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Book Blurb Blitz for Stealing Jia by Gail Koger (GIVEAWAY)......

In a colorful and action-fueled romance of opposites attracting comes a young woman, a youngster who learned about life through years of living in an orphanage, and a battle-scarred warrior who insists they're mates on a hunt to save her adopted brother.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Stealing Jia by Gail Koger, along with learning even more about this book by visiting the other sites hosting this tour, then add it to your bookshelf.  In honor of this thirteenth installment in the Coletti Warlord series make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a $20 bookstore GC too!

Jia grew up in an orphanage that turned children into master thieves and gave the school of hard knocks a run for its money. Jia’s psychic talents have kept her alive, but not out of trouble. While searching for her adopted brother, Jia finds herself on a galactic adventure with a horde of mischievous extra-terrestrial kids she’s determined to protect. Adding to the chaos is an Askole Battle Commander who claims she is his mate. How is that even possible? They’ve never met.
Trayon, the Battle Commander, is a deadly Askole. Huge. Battle hardened muscles. A regular warrior’s nightmare with black, armor-plated skin and tentacles. Who knew the scary guy was such an excellent kisser and had the heart of a romantic? All Jia ever wanted was a family of her own. Maybe an alien family wouldn’t be so bad.
To win Jia, Trayon must prove he loves her and she’s not some female the Coletti Overlord just sold him. But first, he has to keep the trouble magnet alive long enough to convince her.


“Why are there blood worms webbed to the walls and ceiling?"
The shock in Trayon’s voice would have been amusing in any other circumstance. I cracked open an eye.
“Whatever you do, don’t go in the bathroom."
“Why not?"
“Bath time got a little messy.” One look and he’d probably rescind the mating contract.
Trayon’s boots made an icky squishing noise as he walked across the room. I could feel his horror when he exclaimed, “A little messy?"
“I told you not to go in there."
“I have seen battle scenes with less blood,” Trayon groused.
“Did you know baby Tabors are taught how to program food replicators?” “I was not aware of that fact."
“I want to have a talk with whoever came up with that bright idea. The evil twins decided they wanted to sample blood worms while I was introducing the concept of a shower to Cason. Who, by the way, hates water. A lot."
“LeeLee and LooLoo agreed blood worms taste nasty. I caught them doing a wonderful impression of Tarzan on crack as they webbed twelve dozen blood worms to every surface they could find."
“Who is this Tarzan?"
“A story for another time. The point is Adoz and Pepe joined in the fun too." I gestured around the room. “And wa-lah! Mass destruction.”


I was a 9-1-1 dispatcher for the Glendale Police Department and to keep from going totally bonkers – I mean people have no idea of what a real emergency is. Take this for an example: I answered, “9-1-1 emergency, what’s your emergency?” And this hysterical woman yelled, “My bird is in a tree.” Sometimes I really couldn’t help myself, so I said, “Birds have a tendency to do that, ma’am.” The woman screeched, “No! You don’t understand. My pet parakeet is in the tree. I’ve just got to get him down.” Like I said, not a clue. “I’m sorry ma’am, but we don’t get birds out of trees.” The woman then cried, “But... What about my husband? He’s up there, too.” See what I had to deal with? To keep from hitting myself repeatedly in the head with my phone, I took up writing.


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Book Spotlight on The Stormbringer by Isabel Cooper (GIVEAWAY).....

Readers will find themselves captivated by this exhilarating and magical series starter that has a battle once again being waged with good versus evil in an effort to save humanity.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of The Stormbringer by Isabel Cooper, then be sure to add it to your bookshelf.  In honor of this first installment in the Stormbringer series make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win 1 of 5 copies of this book too!

Sentinels spend their lives fighting the monsters that prey upon humanity.
Deep in the wilderness, a lone Sentinel discovers a handsome warrior in ancient clothing, held in an endless sleep—Amris, hero of the world’s last great battle. His discovery can only mean one thing: the Traitor God is gathering his armies again, and everyone they love is in terrible danger.
Amris has been trapped in dreamless sleep for centuries. Now he’s awake...and so, it seems, is humanity’s greatest threat. Determined to save the world from being swallowed by the Traitor God’s oncoming storm, Amris and his rescuer, the fiercely beautiful Darya, must learn to trust each other—and the powerful bond that’s formed between them—as they fight their way through a land swarming with danger to get word back to their allies before it’s too late...
Fans of The Witcher and Ilona Andrews will love this epic tale of adventure and romance.


The world was silent, and that itself told Amris the spell had worked—not that he’d ever doubted Gerant’s skill, whether at magic or elsewhere. It was a different matter, though, to be transported, in the space of two breaths and two words, from the screams and crashes of a pitched battle to utter quiet, save for a single voice.
Because the voice wasn’t Gerant’s, nor any that he recognized, Amris’s reflexes carried him backward several steps and brought his sword up in front of him. He realized that the person who’d woken him was human and not Thyran, and hastily readied himself to defend rather than striking out, but it was a close thing.
The woman hissed and darted backward herself, moving with more than human speed or grace. She was more than human. That became apparent as soon as Amris saw her eyes, unnaturally bright green and glowing in the dim light. Her skin was paper-white, her braided hair dark around it, and those could be human enough, but the eyes were a different matter.
“Easy, there,” she said. Her accent stretched the vowels out more than Amris was used to, and the words came more quickly, but he could understand her rightly enough, particularly when she held up her hands, palms out. “I’m on your side."
Anyone could say so. “What side is that, pray?” Speaking felt odd. Gerant’s magic had kept his muscles from degeneration through however much time had passed, so he felt no worse than a little stiff, but just as sound had taken a moment to become words, Amris had to think at first: move the tongue this way for w, the lips and throat so for i.
The woman shrugged. “The side that doesn’t love the Traitor. The Order of the Dawn, the Sentinels...I think we were starting when you—” She waved a hand.
When he trapped himself in time in a desperate bid to stop the murderous warlord. “Yes. Only just.”
Still Amris didn’t lower his sword: the woman aside, there was no virtue in dropping his guard before he knew the situation. He did let the rose fall from his gauntleted fingers, and used that hand to pull off his helmet, a necessary compromise between defense and intelligible conversation.
The state of the hall became clearer to him as he did so—the years’ worth of dust and cobwebs, as well as the silence. The woman’s clothing—plain dark leather pants, jerkin, and gloves over a shirt of brown cloth—was plainer than he was used to, without even the embroidery that most peasants wore. Practicality, given where she was, or asceticism?
“I should tell you two things right off,” said the woman. “You might want to sit down first."
Amris shook his head. “Best to face it on my feet."
“All right,” she said. “First, you’ve been...” Another vague wave of her hand. “Stuck. For a hundred years or so."
She’d spoken wisely when she’d advised him to sit. The knowledge traveled up through his feet as well as in through his ears, making the room spin around Amris, and yet it seemed not to reach his head or his heart. The sweat of battle was still wet in his hair, he still felt his cuts and bruises, and the rose on the floor was as fresh as it had been when he’d plucked it for Gerant.
That reached head and heart both. Gerant was as human as he. Had been as human, rather—in a hundred years, a babe in arms would grow, sire or bear their own children, see grandchildren, and die, and Gerant had been a man in his prime when they’d parted. He’d be long dead by now.
They’d both known that parting might be forever. Toward the end, any farewell might have been the last. Amris had never pictured it taking this form.
“Here.” The woman took a small metal flask out of her boot and brandished it in his direction.
The contents tasted roughly as they smelled. Amris had been a soldier long enough to swallow, nod his thanks, and trust that his throat wasn’t truly on fire. “Strong."
“I keep it to clean out wounds.” One eyebrow quirked, and her mouth twisted in a wry smile. “I’d say this counts."
“Truth.” A hundred years. A hundred years, and only now had somebody come to awaken him, but the hall was empty otherwise. “Before the second, lady,” he said, “was there another man nearby? There, roughly speaking?” He gestured to the place where Thyran had been standing at the last.
“No,” said Darya, peering at it, and then frowned. “But...wait."
A small, uneven mound of gray powder lay heaped on the stone. Darya knelt and touched it with the tip of a gloved finger, feeling the texture as much as she dared. “Ash,” she said, “and—yes, bone. Bits of it. Wait.” There was a larger shape within the ash, but that wasn’t entirely why she’d stopped. As many shocks as it had gone through, her mind was still capable of calculation. “You’re looking for Thyran, aren’t you?"
The question sounded completely absurd. Thyran had shaped, bred, or summoned an army of things, led them against humanity, and cursed the world to years of barren cold when he’d begun to lose. Thyran was the Father of Storms and Abominations.
He wasn’t somebody people looked for.
“Then you know of him,” Amris said, utterly serious.
“Bad children and old wives everywhere know of him. The Order taught us a little more of the real histories.” Beneath the ash lay a long finger, five-jointed, with a black talon at the end rather than a nail. Burial in the ash had kept most of the insects away and held off some rot, but the finger was still fairly disgusting. She grimaced. “Was he human at the end?"
“Mostly, in appearance,” Amris said slowly. He knelt beside her, squinting in the dim light. “Far harder to kill than mortals, or even any of his creatures.” Slowly he breathed out, sending ashes scattering. “And one of his defenses was dark fire.”



During the day, ISABEL COOPER maintains her guise as a mild-mannered project manager in legal publishing. In her spare time, she enjoys video games, ballroom dancing, various geeky hobbies, and figuring out what wine goes best with leftover egg rolls. Cooper lives with two thriving houseplants in Boston, Massachusetts.


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Book Cover Reveal for The Crush by Penelope Ward.........


Readers will find themselves captivated by this roommates to lovers romance as a young woman's years-long attraction to her brother's best friend turns steamy once all three of them move in together.  Keep reading to get a tempting glimpse of The Crush by Penelope Ward, then start counting down the days until this slow burn contemporary romance releases on February 22nd, 2021!

From New York Times bestselling author Penelope Ward, comes a new standalone, second-chance story of forbidden love...
It’s natural to want the one you can’t have. And for as long as I could remember, I’d secretly wanted my brother’s best friend, Jace.
He was six years older and always treated me like the sister he never had.
Fast forward a decade.
We were all in our twenties now. Jace had moved in with my brother, Nathan, and me to help us make ends meet after our parents died.
It was just the three of us—an odd family dynamic.
Living under our roof, Jace was as bossy and protective as ever.
But he certainly didn’t look at me like a sister anymore. That was what made things so complicated. I was pretty much hot and bothered twenty-four-seven.
And he was torn.
The signs were subtle, at first. Like on movie night, I’d casually rest my leg against his, and he wouldn’t exactly shift away.
Still, I assumed he would never…go there.
Nathan would kill us.
The knowledge of that wasn’t enough to stop the inevitable, though.
Eventually our slow burn explodedBut more than the physical attraction, we’d developed a strong connect.
We just couldn’t get caught, right?
That sounded simple.
Until it wasn’t.
This is a story of forbidden love, broken trust, and an unexpected second chance.




Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of contemporary romance.
She grew up in Boston with five older brothers and spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor. Penelope resides in Rhode Island with her husband, son, and beautiful daughter with autism.
With over two million books sold, she is a 21-time New York Times bestseller and the author of over twenty novels. Her books have been translated into over a dozen languages and can be found in bookstores around the world.

Book Teaser Reveal for Fletcher by V. McFarlane......

 One time friends lost themselves as life became rocky in this emotionally intense tale of second chances that pulls at reader's heartstrings.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Fletcher by V. McFarlane, then add this first installment in the Boys of HGU series to your bookshelves when it releases on February 20th, 2021!

Just one night....
I should have known that just one night would never have been enough.
Not when Peyton Mckenna has been the only girl I’ve ever dreamed of.
We were friends once, best friends but to me she was always the girl I couldn’t have. It didn’t stop me wanting though.
But then everything changed, our worlds exploded and I pushed her away, too caught up in my grief and confusion of still wanting the girl that belonged to someone else.
For three years I avoided her as if everything that happened that night was her fault, but the truth was, the guilt of seeing her, still wanting her was tearing me apart but I was becoming weak.
Weak enough to let her back in.
Weak enough to hold her.
Weak enough to take that taste I’d always denied myself.
It was a betrayal.
But never a mistake.
And now I want more.
Our paths were too tangled, our lives forever on a collision course. This was my destruction and we had always been destined to fail.


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Book Tour for Damien, Forever by Tempest Phan (REVIEW).......

 Opposites find their longtime friendship slowly becoming something more in an emotionally intense tale that has two close knit friends fighting an attraction while dealing with the weight of life and their painful pasts.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Damien, Forever by Tempest Phan, along with getting my impressions of it, then add this first installment in An Art of Sinners series to your bookshelf too!

An angsty, friends-to-lovers, second-chance romance with a dash of new adult and a twist of rockstar.
She's everyone's favorite princess. Gorgeous girl next door. Homecoming queen. But to me, she'll always be so much more. The light in my dark, my best friend, my everything. But there's one thing she can't ever be. And that's ğ™¢ğ™žğ™£ğ™š. Because I'll make damn sure to keep my filthy hands off her. Even if it kills me.
He's the boy of broken whispers. The one dripping ink. The one sowing fear. But to me, he'll always be so much more. The music in my soul, my best friend, my everything. And pretty soon, he'll be between my sheets, too. Because what baby girl wants, she 𝙜𝙚𝙩𝙨. Just watch.




From the moment I picked up this book I was captivated!  From its soul-searing romance of friends to lovers, to dealing with issues of mental illness and abuse, this is a book that packs quite an emotional wallop.  From the first page to the last readers will find themselves on an unending rollercoaster ride of emotions that will sadden you, while making you smile, before steaming up the pages through interludes involving the heart and soul.

Damien and Bella have had a connection since they were children, becoming inseparable as both experienced losses at an early age that had them finding support by each other's side.  It's a connection that's as vital as breathing and is based on love...a love that slowly and steadily turns more physical which ultimately complicates things between them.  Their romance definitely put me through the wringer, pulled at my heartstrings through every speed bump thrown their way.  For every moment of joy between them, I also witnessed pain through poor decisions and low self-esteem, before differences in their social standings also threw wrenches into their HEA.  Theirs is clearly a HEA meant to be though and it's a hard-fought journey to get there.  At times both of them frustrated me with their decisions, by letting other people's judgements weigh on them, by denying what was so obvious between them, that I occasionally wanted to throw my kindle against the wall.  Despite those moments of frustration I found a romance that I was utterly enthralled by and which had me rooting for them every step of the way.

Damien Mortenson is seen as the town bad boy, the sexy but poor boy from the other side of the tracks whose mother worked for Bella's family and which was the start of the foundation to their lifetime connection.  Damien's a tortured soul due to his sister's death, his mother's mental illness, and his father's abandonment that harkens to his own battle with PTSD.  Music and Bella are the only bright spots in the darkness of his world, a world that is realistically depicted and had me aching for all that he had to deal with.  He's a young man with a caring heart and a protective nature but sees himself as a loser and unworthy of being anything more than a friend to Bella despite their obvious soul deep love.  Listening to the negativity led to an even more painful journey to HEA, moments where Damien loses himself in the darkness, and it hurt my heart when reading these sections.  These moments left me wanting to hug him non-stop!

There's more to Bella Davenport than just a pretty face, a dutiful daughter from a family of wealth.  She's a young woman with a big heart, devoted to and protective of the boy from the wrong side of town.  She's the only one who sees the real boy behind the piercings and tats, drawn to his pain in hopes of helping ease it.  Early on she seems to be a bit meek, but as the story progressed she became stronger and more self-assertive in what she really wanted which led to moments of heartache and frustration.  In spite of that she was always there for Damien, proof of her commitment to him despite all his attempts to push her away.  He wanted her to have a life, but there was no life without him in it.  Through actions both big and small she set out to show him that truth throughout their very rocky road to HEA.

From the very start readers will find this couple unforgettable and be fully captivated by the ups and downs of their friends to lovers romance.  Readers will be pulled into their lives early on, get caught up in all the bright joys and dark moments in their difficult journey to HEA.  They're a formidable pair, made stronger and yet more vulnerable by the love between them and I was on edge watching them navigate the highs and lows of their lives.  Alongside this enthralling main couple were a colorful cast of secondary characters who I hope to see more of in the future.  Lukas Stone, a rich boy lawyer with a love of art who's driven to help those less fortunate than he, is the first one to leave a big impression on me as the facade we see of him early on definitely changes throughout the story.  He became someone of real substance towards the end, someone carrying the weight of familial disappointments and pain, and I hope he finds his own HEA soon.  Damien's bandmates also intrigued me through their colorful looks and loud natures that belie their softer sides.  Their journey to stardom was a rough one, realistic in its hardships as well as the vices that are experienced once fame arrives.  I applaud Ms. Phan for the realism she brought to her story, the gritty and raw emotions depicted.  This was an epic romance, not always easy to read but well worth all the tears and frustrations along the way.  With this being the first installment in An Art of Sinners series readers will be left longingly counting down the days until we revisit this emotionally intense world!

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Tempest Phan loves ink, words, leather pants, and emo (#SorryNotSorry). She lives in a grey, rainy region with her own real-life tattooed bad boy lawyer, their littles, and a pup. Good news is that all the terrible weather means more time for book boyfriends and writing about broken heroes and indomitable heroines. (By the way, she’s never met a bar of dark chocolate that she hasn’t fallen head-over-Loubs for).  Visit her WEBSITE to discover more about them and their books.

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Book Spotlight on Earl’s Well That Ends Well by Jane Ashford (GIVEAWAY)......

Opposites attract in this historical romance of a widower tired of being alone and a woman worried about putting her heart on the line as close quarters have warmer feelings between them bubbling to the surface.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Earl’s Well That Ends Well by Jane Ashford, then start counting down the days until this book releases on December 29th.  In honor of this fifth installment in The Way to a Lord's Heart series make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win 3 sets of the first four books in this series too!

This beautiful, clean Regency romance from beloved author Jane Ashford takes you to a glittering world of revelations and romance, where a lonely earl can find love where he least expects it...
Arthur Shelton, Earl of Macklin, has helped four young noblemen recover from grief and find love, but he's learned to live his own life as a widower. Yet when he returns home after traveling, his estate feels too empty, and he quickly heads to London. There, he encounters Teresa Alvarez de Granada, a charming Spanish noblewoman and is immediately entranced.
There is no room for earls in the quiet, safe life Teresa has finally found for herself. The earl might be charming and handsome, but she knows firsthand how dangerous attraction can be. The more determined Teresa is to discourage Arthur, the more entangled they get, and it's only a matter of time before her respect for him starts to feel a lot like love.


It was a lovely spot. The carpet of blue blossoms wound back into the trees like rivulets of color, beckoning one deeper into the shade of branches in a new leaf. A stream ran nearby, the gurgle of water blending with birdsong. The blossoms’ sweet scent filled the air.
Senora Alvarez turned in a circle to take it all in. “Maravilloso!” She held out her arms as if to embrace the landscape and laughed.
It was the first time Arthur had seen her really laugh, and he found it glorious – the musical sound, the flash of her dark eyes, the joyous gesture, the curve of her lips. She seemed lit from within, as if a shadow had been whisked away and the brilliance inside revealed. This was how she should always be, he thought, glowing, carefree. To be the thing that made her happy – that would be an achievement!
“I have been meaning to take up some cobbles behind my house and make a place for a garden,” she said. “Why have I put it off? I must do it at once. This is...comida para el alma. Food for the soul."
Removing a few cobbles sounded meager. Arthur had gardens galore at his estates. He wished he could give her one. But a garden wasn’t like a jewel, to be handed over. Even if she would easily accept gifts, which she would not.
“I think Mr. Dolan would be glad to pull them out,” she went on as if the plan was unfolding in her mind.
Senora Alvarez turned as if she’d forgotten he was there. “One of my neighbors is a builder.” “Ah. Friend of yours?” He was not, of course, jealous. That would be ridiculous.
The query seemed to arrest and then amuse her. “He is, along with others on my street, ever since we rid ourselves of Dilch. That canalla bullied Mr. Dolan’s son.”
And she had stopped it. Arthur had never known a woman so self-sufficient. She had a life he knew nothing of, a network of friends. He felt he wasn’t quite one of them, and this galled.
“People talk and do small favors for each other now. It is pleasant.” She walked deeper into the wood, looking right and left as if to drink everything in. She was enraptured, and Arthur found himself envying a swathe of flowers. The idea made him laugh.
Senora Alvarez looked over her shoulder at him. “You find this amusing? That people should be kind?"
“Not that."
She raised dark eyebrows.
“I was laughing at myself."
“You were?” She sounded surprised. “Why shouldn’t I? In particular.” “You are an earl."
“And that means I cannot be ridiculous? The title conveys no such immunity. Alas.” He smiled at her.
For some reason, she looked uneasy.
“And I have found laughter the remedy for a great many ills,” Arthur added. Senora Alvarez seemed mystified, or...annoyed? That couldn’t be right. Why should she be? Just a moment ago she’d been delighted. “Is something wrong?”
“You puzzle me...sometimes."
“But I am the most transparent of men,” he joked. He was so pleased to learn that she thought about him that he added, “What do you wish to know? I have no secrets."
Her expression revealed his mistake. Senora Alvarez didn’t care to discuss secrets. She had too many of her own. “I ask nothing of you,” she replied, turning to walk on.
Disappointed, with her and himself, Arthur followed. Tom had wandered off, as he tended to do. There’d been no sign of him since they left the carriage. They were alone in a world of color and birdsong and scent. Perhaps the peaceful beauty of the place would soothe her temper, Arthur thought. But he didn’t know what would gain her confidence.
The gurgle of the stream grew louder, and then there it was, a thread of clear water tumbling over rocks. Bluebells, ferns, and mosses bent over the banks. Soft moisture wafted through the air. Senora Alvarez breathed it in. “Hermosa,” she said.
She was, but Arthur was not foolish enough to voice his opinion. He could not resist stepping closer. A partridge erupted out of the bracken with a violent whirr of wings. Arthur started, twisted one boot heel on a stone, missed his footing with the other, and stumbled toward the stream.
She caught him with an arm about his waist, stopping his slide to a certain dunking. They teetered together on the bank. He held onto her shoulders to regain his balance. Though she was much smaller, her grip was strong, her footing solid. She could hold her own and more. Her body felt soft and supple against his as they came safely to rest.
Arthur looked down. Her face was inches away. Her dark eyes were wide, her lovely lips slightly parted, as if primed for a kiss. She raised her chin. He bent his head to touch them with his, an instant of exquisite pleasure.
She jerked away, nearly sending him reeling once again. Her expression had gone stark. All the beautiful animation had drained out of it. “Do not play such games with me,” she said.
“I told you that what I said at the theater meant nothing!” “So you did,” replied Arthur, stung. “And I heard you."
“Yet you try to take advantage."
“The bird startled me. I tripped."
“Into my lips.” Her tone was contemptuous.
“I beg your pardon. In the moment I thought you..."
“You know nothing about me. But I will tell you that I despise tricks like that."
“It was no such thing."
She made a derisive sound.
She had no grounds to address him with such disdain, to practically call him a liar. “Do you doubt my word?"
“I observe your actions,” she answered, moving away from him. “Where has Tom gone?” “I have no idea."
“Tom?” she called. “Where are you?"
“Here,” came the reply from downstream “Come and see. There’s a waterfall."
Senora Alvarez walked away.



Jane Ashford, a beloved author of historical romances, has been published in Sweden, Italy, England, Denmark, France, Russia, Latvia, and Spain, as well as the United States. Jane has been nominated for a Career Achievement Award by RT Book Reviews. Visit her online at She lives in Los Angeles, California.


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Happy Holidays!

Wishing all of you a very Happy Day today, no matter how you're going to celebrate.  Enjoy a day full of laughter, joy, yummy foods, friends (be they over the phone, over the internet, or in a socially distanced environment), and a new book or two to put a smile on your face.  Thanks to all those who take the time to read my reviews and leave comments as you're the reason I do what I do.  I look forward to bringing you even more books and giveaways in the new year as there's a slew of books on the horizon that have caught my eye and have me eagerly counting down the days until these books hit the shelves!

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Book Cover Reveal for The Strike Out by Meghan Quinn......

 Readers fell in love with baseball player Holt the moment they met him and it's almost time for his full story to be told...a story full of charm, steam, and flirtatious banter to keep me glued to all the play on and off the field.  Keep reading to get a tempting glimpse of The Strike Out by Meghan Quinn, then start counting down the days until this baseball-fueled New Adult romance hits bookshelves on January 4th!

It started with one night out with the boys.
She was the hot diner waitress putting herself through school.
I was the rich, arrogant player everyone misjudges.
On paper we didn’t match.
Yet all it took was one day. One single day to change her mind.
She wasn’t planning to spend her day off with me.
She wasn’t supposed to fall for my charm.
But one day, one smile, turned into several nights of her calling out my name.
I’m not the guy she should end up with. I’m jealous, possessive. Not here for a long time - just a good time.
She’s changed me.
But, for some reason, I feel her slipping through my fingers and no matter what I do, I fear I’m going to strike out with the one and only girl I’ve ever fallen for.



USA Today Bestselling Author, wife, adoptive mother, and peanut butter lover. Author of romantic comedies and contemporary romance, Meghan Quinn brings readers the perfect combination of heart, humor, and heat in every book.

Book Teaser Reveal for Damien, Forever by Tempest Phan......

 Longtime friends find their emotions turning even more sensual as they can no longer fight what was always meant to be in this intense romance of second chances set in the rockstar world.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Damien, Forever by Tempest Phan, then start counting down the days until this first installment in An Art of Sinners series hits bookshelves on December 27th!

A𝐧 𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐬𝐭𝐲, ğŸğ«ğ¢ğžğ§ğğ¬-𝐭𝐨-𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬, ğ¬ğžğœğ¨ğ§ğ-ğœğ¡ğšğ§ğœğž ğ«ğ¨ğ¦ğšğ§ğœğž 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐚 𝐝𝐚𝐬𝐡 𝐨𝐟 𝐧𝐞𝐰 𝐚𝐝𝐮𝐥𝐭 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐚 𝐭𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐫𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐫.
She's everyone's favorite princess. Gorgeous girl next door. Homecoming queen. But to me, she'll always be so much more. The light in my dark, my best friend, my everything. But there's one thing she can't ever be. And that's ğ™¢ğ™žğ™£ğ™š. Because I'll make damn sure to keep my filthy hands off her. Even if it kills me.
He's the boy of broken whispers. The one dripping ink. The one sowing fear. But to me, he'll always be so much more. The music in my soul, my best friend, my everything. And pretty soon, he'll be between my sheets, too. Because what baby girl wants, she 𝙜𝙚𝙩𝙨. Just watch.





Monday, December 21, 2020

Book Cover Reveal for False Start by Casey Hagen.......

A woman with a painful past finds a family and a career in the roller derby world, while also finding a connection with a man hoping for his own redemption in this emotional and empowering romance.  Keep reading to get a tempting glimpse of False Start by Casey Hagen then start counting down the days until this first installment in the Beautifully Brutal series hits bookshelves on January 26th!

My life has been nothing but a series of false starts.
I spent my childhood at the mercy of destructive adults.
Always out of place, in the way, an outcast.
I wore the dysfunction of my childhood as easily as my favorite jean jacket.
No amount of sweetness and smiles could mask the stench of despair.
So I carried it.
I carried the self-doubt, the pain, the longing to find a place of my own.
Until roller derby.
I discovered the family of my sisters.
For the first time, I was more than the product of my defunct childhood.
I found respect and belonging while on eight wheels.
The derby saved me.
Only now, the man at the heart of the single worst scandal in roller derby history has set his sights on me.
I won’t be the key to Cain Bishop's unlikely redemption.
I refuse to be his false start.
I may not wear the skates, but the roller derby lives in me.
It pumps heavy in my blood.
My great-grandmother was among the first women on the track.
And every generation of women that came after her followed in her footsteps.
They’re fighters.
Every last one of them.
All I ever wanted was to be involved in the sport that shaped my favorite people.
Coaching revealed the good...and the bad.
Getting too close, becoming too invested, it cost me everything.
But now my sentence is up.
With the resurgence of roller derby worldwide comes my only chance for redemption.
The opportunity to shed light on the truth.
And her.
Maisy Flynn's a fighter, just like the women I admire.
She’s all heart.
But even if I made a deal with the Devil himself, he’d sooner see me burning on my knees at his feet than let me have both.




USA Today Bestselling author Casey Hagen pens her snarky, passionate stories from the salty air of Kennebunk, Maine. She’s a born and raised Vermont native, a New England girl to the core, with Ben & Jerry’s in her heart and real Vermont maple syrup pumping through her veins.
She’s the proud mother of three girls and a first-time grandma with an insatiable addiction to Fall Out Boy and the new Taylor Swift album, Folklore, because...AMAZEBALLS, and a new, rather concerning obsession with tattoos and piercings. Can you say “cool grandma?"
The inked and pierced grandma spends her time tucked away in her office muttering inventive curse words and writing beautifully brutal romance between fierce women and the men who topple off their alpha thrones for them.
And she thanks every last one of you who picks up one of her stories. Casey is done talking about herself in the third person now 😂😂😂
*Casey out*