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Book Cover Reveal for Dirty Perfect Storm by Hayley Faiman……..

 Fans of MC romances rejoice as sparks will fly once a gritty biker claims a woman as his own in this steamy series starter!  Keep reading to get a tempting glimpse of Dirty Perfect Storm by Hayley Faiman, then count down the days until this first installment in the Devil's Hellions MC series hits shelves on January 19th!

Legacy isn’t just his name–it is who he is. Born to ride with the Devil’s Hellions, he was made for this world as she was made for him–even if he does not deserve her.

They say that no storm can last forever. That after the storm, the sun will shine again. Except they don’t know anything about this storm.
Nobody could have ever predicted him.
My storm’s name is...
He is perfectly deliciously dirty. He will ruin me. In the end, I will beg him to do just that.




I was born and raised in California. My husband and I met when I was just 16. We were married a few years later, we lived in Oregon while he was in the US Coast Guard.
Texas is now where we call home, where our boots rest, and where we're raising our two little boys and a chocolate lab named Optimus Prime.


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Book Tour for Every Time My Heart Breaks by Linda Kage (REVIEW)……

Fans of intensely emotional romances full of heart and soul will be drawn to the connection between two people that started in high school to reach a much different level years later when the heroine is traumatized by her ex and he seeks to help her recover.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Every Time My Heart Breaks by Linda Kage, along with my impressions of it, then add this powerful tale to your bookshelf!

How do you make yourself fall in love with someone?

After his family friend, Chloe Ryan, is traumatized by a disturbed ex-boyfriend, Luke Hamilton is “encouraged” to step up and be the kind of partner she needs.

Problem is, he’s never been in love before.

He’s not one to give up, though. His stubborn, competitive nature, mixed with the dutiful loyalty he inherited from his parents, makes it impossible for him to say no. And romancing Chloe becomes priority number one.

But his feisty contender gives him the challenge of a lifetime when she’d rather argue with him than accept a simple compliment. Chloe demands honest, genuine feelings from someone before she’ll even think about opening her heart again, and since Luke refuses to back down from his determined quest, he decides to grow some feelings.

Except, uh, yeah…That’s easier said than done since he has no idea how to even begin the process of falling.


Chloe is a simple woman with simple wants. All she’d like is to work her job, find a partner to share her life with, and then grow a family with him.

But apparently, that’s just too much to ask for.

After her ex kidnaps and terrorizes her, Chloe is suddenly put on six weeks of leave from her job to recover, she can’t handle it when anyone touches her, and her big dream of the simple life seems more impossible to reach than ever.

Until Luke bulldozes his way into the picture, determined to help her through her rough patch and promising her everything she’s ever wanted.

The problem is Chloe loved Luke way back when she was young, and no one’s ever broken her heart the way he did when he didn’t even notice her in return. No way is she going to risk more heartbreak at his hands now. Chloe becomes just as determined to push him away as he is to stick by her side.

Let the battle of wills begin.



From the moment Luke Hamilton comes to Chloe Ryan's rescue in high school, defending her against bullies, she fell head over heels for him even knowing nothing would ever come from it as he was one of the cool kids and she was a chubby nobody.  She never saw him as anything other than her white knight and when she's traumatized by an ex boyfriend years later it's Luke who once again comes to her rescue...helping her work through her trauma, as well as his own feelings of helplessness in not being there for her sooner.  As the healing process starts for them both, Luke finally comes to the realization that his feelings for Chloe have always been about more than friendship and now's the chance for him to admit the truth of what's been obvious to others for a very long time.

This book starts out with a flashback, a scene from high school of Chloe being bullied for her weight.  Luke's definitely the cool kid with the cool car, a senior to the freshman Chloe, and it was a heartwarming start to a story that quickly turned heavy.  As teens, Luke didn't hesitate in defending Chloe and I can completely understand why she fell for him in that moment and why he became a lifelong savior to her as he's seen her at her worst and never turned away.  From the start readers see Luke as sweet and caring, a bit clueless at times, but once he decides on a course of action he's all in...becoming a man on a mission.  The romance between him and Chloe might've started out a bit awkwardly (being told he HAS to fall in love with her) but it becomes obvious that this is just a push to do something he ultimately wants to do.  It's a bit of a bumpy journey though as Chloe wants something real, something meaningful with Luke, and with a show of strength and determination she demands all he has to give.

Chloe's an immensely likable heroine, someone who's been through a lot in her life. From teenage bullies to a crazed ex she's been put through the wringer and still survived.  Her most recent trauma though, dished out by an ex, has left her very bruised both inside and out, left her full of fear and a desire to not be touched.  After this dark event, Luke's the only one she lets into her life as she still sees him as her rescuer, and together they both start working through their feelings...which will require a lot of tissues for readers.

This is an intense romance at times, particularly after Chloe's attack.  Ms. Kage dealt with this heavy issue in a realistic and respectful way though, showing the effects not only on the victim but on those around the victim too.  From this moment on the connection between the main couple turned sweet and sensual, becoming even more protective and loving, while giving Chloe the support she needs to move on from her fears to become strong-willed and to stand her ground.  There's so much to like about this book and so much that will resonate with readers.  Readers will find themselves captivated, hurting and loving right alongside the characters as Ms. Kage expertly plays with their emotions.  Amongst all these good things are a few less than perfect things. First, is the silly reason given for why Luke must fall in love with Chloe.  It created an awkward start and leant a bit of superficiality to their early feelings.  There's also a slew of characters who show up throughout the story, friends and family from previous books, which makes for a rather crowded narrative with names quickly forgotten.  Despite these small quibbles, this is still a powerful read, one full of heart and soul that breaks your heart before building it back up and leaving you happily sated.

My rating for this is a B+

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Linda writes romance fiction from YA to adult, contemporary to fantasy. Most Kage stories lean more toward the lighter, sillier side with a couple of meaningful moments thrown in. Focuses more on entertainment value and emotional impact. She likes the drama and crazy, over-the-top plots that make you cry, then laugh, get mad then sigh happily. Most stories are explicit but a few are sex-free. No dark or taboo topics, but many are not safe stories either.


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Book Tour for His Untameable Wickedness by A. P. von K'Ory (REVIEW & GIVEAWAY)……

Readers drawn to dark and gritty reads will get all that and more in this quick tale dripping in sensuality and full of moments that rip at your heart for all the cruelties done to others.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of His Untameable Wickedness by A. P. von K'Ory, along with getting my impressions of it, then learn even more about this book by visiting the other sites hosting this tour.  In honor of this first installment in the Untameable series make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a $15 bookstore GC too!

A three-letter word made me a murderess at the age of eight years. But having experienced the curses of that word, I was done with men as I grew up. All men. Except to outplay them in the New York financial arena. Then Crowned Sex enthroned in gorgeous velvet charm and lustful gallantry storms into my life. Spewing volcanic lava on my monumental arctic ice block. With the unapologetic fierceness of a savage god. Wearing crackling thunderbolts straight from the god Zeus. Explosive has nothing on it.
Adrian isn't hot, he's fucking hellish. He embarks on melting my ice block at the speed of lightning. But I was done with men. I was done with sex. For ever. I. Was.
I scented her darkness from the moment I was told about her. The sight of her sealed my decision. She was the woman created for my own darkness. I set off to protect her even from herself. Protect her to claim.
Fuse her darkness with my own. For. Myself. I'd fended women off me with bazookas when I was done but they weren't. I wasn't prepared for the battle I soon fought. Not only with her but also with her family. And New York's billionaire gangsters who own entourages of corrupt cops and politicians. With every battle I won, she started new darker wars around me. You ate or you were eaten. Not even starving was an option.
NOTE: Although the blurb is in the first person, the story of Leo and Adrian is written in the third person. This story contains adult material including explicit sex and violence. You've been warned.


“If you feel I should stop, say you’re mine.”
“I am, I am! Just don’t stop, Adrian.”
He stopped, chortling deep in his chest, eyeing her from under his brows as his head lifted with her jerky thrusts. Adrian’s molten lava eyes radiated something utterly demonic but captivating, hypnotizing. They now seemed to shoot her senses with the wickedness every single cell in her craved. Those eyes concentrated on her flawed body, her utterly broken soul, crushing the fierce pride she falsely nurtured for her protection.
He made her feel invincible. Armored, even against his demonic wickedness.
He licked behind her ear, whispered, “Stop being your worst enemy, wildcat, and simply receive and revel in pleasure. Your whole body’s made to receive it. From me.”



Into the joy and happiness of the holidays comes this dark and suspenseful tale of two people bruised by their pasts who find themselves connecting in a combustible journey to HFN.  With this being a series starter, the author has a lot to present in laying the groundwork for what's to come here and in the future.  With each turn of the page readers are shown the darkness and pain these two endured to get where they are, shown the depravity of those meant to protect, and it makes for a difficult read at times.  After witnessing those childhood scenes, readers are introduced to adults who grew stronger because of their painful pasts.  They didn't let the pain and heartbreak define them but forged a path to fortune and success.  With Leo, she's worked hard to get where she is, and has no intention of losing everything.  She's sworn off men, but when Adrian enters the picture she's completely thrown for a loop.  She and Adrian had a crackling connection from the very start!  They had a connection teeming with erotic foreplay, a strong push/pull where each tried to outdo the other, in a journey that kept me on the edge of my seat.  While keeping my attention I found the connection between them wasn’t as heartfelt as I’d hoped, but with their pasts it’s no surprise that they still have trouble truly bonding in a mature and meaningful way.  With them, it felt like a constant battle.  Along with Adrian coming into her life, Leo has a face from the past who's returned to wreak havoc once again on her life in numerous suspenseful twists and turns.

There are a number of triggers along the way, moments between Leo and Adrian as well as the return of a villain from her childhood who's determined to wreck the person she's become, to make this an emotionally intense tale.  So let that be your warning!  For those drawn to dark reads, those that want a unique tale with erotically-charged scenes between two people leery of showing their softer sides, then pick this one up and give it a go!

My rating for this is a C+

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


AP von K’Ory writes the kind of books she herself would like to read and is passionate about, whether romance, psychological thriller or nonfiction. She is the winner of six awards from four continents, the last one being the Achievers Award for Writer of the Year 2013 in the Netherlands. The Selmere Integration Prize was awarded her in 2014 for her engagement in helping African Women in the Diaspora cope with a variety of domestic and social problems. The Proposal, a short story, won the Cook Communications first prize in 2010 and is published in an American anthology Africa 2012. In 2012, she won the Karl Ziegler Prize for her commitment to bring African culture to Western society in various papers, theses, and lectures. Again in 2012, her book Bound to Tradition: The Dream was nominated for the 2012 Caine Prize by the Author-me Group, Sanford, and in 2013 she was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers Prize.
Von K'Ory is married to an aristocrat and politician of Franco-German descent, has a large extended family. She lectures Economics and Sociology in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. She’s migratory and – weather willing – lives in Germany, France, Cyprus, and Greece.


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Book Release Blast for Fake Fiance for Christmas by Carol Burnside……

 Two people with bruised hearts from their past find themselves making a connection over Christmas, a connection that starts out as a lie but soon becomes all too real in a sweet slow-burn journey to HEA.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Fake Fiance for Christmas by Carol Burnside, then add this heartwarming stand-alone holiday-fueled tale to your bookshelf!

Faced with a broken engagement due to her guarded heart and her family expecting to meet her fiancé during the first Christmas without her Gran, Lia Taylor decides to take her friends’ advice. She’ll take a fake fiancé home for Christmas.
Ryan Barton grew up in foster homes, unaware he had a family until he met his grandmother at sixteen. Lia’s offer of a noisy family Christmas with a big elaborate meal sounds like heaven, even the part about pretending to be her fiancé.
As Lia and Ryan get to know each other and practice casual touching, hugs, and kisses, their feelings grow. They decide to try for a real relationship with the promise that when either of them withdraws due to old fears, the other will pull them back.
But what will save them when they both withdraw in fear? Are their recent feelings strong enough to save their new relationship or will they hide within the safety of their guarded hearts?


“They’ll expect us to touch.” Lia draped her hand across Ryan’s forearm and his eyes gentled, darkened. “Like this. Casual. Easy. And to hold hands. I hope you don’t mind.”
Ryan turned his arm over and linked his fingers through hers. “We got this.”
She swallowed, unable to tear her gaze off his, and nodded. It felt both foreign and familiar, holding hands with him.
“I think I’m going to like this gig.” He gave her fingers an easy squeeze. “Should we also practice...” His lashes lowered, gaze trained on her mouth. As the fingers of his free hand slid along her jawline, something like static electricity blazed across her skin.

Holy cow. Lia’s pulse bumped and her chest froze, making it difficult to breathe. She parted her lips to answer but couldn’t produce so much as a squeak. After she managed the tiniest of nods, he leaned forward, and his face blurred.
Ryan’s lips touched Lia’s and withdrew. He caught her in mid-gasp the second time and took advantage of her parted lips to flick his tongue against hers, igniting a fire that thawed her chest.
He angled his head and came in for more, tongues teasing, tasting, learning each other. His hands were firm on her back, pulling her closer until she was consumed in the solidness of him and the fire he stoked. She clutched at his shoulders as if they were her lifeline because she was completely engulfed in sensation.
And a choir of angels sang “Hallelujah.”
Ryan chuckled into the kiss, then tore away laughing. Lia scrambled for her phone, the Hallelujah Chorus one she’d assigned to her older brother because he rarely called. When he finally did, she considered it a small miracle. Not so much right now, though. His timing couldn’t be worse.
“What, Spence?” she demanded without preamble. “You’re on speaker.”
“Whoa. Ho, ho, ho to you, too, little sis.”
“Sorry, bad timing. We were...uhm, what’s up?”
“You tell me. My travel app shows your plane came in on time, but we haven’t heard from you. I was elected to find out what the holdup is.”
“Oh. Well, Ryan couldn’t get the same flight, and there was a slight delay, but he’s here now, and we’re about to leave the airport.”
“Right, the fiancé. We can’t wait to meet this guy and size him up.”
“Very funny. Best behavior today, and I mean it, Spence. So help me—” Lia looked over a sea of autos, anywhere but at Ryan.
“Kidding. Damn, girl, where’s your sense of humor?”

“Buried under travel stress. Hey, how’s Mom holding up?” Lia kept her brother on the line to delay renewed mortification over the kiss.
“Oh, you know.” There was a slight pause, and Spence’s voice quieted as if he’d moved out of earshot. “She’s...trying, but the tree isn’t decorated.”
“What?” Lia couldn’t believe it. She pressed her lips together. Ever since Spence had gone to college, her mom made a point of having the tree ready to welcome them home at Christmas. “She said we’ll all do it together, and it’ll make Brian feel more at home. Having y’all here will help.”
“It’s Ryan. Geriatric brain, much?”
“I could’ve sworn Mom said Brian, but the TV was blaring. Oh, well. Hang up and drive, girl. We’re waiting, and hey, save me a hug.”
“Back at ya. Bye.” Lia returned the cell to her purse, taking extra care to stow it properly. “Sounds like you deflected the name change deftly.” Ryan buckled his seatbelt.
Lia clicked hers into the slot, relieved to talk about any subject but their scorching-hot kiss.
“Yeah, but I think it’ll be fine since your names are similar. Brian, Ryan. Easy to brush it off as ‘Oh, you misunderstood.’”
Silence fell between them. Lia found a radio station and slipped the gear shift into reverse. “Okay, let’s do this.”



Carol Burnside: Sizzling romance with heart and humor...
Carol Burnside is an award-winning author of "Sizzling romance with heart and humor." Her personal second-chance-at-love story resulted in an enduring marriage to her high school sweetheart. They reside in the Texas hill country, where Carol enjoys visiting wildlife from her covered back porch. Like any true southerner, she drinks tea in some form year-round. Carol's novel length manuscripts have placed in numerous contests and won several, including the prestigious Maggie Award for Excellence. She also writes as Annie Rayburn.

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Book Release Blast for Illegal Contact by Emily Silver (REVIEW)……..

 A forbidden romance off the field shines a spotlight on the sweet and sexy romance between a young footballer and the older woman who's his coach.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Illegal Contact by Emily Silver, along with getting my impressions of it, then add this fourth installment in the Denver Mountain Lions series to your bookshelf!

Cocky football star Knox Fisher has been driving me crazy for years.
I’m one of the few female coaches in the league. I shouldn’t want someone who has the power to jeopardize my entire career, especially someone seven years my junior.
But I can’t stay away.
We keep the sizzling chemistry between the two of us.
A glance here. A touch there. I live for the stolen moments with him.
I know he wants more, but more is dangerous. If anyone saw us together, I could lose my job and be blackballed from the league.
There’s no way this relationship can end with anything but a broken heart, yet I can’t resist him.
I might be his coach, but this player is about to teach me a thing or two about love.

BUY here.


As an older woman myself, I'm drawn to the theme of reverse age-gaps in romances and the relationship seen between Knox and Frankie is a definite winner.  Readers get to see Knox's year's long journey to become a star player, see his dedication to the sport, and how much it means to him.  With Frankie, readers get to see the very rare instance of a female coach in a typically-helmed man's world.  Readers get to see her trying to balance being tough while still embracing her feminine side, a side Knox calls to with much sizzle.  Frankie constantly has to worry about their secret coming out as she weighs which means more to her...Knox or her coaching job and her future in the League.  This was a story that was a long time coming as secret encounters slowly evolved into real feelings, feelings that could no longer be ignored.  With me rooting for them every step of the way they slowly but steadily brought their connection out into the light in a richly rewarding conclusion.

Knox Fisher was a drool-worthy hero from the very first moment I saw him.  He was dedicated to his family and friends, his sport, but even more dedicated to Frankie.  He was drawn to her the very first time he saw her and it resulted in a crackling connection full of combustible banter and a push/pull dynamic that's foreplay for what goes on behind the scenes between these two.  His words and deeds regarding her warmed my heart and made him the quintessential book boyfriend as he was always supportive of her and would do everything she asked of him.  Frankie Rose is completely dedicated to football, in many ways it defines her, so she's terrified of what will happen if the truth about her relationship with Knox is revealed.  She's a strong and capable force on the field, behind the scenes readers see sweet and sexy interludes balanced with heartfelt talks about their future.  I felt sad for the weight resting on Frankie as her relationship with Knox was an utter delight and I longed for them to have a real HEA despite the repercussions for her future.  The forbidden nature of their connection, the hefty penalty for discovery, made their romance even stronger and kept me on the edge of my seat as Ms. Silver wove together the pieces of a fulfilling journey to HEA.

Along with a compelling main couple was an equally appealing cast of secondary characters.  From Knox's grandma (who was simply entertaining), to Knox's teammates (a brotherly group with playful banter and a strong support when needed), to Ms. Silver's vast football knowledge, readers will be quickly captivated by this tale.  Action on and off the field was beautifully balanced to make you care about Knox and Frankie.  I was fully invested in their relationship and was cheering for them from start to finish.  By the turn of the final page their story was wrapped-up nicely while leaving readers wanting more courtesy of an enticing epilogue that's bringing this series to an end with the next installment.

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Hello! After winning a Young Author’s Award in second grade, Emily Silver was destined to be a writer. She loves writing strong heroines and the swoony men who fall for them.
A lover of all things romance, Emily started writing books set in her favorite places around the world. As an avid traveler, she’s been to all seven continents and sailed around the globe. Some of her favorite places are Antarctica (Emily's first book is a love letter to Antarctica!), New Zealand, London and South Africa!
When she’s not writing, Emily can be found sipping cocktails on her porch, reading all the romance she can get her hands on and planning her next big adventure!

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Book Teaser Tuesday for Manticore by Kate Hill (GIVEAWAY)…………

A man trying to make a life of his own finds himself connecting to another through a paranormal bond that leads them to love and a woman willing to die for them both!  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Manticore by Kate Hill, then start counting down the days until this book hits shelves on December 23rd.  In honor of this third installment in the Confessions series, make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win an e-copy of Bloodbloom, the second installment in this series!

Martin: I was an outcast. Humiliated and abused, I ran away to carve out a life apart from the Specter family business. Convinced the family magic would never work for me, I was taken by surprise when I met him.
Manticore: Shunned by other manifestations, I lived alone and nameless. Then I found Martin. He gave me a name and his body. Now, we exist as one. We never expected to find a woman who’ll love us, but Daisy Fay is full of surprises. We’ve walked through demonic fire to protect her, and we will have her as our mate.
Daisy Fay: Martin is the sweetest guy I know. Manticore is an enticing beast. I never dreamed they shared a body. It’s a good thing I love them both. We’re in constant danger, though, because their father wants to kill them. They want to keep me safe, but sitting in the sidelines isn’t my style, and they’d better get used to it.



Kate Hill is a vegetarian New Englander who loves writing romantic fantasies. When she's not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out, watching horror movies, and researching vampires and Viking history. She runs the Compelling Beasts Blog that is dedicated to antagonists, antiheroes, and paranormal creatures. Kate also writes as Saloni Quinby.


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Book Release Blast for Wrap Up My Life by Hayley Faiman (REVIEW)………

 A woman broken by her past and wanting to hide from the world finds herself the center of a biker nerd's world in this holiday-fueled romance full of heart and soul.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Wrap Up My Life by Hayley Faiman, along with my impressions of it, then be sure to add this 8th installment in the Nasty Bastards MC series to your bookshelf!

It’s the holidays in East Texas. The A/C is cranked down. The Old Ladies have decorated the clubhouse with care, hoping big bearded men will adorn them with gifts.She never wants to celebrate Christmas again. He wants nothing more than to meet her beneath the mistletoe.
Lies don't just hurt the liar. They destroy every life that is somehow touched by that lie. Moxie knows that more than anyone, the man she thought she loved turned out to be a lie.
Bans has always been the nerd. He’s the computer tech for the Nasty Bastards MC, but he sees something in Moxie. What he sees, he likes and wants for himself. He doesn’t just want to fix her. He wants to wrap her up and keep her.
She’s a shell. Broken beyond repair. But when Bans looks at her, she feels something that she hasn’t in far too long. Hope.
He has watched her go through hell. She has put herself through self-sabotage for far too long. The holidays are a time for renewal, rebirth, and leaving the the past. But can she move forward when her entire adult life has been nothing but a lie?




Step aside ElfA Christmas Story, and Miracle on 34th Street!  When it comes to feel-good Christmas stories I'll now be reaching for this sweet, sexy, and sentimental book instead of the usual collection of heartwarming movies when I want to make my holidays brighter.  Though it's part of a series it stands strongly on its own as it pushes every one of my emotional buttons...making me smile, while causing a few tears and blushes along the way, all while making my heart sing with joy seeing the healing power of love amidst the warmth of holiday togetherness.

Moxie's a heroine who's been put through the wringer courtesy of her deceased husband Smoke and the lies he told his Club as well as her.  His lies have left everyone a bit bruised and when readers first see her here she's wallowing in betrayal and anger, swearing off love forever.  She's drinking and stripping to numb the pain, but with nightly visits to the strip club from the Nasty Bastard's tech god Bans, things are starting to change for her....but only if she's willing to put her heart on the line ONE LAST TIME. Moxie's a tough and sassy woman, someone who starts off broken and bruised but who ultimately became a kick butt heroine.  Her actions at the start were completely understandable though and my heart ached for her with the betrayal she was dealing with.  Once Bans offered himself to her though it wasn't long before she started moving on from the past in a sweet and steady journey to HEA.

Bans is the tech guru for the Nasty Bastards MC and has been in the background or on the periphery of the Club's actions until now, when he takes center stage to admit his long-simmering love for her in a sweet and empowering love story.  From the moment I first saw Bans I knew I needed to know more about him and this is the perfect story for him as it shows someone who's normally quiet but whose actions speak louder than words.  He's a stand-up guy with a big heart who wants to show Moxie her true worth and to be allowed to lavish her with love.

This was a quick read, a slow-burn second chance romance that brings together two wonderful characters in a romance that renewed her faith in love.  Bans is a truly delicious hero who made me happy, a powerful man who was quiet and unassuming, a man determined to get his gal.  Surrounding him are the other men of the Nasty Bastards MC, as well as their mates, who were a solid support system that helped in the matchmaking of this pair and that gave readers insight into "Where are they now?" too. On a whole this was a decadently delightful romance of second chances, a heartwarming tale with a bit of steam that was the perfect diversion from the hustle and bustle of the holidays and is a book I wholeheartedly recommend!

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


I was born and raised in California. My husband and I met when I was just 16. We were married a few years later, we lived in Oregon while he was in the US Coast Guard.
Texas is now where we call home, where our boots rest, and where we're raising our two little boys and a chocolate lab named Optimus Prime.


Book Release Blast for The Target by Lena Hendrix (REVIEW)……..

 It's an exhilarating cross-country trip for a young woman traveling to testify against the man who kidnapped her.  With her brother's best friend protecting her on the journey, she's busy protecting her heart from a past confession she made to him.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of The Target by Lena Hendrix, then get my impressions of it which will have you wanting to add this younger woman/older man-fueled fourth installment in the Redemption Ranch series to your bookshelf!

All I wanted was a break from my small town life. Not to be stuck driving across the country with my older brother's gorgeous, infuriating best friend. Charming, cocky federal agent Scott Dunn is back in my life. And I hate him.Four years ago, Scotty was the center of every one of my fantasies. He was funny, kind, and eleven years older than me–a protector. But one ill-timed confession and he vanished from my life without so much as a goodbye.
Now I am called to testify against the men who kidnapped me and the gorgeous, infuriating man I tried so hard to forget is assigned to protect me. I want answers and he refuses to give them.
But as much as he claims to hate me too, I see the way his eyes linger on my skin. How his hands itch to reach out. He understands me in a way I’ve never let another man get close enough to know. My scars, physical and emotional, are a constant reminder of the girl I used to be.
A girl I try to forget.
As we travel across the country, the tension and simmering heat becomes unbearable. He’s pushing me outside my comfort zone while I’m desperately searching for control––until I realize Scott is more than willing to give it to me.
Once this is over, I know he’ll disappear again. But for now, he’s surrendering his control, and I'm going to take it.


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From the first page to the last this book kept me completely engrossed courtesy of its slow-burn road trip to HEA, a journey of second chances and healing for the heroine. This couple called to me, a couple who dealt with the pain of their pasts together in an empowering tale that played with my emotions.

Gemma's been in Scotty's life for years as he's the best friend of her brother, the strong and protective older friend who she wants in her life more than anything.  That truth had him running away four years ago, but he's now back to escort her to the trial of those who kidnapped her and left her with scars inside and out.  This time around Scotty doesn't plan on running away.  He wants Gemma and makes it his mission to give her the control her life's been lacking since her kidnapping.  He wants to empower her after her power was taken away by evil and with each mile traveled readers can see her getting stronger and more self-assured while bathing in his love.  The connection of these two started off a bit battered but grew stronger while warming my heart through their heartfelt talks.  Through it all Scotty is a drool-worthy hero, a strong man unwavering in his need to keep Gemma safe.  Gemma's a guarded but bruised heroine who's never wavered in her love for Scotty and their steamy interludes were powerful while making me blush a time or two.  Their connection might be seen as forbidden by some but I found it a richly rewarding journey to HEA that brought this series full circle. With this BIG CASE coming to an end, so too does the Redemption Road series, ended with a beautiful bow of love overcoming all and giving away power to show strength. Readers can definitely read this book on its own but will definitely want to get to know these characters better by reading about them from the very beginning in a series that I wholeheartedly recommend!

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Lena Hendrix is a contemporary romance author living in the Midwest. Her love for romance started with sneaking racy Harlequin paperbacks and now she writes her own hot-as-sin small town romance novels. Lena has a soft spot for strong alphas with marshmallow insides, heroines who clap back, and sizzling tension. Her novels pack in small town heart with a whole lotta heat.
When she’s not writing or devouring new novels, you can find her hiking, camping, fishing, and sipping a spicy margarita!
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Book Teaser Reveal for Wicked Ink by M.A. Lee…….

 A woman finds herself falling for a bad boy against her better judgment in this romance set in the college world and teeming with sensually.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Wicked Ink by M.A. Lee, then start counting down the days until this second installment in the Royal Ink Tattoo series hits shelves on January 13th!

From Amazon Bestselling Author, M.A. Lee comes another exciting new college romance novel.
Melissa is my biggest challenge yet. With her beauty, brains, and brazen sass, she is the first girl not to fall for my charm.
I want her.
I need her.
I'm getting high just from her presence. I know she will cave one day, I can see it in the way she looks at me and the way her body reacts when I touch her.
With each day that passes, I can feel her giving in. Her resistance is fleeting as she slowly falls for what we could be. What I want us to become.
They say bad boys are easy to love. And, Colton is your ultimate bad boy. It's hard to blame him; with his dark hair, tattoos, striking eyes, and swagger, girls just can't resist him.
I already had my fair share of bad boys and the last thing I wanted to do was to fall for Colton. Knowing that he owns a tattoo parlor and drives a motorcycle should have me running away at lightning speed--but it doesn't.
I fell for him hard and we both know it, but I'm the last person to admit it. Call it stubbornness, but I am not the type of girl that Colton really needs.
Now, Colton refuses to give up his chase and I don't know how much longer I can fight my feelings for him. I can tell he is different, but can I really trust him with my heart?