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Happy Halloween!!!!!

Wishing everyone a very safe and Happy Halloween!!!

Fashion Monday Madness....

Happy Halloween everyone!  I hope you're all armed with candy for the little ghosts and goblins tonight?  I believe I'll be doing the movie thing tonight and opting out of the candy giving. I also want to wish those on the East Coast well in digging out from under the snow and hope your electricity returns soon.  Being without the internet is torture.  I know I can be scary being without the internet, so I feel your pain.  For those with internet, I have a few contests still running so please get yourself in the running for all the great books I'm offering.  And now, without further ado is that day of the week where we talk fashion with......

The Good....

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, looks like royalty on her first solo outing in this beautifully shimmering gown.  The style is straight-forward and simple yet elegant and dreamy with its sheer fabric and tasteful usage of crystals.  The upswept hairdo adds to the romantic look and makes her reign supreme this week.

Keira Knightley looks both classic and sexy in this simple, yet not so simple, black and white cocktail gown.  The drape of the bodice shows off a bit of skin and gives a hint of naughtiness while the white pencil skirt makes her look angelic.  The minimal accessories allows this artistic dress to speak for itself and again shows off Keira's winning style.

The Bad....

Jessica Biel has gone a bit over the top in this overly flouncy dress that completely overwhelms her.  The bottom half of the dress is fine, but the top half with its bulky shoulder pads looks a bit dated and gives the impression of a fairy linebacker.  The fit is ill-proportioned and causes her to be swimming in ruffles.  Overall, not one of her finer moments.

Kate Bosworth looks like she just rolled out of bed with her very noticeable bed head.  The dress is rather ill-fitting with draping and coloring that add to her confused look.  Not one of her worst moments, but definitely not one of her best either.

The Ugly....

Kim Kardashian looks to be channeling a caveman in a furry vest that completely overwhelms her.  The knee-high boots and hat add even more silliness with its rancher vibe.  So giddy-up and send this ensemble to the trash.  Once again Kim K earns her thumbs-down this week.

Music icon Debbie Harry is going trashy in this mish-mash of a mess dress.  The conflicting patterns hurt the eyes and are completely unflattering to her figure.  Add in nylons that only a granny would wear and you have a dress this reaches new lows for disaster.

That's it for this week.  Let me know what you think about this week's ensembles in the comments below and join me again next week for even more fashion faux pas and fun.  Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Review for Hidden Depths by Emma Holly

James and Olivia Forster have been happily married for many years. A harmless kink here or there spices up their love life, but they can't imagine the kinks they'll encounter while sneaking off to their beach house for a long hot weekend.

Anso Vitul has ruled the wereseals for one short month. He hardly needs his authority questioned because he's going crazy from mating heat. Anso's best friend and male lover Ty offers to help him find the human mate his genes are seeking. To Ty's amazement, Anso's quest leads him claim not one partner but a pair. Ty would object, except he too finds the Forsters hopelessly attractive. 

Hidden Depths is an intriguing paranormal story with a diverse group of paranormal creatures written by the Queen of Steam, Emma Holly.  It focuses of the unique world of the wereseals, a world full of magic and mythological creatures.  Their world has some similarities to ours and is ruled by royalty.

Into this magical world, the Forsters' are thrown.  And with a marriage that was looking for a little something to spice it up, they get more than they expected.  James and Olivia are extremely loving but are open-minded to other possibilities.  They don't see these other possibilities as damaging to their relationship though.  They're secure enough in their bond to experiment.

Enter newly-crowned King Anso.  He feels the weight of his new responsibilities at the same time as his body's need to mate with the one nature chooses for him.  It's led him to kidnapping Olivia and bringing her to his world to become Queen.  Up until now, his only sexual experiences have been with men per their culture.  Once he finds Olivia though, he has no intention of giving her up.  No amount of political maneuverings or other's jealousy will sway him.  He's lucky to have his long time lover Ty to support his decisions and to add strength to his new relationship.  Both of these men are strong and sexy and I can understand why Olivia and James became so enamored with them.  Anso is the more serious of the two with a wall surrounding him.  Ty is the joker, thought of as lower class because of his lineage and long list of conquests, but he's extremely likable and loyal to his true love Anso.

Olivia and Anso get together immediately upon meeting and it's extremely hot, as is every other time they're together.  James and Ty also get together quickly.  Their scenes are steamy as well and even though things happen quickly they're still believable.  All the sexual interludes are hot and vary between m/f, m/m, m/f/m, and a menage amongst all four of them.  These scenes occur frequently and at times overwhelmed the storyline.  I wish there was a bit more character development, particularly with the villain who was very stereotypical and one-dimensional, and a bit less sex.

The world of the wereseals is unique and eye-catching.  It has some elements of the human world but is much more exotic.  There's magic and dragons and other kinds of creatures existing in their world who try not to enter the human realm.  Once Olivia is made Queen though the interactions have to happen since they have a daughter.  This opens up all sorts of storyline possibilities for future books.

This was a sexually intense book set in a visually intriguing world.  The sexual interludes are steamy and creative and very unique to Ms. Holly.  This book is part of a series but it can easily be read on it's own.  For those looking for something a bit out of the ordinary look no further than Hidden Depths

My rating for this is a B-

*This book was given to me by the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

Review for A Little Harmless Submission by Melissa Schroeder

For a tough as nails Dom hunting a sadistic serial killer is nothing compared to losing his heart.

Rome Carino is hunting a predator. One who likes to hurt submissives and the most popular BDSM club’s patrons are being targeted. With each fresh kill, he gets more brazen. Rome knows he just needs one little break, but before he can make headway, the FBI shows up. Worse, the uptight, buttoned-down Special Agent Maria Callahan suggests a plan that is dangerous, but worth it because it might just catch the killer. If Rome can keep his mind on the case and off the beautiful FBI agent, he'll be just fine.

Maria is still trying to step out of her legendary father's shadow and knows just how to do it. Luring the killer by posing as Rome's new sub seems like a good idea. That is, until undercover becomes real life and she finds herself tangled up with a man who amazes and scares her at the same time. Her growing attraction to the Honolulu Police Detective is a little too much to handle. Even knowing that, she can't help falling in love with the tough Dom and losing herself in the games they play in the bedroom. 

Rome is overwhelmed by his need for Maria. He has never had a sub respond to him the way she does and no matter what he does, he feels himself slipping off that cliff into love. As their relationship starts to unfold, he realizes that he will do anything to win her heart, to convince her to become his sub for a lifetime. But before he can do anything, the killer turns his attention on Rome and the one thing he holds dear: Maria.


This is the sixth installment in Ms. Schroeder's Harmless series and is a great addition to an already well-written series of books.  The mix between eroticism and mystery is nicely balanced in this story with plenty of suspects to keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing until the end.

Rome Carino is a great hero with just a bit of baggage.  The killings going on around him are related to the BDSM club he inhabits and some of the women being targeted have a history with him.  This leads to a lot of guilt on his part and frustration.  He's desperate to find the killer.  When the opportunity to go undercover with tough as nails FBI agent Maria Callahan comes up he's at first leery because of a bad experience in the past with a corrupt partner of his.  Once they start working together portraying a BDSM couple the initial sparks between them really start intensifying.  Once Maria gets in harm's way Rome is finally forced into admitting the truth about his feelings for her and uses his Dom personality to get her to admit her true feelings too.

Maria has her own baggage living up to her father's reputation as a famous profiler.  She's been forced into the world of serial killers since she was a child being taken to crime scenes by a father who found this a good way to bond.  It's not the life she wants though and she eventually finds the strength to admit that with the support of Rome.  She's a tough woman in the male-dominated world of the FBI but is more than willing to let Rome dominate her in bed.  They bring out things in each other, show a different side that they normally keep hidden and this made them a great match.

The mystery surrounding the killer is actually a good one with some believable red herrings thrown in to keep the reader guessing.  The pace of the mystery blends well alongside the romance with an ending of whodunit wrapped up nicely.  The sexual interludes are well paced and intense.  There's a lot of chemistry between Rome and Maria from the very beginning which makes their sexual interludes believably erotic and loving.  Considering it's in the world of BDSM though I found the sexual interludes a bit light when it comes to dom/sub play.  So those leery of strong BDSM elements will find this just right.

There's plenty of intriguing secondary characters showing up from previous books with a new one or two that has me longing to see more of them.  This book can be read on its own but you'll definitely want to catch up on the series after discovering how entertaining this installment is.  Add in a very likable main couple and you have a book that I was immersed in from page one until the very end.  For those who like a good whodunit with a nice bit of spice look no further than A Little Harmless Submission.

My rating for this is an A.

*This book was given to me by the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

Winner of Blood Eternal by Marie Treanor

Before I announce the lucky winner of a print copy of Blood Eternal by Marie Treanor, I want to thank Bewitching Book Tours for letting me be a part of this tour.  I also want to thank Marie for coming by and chatting with us and letting me give away a copy of her book.  Thanks too everyone who signed up.  And now without further ado, the winner is........


Congratulations!  I'll be sending you an email soon to confirm your win.  So be on the lookout for it.

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Book Tour for Halloween Fantasies by Katie Salidas

With the holiday of ghosts and goblins and other creatures of the night right around the corner I'm happy to bring you, courtesy of Bewitching Book Tours, a day featuring Katie Salidas and her short story Halloween Fantasies.  This sexy short story gets you in the mood for all the excitement and magic that Halloween offers.  So let's learn more about Katie's thoughts about vampires and her new release.....

What Led Me in the Direction of Vampires

We all have our niche. Our thing we really like to write on. It may be broad and encompass an entire genre. Some people like to explore the depths of high fantasy and create whole new worlds. Others may take a different approach and only focus on a specific type of creature.

Me, I like to write about vampires.  In fact every story I’ve written has included those creatures of the night in one way or another.

Personally, I think vampires are Sexy, and this is why I like to write about them.

They are dark and sexy and mysterious. They promise nights filled with danger and passion—and that’s something seriously lacking in most of our lives.

As with any fiction, I think my love of vampires has a lot to do with the “escape factor.” It’s that ability to set aside the normal day-to-day existence and dare to step into a world filled with creatures and things that we can only dream about.

Sure, at times those things can scare us, but more often than not, they just send that chill of excitement up our spines.

Think about it, who doesn’t want to be the heroine of a story being scooped up by the dark and dashing vampire? C’mon admit it; you want to feel his hot breath on your skin and the sensual scrape of his fangs before he sinks his teeth into you. Oh, he won’t kill you. He just wants a taste. A prequel if you will before your night of excitement truly begins.
Writing about them and making up new stories is both fun and fulfilling. I can live the fantasy as well as shape it. It’s the best of both worlds. The biggest payoff though, is seeing others fall in love with my vampires as much as I have.

Halloween Fantasies
By Katie Salidas
Genre: Erotic Paranormal

Touted as the sexiest party of the year, the annual Halloween Fantasy Ball is the one place a girl can let loose and succumb to her wildest fantasies.

Disguised as a sexy vampire huntress, Sasha captures the attention of Dante, a real life creature of the night. For Sasha, meeting bona-fide vampire is enough to fulfill one of her life long fantasies. She’s ready to go home a happy woman.

But Dante has other plans. It is after all, a night of fantasies, and he has a few of his own to share.

This Erotic Paranormal novella is approximately 20k words (80 printed
pages). It contains consensual M/F/M sexual situations.

Adult readers only.

Amazon -

EXCERPT (a steamy one to make you blush):

A feeling of accomplishment washed through Dante. Success. He savored the moment, allowing himself to fall deeply into her pale blue eyes. She was his for the taking, and he would enjoy taking his time ravaging her.

His cock throbbed with need at the thought of it. The sensual caress of her body against his while they danced had been such a delightful torture. Her intense pheromones had been teasing his baser instincts, drawing out his need not only for sex, but also for the taste of her essence. Now he would soon be able to slake his burning desires.

Careful not to seem too eager and risk putting her off, he smiled and asked calmly, “Are you sure this is what you want?”

Her teeth still bit into her lip as she looked up into his eyes. He could sense she was battling with herself, but the scent of her pheromones assured him of her desire. Sasha’s scent was like sweet honeysuckle, a smell so pure and alluring he was tempted to take her right there on the dance floor. He couldn’t wait to sample just a taste of her essence. He absently licked his lips, awaiting her answer.

A moment passed in silence before she smiled and nodded at him. “You’re right. This is a night for fantasies. Let’s go.”

He bent his head to capture her mouth once more before allowing her to lead him off the dance floor.

They passed by the bar on their way out, and Sasha grabbed a shot and knocked it back quickly. She scrunched up her face as she swallowed. “A little more liquid courage,” she said and then pulled him out of the ballroom.

Excitement —and maybe a little of that liquid courage she’d just downed— seemed to have washed away all worry. Like a switch had been flicked on, she changed from timid to wild. She was on fire as they stepped into the empty elevator. Her hands roamed all over his body, as if she needed to feel every indentation of his rippling muscles and commit them to memory.

He slowly backed her into the corner, thrusting his abdomen into hers, both relieving and intensifying the burning need in his cock as their bodies rubbed together.

She devoured his mouth with hungry kisses, sucking his tongue into her mouth in imitation, suggesting what she would do with his cock later. Her hands cupped his ass, roughly kneading his soft cheeks. 

His cock throbbed, aching to be touched. The gentle press against her body was an unbearable tease, and he wanted—needed—to be inside of her. “I’m not sure I can wait to get you into the room.”

She moaned as he uttered the words. Her hands left his ass, finding their way under his tight shirt.

Her touch was like fire to his cool skin. Every gentle caress was filled with delectable heat, sending pulses of animalistic need shooting straight down to his engorged cock. Dante groaned in both pleasure and frustration. If it weren’t for the ding that signaled they had reached their floor, he might have pushed her to the ground and taken her right there.

She snaked out from his caging arms like a wildcat escaping a snare as the elevator doors opened. “C’mon. This way, big boy.” Sasha giggled and gave a little seductive wink before sashaying out into the hallway.

He couldn’t have picked a more alluring woman to share the evening with. She was pure feminine beauty. The tight leather pants hugged every curve, leaving nothing to the imagination. Thoughts of bending her over the bed resurfaced again. He saw himself pinning her against the mattress, plunging deeply into her body as he took his fill of her blood. His self-control was at the edge of its limits. He imagined the sweet essence of her blood filling him as her body tightened and clenched, milking him with her climax.

Dante’s eyes swayed with the motion of her luscious, curvy hips, and he fell into an almost hypnotic trance, lumbering behind her as if an invisible leash was pulling him. His pants rubbed roughly against his throbbing erection, making every step a luscious mixture of pleasure and pain.

He knew he shouldn’t have allowed her to tease him so much. He was so close to losing control. She had already proven to be an interesting and difficult conquest, considering he wasn’t allowed his normal supernatural methods, but he did enjoy this challenge: playing the game, using his charms, making her request his presence. Still, the price was high. He’d allowed his inner monster lie in wait for far too long. He wanted her blood… now.

He fought with the need, the persistent nagging in the back of his mind, and the empty feeling in his stomach. He was not uncivilized; she deserved pleasure for the sacrifice she would make to him by giving some of her blood. He needed to hold back, if only just a little longer.

Sasha fumbled with the key card at the hotel room door. Her long black ponytail swayed behind her as she moved, drawing focus to her long, sumptuous neck.

Dante bent his head and kissed the tender flesh. He felt the gentle thrum of her excited pulse. He allowed his teeth to scrape gently over her skin.

She sighed and leaned her head back into his body, arching her neck to give him better access. “Do it,” she whispered.

How can I refuse? “Maybe just a taste.” He lapped at her neck with his tongue before sinking his teeth in to the soft, warm flesh.

Sasha whimpered softly, and her body stiffened for a brief moment before she melted against him.

Her blood flowed hot and sweet into his mouth, tasting far better than he imagined.

He savored each sweet note of its flavor: vanilla, sugar, and honey with a hint of spice. His arm snaked around her perfect torso. He cupped one of her ample breasts in his hands. His other hand caressed down her leg, gently squeezing her inner thigh.

She cooed softly, and her hand fell limp from the door.

Dante gently caressed the bite with his tongue, stemming the flow of her blood while closing the wound. All that would remain were small dots, tiny bruises.

She hummed serenely, still leaning against his body.

Dante kissed at the tender skin, still caressing her breast with his large hands. “You taste so sweet,” he whispered in her ear before pulling away. His bloodlust slaked for the moment, he could now concentrate on the other needs demanding attention.

Sasha shook herself, appearing to regain her strength. She unlocked and opened the door then turned, grabbing his hand to pull him inside. “There is more where that came from.”

Dante stalked in after her and allowed the door to swing shut behind him.

Sasha fixed him with a stare that would rival that of the hungriest lioness. Clearly, his advance had awakened something primal in her. She licked her lips seductively. “Now, about that fantasy you wanted to share with me...”

 “Ah yes, my fantasy.” Dante sucked in a breath, drinking in the sight of the sexy woman standing in front of him, ready to please. “Let me just say that I am used to people doing exactly as I say.”

He caught the shiver, the tensing of her muscles in response to his words. He knew he excited her; he’d seen it from the start. The response to his overpowering demeanor from the moment they met told him a strong, alpha male aroused her. It made her wet and ready and sent butterflies buzzing around her stomach.

“If necessary, I can bend someone to my will. However, tonight, I want you, Sasha, to give yourself to me, completely of your own free will. I want you to allow me total control to do with you as I please.”


Katie Salidas is a Super Woman! Endowed with special powers and abilities, beyond those of mortal women, She can get the munchkin off to gymnastics, cheerleading, Girl Scouts, and swim lessons.  She can put hot food on the table for dinner while assisting with homework, baths, and bedtime… And, She still finds the time to keep the hubby happy (nudge nudge wink wink). She can do all of this and still have time to write.

And if you can believe all of those lies, there is some beautiful swamp land in Florida for sale…

Katie Salidas resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mother, wife, and author, she does try to do it all, often causing sleep deprivation and many nights passed out at the computer. Writing books is her passion, and she hopes that her passion will bring you hours of entertainment.

Facebook -

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Thanks for being here Katie!  For those readers wanting to add a bit of spice to their bookshelves be sure to pick up Halloween Fantasies.

Review for Halloween Fantasies by Katie Salidas

Touted as the sexiest party of the year, the annual Halloween Fantasy Ball is the one place a girl can let loose and succumb to her wildest fantasies.

Disguised as a sexy vampire huntress, Sasha captures the attention of Dante, a real life creature of the night. For Sasha, meeting bona fide vampire is enough to fulfill one of her life long fantasies. She’s ready to go home a happy woman.

But Dante has other plans. It is after all, a night of fantasies, and he has a few of his own to share. 


Katie Salidas has written a short story long on sexy vampires and steamy interludes.  Sasha is the lucky girl fascinated by vampires who gets her chance to be up close and personal with one for an unforgettable night.  She's an average girl who's very likable and is someone you'd hang out with in real life.  Her interactions with her friend are full of realistic girl-talk and immerse you in the party atmosphere surrounding them.

Dante is one sexy vampire and it's easy to see why Sasha falls for him so quickly.  He's not exactly suave though.  He's relied on his vampiric abilities for so long that he finds acting charming difficult.  I enjoyed his attempts at being charming which endeared him to me.  He's not the only vampire at the party though, he has a twin brother Trevor who doesn't have to work at being charming...he just is.  Talk about double the pleasure!

Which leads me to the sexual interludes between Sasha and Dante.  They are hot together, with great chemistry.  When Trevor comes on the scene, things get even hotter.  This is erotica with a capital E!

This story was over before I knew it and I was sad when the final page was turned.  I enjoyed these characters and would love to see more of them...particularly Trevor.  Katie has written an enjoyably hot story with likable characters, so while the kids are off trick-or-treating give yourself a treat and read this steamy story full of vampy goodness.

My rating for this is an A.

*This book was given to me by the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Follow Friday......

This is the day of the week where we get to know each other better by answering a question devised by our lovely hostesses Parajunkee & Alisoncanread.  We also gain new followers by joining each other's sites via GFC, so please let me know if you're a new follower since I automatically follow back.  And now for this week's question....

Q:  If you could have dinner with your favorite book character, who would you eat with and what would you serve?

A:  Wow, there's quite a few choices here.  After A LOT of coin flipping I'd choose Acheron from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter series.  He's lived forever and would have so many intriguing stories about the changing times.  A living, breathing History Channel.  And he can have whatever he wants for a meal.

Book Tour for The Hunter by Theresa Meyers (Guest Blog & GIVEAWAY)

Author Theresa Meyers has created an intriguing new series that's based in the world of Steampunk.  Theresa's here today courtesy of Bewitching Book Tours to talk about her new book and give away a copy of it.  So join me in welcoming Theresa and read through to the end to find out how to enter to win a copy of this exciting novel.

Blending Steampunk and Paranormal Romance

There’s something inherently fascinating about bringing two distinctive things together to create something new. Take Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Chocolate, perfect in its own right and deserving of a food group all its own. Peanut butter, the staple of probably more than half of the school kid lunches in America on every given day. Both all on their own fantastic, but when put together, well, the angels sing.

That’s what blending steampunk and paranormal romance is for me as a writer, and it’s why I wove them both into THE HUNTER. I love both as their own thing, but when merged into one story, it’s simply irresistible. It also makes my steampunk world a little different bend than most. Yes, of course there are the wonders of science, the mad genius, the spirit of adventure, but there’s also a darkly mystical side to my world. My heroes in the Legend Chronicles, three brothers named after their father’s favorite guns, are supernatural hunters in the Wild Weird West.

Winchester, Remington and Colt have been trained to hunt down and destroy the Darkin that threaten humanity. So while regular people go about their daily lives, these guys don’t bat an eye-lash when it comes to fighting down demons, slay shape-shifters, battling hell-hounds or going up against ghosts. They just do it with some fantastical steampunk help, such as Colt’s clockwork horse, Tempus, Sting Shooters (that are steampunk, Tesla-coil-powered tasers) and the specially designed Darkin-killing bullets perfected by their inventor friend Marley Turlock. They know that while ordinary people might not see the ending of the world coming, they are the first, last and only defense in making sure humanity survives.

Part of what I love about steampunk is the essence that anything was possible if you were just curious, adventurous or determined enough to make it happen. It’s accepting that we can be more, do more, than we ever thought possible by reimagining the past as it could have happened. I love the clothing, the elegance and intricacy that was part of the Gilded Age. I’ve a bit of a Victoriana nut with a strong love of tea, and I’m a maker in my own right. I sew, design, paint, and can my own home-grown fruits, veggies, sauces and soups, when I’m not out tackling my herb garden. For me steampunk is like the peanut butter. It’s gritty, it’s brown, it’s got a specific flavor you won’t find anywhere else and you know it when you taste it.

With paranormal romance, I’m just as fascinated by the things we can’t see that still influence us. Most of my writing tends to take a paranormal path, likely because when I was little my mother did things like pretend we had elves in the tree stump in the back yard. They even talked under my window one night—which I later found out in my 20s was due to a tape-recorder. She made my brother and I believe in the magic all around us and I still have that rose-colored tint to how I look at the world today. But if there’s one thing about the paranormal I’ve learned, it’s that there’s balance. Dark must have light to survive and vice versa. And with paranormal romance, the ending is always sweetly satisfying. You know the good guys win and that love can conquer all. Paranormal romance is like chocolate. It’s dark, it’s varied, the subtle changes and flavors are nearly endless and when done right it can be an experience you can’t get enough of.

So when it comes to blending steampunk and paranormal romance, it’s not just about the fantastic inventions or goggles, nor is it about the balancing act between the dark and light forces of the paranormal world and the power of love. It’s a bit of both, blended together to create a flavor of fiction that’s something familiar but also completely different. That’s what I’ve tried to accomplish in my Legend Chronicles series, but you may have to taste it yourself to find out.

In the comments, tell me what your favorite elements of paranormal romance and steampunk are for a chance to win a copy of THE HUNTER, Book 1 in the Legend Chronicles.

by Theresa Meyers
Price is $6.99
Zebra paranormal romance with steampunk elements

They’re the Chosen—Winchester, Remington and Colt—brothers trained to hunt down supernatural beings using the latest steam-powered gadgetry. It’s a hard legacy to shoulder, and it’s about to get a lot more dangerous…

Colt Jackson has gotten his name on many a wanted poster with success in the family business: hunting supernaturals across the frontier. Lately, though, there’s a sulfur stink in the wind and the Darkin population is exploding. A rift in the worlds is appearing. To close it, Colt will have to do the unthinkable and work with a demon to pass arcane boundaries no human alone can cross.

Except when he summons his demon, he doesn’t get some horned monstrosity: he gets a curvy redheaded succubus named Lilly, who’s willing to make a bargain to become human again. He also gets Lilly’s secret expertise on the machinations on the dark side of the rift. And her charm and cleverness help to get them out of what his silver-loaded pistol and mechanical horse can’t. Of course, when all hell breaks loose, he might have to sacrifice his soul. But what’s adventure without a little risk?


The progeny of a slightly mad (NASA) scientist and a tea-drinking bibliophile who turned the family dining room into a library, Theresa Meyers learned early the value of a questioning mind, books and a good china teapot. A former journalist and public relations officer, she found far more enjoyment using her writing skills to pen paranormal novels in the turret office of her Victorian home. She’s spent nearly a quarter of a century with the boy who took her to the Prom, drinks tea with milk and sugar, is an adamant fan of the television show Supernatural, and has an indecent love of hats. You can find her dabbling online on twitter at or at Also at.....


This giveaway is for a PRINT COPY of The Hunter by Theresa Meyers.

-Giveaway is for US ONLY.
-MUST leave a comment, along with your email addy to make it easier to contact the winner, answering the question Theresa asked at the end of her post.
-Winner will be chosen using and will have 48 hours to respond to my winner's confirmation email or a new winner will be chosen.
-Giveaway closes at 11:59 pm on 11/3.

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Blog Barrage for Unforgiven (Packing Heat #1) by Sarah Ballance

I recently came across this book, Unforgiven (Packing Heat #1) by Sarah Ballance, and love the sound of it.  So when CBLS Promotions gave me the opportunity to give all of you an even bigger taste of this book, I knew I had to get in on this blog barrage.  So keep reading to learn all about this sexy sounding book.


Riley Beckett's past just came back to haunt her . . . and this time, he's got a gun.

When Gage Lawton finds his brother shot dead on his back porch, every shred of evidence points to one person: Gage's former lover, Riley. He and she didn't part ways on good terms, and he's not planning to rekindle anything now--not when he's got a revolver pointed at her head and a finger on the trigger.

A year after Riley swore she and Gage were over, he returns in a hail of gunfire. One look into those achingly familiar blue eyes and she knows how wrong she was to let him go, but now far more than their heated past stands in the way. A twist of fate puts them in the crosshairs of a killer, leaving Riley with two slim options:  trust her greatest betrayer or face a murderer on her own.

Something was wrong. Was the dark playing tricks on her? Riley Beckett froze, arm outstretched, hand poised to toss her keys on the table just inside her front door. But she didn't let go. Instead of dropping them in their usual spot, instinct whispered for her to feather pieces of the makeshift weapon between her knuckles. Heart pounding, she pressed the keys in a silent, white-knuckle grip and prayed her concerns were her imagination, that the paranoia of coming home alone to a dark house was getting the better of her.
One, two steps in. Wood planks echoed underfoot. She fought to breathe in air that grew thinner with every tense second.
Three steps.
Then it hit her. The scent. His scent. And with it a flush of memories. The burn of hot grass on her bare skin. Rough hands, a tender touch. Love so sweet she ached for it, her dreams raging, and her body drenched with need.
Their first time.
Her last.
"Gage?" Her voice broke on the single syllable. Riley's grip on the keys tightened, her blood raging hot and cold all at once.
A creak sounded from the corner chair. Her eyes refused to adjust in the darkness, but not even the faint light kept the blond streaks in his russet hair from giving him away. Like rays of sunshine, she used to tease, and her words never failed to draw a scowl across his rugged face.
God help her, her name on his lips sounded as it always had. Coarse. Dangerous. Forbidden. Even before.....The memory surged, hot and vivid, leaving a metallic taste in her mouth. White heat assaulted her from every corner of the room.
The keys fell to the floor with a clink.
"An eye for an eye, is it?" His voice sounded unpracticed, as if he hadn't spoken in a long while.
She couldn't see his face, but she knew his expression. Flat and humorless. Broken. She remembered the day he stopped smiling. Every part of her wanted to flee, but she stood frozen to the spot.
"What do you mean?" Riley wondered if the words, whispered and weak, had the strength to make it across the room. Hadn't she always known she'd shatter the next time she saw him? Hadn't she dreamed of it anyway?
"You have to ask?" Gage laughed, cold and hollow. "Billy's dead. Hell of a thing to come home to, Riley. My brother blown to bits on my back porch."
"Oh, God." Riley swayed, bile rising in her throat. The room filled with a distant buzzing. She took one unsteady step to the side and stumbled.
When she found his gaze, it was over the business end of a revolver.
He leveled the gun in her direction. Everything else in her world trembled, but his aim held rock steady. 
His eyes burned blue and bright. "What I want to know, sweetheart, is why you did it."

He worked his finger over the trigger, and a veil of blackness threatened her last discerning thought.


Noble Romance-
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Sarah and her husband of over fourteen years live on the mid-Atlantic coast with their six young children, all of whom are perfectly adorable when they're asleep.  She often jokes that she writes to be around people who will listen to her, but her characters aren't much better than her kids.  Fortunately, her husband is quite supportive, having generously offered to help her research "the good parts."  She's never had to ask twice.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Being Replaced on Chuck:The Complete Fourth Season on DVD

With the release of Chuck's Fourth Season on DVD fast approaching, I'm finding more and more moments from the show showing up in my own life.  For example, in episode 18 Sarah worries that the CIA is replacing them with Casey's extremely efficient team, but Chuck considers himself irreplaceable with the Intersect.   As a disabled person, I've had many moments where I didn't feel that I could compete or keep up with others.  In high school and college whenever there was a group project I was given very little to do.  Since I KNEW I could do a great job I just had to get used to being more outspoken and take on more of a leadership role.  Once I did that, others no longer doubted my abilities.  These feelings of empowerment have carried through the rest of my life and I now have more faith in myself. 

What about you?  Have you ever felt like you were in jeopardy of being replaced? Has there ever been a time where you have been made to feel outdated? If so, how did you remedy your situation? Did it end well?

In season four, the geek gone spy is putting everything on the line, available for pre-order here:

*I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for Chuck: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD/Blu-Ray

Winner of Tuesday's Child by Dale Mayer

Before I announce the winner of this giveaway, I want to thank CBLS Promotions for letting me be a part of the book tour and to Dale Mayer for letting me give away a pdf copy of her new release.  And now, without further ado, the winner of a pdf copy of Tuesday's Child (Psychic Visions, Book 1) is.....


Congratulations Tracey!  I'll be sending you an email soon to confirm your win.  Thanks to everyone who signed up and I hope to see you all again for future giveaways.

Teaser Tuesdays #39....

Before we get to today's book snippet, I want to remind everyone of all the great giveaways I have going on.  So please take a few moments to enter and you might end up being the winner of some great books!

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

• Grab your current read
• Open to a random page
• Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
• BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
• Share the title & author too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers.

LEAD ME ON by Lauren Hawkeye

....from page 5.

-I wasn't what anyone with any kind of imagination would call hot.  Nor did I think that my prim navy blue suit, out of style by about five years, was sending the wrong message.  Nope, this guy was just ten sheets to the wind.  And lucky me, looked like I'd been voted the one who got to run around like a chicken with my head cut off gathering those sheets and making sure the drunk didn't drown on his own vomit in a gutter somewhere.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Spooktacular Giveaway Hop

Hello all you ghosts and goblins going from blog to blog signing up for all sorts of goodies.  You've arrived here due to the wonderful organizational skills of the Hop's leaders I Am a Reader, Not a Writer and The Diary of a Bookworm.  My giveaway consists of three books with a bit of scare to them and one book I'm sending along just because I enjoyed it.  Also included will be a bunch of author swag.  Here's a more in-depth look at what my winner will receive.....

BLOOD ETERNAL by Marie Treanor

THE HUNGER by Whitley Strieber


PLAYING DIRTY by Susan Andersen

......Along with these great books, I'll also include a big handful (maybe two handfuls) of author swag!


-Giveaway is OPEN TO US/CAN ONLY.
-MUST become a GFC follower to enter.
-MUST make a comment & MUST include your email addy along with your comment.
-For +1 optional entry, you can become a twitter follower of me here.
-Giveaway closes at 11:59 PM on 10/31.
-Winner will be chosen using and will have 48 hours to respond to my winner's confirmation email or a new winner will be chosen.

Good Luck To Everyone!!!!

For the chance to win even more awesome prizes, visit the other participating blogs listed below......

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Fashion Monday Madness...a day early.....

Since I have a BIG giveaway starting tomorrow, I decided to move our fashion chat to today.  Speaking of giveaways, I have quite a few going on right now that you should sign up for.  Also, make sure to come back to my site tomorrow to see what I'm giving away for the Spooktacular Giveaway Hop.  Lots of good books and author swag!  So be here tomorrow or be square.  And now, here's what the rich and famous wore this week with....

The Good....

Kim Kardashian has finally learned that less is more in this understated, yet glamorous, gown.  Without her usual show of cleavage she still looks like a sexy siren in red.  The fit is pristine and the minimal accessories allow the dress to speak for itself...and it's saying "I can look like a star without showing a ton of skin".  This is a rare rave from me to Kim.  Hopefully we'll see more of this classy look in the future.

Olivia Wilde is also going for an understated look that still gives a hint of sexiness due to the open back.  The shoes give a cutting edge feel to her classic gown and give her overall look a bit of pizazz.  The gold jewelry is the perfect accent and a timelessly perfect choice.  Olivia again shines on the Red Carpet.

The Bad....

No matter what she thinks, Courtney Love is not winning a medal for this baggy and blah ensemble.  The coat completely overwhelms her and it appears she's returning it later since the tags are still attached in the back.  Her usual bed head and no make-up look is in place to complete this ridiculous ensemble.

Real Housewife of NJ Teresa Giudice looks to be dressed a bit early for Christmas with this ensemble reminiscent of a tree ornament.  Between the frills and chains and appliques this look has gone over the top.  Add in the wrinkly material and the dress looks even cheaper.  It would be best if she used that oversized bag to hide this monstrosity of a dress.  Bah Humbug is all I can say!

The Ugly....

For such a young girl, Mary Kate Olsen continually dresses like an octogenarian.  This look is overly layered and looks to be decades old.  Thank goodness she took the fur coat off, since it would have made this ensemble even worse....actually no, this look is awful no matter what.  It looks like a fancy version of a Snuggie, so perhaps she just rolled out of bed or will be going there next.  Either way, thumbs down to this snooze-fest.

Supermodel Chanel Iman looks anything but super is this ensemble where she looks to be channeling Aerosmith's Steven Tyler.  From her floppy hat to her scarf to her skinny frame she could be Steven's twin, or perhaps this is her Halloween costume.  The sparkly leather pants take this to a whole new level of gaudy and appears to be an endorsement for the Bedazzler.  Looking at this it's definitely Trick-or-Treat, and the trick is on us.

That's it for this week.  Please sound off below letting me know what you think of this week's choices.  And be sure to return tomorrow for my big giveaway! 

Winner of Tie Me Up by Lauren Hawkeye

Before I announce the winner, I want to thank Bewitching Book Tours and Lauren Hawkeye for making all this possible.  And now, the winner of an ePub copy of Tie Me Up is......


Congratulations!!!  I'll be contacting you soon to confirm your information.  Please respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen.

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It's Proposal Time on Chuck: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD

With the new and final season of the spy show Chuck returning soon to television I wanted to take a look back at one of the most important moments in the series thus far.  In episode 13, Chuck finally proposes to Sarah in the hospital hallway. She accepts, kneeling with him and kissing him as the scene fades.  This was a moment long in the making.  Chuck had been in love with Sarah for so long and after almost losing her I was thrilled they finally found their happily ever after.  As a person that reads lots of romance novels, I found this moment to be extremely emotional and a beautiful moment in their relationship that is well-deserved after all the life-threatening moments they've been through together.

How about you?  Was this delightful and epic episode of Chuck everything that you had been waiting for? What was your reaction to Chuck’s quiet and successful proposal to Sarah?

In season four, the geek gone spy is putting everything on the line, available for pre-order here:

*I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for Chuck: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD/Blu-Ray

2 for 1 Review for the Control Freak Series by Reena Jacobs

Brandon is an overworked husband with a wife who wants a little too much. Sex, that is. When his wife starts throwing him hints about bondage and masochism, he's sure she's flipped. In the end, Brandon must decide which lines he's willing to cross for the women he loves.

Regina's at it again, but this time she's in charge... or so she thinks. Armed with a riding crop and whole lot of attitude, she's determined to bend Brandon to her will. Find out just how far Brandon's willing to let her go in this midday romp.


These two books by Regina Jacobs are based on an intriguing premise....that of a segment of a married couple's life told from each individual's perspective.  Because of this unique premise, it makes more of an impact to read them together, but they can definitely be read on their own though.

First up is Brandon's Story written from the male perspective and is the weaker of these two stories in my opinion.  Brandon comes off as unlikable and a bit infantile in his actions.  He complains quite a bit about his wife Regina and with moments like that it's hard to believe they're a happy couple.  He describes their sex drives as completely opposite where he seems overwhelmed by her desires.  He expounds so negatively on her heightened sex drive that I'm surprised he didn't call her a slut.  Even when they finally come together it still feels like they're at odds.  The sexual interlude is steamy but felt more like a battleground than a loving sexual expression.  From Brandon's viewpoint, his wife is a shrew and he's constantly mistreated and emasculated by her.  Incidences like these took away from my belief in their feelings for one another and the future of their marriage and lessened my overall enjoyment of the story.  My rating for this is a D+

Regina's Story is written from the female perspective and is a more enjoyable release where both husband and wife are on a more even level.  They have problems similar to most couples and are currently in a rut.  Regina loves her husband Brandon and appreciates his efforts to give her what she needs.  She can also admit her own faults and strives to treat him better too.  The couple seen in this version seem happier and more willing to work out their issues.  Brandon's not so set in his ways and willing to experiment to bring excitement to their marriage.  It's a more mature and loving Brandon in this story and a less abrasive Regina seen in this version of their life.  This is a couple that can reach their happy ending and have a long and fulfilling marriage full of steamy encounters like the one seen in this story.  My rating for this is a B+

*I received these books from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Follow Friday.......

This is the day of the week where we get to know each other better by answering a question devised by our lovely hostesses Parajunkee & Alisoncanread.  We also gain new followers by joining each other's sites via GFC, so please let me know if you're a new follower since I automatically follow back.  And now for this week's question....

Q:  What superhero is your alter-ego?


A:  I'd have to say Catwoman.  First and most obvious, because I own a cat.  Second, I love her leather outfit.  And the last and most important reason, she has an attraction to Batman.  I too have an obsession.......with the animated Batman.  He's drawn extremely buff with a chiseled jaw.  I could swoon just picturing him.

Book Tour Barrage for Tuesday's Child by Dale Mayer (along with a GIVEAWAY)

Before we learn more about Dale Mayer's new release Tuesday's Child (Psychic Visions, Book 1) and find out what's being given away, I want to thank CBLS Promotions for letting me be a part of this tour and to Dale especially for taking time out of her busy schedule to be here.  So without further ado, let's delve into the world of Tuesday's Child....


What she doesn’t want…is exactly what he needs.

Shunned and ridiculed all her life for something she can’t control, Samantha Blair hides her psychic abilities and lives on the fringes of society. Against her will, however, she’s tapped into a killer—or rather, his victims. Each woman’s murder, blow-by-blow, ravages her mind until their death releases her back to her body. Sam knows she must go to the authorities, but will the rugged, no-nonsense detective in charge of tracking down the killer believe her?

Detective Brandt Sutherland only trusts hard evidence, yet Sam’s visions offer clues he needs to catch a killer. The more he learns about her incredible abilities, however, the clearer it becomes that Sam’s visions have put her in the killer’s line of fire. Now Brandt must save her from something he cannot see or understand…and risk losing his heart in the process.

As danger and desire collide, passion raises the stakes in a game Sam and Brandt don’t dare lose.


Lying in bed that night, Sam couldn’t sleep, her overwrought mind refused to let up. The tantalizing possibility that she was meant to do something with this gift worried the frayed edges of her mind. Depressed and unsettled she fell into a fitful sleep, her dreams dark and disjointed pieces of past visions.

Screams jarred her from a deep sleep. Confusion turned to fear when Sam realized the horrific sounds were coming from her own mouth. Even worse, she had no idea where she was.

Terror overwhelmed her. Her fingers spasmed in a death grip around a strange steering wheel as the car she drove careened further out of control. Still trying to toss off the remnants of sleep, Sam yanked hard on the wheel in a futile attempt to turn it. The mid-sized car plowed through a steel barricade to hang suspended in midair before plummeting to the rocks below. Screams ripped from her throat and she reefed on the useless steering wheel, helpless to stop the deadly impact. Her foot pounded on useless brakes. The front grill of the car crumpled and metal buckled upward. The car smashed into the first of the rocks below, snapping her forward into the windshield. Agonizing pain shattered her spine. Grinding metal, exploding glass and continuous crunching sounds filled the air as first the bumper flew off, then the rear window shattered outward. Twisted metal ripped and groaned, flying to land beside the crash site. The car tumbled, smashed on a huge rock, careened to the left and flipped end over end before coming to a hard landing on its wheels at the bottom of the cliff.

Then utter silence.

Sam trembled. Shock and pain pulsed through her veins even as her blood dripped out one beat at a time onto the shredded seat beside her. God, she didn’t want to die.

She wanted to live. Please, dear God.

Someone help!

Blood streamed over her face, her spine…where a shearing heat set off continuous stabbing pain. The steering wheel jammed into her ribs. The front dash had crumpled into a mess of twisted steel and plastic, the famous Mercedes emblem now hung drunk in mid air over the remains of the once beautiful cream leather seats.

Sam couldn’t feel her right arm. And wished she couldn’t feel her left. She closed her eyes, willing away the image of bone shards that had sliced through her sweater, a few loose strands of wool clinging to the ends. Heart wrenching sobs poured from her throat, tears coated her cheeks. She was alone. And dying.

A brilliant flash of light engulfed the car as the fuel from the pierced gas line flashed into flames. Heat seared her lungs and scorched her hair, the strands melting against the inside of her car window. Panicked, she screamed as flames licked at her feet, burning, and cooking the flesh right off her bones.

Agony. Pain. Terror.

A voice whispered through the blackness of her mind, so odd, so different it caught her attention. She strained to hear the words.

“Let go. It’s time to let go.”

Sam stared through the flames, stunned. Let go of what?  She couldn’t hear over the roaring fire and could barely see, but knowing that someone was there stirred her survival instinct, and she started fighting against the seatbelt jammed at her side. She was saved. Just another minute and they’d open the door and pull her free. She’d be fine.

“Please hurry,” she cried out.

“Let go. You don’t need to be in there. Let it all go, and come with me.”

She peered through the golden orange windshield to see a strange male face peering at her through the flames.

He smiled.

“Come with me.”

“I want to, damn it. Can’t you see I’m trapped?” she screamed, her vocals crisping in the heat.

“Release yourself. Come with me. Say yes.”

The pain hit a crescendo. She twisted against it, hearing her spine splinter. The car seat melted into her skin. So much pain, she couldn’t breathe. Blackness crowded into her mind, blessed quiet, soothing darkness. She reached for it.

“Let it go. You don’t need to go through this. Hurry.”

She started. Why wasn’t he opening the door or getting others to help?  He should be trying to save her. Shouldn’t he?  Sam, so confused and so tired, she could barely feel the pain overtaking her body. Where had he gone?  She tried to concentrate. His face was now only a vague outline that rippled with the heat waves. A soft smile played at the corner of his mouth. The flames burned around him, weird as they centered him in the warm glow. She wanted to be with him. To live.

“Here, take my hand.”

Dazed and on the brink of death, Sam focused on the hand reaching for her. She struggled to raise the charred piece of flesh that had been her arm and reached out to grasp his.

She was free.

Overwhelmed, cries of relief escaped. She turned to hug her savior, her head just reaching his shoulder. He stood beside her, the same radiant beaming look on his face. His blond hair glowed, and he had the brightest teeth. She sighed. This beautiful man pointed to her right arm. Confused, Sam glanced down at her burned arm, realizing she could feel none of her injuries. Just like her other one, her broken arm had miraculously healed – whole, smooth and soft. Her skin hadn’t looked this good in ten years.

Realization hit.

She spun around to find a massive fireball below. What the hell?  She had to be dead. But instead of the horror or shock, she expected to feel, she felt good. In fact, she felt great. She turned to the ever-smiling stranger.

“Let’s go sweetheart.”

Sam didn’t know why he’d called her that, but she bloomed under his loving gaze. Honestly, she was so damned grateful to be out of the car, she let him get away with it.

Holding hands, they floated higher into the cloudless blue sky. Then when the crash site below had become a tiny speck, Sam felt a hard flick on her arm and the words, “Thanks, but I can take it from here.”

And she woke up.

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Dale Mayer is a prolific multi-published writer. She's best known for Tuesday's Child, her romantic suspense novel that was one of the final four in the Kensington Brava/Romantic Times contest this last year. Besides her romantic suspense/thrillers, Dale also writes paranormal romance and crossover young adult books in several different genres.  To go with her fiction, she also writes nonfiction in many different fields with books available on resume writing, companion gardening and the US mortgage system. She has recently published her Career Essentials Series in ebook format.

To find out more about Dale and her books, visit her at Or connect with her online with Twitter at and on Facebook at

The prize for this giveaway is a pdf copy of Dale's book Tuesday's Child (Psychic Visions, Book 1).

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