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Book Release Blitz for The Lies About Forever by Claudia Burgoa (REVIEW)……

 A young man unlucky in love finds himself repeatedly in the middle of it in this emotional and bittersweet tale of second (and third and forth) chances that's told in two parts.  Book one in the series is releasing today with the second book in the duet releasing on May 6th.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of The Lies About Forever by Claudia Burgoa, along with my impressions of it, then add this first installment in the Impossibly Possible Duet to your bookshelf!

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa once again hits readers with an inspiring and gut-wrenching love story duet.
Lightning can strike the same place more than once.
The first time, it robbed me of my high school sweetheart.
Shattering our forever.
I was just sixteen.
Too young to understand the medical jargon that meant she was gone.
Too naïve to see that forever was nothing but a fairytale.
Now, years later, I meet Ameline.
I tried not to fall in love, but it was impossible.
She gathered all my broken pieces and put me back together.
I knew the only way to keep myself intact was never to love again. But I fell for the illusion of forever once more.
At least until I lost her.
Now I'm left questioning everything.
What does forever mean when it's built on a foundation of pain and loss?
How do you move on when lightning keeps targeting your heart?
Why bother believing in forever when tomorrow isn’t guaranteed?




When it comes to emotional rollercoaster rides, Ms. Burgoa has carved a definitive niche when it comes to romance reads requiring tissues.  Her latest release, the first half of a duet, laid the emotional foundation to a second chance romance that builds slowly over time alongside roadblocks getting in the way.  Knowing this book ends on a cliffhanger added an extra layer of foreboding that kept me constantly on edge and left me shaking with anticipation for the concluding book releasing very soon.

Ameline Lewis is the kind of heroine you're drawn to, the kind you want to protect as her younger years were emotionally messy due to her father's many remarriages...oftentimes to toxic women her own age.  It led to lots of loneliness and self-doubts, as well as forming a basis of unconditional support from her brother's roommate.  Over time, one sweet and tender moment at a time, these two emotionally bruised individuals start evolving from friends to lovers.  It's a journey just gaining traction here before reaching the gut-punch cliffhanger ending this installment.

Gabe Decker is someone readers have gotten glimpses of when visiting the Decker family throughout previous books.  I never felt a deep connection to him previously, but I found him incredibly endearing in this book.  His early loss was heartbreaking and it wasn't an easy recovery for him to be willing to put his heart on the line again.  His interactions with Ameline were sweet and supportive, moments both big and small acts, early on and were just what she needed to reach for her own dreams.  I also enjoyed their texting moments with banter that put a smile on my face and pulled me in even more to their powerful connection.

From start to finish this book pulled at my heartstrings and had me keeping tissues close by as I waited for the painful cliffhanger.  Leading up to that gut-punch, I adored the friends to something more connection between two immensely appealing characters. The Decker Family was a delightful support for one another with witty banter and heartfelt emotions.  Ms. Burgoa once again wove an emotionally engaging tale of love, loss, and recovery.  It's a raw journey readers are on though as seen by the painful cliffhanger now occupying thoughts until the conclusion releases next month.

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Claudia is an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author.
She writes alluring, thrilling stories about complicated women and the men who take their breaths away. Her books are the perfect blend of steamy and heartfelt, filled with emotional characters and explosive chemistry. Her writing takes readers to new heights, providing a variety of tears, laughs, and shocking moments that leave fans on the edge of their seats.
She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, her youngest two children, and three fluffy dogs.
When Claudia is not writing, you can find her reading, knitting, or just hanging out with her family. At nights, she likes to binge watch shows or movies with her equally geeky husband.

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Book Teaser Reveal for The Trouble With Bad Boys Anthology……

 Readers have reason to rejoice as there's some drool-worthy bad boys on their way!  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of this collection of deliciously bad boys from some of today's favorite authors, then start counting down the days until this anthology hits shelves on June 4th!

The trouble with bad boys...They're not the forever type, but the chemistry is too intense to ignore. Their touch sets you on fire. Their kiss makes you crave more. They'll draw you in with their sophisticated charm, break the rules...and your heart. Everything about them is wrong, yet you can’t stay away.
Because sometimes…bad is better.

Don't miss these rugged rebels and the strong women who tame their wild hearts.

***100% of proceeds from this set will benefit Our Rescue to support victims of human trafficking.***

Includes stories from:  SE Rose  |  K.M. Scott  |  Stephanie St. Klaire  |  Morgan James  |  Ellie Isaacson  |  Abbi Cook  |  Elizabella Baker  |  Anna Blakely  |  Kristi Avalon  |  Anna Brooks  |  Brooke O’Brien  |  Victoria Ellis  |  Anise Storm  |  J.C. Thompson  |  Nadia Han  |  Debra St. James


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Book Release Blast for Raven by D.M. Earl (REVIEW)….

Emotions run high in this fast-paced, suspenseful, and steamy tale of second chances set in Ms. Earl's gritty MC world.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Raven by D.M. Earl, along with getting my impressions of it, then be sure to add this sixth installment in the Devil's Handmaidens MC: Timber Ghost, Montana Chapter series to your bookshelf!

A second chance may hurt worse the next time around...Funny and vibrant Brenna "Raven" O'Brien has experienced her fair share of pain and loneliness. She's always used humor to hide her true feelings of rejection and loss. Always the jokester, Brenna brings joy to those around her. Being needed in IT for the Devil's Handmaidens gives her purpose and a sense of belonging. After being betrayed by the only man she's ever loved, Raven guards her heart from pain at all cost.
But when she comes face to face with the man who destroyed her, everything changes...
Ash Sterling has loved Raven his entire life. He'd do anything to repair the broken shards of her heart. But Raven's pain runs deep, and her pride won't be crushed again. However, when her sister comes back into her life, and the Handmaiden's realize more danger and darkness loom, Raven knows that Ash is the one man who can help her seek the justice her family needs. When boundaries blur and passion ignites, will the pain of the past subside for both of them to find a future together?


“Brenna, my life’s been shit since we broke up. The only thing I have is the ranch and even that is a pain in my ass most days. I did build a house, one I thought you’d like. Besides that, I live, breathe, and almost die for that ranch. I’ve not been a saint since we broke up, I’ll be honest, but I’ve never had another girlfriend or fiancée. Best I could call it was hookups when I needed, you know, some relief.”
I can feel my face getting hot and she’s looking at me, trying not to laugh at my discomfort.
“Go ahead and laugh. Not only was it far and few between, I’d drive into the city so it wasn’t someone from around here. Mom has been on me to try and find a bride to help me, but there’s only one woman I want as my bride. No, I won’t put any pressure on you, Brenna. I’m just trying to be honest and upfront. Now, I know you’ve had a really long day, I’ll get outta your hair. Maybe we can grab a bite to eat sometime. Your call. I’ll leave the ball in your court.”




When it comes to the MC world, D.M. Earl has proven herself to be a master in the genre.  The Devil's Handmaidens MC series continues to exhilarate readers, presenting tough as nails heroines not afraid to show their softer sides to those men worthy of them.  With this latest release, readers are pulled into the suspense and danger of a villainous gang trying to take over a town while continuing to destroy the club standing in their way.  Amidst this pulse pounding backdrop is a second chance romance between a woman who for years has been hiding the pain caused by a man hoping for redemption.  He's a man teeming with family secrets, who left her behind on the verge of them startling a life together, who's hoping to prove herself worthy of the woman he let get away.  With a town and a family caught in the crossfire, readers will find themselves on the edge of their seats while holding on for dear life.

Brenna ‘Raven’ O’Brien came to the Devil's Handmaidens at the lowest point in her life, heartbroken and alone, and found a new family.  For years she's hidden that pain away behind humor and laughter, supporting her MC sisters while they find love, as they strive to save other women from physical and emotional pain.  As the war with the vile Thunder Cloud Knuckle Brotherhood continues, as the battle lands in their backyard, she finds herself colliding with her past as he tries to prove himself worthy of her this time around.  Years ago Ash Sterling had found his reason for living, until on the eve of his HEA, family secrets forced him to leave her behind.  He's ready to reclaim her though, if only he can navigate the dangers from his father's legacy and the threats made by the Brotherhood.

This is a raw and gritty tale, one that touches on some uncomfortable topics.  The danger from the Brotherhood feels very real, with serious consequences that left lives hanging in the balance.  Along with heart pounding action was an equally emotional and tender romance between a couple trying to find happiness the second time around.  Their scenes are at times intimate while being balanced with moments of them showing fortitude in the eye of danger.  Along with this formidable couple, a pair deserving of their HEA, were the colorful and eclectic couples who've inhabited the series thus far.  The costs became much higher with this installment and those who showed up proved their worth in another immensely satisfying story!

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


USA Today Bestselling author, D. M. Earl creates authentic and genuine characters while spinning stories that feel so real and relatable that the readers plunge deep within the plot, begging for more. Complete with drama, angst, romance, and passion, the stories jump off the page.
When Earl, an avid reader since childhood, isn't at her keyboard pouring her heart into her work, you'll find her in Northwest Indiana snuggling up to her husband, the love of her life, with her seven fur babies nearby. Her other passions include gardening and shockingly cruising around town on the back of her 2004 Harley. She's a woman of many talents and interests.
Earl appreciates each and every reader who has ever given her a chance--and hopes to connect on social media with all of her readers.

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Book Release Blitz for Hott Take by Serena Bell (GIVEAWAY)…..

A fake wedding meant to help out two people becomes complicated when feelings enter the picture in this small town contemporary romance.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Hott Take by Serena Bell, then add this charming and sizzling romance to your bookshelf.  In honor of this second installment in the Hott Springs Eternal series make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a $25 Amazon GC too!

The hard part isn’t acting like we’re falling for each other. It’s pretending we’re not.

Shane: My grandfather’s will has me between a rock and a Hott place. If I don’t score a celebrity wedding, my sister will lose her wedding planning business—and our family’s land. As a playboy movie star, I know Hollywood’s ins and outs. But finding two celebrities in love is tougher than it looks.

Enter Ivy Scofield—the beautiful star of one of TV’s most beloved failures. She’s hiding from her past in Rush Creek, running a community theater for troubled kids. She needs my family’s wedding barn to save her program. So we make a deal: I give her the barn—she gives me her hand in fake marriage. Lights, camera, action—and cut—right?

Not so fast. Planning our fake wedding is way more personal than I was expecting. I’m learning Ivy’s quirks, preferences, and pet peeves—and that’s before I walk in on her enjoying my most infamous on-camera scene. Plus she’s slowly peeling back my layers—the ones I’ve built up to protect myself. If someone doesn’t do something soon, we might discover that the only thing fake about this wedding is the way we keep pushing each other away.


You know how sometimes you torture yourself even though you know it’s a terrible idea?
The house is empty. The security guard who Tuck found for me is gone now that the initial buzz about the wedding has died down a bit and Shane’s assistant and publicist have taken control of the messaging. My security detail will rejoin me closer to the wedding and be at my side through all the pre-wedding festivities, but for now, it’s just me.
I saunter into the living room like it’s nothing. Like I’m not about to do what I’m about to do. This makes zero sense because there’s nobody to pretend for, but...
Well, all the world’s a stage, and I’m my own best audience.
I turn on my TV setup. I flip through my choices—I could rewatch Crash Landing on You (one of my comfort binges) or I could start Queen Charlotte...
Still pretending I’m not doing this.
Or I could watch the second Crown of Spires movie. Dark Skies. The one with the infamous spire sex scene. It’s a terrible idea. What good could possibly come of it?
I hover my finger over the remote button.
You know how this ends.
I cue it up.
And wow.
All things being equal, I probably wouldn’t be the biggest fan of the Crown of Spires series. I don’t usually love fantasy. But this is a terrific story. The redemption arc for Lord Extyllior is killer...and Shane is playing it to the hilt. Wounded hero with a brutal past, trying his best to be a good person for the woman he loves. And it’s obvious he loves her with every cell of his very, very hard body (and generous soul).
Lord Extyllior’s one of those men who holds himself back, denies himself what he wants...and then falls really fucking hard.
And like a lot of women, I’m a sucker for that kind of man.
By the time their enemies track them down, by the time Lord Extyllior, exhausted near to death from his flight with the woman he won’t admit he loves, is forced to stop and find a safe spot to spend the night, I’m all in. Like, holding my breath, biting my lip, wringing my hands, sweating bullets all in.
He flies the two of them to the top of the world, to the highest spire in the kingdom. Because that’s the only place he knows they’re safe, and he will stop at nothing to protect her—even though he won’t tell her how he feels about her. (To protect her! Sigh!)
His plan is to lash them both to the spire, back to back, so they can get some sleep, regroup, marshal his forces, and fight.
But seeing her like that—bound to the spire, the leather straps he’s torn off his own clothes biting into the softness of her skin—snaps the last thread of his self-control. So when she says “Mav—”
It’s the first time she’s used his first name, Mavryx.
There’s pleading in her voice.
He can’t resist her, even though he knows he should. She’s so good, and he’s so bad for her.
It’s because he’s such a bad man that he kisses her.
And then—
It’s all over. All the self-denial, all the waiting, all the pushing her away. He’s kissing her and kissing her, and I have to
admit, it’s one of the hottest on-screen kisses I’ve ever seen. Like, on fire hot—or maybe that’s me, peeling back the blanket I threw over myself and fanning my face as his hands roam her body, wrapping over the leather strap at her wrists.
I’m expecting a fade to black, but I should have known better. This is the famous spire sex scene after all, not the famous spire kiss scene.
Think Bridgerton but hundreds, thousands of feet in the air. Skirts shoved out of the way. Breeches unlaced. Mavryx’s back is aglow with effort, bunching and releasing, and that’s before the camera gives us his gloriously naked ass, demonstrating to the tepid thrusters of this world how it’s done. Every last muscle in his body is taut with effort, his hands gripping the spire over their heads, his wings spread, shoulder muscles carved from stone.
Holy. Shit.
And at the same time...
I hate the camera right now.
Because as much as I love all the tanned, ripped man on-screen, I’m not seeing what I most want to see. I want the camera
on Shane’s face. I want to see his eyelids heavy with pleasure, his pupils blown, his lips swollen, mouth open—
“Oh, Christ, I’m sorry—”
Mavryx is on-screen and also in my living room, hands up in the universal symbol of I’m not going to hurt you. Not Mavryx. Shane. Shane is in my living room, and it’s like coming down from a thousand feet up. Rushing back into my body from a hundred yards away. It’s like a collision with the Mack Truck of reality.
He takes a step back, looking like he, too, has been hit with a truck. “Ive, I am so sorry— I could hear that you were watching something, and I rang and knocked and texted you, but you didn’t hear it—”
He’s backing away.
Because I’m sprawled back on the couch, hand tucked between my squeezed-together thighs.
My face flames. I rip my hand away from the soft, hot place between my legs and grab for the remote. But I’m too late. “Is that...?” Shane has caught sight of the TV. His eyebrows go way up at the sight of himself in his full-on, reverse-side




USA Today bestselling author Serena Bell writes contemporary romance with heat, heart, and humor. A former journalist, Serena has always believed that everyone has an amazing story to tell if you listen carefully, and you can often find her scribbling in her tiny garret office, mainlining chocolate and bringing to life the tales in her head.
Serena’s books have earned many honors, including an RT Reviewers’ Choice Award, Apple Books Best Book of the Month, and Amazon Best Book of the Year for Romance.
When not writing, Serena loves to spend time with her college-sweetheart husband and two hilarious kiddos—all of whom are incredibly tolerant not just of Serena’s imaginary friends but also of how often she changes her hobbies and how passionately she embraces the new ones. These days, it’s stand-up paddle boarding, board-gaming, meditation, and long walks with good friends.


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Book Release Blitz for Sir, Yes Sir by L. L. Ash (GIVEAWAY)……

A man left bruised by war finds healing in a forbidden place when his best friend offers him a place to stay...and time with his sweet and enticing daughter.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Sir, Yes Sir by L. L. Ash, then add this emotionally intense tale to your bookshelf.  In honor of this older man/younger woman romance make sure to visit the link below for the chance to win a $25 Amazon GC along with some awesome goodies too!

One single moment changed everything. After receiving life-altering injuries on my last operation, I was forced to retire early. What was I if not a Raider and a Marine? When my brother in arms Tommy (Gun) Blair offered his home up to me to finish my recovery, I snatched up the opportunity with both hands because I had nowhere else to go. Amidst all my calculations, however, I realized that I’d missed one significant detail. Freya, Tommy’s daughter. She’d been a kid last time I’d seen her. She was definitely NOT a kid anymore. Living up to her namesake, the daughter of my best friend was beautiful, sweet, and deadly. If Tommy knew the kinds of things running through my head, he’d kill me in my sleep with a rusty spoon. Didn’t matter though. The woman was temptation embodied, and despite all my training, discipline and control, she was the one weakness that I just couldn’t give up.
I’d never met a man like him. Ashton was solid, confident, rigid, and bold. He also had the body of a god. No joke. But I was just the kid of his best friend. Seeing a man as powerful as him bow to the agony of injuries and PTSD…it broke my heart. It also proved that he wasn’t just a fighting machine. When he started working at Dad’s dealership with us, I started to get to know the man instead of the legend, and I loved what I found. Good with his hands, and loyal to a fault, I fell so deep in love with him it’s almost disgusting. Too bad he was my father’s best friend and would never love me back.


“Sorry,” Freya said from...yep, the kitchen. “Mom’s been into that stuff ever since I can remember. She thinks that good thoughts and crystals can heal just about everything.”
“You don’t buy it?” I asked her.
She just blinked at me.
“She once tried healing my broken arm with obsidian and selenite. It took me two hours to convince my mom that a couple of pretty rocks weren’t going to reset my bones.” I whistled.
“How old were you?”
“Eight. Eight and a half, I think.”
Holy shit.
“Where was Tommy? Your dad, I mean.”
“Working. In Afghanistan, I think. He’d been gone for months before it happened. Mom always got super sucked into that stuff when he was away for a while.”
“I’m sorry, kid,” I told her, which made her bristle.
“I’m not a kid, you know that, don’t you, Ashton?”
Oh, I fucking knew it. I remembered the feel of her very grown-up breasts pressing against my chest while I was having a full on mental breakdown in the employee bathroom at work.
She’d never brought it up though. After Tommy had led me away, Freya never mentioned the incident again. Maybe she just wanted to forget the traumatizing moment, and I could respect that. I’d taken full advantage of her sympathetic and loving heart, and I knew it.
But I digress.

I didn't remember things being so bad. Tommy had mentioned that he’d needed to leave the Marines to be with his wife and daughter, but he’d never mentioned how bad it had evidently gotten. Had Freya been dealing with being the grown-up in the house ever since she was a kid? Maybe our pasts were more similar than I ever realized.
“You look like you’re thinking too hard,” Freya said as she dipped to look into the fridge for something.
Damn, that ass...
“I’m afraid that maybe your head will explode or something,” she mused.
I barked a rusty laugh, just as she stood and graced me with a grin over her shoulder. “You’re insane,” was the only comeback I had, because maybe she was right.
I was thinking way too hard about her and that peachy ass when I should’ve been focused on other things. “Is Tommy still at the dealership?”
She nodded, then slid over a beer to me.
“You know him. Workaholic.”
Yes, I did, but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why. He had such an amazing life to come home to, why would he choose work over this?
I grunted instead of answering, but took the beer happily.
“So?” she asked after a minute. “You took the day to go to the base. How’d it go?”
I didn’t fucking answer. I didn’t want to.
Funny though, as it turned out, I didn’t need to.
“Oh...Ash...” she moaned, sadness and sympathy coloring her cheeks.
“Guess my nickname Citizen really matches now,” I grunted out, thinking it would be funny, but my voice cracked like a prepubescent boy, showing my emotions.
Freya came right around the counter and took me into her arms, beer and all where she squeezed me harder than anybody had ever hugged me before.
“You’ll be ok,” she muffled a whisper with her face in the crook of my neck and shoulder. “You’ve got us, and we’ll be your team.”
An unwelcome tear started slipping out of my eye, and I quickly tried sucking it back up before she could notice. But funny that, tears don’t suck back up like snot.
When she let me go, Freya looked into my face and lifted her hand, sweeping the trail of that singular tear away.
“You’ve got us,” she said, looking me right in the eyes. “If you need a wingman, I’m your girl. I’ll help get you laid and help you find a place when you’re ready. I’ll even watch sports with you, even though I hate everything other than hockey and MMA.”
I snorted a laugh, which made her sad lips turn into a small smile.
“I appreciate that,” I told her, pressing my palm to her cheek now. “But I’m ok. I don’t need a wingman. I can get laid all by myself. As for sports, what other real sports are there other than hockey and MMA?”
She snorted a laugh, legit making snot burst out of her nose, which made her cheeks flame with embarrassment.
I laughed too while she hurried away to the bathroom to get away from me. That girl was too much.
And fucking everything.




L.L. Ash is a Washington-born writer who has traveled and lived across the western coast of the US. Ash has been writing fiction since she was a pre-teen, and while her writing has improved since then, her love for literature has not changed.
Oftentimes you can find Ash reading an indie romance or enjoying a historical fiction. Dabbling in culinary arts and music, Ash has been an artist for decades but found her true love and passion in romances.




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Book Release Blitz for Aflame by Talita Lawrence (REVIEW)…..

 It's a second chance at romance for former childhood friends in this fake relationship set amidst a backdrop of the rockstar world.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Aflame by Talita Lawrence, along with my impressions of it, then add this first installment in the Scarlet Love series to your bookshelf!

We used to be friends but drifted apart. Over the years, I’d drowned him out. Pity he was now a rock star whose face graced magazines worldwide.
But one day, he came knocking on my door, needing help. Unfortunately, it meant my heart was on the line a second time.
From ashes we rose, burning brightly once again. Hearts aflame, but in the end, it was just a game.
I found her as I was near drowning, and she threw me a lifeline. Fate brought Aria into my life again years after losing touch. I needed help cleaning up my tarnished image in the media, and she was perfect for the job of my pretend girlfriend with her beauty, wit, and charm. But most of all, she was about as interested in a relationship with me, as I was in one with her.
Slowly, she lit me up inside. Why was this fake relationship starting to feel like the most real thing I had in my life?


BUY here.


Fans of second chance romances, of unrequited love, will find much to enjoy in this tale set amidst the rockstar world.  From moments of angst, to moments of heartbreak, readers see two characters who were always meant to be together finally find their HEA.

Austin and Aria were friends as children.  Aria was rather quiet but was a solid support to Austin, who she loved with all the love in her young heart.  Austin saw her only as his friend and instead went for the woman who'd become a longtime thorn in Aria's side.  In their years apart, she's gained confidence and is no longer blinded by the boy who's now become all man.  His life's changed too, with him becoming a famous rockstar.  There's one thing that has remained the same though...Geneva.  She's the young girl who took Austin out of Aria's life, while bullying her throughout their youth, and is now Austin's ex and bent on dragging his reputation through the mud.  While Geneva was once the impetus in pulling the friends apart, she's now the reason they end up back in each other's lives.  With Geneva talking badly about him, and with his reputation and career in tatters, he needs Aria to help him clean up his image by playing his new girlfriend.  Time spent together allows their friendship to return along with the underlying attraction that sparks to life in a rollercoaster ride of emotions and truths.

In a romance of second chances, I was happy to see Austin more than willing to put in the work (and grovel) to earn Aria's love.  I liked Aria's newfound confidence and her dealing with Austin with her eyes now wide open.  Theirs is a poignant journey, heartbreaking at times when looking back to their youth, with moments of steam now in their adulthood, as they try to find a future while moving on from the past.  Austin and Aria have a crackling connection that I enjoyed for its realism and the maturity that they gained over the years.  With its simple and sensual storyline there was much to like about the journey these two took, but there was an intrusion that frustrated me.  Geneva was very stereotypical and I almost booed and hissed whenever she came on the scene.  Despite her scenes being a distraction, I was still charmed by Austin and Aria and immensely satisfied by the time I reached The End.

My rating for this is a B.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Talita Lawrence writes intense contemporary romance novels, taking imperfect characters and putting them on a trajectory to finding not only great love, but also themselves. While her boys and demanding cat (who secretly plots to rule the world) keep her on her toes, there is nothing she enjoys more than a glass of wine and a good book to unwind.
Her stories are fast-paced and passionate with a good dose of humor thrown in, and a happily ever after is always guaranteed. She lives by the saying that sometimes you have to get lost in order to find yourself, and what better way to do that, than to get lost inside the pages of a book...
Connect with Talita via social media and be the first to know about new releases and character-inspired edits.

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Book Release Blast for Counted by Noelle Adams (REVIEW)…..

 Childhood friends become something more in this contemporary marriage of convenience dealing with the harsh realities of illness.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Counted by Noelle Adams, along with my impressions of it, then add this book to your shelves.

Their marriage will only last for three months.
Eve Carlyle has known Jude Gregory most of her life as the odd, brilliant, reclusive son of her father's billionaire client, but he's never been important to her. Not until he proposes marriage out of the blue. He's not in love with her, but he's dying. He has only three months left to live, and getting married is one of the final items on his bucket list.
She feels sorry for him, so she says yes. After all, it's only three months of her life, and it can be her final gift to him. They can get married, and she'll take care of him as he gets sicker. They can even consummate the marriage and act like husband and wife.
But she's not going to fall in love with him. Love was never part of their agreement. His final days are counted, and loving him would be her biggest mistake.



As a quadriplegic, I'm drawn to stories featuring less than perfect characters.  I'm drawn to the realities of their lives and the emotional high and lows that make up each day.  With this new release Ms. Adams has crafted a book that pulled me in and spat me out a time or two.  In presenting the harsh realities of life and death, she put me through the emotional wringer, leaving me teary-eyed and in the fetal position a time or two.

The premise of this book is simple as childhood friends, who are opposites in many ways, engage in a marriage of convenience after he's diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.  Encouraged by his mother's dying words, he's determined to work through his Bucket List, all with the support of his new wife by his side.

Jude and Eve are thrown together quickly and it took me a while to warm up to them, especially Jude.  He's studious and stoic, weighed down by the knowledge of the pain to come, so the care and warmth Eve brought to their pairing was much-needed and greatly appreciated.  Their time together was teeming with harsh realities and tears over their time together racing towards a conclusion.  Along with some moments of happiness and joy were moments depicting the ravages of cancer.  These scenes broke my heart and it made me admire Eve all the more for her standing by Jude.  From these emotional lows, to a few moments of smiles and affectionate interactions, this book was a rollercoaster ride of emotions.  Knowing there was a time limit on their pairing added extra weight to this story.  Though I knew what kind of conclusion was coming, I still kept hoping Ms. Adams would veer in a different direction.  That's not to say that the ending was least not for me.  It was an ending that pulled at my heartstrings, was realistic, and left me feeling at peace.  On a whole this was a quick read taking readers on an emotionally intense journey of living life to the fullest, embracing love in all its forms, while actually communicating what's in your heart.  It deals with the concept of religion and facing mortality head-on, it's bittersweet and poignant, and I'm still thinking about it long after reaching The End.

My rating for this is a B.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Noelle handwrote her first romance novel in a spiral-bound notebook when she was twelve, and she hasn't stopped writing since. She has lived in eight different states and currently resides in Virginia, where she reads any book she can get her hands on and offers tribute to a very spoiled cocker spaniel.
She loves travel, art, history, and ice cream. After spending far too many years of her life in graduate school, she has decided to reorient her priorities and focus on writing contemporary romances.
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