was the man she had fantasized about being with. Avery moistened her lips as she prepared her answer, “Yes.”
“Yes what?”
“Oh God,” his lips continue teasing her sensitive neck. It was so hard to form words, lost in the feeling. “I, uhm, I like this. I like your hands on me.” She tilted her head further so that he would have better access to her sensitive skin.
Kade chuckled, “Very good, Avery. For the record, I’ve wanted you for a long time. Christ, you were still a shy teenager when I wanted you the first time. I remember watching you spread suntan lotion on your body, your oil covered hands touching your skin. I was home on leave, but back then you were too innocent for me. So I stayed away, I knew it wasn’t the right time. I’ve been waiting for that time to come. I won’t stay away tonight.”




Those looking for a little afternoon delight will find this novella a sensual and endearing journey to HEA for two people whose timing was never quite right.  They're both older and wiser now though and fate has finally conspired to bring them together to answer the question "what if".  The answer is a sweet and sexy one that makes this a richly satisfying read.

Kade has always loved Avery but the time was never right for him to tell her how he feels about her.  No woman has ever compared and he's tired of waiting.  When he's finally given the chance he sets out to show her how he feels in a sensual onslaught that had me cheering him on.  Kade is a sexy and charming Alpha male whose banter with Avery crackled.  He completely won me over and I was hoping every step of the way that this time would be their time.

Avery's life has been a rocky one that's left her emotionally battered and bruised.  It hasn't totally crushed her though and it's that spark that has her accepting the sensual promise Kade offers.  Avery's a strong woman and her time with Kade teemed with sexual tension that morphed into something more richly rewarding and fun to watch evolve.

This was a quick read that while nothing groundbreaking did give readers a more seasoned couple which sets it apart from many romances.  Ample time was given to show their connection forming early on to leave you clamoring for them to finally get together in scenes richly rewarding.  The characters themselves are realistic and likable, with Kade especially winning me over.  Though the overall story felt a bit rushed I still found this an entertaining read that will have me searching out more from this author.

My rating for this is a B.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


I live on a grain farm southeast of Indianapolis, Indiana with my very patient husband of twenty-five years and our two English Mastiffs, Buster Brown and Ginger. I graduated from Indiana University when it was the #1 party school in the country and I took great pride in helping the school achieve that ranking.
I haven’t figured out what I want to be when I grow up. I change careers every decade. I have worked in retail, a federal courtroom, travelled across the state closing loans, and behind the scenes in a casino.
I’ve always had an active imagination so when a good friend suggested that I try writing a book, I thought why not, it should be fun. It has, but I have had to work very hard to learn how to do it. I am so lucky for the outpouring of advice and education from so many in the industry, plus the hand-holding and cheerleading from My Gurls. I also have an incredible Ad-man-istrative Assistant, who tries to keep me under control. He rolls his eyes so much that I worry about a permanent condition.
When I ‘m not working or writing type stuff, I sleep, watch courtroom TV shows, and sports. I was a competitive pro-am ballroom dancer for ten years and I read as many books as I can.
​I love to attend Author-Reader Conventions and look forward to meeting you.


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