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Book Release Blitz for Sweet Sexy Heart by Melissa Foster (GIVEAWAY)......

A woman struggling to live with a disease finds herself attracted to the young athlete who invades her small town in this emotional contemporary romance.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Sweet Sexy Heart by Melissa Foster, then add this eighth installment in The Bradens & Montgomerys: Pleasant Hill - Oak Falls series to your bookshelf!  In honor of this latest release make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win two copies of the first book in this series too!

Discover the magic of New York Times bestseller Melissa Foster's writing and see why millions of readers have fallen in love with the fiercely loyal and sassily sexy characters in the Love in Bloom big-family romance collection. All Love in Bloom books can be enjoyed as stand-alone novels or as part of the larger series.
Amber Montgomery is perfectly happy with her quiet life, running her bookstore, taking long walks with Reno, her Labrador retriever seizure-response dog, and spending time with her close-knit family. She’s never needed thrills the way some of her sisters have. In an effort to control her epilepsy, she tries to avoid anything that creates too much excitement or stress—including relationships. When Amber hosts a book signing for famed-athlete-turned-author Dash Pennington, he’s everything she’s spent her life avoiding: loud, aggressive, and far too handsome, as proven by the hordes of women who surround him everywhere he goes. Amber can’t ignore the sparks flying between her and Dash, but this is a no-brainer for her: Ignore their chemistry and hold her breath until he leaves town.
Dash Pennington has spent his life running. Running the ball in for a touchdown, running from town to town to appease his public relations reps, and running into the arms of too many women to count. He’s also an expert at protecting—his reputation, his sisters, and lately, his sanity. But he’s ready to make a change. When he comes to the sleepy little town of Oak Falls, Virginia, and witnesses the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen living the life he craves, she refuses to have anything to do with him. But now that Dash has found the one thing he doesn’t want to run from, he’ll stop at nothing to win her over.
Find out more about these and many other steamy romance series in Melissa Foster’s big-family contemporary romance collection, Love in Bloom, featuring characters from all walks of life, from billionaires to blue-collar workers. You’ll love her fun, sexy, and relatable characters, and their real-life issues. You’re always guaranteed a happily ever after.


LIGHTS TWINKLED FROM the rafters and country music blared from a stage at the far end of the old barn as retired football star Dash Pennington and his old college teammate Sinclair “Sin” Vernon weaved around people dancing and mingling and children darting through the crowd with fistfuls of cookies. Women decked out in jeans and cowgirl boots eyed Dash suggestively. Enjoy the visual buffet, ladies, because that’s all you’re going to get.
Dash had been thrilled when his motivational speaking gig had been canceled. He’d jumped on the first flight out to see his buddy and had arrived in Oak Falls, Virginia, about an hour ago. This was just what he needed—a break from his crazy life and the skintight dresses and money- hungry claws of the plastic women in the circles in which he’d run for the last decade. He’d thought things would slow down after he retired from football, but he’d gone from one media circus to another with motivational speaking gigs, sponsorships, and the upcoming tour for his new bestselling book, Capturing the Fire Within, a guide for young men to find their paths and realize their dreams. The funny thing was, he was still trying to figure out his own path.

“This jam session is frigging awesome!” he shouted as they walked past the stage where a group of twentysomething girls were singing with a band that looked more like a family reunion. A kid who couldn’t have been older than ten or eleven was playing the violin beside a man who looked to be about sixty playing a guitar. A teenage girl was on drums, and a handful of other people were playing a variety of instruments. “How often do they do this?”
“Every few weeks.” Sin raked a hand through his jet-black hair. At six foot three, two hundred and thirty pounds, he stood eye to eye with Dash. “The Jerichos invite everyone in the area to play music and dance. People bring food and catch up with neighbors. It’s pretty cool.”
“Kind of reminds me of home.” Dash had grown up in Port Hudson, New York, which was a college town, not a rural area, but it had the same close-knit feel, and while they didn’t have jam sessions, they had other community activities.

“Good old Port Hudson.” Sin cocked a grin. “I need to take a trip out there soon to see how Dawn and Andi are doing, remind them what a real man looks like.”
Dash narrowed his eyes in warning at the mention of his younger sisters, but it was all in good fun. They gave each other a hard time about their sisters often, but they also stepped in like protective brothers when necessary. “Speaking of sisters, did Kiki tell you she finally kicked that guy she was dating to the curb?”
“Yeah, last week. Thank God she listens to you.” Kiki was Sin’s younger sister. “I owe you one. Come on, let’s find Amber.”

“Right. Amber. The only woman on the planet not clamoring to get near me.” Amber Montgomery owned Story Time bookstore and was hosting Dash’s debut signing in a couple of weeks. She was the only bookstore owner who hadn’t immediately agreed to host, which he found odd, considering how much attention his presence would bring to her store. It seemed like everyone wanted a piece of him. By the time she’d accepted, all the tour spots had been full. Dash had been curious about the holdout, and since Sin lived in the area, Dash had Amber’s bookstore added as the first stop on the tour.
Sin looked at him wryly. “She’s out of your league, man. But it looks like you’ve got plenty of fans. People around here don’t usually gawk like this.”
Dash glanced around as they moved through the crowd, noticing that, in addition to the women checking him out who probably had no clue who he was, guys were looking over like they recognized him, and a few cowboys were sizing him up. Don’t worry, I’m not here to take your women for a ride. He’d learned his lesson about meaningless hookups when he was young and stupid, and he sure as hell wasn’t going to screw over some random guy just to get his rocks off.
“Really? With you around, I’d think they’d be like this all the time.” Dash wasn’t kidding. Sin was impressive as hell on and off the football field. They’d met while attending Virginia State on football scholarships. After graduation, Dash had turned pro, and Sin had followed a coaching path, eventually becoming the athletic program director for their alma mater. A couple of years ago, Sin had taken over as the athletic director at No Limitz, the Oak Falls youth center. Dash had always admired his friend’s determination to follow his heart instead of the money.
Sin gave him a don’t-give-me-that-bullshit glance.

“I should’ve worn a cowboy hat to blend in. How about we don’t mention football to your friends? Tonight I’d just like to be your friend, and when necessary, some guy who wrote a book.”
“Yeah, I got that impression when you called. No problem.”
As he followed Sin through the crowd, his attention caught on a beautiful brunette talking with a group of people. Her fingertips grazed the head of a golden retriever wearing a service vest. He had a fleeting curiosity about the dog, but he got caught up in watching the woman as she talked with the dark-haired guy beside her. A smile as natural and enticing as summer rain brightened her face, giving her an even sweeter girl-next-door vibe. As they neared, he realized her hair wasn’t brown but more of a chestnut color, the long layers a little messy. The kind of hair that beckoned to be touched, the kind of easy smile he hadn’t seen in a very long time. There was nothing overtly sexual about her simple peach sweater or dark skinny jeans tucked into scuffed brown cowgirl boots with pink designs that looked like old favorites, but he found her utterly captivating. He wanted to know who she was and what her voice sounded like. Was it as sweet as she looked? Was she? It had been a long damn time since he’d actually been drawn to a woman enough to want to know more about her.
The beauty shook her head, and her hair tumbled in front of one eye, giving her an alluring edge. She tucked that wayward strand behind her ear, her eyes sweeping over the crowd, colliding with Dash’s, and holy hell, the air between them sizzled with a wild, frenetic energy. He couldn’t look away, didn’t want to, the need to meet her as real as the heat burning beneath his skin, and Sin was leading him directly toward her.
When they joined the group, Sin said, “The best thing about these jam sessions is seeing all the hottest ladies in Oak Falls in one place,” startling the chestnut-haired beauty. She tore her gaze away from Dash, crimson spreading over her cheeks.
A familiar-looking dark-haired guy rolled his shoulders back and cleared his throat. Sin laughed. “And the hottest guys. Sorry, Axsel.”
“No worries. With a body like that, you’re always forgiven.” Axsel dragged his eyes down Dash’s body. “And hello, gorgeous friend of Sin’s.”

Dash offered his hand. “Hi. I’m Dash. Where do I know you from?” In the next second, he recognized the man as Axsel Montgomery, the lead guitarist in the infamous band Inferno. “Wait, you’re a rock star, right?” He started connecting the dots and wondered if Axsel was related to Amber.
“In and out of the bedroom,” Axsel said flirtatiously, giving Dash’s hand a squeeze. “And you have a great name. Short for Dashing, I assume?”
Dash laughed and shook his head, his eyes finding the brunette’s again, causing a rush of heat to redden her neck and cheeks. She was adorably refreshing, in the sexiest of ways—a rarity in his world.
“Keep your trousers on, Axsel,” Sin said. “Dash is straight, and I brought him along tonight to meet Amber, not to hook up with her brother. Dash wrote a book, and he’s doing a signing with her in a couple of weeks.” He motioned to the brunette, who was staring at Dash again. “Dash, this is Amber Montgomery. Amber, this is Dash Pennington.”
It’s my lucky day. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you in person, Amber.” Dash held out his hand. “Shea had wonderful things to say about you.” Shea Steele was his publicist. She’d told him that Amber ran the busiest bookstore in the area, and she was sweet, cautious, and definitely not his type. Shea couldn’t have been more wrong.
The blond woman standing next to Amber, wearing about a dozen necklaces and a blouse with flowing sleeves, nudged Amber with her elbow, startling Amber out of her trance. Amber blinked repeatedly and shook Dash’s hand. “Hi. It’s nice to meet you.”
Her hand was soft and warm, her voice as sweet as honey, and her gorgeous hazel eyes were as lost in him as his were in her. “I hear you own a great bookstore. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.”
She continued shaking his hand. “I...yeah. the shop.” She was too damn cute.
A tall woman with thick and wild dark hair trailing over her shoulders from beneath a cowgirl hat stifled a laugh, and the blonde nudged Amber again.

“Bookstore, sorry,” Amber said quickly, dropping his hand. Her fingers landed on the dog’s head. “I own a bookstore. But you already know that. Oh my gosh. I better...” Her eyes darted around them. “Nice to meet you. I have that thing. Over there.” She pointed into the crowd. “Sorry. See you in the bookstore. Come, Reno.”
As Amber hurried away, a thin blonde lowered her voice and said, “So much for flirting lessons.” Flirting lessons? That piqued his interest.
“You’ll have to excuse my sister,” the hippieish blonde said. “She’s had a long day.”
Dash watched Amber moving through the crowd. “No excuse necessary. She made a remarkable first impression.” And he couldn’t wait to see what her second impression was like.


Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance, new adult romance and women's fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Readers adore Melissa's fun, flirty, and sinfully sexy, award-winning big family romance collection, LOVE IN BLOOM featuring the Snow Sisters, Bradens, Remingtons, Ryders, Seaside Summer, Harborside Nights, and the Wild Boys After Dark. Melissa's emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented.

Melissa also writes sweet and clean romance under the pen name Addison Cole.

Melissa has painted and donated several murals to The Hospital for Sick Children in Washington, DC. Her interests include her family, reading, writing, painting, friends, helping others see the positive side of life, and visiting Cape Cod.

Melissa is available to chat with book clubs and welcomes comments and emails from her readers. Visit Melissa on social media or her personal website.

Never miss a brand new release, special promotions or inside gossip again by simply signing up to receive your newsletter from Melissa.


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Book Blitz for Never Fall for Your Back-Up Guy by Kate O’Keeffe (GIVEAWAY)......

Readers will find themselves charmed by this rom-com of opposites attracting as friends become lovers.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Never Fall for Your Back-Up Guy by Kate O’Keeffe, then add this to your bookshelf.  In honor of this first installment in the It's Complicated series, make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win 3 digital copies of this book along with a $20 Amazon GC too!

Three things I’ve learned this week:
1) Never fall for a client
2) Never fall for your best friend
3) And most importantly, never fall for your back-up guy
…especially if they’re all the same person.

I’m the queen of dating disasters—I’ve had more rotten dates than you can shake a long stemmed rose at. After years of one disappointment after another, I’m beginning to feel like I’ll never say “I do.”

So after being dumped one too many times I do something stupid:

I make a pact with my best friend Asher. If neither of us are married by 35, we tie the knot. That’s five full years of searching for The One.

I’ve got to meet Mr. Right by then, don’t I?

Except when I take a job redecorating Asher’s bachelor pad, I realize he’s a lot different from the guy I thought he was. Against all odds, I find myself falling for my best friend. Maybe my back-up guy could be The One after all?

Except there’s only one problem…

My back-up guy has a secret that could ruin everything.

Never Fall for Your Back-Up Guy is a clean, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy with a smart and sassy British heroine and a swoon-worthy American hero.

It’s the first book in the It’s Complicated series and can easily be read as a standalone novel. It is a spin-off of the Love Manor Romantic Comedy series. Catch up with all your favorite Love Manor characters and meet some new ones in this fun, laugh-out-loud rom com!


I cut right to the chase. There’s no need to beat about the bush with this. “Asher, I need you to be my back-up guy.”
His eyes widen into dinner plates. “I’m sorry, your what now?”
“My back-up guy. You know, if neither of us are married by a certain age, we’ll get married.”
He erupts into laughter, showing his perfect rows of pearly whites as he throws his head back. “Zara, are you drunk?” he questions.
I cross my arms. This is not the reaction I was hoping for. “No.”
“Are you high?”
“What’s going on with you then? I mean, it’s not every day a girl drags you away from your date and proposes marriage.”
I let out an exasperated breath. “I’m not proposing marriage.”
“Kinda sounds like it to me.”
“All I’m saying is that we should be each other’s back-up person. That way, if neither of us find The One, we can still have kids and marriage and all that stuff.”
“Wow, Zara, I had no idea you felt this way about me.”
I bat him on the arm. “Could you drop the jokes for one second please and listen to me?”
“Okay. Fire away, girl who wants to marry me.” He pulls his lips into a line so as to stifle his smile. It doesn’t work.
I shoot him a pointed look. “Just so we’re clear, I’m not proposing. You would be a back-up, nothing more. If I can’t find the love of my life, we’ll get married as an absolute last resort.”
“You sure know how to sweet talk a guy.”
“You see that’s the thing. I don’t need to sweet talk you because I only want you as a kind of safety net. I’m not in love with you, I don’t want to shag you, or marry you, or have your babies.”
He makes a knife through the heart gesture. “Ouch. That hurts.”
“You’re not in love with me and you don’t want to shag me, either, so let’s not go getting all dramatic here. Let me tell you what I want.”
“What you really, really want?” he teases, quoting my favourite 90s girl band, the Spice Girls.
I ignore his joke as I begin to pace up and down the footpath, excitement mounting over the genius of my plan. “You see, I want to fall in love with someone. Deeply in love. I want the kind of love I’ve never had, the kind that sweeps you off your feet. The kind of love that eats up everything in your head and your heart.”
“You want your Big Love.”
“Yes! The problem is, I’ve been looking for a year now and I’ve not found it.”
“A year isn’t that long.”
“I know, but it’s my birthday next week and —”
“And you’re freaking out,” he finishes for me, and I give a reluctant nod. “Thirty ain’t so bad, Zara. Believe me, it’s not. I think you’ll survive it, just like I did. With or without me as your back-up guy.”
“It’s different for a woman, Asher. We’ve got these biological clocks ticking away that get louder and louder every day.”
“Can’t you invest in some earplugs?”
My laugh is full of exasperation. What I love about Asher—his fun nature, his ability to make light of things—is making this so much harder than I thought it would be right now. “Can you please be serious for just a minute?”
His smile drops. “Sure. Go ahead.”
“I’d give it, I don’t know, five years? Yeah, that feels right. By then I’ll be turning thirty-five and that’s plenty of time to find the man of my dreams, and still be able to have a bunch of kids and dogs and chickens before it’s too late.”
He arches his brows. “Chickens? In Fulham?”
“I’ll move to the country,” I reply with a wave of my hand. “So, what do you say?” I regard him through hopeful eyes. He’s got to say yes.
“That’s five years and one week.”
“And you’ll actively search for your Big Love.”
“And we both date whomever we want between now and then.”
“That’s right.”
He studies my face for a beat as I hold my breath, then extends his hand. “Deal.”
Happiness bubbles up and bursts out of me as I fling my arms around his neck and pepper his cheeks with kisses. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
He laughs as he darts a look through the window at his date and then peels my hands from around his neck. “Maybe a little less with the public displays until we’re married. Okay, wifey?”




Visit and sign up to her newsletter so you never miss out on new releases and great book deals again! Follow her on Bookbub to learn about deals on her books. Just cut and paste this link into your browser:
Kate O'Keeffe is a bestselling author of fun, feel-good romantic comedies. She lives and loves in beautiful Hawke's Bay, New Zealand with her family, two scruffy dogs, and a cat who thinks he's a scruffy dog too. He's not: he's a cat. When she's not penning her latest story, Kate can be found hiking up hills (slowly), traveling to different countries, and eating chocolate. A lot of it.
Visit to sign up to her newsletter to keep up to date on new releases, great deals on books, and more.


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Book Release Blitz for Rock Me by M.J. Roberts......

An angry ex-con finds solace while playing his guitar on the road before finding a connection to a woman running from danger.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Rock Me by M.J. Roberts, along with getting my impressions of this fifth installment in the Chord Brothers series, then add it to your bookshelf!

Betrayed by his family after serving time for a crime he didn’t commit, Spider’s angry at the world. The only solace he finds is playing his guitar. He’s fine, he’s good, and if anyone dares suggest otherwise, he’ll pull his knife on you, just to prove a point.Maria’s devoted to her family and her dream. But when she’s forced to hide from some bad guys intent on torturing her for information she doesn’t possess, she’s forced to run — straight into Spider’s arms.
They’re on the road with the tour that will make or break Spider’s career — and his heart.


Spider's leaning against me and it's too delicious, too distracting, to let me think straight. But I should think. Since the tour began Spider has been acting like a jerk with no feelings. I don’t think he likes me, but he just said we had magic together. I want to believe him.
I’m a fool.
I’m so stupid.
I shake my head.
Spider's lower lip drags sensuously around the shell of my ear, his tongue plays with my earring. He knows exactly what he’s doing, the bastard. “I’m going to make you scream my name until your throat’s sore. I’m going to claim you so hard you’ll forget there was anyone before me.”

I shake my head again.
“Yes, Meil,” he growls. “It’s time.”
I open my eyes and look at him. His stare is so intense it’s like he’s on fire. He kisses me, and it’s surprising with how gentle it is. My heart cracks, breaking. “Spider, don’t hurt me,” I whisper.
“I would never hurt you,” he whispers back. “Never.”
I can do this. It’s just once. He’s probably a murderer, if his tattoos are any indication. I’m a hurt girl whose brother was killed and should never be with a cold- blooded man like him. We couldn’t be more opposite.
He grinds against me.
“I’m a selfish prick, but I want you more than I want anything I’ve ever wanted in my life. More than I want music, which is my life blood.” Spider’s accent is heavy. “More than I want life itself. Not just because you’re beautiful.” He caresses my knuckles down my cheek. “Not just because you light me up like someone struck firecrackers inside my body. Not just because when you are around the world seems sunnier. Not just because you’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever met.”

I snort.
“Don’t contradict me, woman.”
I can’t help smiling at him.
“It’s those things...” he says. Spider kisses me again, and it's so tender it brings an onslaught of hurt along with the gentle pleasure. He grinds his hips against me. His erection is even harder. He pushes my shirt up just enough to reveal the tiniest sliver of the bottom part of my breasts. I resist the urge to yank it back down to my waist. A jolt of insecurity hits me because of baring so much skin, but it vanishes when I see Spider's appreciative expression. He leans down and traces a heart around the crest of my breast with his tongue.
“It’s all those things, but it’s not just those things,” he says. “It’s something way greater than that. Way more than the sum of the parts.” Spider sucks on my nipple but it’s so light I barely feel it. I whimper for more. He pulls away, torturing me on purpose. He blows over where he’s just licked and sucked and my skin puckers up. A satisfied masculine sound bubbles out of him.
“I really dislike you.”
"Oh, Chica. I'm going to set about changing that." He kisses me behind my ear. "I'm going to start slow. Soft. But I am not going to take it easy on you."

BUY here.



It's been a delightful journey watching the band members of Phoenix Rising find their HEAs.  This fifth installment is a great ending to the series and yet a beginning too as there's other bands with equally drool-worthy members whose stories I look forward to reading.  This story is set in the rockstar world but there's a lot of danger too once a young woman on the run needs a place to hide out and finds herself falling for renowned guitarist Spider Casarez along the way.  When her life is put in jeopardy Spider will have to rely on his past talents and newfound family to rescue her in this sexy and suspenseful story.

Spider's the last man standing when it comes to the single life at the start of this story and from the outside he seems to be fine with that.  He mocks his bandmates, considers them to be led by the women in their lives, and seems grateful not to have a woman permanently around.  He has a tough exterior that he shows to the world, a stoicism that hides a heart he's desperately trying to guard.  He's someone who exudes danger, someone who you feel afraid of at times, but with each turn of the page the layers of Spider start to be revealed.  The moment he gets a phone call from an old friend is the moment everything changes for him, the moment where he has to let someone else into his life, and the moment where he finally discovers just how many people really care about him.  Giving the eclectic-looking Maria a place to hide out has Spider feeling resentful but it's an obligation he can't ignore that puts both of them in close quarters on a bumpy and angsty journey to HEA.  He keeps Maria at arms-length for as long as he can, but their time together has him telling her about his past and forming a connection based on their similarly painful pasts.  It's a slow-burn between them as he has trust issues and she has low self-esteem, but once the attraction between them becomes too hot to ignore, they scorch up the sheets and my tablet in a romance that is both sweet and sexy.  Just when everything seems to be going their way her past comes calling which has Spider desperate to find her and relying on his bandmates to help discover her whereabouts before the romance they just started is ended in scenes that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Spider's an appealing hero with a past that broke my heart.  His ethnicity was handled better this time around, less stereotypical verbiage, with the reveal of his heartbreakingly sad past helping me connect better to him.  Maria's equally likable and I found myself rooting for her as she fit right into the band, became another member of the musical family.  On a whole this was a quick read with an appealing main couple, one with a slow-burn journey to HEA.  Their interactions were sweet and scorching, allowing for quiet moments of heartfelt talk.  The ending was exhilarating and had me on the edge of my seat while frantically turning the pages.  The other members of the band were equally delightful, making supportive appearances that were both playful and caring.  It warmed my heart seeing all the band members come to Spider's aid as he always thought he was alone.  I loved seeing this family of their own making coming together at the end and it was the perfect way to wrap up this series.  There's still a few rockstars inhabiting Ms. Roberts's world that are single, so here's hoping that we'll see all these characters again soon!

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


M. J. Roberts is a writer, editor, and teacher – with more than two million copies of her stories in circulation worldwide, Roberts is well loved for creating characters who feel as real as your most cherished friends. Roberts works to diligently create believable, lovable characters, witty dialogue, prose ripe with metaphor, exciting plot twists, action that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and romance scenes that sizzle.
Roberts is a multiple award-winning author including first place in the prestigious Summer Lovin’ Romance Literary Contest 2015 for the novel Risk Your Heart.
Roberts also writes under the pen name Natasha Action. Roberts is originally from New York but lives in the southern United States for the purpose of endless comic material.
She’s married to a professional musician (A.K.A. The Rock and Roll God) because she is too busy tormenting imaginary characters and counting her blessings to pursue her longtime dream of Rock n’ Roll stardom herself.


Monday, August 2, 2021

Book Blast for Love Next Door by Megan Slayer (GIVEAWAY).....

As a fan of m/m romances I'm thrilled to host Ms. Slayer again today with a charming contemporary tale of neighbors becoming so much more while caring for stray kittens!  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Love Next Door by Megan Slayer, then learn even more about this book by visiting the other sites hosting this tour.  In honor of this next installment in the Love's Bloom series US readers need to make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a handmade necklace too!

Can three tiny kittens really bring these two men together and prove love can bloom despite the chilly spring days?
Tommy Davis considered himself a loner. He spent his days writing and running, all while keeping everyone else at bay. That is until he discovers three kittens abandoned in his shrubbery. His fatherly instincts kick in, and he goes to the one person he knows can help—his sexy as sin next-door-neighbor who happens to be a veterinarian.
Matthew James wasn’t looking for love, but the moment Tommy shows up on his doorstep, he can’t send him away. He’s had a thing for Tommy since the first time he saw him, but his shyness has kept him from making a move.
The melting snow, blossoming flowers and a trio of kittens could be more than the guys can handle, but they just might be the push Matthew needs to find his forever with Tommy.


“I’ve got milk replacer at the house. If the mother has expired, I’ll show you what to do to give the kittens the best start. Ensure they’re warm. Pushy will try to get involved, so just let her. She simply wants to investigate and won’t hurt them.” Matthew hustled past the hedgerow and across Tommy’s lawn.
Tommy stepped into Matthew’s house. He’d never been inside before. The best he’d done was catch glimpses of the interior when he’d gone for an evening run and Matthew’s lights were on.
Pushy trotted up to Tommy. She didn’t bark but wagged her tail. She sniffed at the box until he put the cardboard on the floor. He had petted her head and chatted to her plenty of times when she’d managed to tunnel under the fence between his and Matthew’s yards. “Hi, Push.” He sat on the floor. “I’ve got kittens. See?” He moved one of the flaps. “Three kittens.”
Pushy whined and nosed the box, then let out what sounded like a howl.
Tommy petted her, trying to soothe the dog. “I’m sorry, Push. What’s wrong?”
Matthew strode into the house. “Momma has expired. She probably froze to death or starved trying to protect them. She was so thin.”
Tommy’s heart sank. He’d hoped she could be saved. “Why don’t you keep these guys, Squeak, Eek and Meek? I’ve got a shoebox and will bury Momma.” He stood. “When I’m done, you can give me the rundown as to how to take care of them.”
“You’re sure you want to take them in?”
“Someone has to. They’ve had a rough start in life and it’s the least I can do, giving them a fighting chance. It’s the official first day of spring and everyone needs that chance to survive.”
“I admire you, Tommy.”
“Don’t admire me until we know they’re all okay.” He half-smiled, faking confidence, then abandoned the box. He headed outside and over to his garage. Once he’d emptied a shoebox, he took to the task of giving Momma a proper burial. He might not be able to help her, but he could take care of her babies. If it meant spending time with Matthew, then even better.
Spring was supposed to be the time for new beginnings and fresh starts. Maybe he and Matthew could form a strong alliance or something more.
I never thought Matthew and I could bond over a triad of abandoned kittens.



Megan Slayer, aka Wendi Zwaduk, is a multi-published, award-winning author of more than one-hundred short stories and novels. She’s been writing since 2008 and published since 2009. Her stories range from the contemporary and paranormal to LGBTQ and BDSM themes. No matter what the length, her works are always hot, but with a lot of heart. She enjoys giving her characters a second chance at love, no matter what the form. She’s been the runner up in the Kink Category at Love Romances Café as well as nominated at the LRC for best author, best contemporary, best ménage and best anthology. Her books have made it to the bestseller lists on
When she’s not writing, Megan spends time with her husband and son as well as three dogs and three cats. She enjoys art, music and racing, but football is her sport of choice. She’s an active member of the Friends of the Keystone-LaGrange Public library.



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Readers will find themselves entertained by this new look on a beloved classic.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Mrs. Rochester’s Ghost by Lindsay Marcott, along with learning about what inspired this book, then add it to your bookshelf.  In honor of this modern twist on a classic, make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a $20 Amazon GC as well as a digital copy of this book!

What is it about Jane Eyre that has made it a blockbuster for over a hundred and seventy years? The breathtaking writing, yes. The gripping plot: part Gothic romance, part coming-of-age story. The swooning romance between a rich man and a poor orphan, and the shock of the mad wife secreted in an attic.
But I think most of all it’s the voice of Jane herself: a young woman with an extraordinary sense of her own worth and independence. A voice that was revolutionary in 1847 when Charlotte Brontë published it. At the time, women had little say outside family and home. Their career opportunities outside of marriage were limited to underpaid servants and schoolteachers. Female characters in early Victorian novels were usually portrayed as either sugary too-good-to-be-true angels or fallen women seeking repentance.
Jane is neither. She’s constricted by the society she lives in--she needs to keep a stifling job as a governess or else starve to death—but she makes it clear she’d rather starve than sacrifice her will or stifle her intelligence. As a child, she has a temper and a will, even though she’s punished harshly for it. Later, when her employer, Mr. Rochester, grills her, she responds with strong opinions and engages in spirited debates. And when he tempts her to go live in sin with him in Europe, she escapes through the only means available to her—by running off to the surrounding moors, though it probably means she will die in those wilds. And she will not return to him until she learns he has fundamentally changed, and she can now love him passionately and physically without compromising her true self.
I believe it’s this will and independence of Jane’s that keep modern readers coming back for more (not to mention that throbbing romance!), and these are the same elements that inspire continual adaptations of the story. I had long dreamed of creating modern versions of these characters, because they so thrilled and delighted me and taught me life lessons over many years of my rereading the book. A nervy dream, yes. But also one that presented huge challenges: there are so many elements of the book that just won’t fly in an updated story.
For example: a current-day Jane would not be able to keep her curiosity under wraps about all the strange and spooky things going on in Mr. Rochester’s house. She wouldn’t just accept vague explanations or agree to his request to simply not ask about them. She would be itching to find out more.
Also a sexual relationship outside of marriage is no longer a taboo for most women of today. Jane wouldn’t have to flee that temptation. And of course a modern Mr. Rochester would be able to divorce a mad wife, though no doubt having to pay a heavy alimony for her future care. So that’s no longer even an obstacle.
But lies are always a problem in a relationship. Especially big lies.
A secret bigamist is a pretty big lie.
Being a secret murderer would be an even bigger one.
It was thinking about this that gave me the idea of adapting the book as a modern thriller. One in which Rochester does not have a stashed-away wife—instead he’s suspected of murdering a famous wife who has now disappeared. Jane would have to surreptitiously seek out the truth about him--guilty or not?--before she could give in to falling in love. And when spooky things happened, she would need to confront those as well. She would be risking an enormous amount. Losing the love of her life. And maybe also losing her life.
And so I set about writing a thriller, adding startling new twists, putting in jumps and shivers. The result is Mrs. Rochester’s Ghost. It was a joy to write, and I certainly hope it’s an equal joy to read.

Jane has lost everything: job, mother, relationship, even her home. A friend calls to offer an unusual deal—a cottage above the crashing surf of Big Sur on the estate of his employer, Evan Rochester. In return, Jane will tutor his teenage daughter. She accepts.

But nothing is quite as it seems at the Rochester estate. Though he’s been accused of murdering his glamorous and troubled wife, Evan Rochester insists she drowned herself. Jane is skeptical, but she still finds herself falling for the brilliant and secretive entrepreneur and growing close to his daughter.

And yet her deepening feelings for Evan can’t disguise dark suspicions aroused when a ghostly presence repeatedly appears in the night’s mist and fog. Jane embarks on an intense search for answers and uncovers evidence that soon puts Evan’s innocence into question. She’s determined to discover what really happened that fateful night, but what will the truth cost her?


The fog streamed in white scarves and pennants, with a bright half moon playing hide-and-seek among them. I walked briskly down the asphalt drive, Pilot racing figure eights around me. We cut across switchbacks toward the highway. I kept to the gravel shoulder as the grade descended.

A pair of headlights glowered in the mist, then swept swiftly by.

The highway continued to dip. Pilot romped ahead and disappeared from my sight around a curve.

“Pilot!” I heard him barking but couldn’t see him. I quickened my steps.

I found myself in the middle of a dense cloud. Fog gathered in the depression in the road.

“Pilot?” I yelled again. “Where are you?”

Excited yapping. But he was a ghost dog.

The roar of a motorcycle echoed from around the far side of the bend. Through the blanketing cloud, I caught a glimpse of the poodle trotting onto the road.

“Pilot, get back here!” I screamed.

The motorcycle’s headlamp glowed dimly as it appeared on the near side of the bend. Pilot barked with sudden frenzy. The headlamp veered crazily. Pilot darted off the road into the underbrush. A sickening sound of tires skidding out of control on gravel. A shout.

With horror, I watched the motorcycle and rider slam down onto the gravel shoulder.

I ran toward the rider. He was sprawled crookedly next to the bike, but his limbs, encased in black leather and jeans, were moving stiffly. Alive, at least. With a groan, he hoisted himself up onto his elbows.

“Are you okay?” I shined my flashlight on him. He whipped his head. “What the hell are you?”

“Just a person,” I said quickly.

He yanked his goggles down. “For Chrissake. I meant who are you? What are you doing here?”

“Taking a walk.”

“What kind of lunatic goes out for a walk in this kind of fog?”

“Maybe the same kind of lunatic who drives way too fast in it.”

“You call that fast? Christ.” He gingerly gathered himself into a sitting position, then flexed his feet in the heavy boots experimentally. He took off his helmet and shook out a head of rough black curls. A week’s tangle of rough salt-and-pepper beard nearly obscured a wide mouth. The prominent nose might be called stately on a more good-natured face. “What the hell was that creature in the middle of the road?”

“A dog.”

“A dog?”

“A standard poodle. Unclipped.”

He put the helmet back on, then pulled a cell phone from his jacket and squinted at the screen. “Nothing,” he muttered.

“The reception’s kind of iffy around here.”

He flung out an arm. “Help me up, okay?”

I approached him tentatively. He was over six feet and powerfully built. About twice my weight, I guessed. “I’m not sure I can pull you.”

“Yeah, you probably can’t. Stoop down a little.”

God, he’s rude. I did, and he draped his arm around my shoulder, transferring his weight. My knees buckled a little but didn’t give. He began to stand, crumpled slightly, then got his balance and pulled himself up straight.

I suddenly became aware of his intense physicality. The power of his arm and shoulder against my body, the taut spring of the muscles in his chest. As if he sensed what I was feeling, he shook off my support and stood on his own feet.

“At least you can put weight on your feet,” I said. “That’s a good sign.”

“Are you a medical professional?”


“Then your opinion doesn’t count for much at the moment.”

Go to hell, was on the tip of my tongue. But the fog’s chill was making me sniffle. It seemed absurd to attempt a stinging retort with a dripping nose. I swiped it surreptitiously with the sleeve of my jacket.

He walked, limping slightly, to the Harley. “This thing’s supposed to take a corner. That’s the main reason I bought it!” He gave the seat a savage kick. Then he hopped on his nonkicking boot and shook a fist as if in defiance of some bully of a god who particularly had it in for him.

I laughed.

He whirled on me. My laughter froze. The look of fury on his face sent a thrill of alarm through me. I edged backward; I felt at that moment he could murder me without compunction and leave my corpse to be devoured by coyotes and bobcats.

But then, to my astonishment, he grinned. “You’re right. I look like an ass.”

Pilot suddenly came crashing out of the underbrush.

“Is that your mutt?”

“Yes. Though, actually, not mine. He’s a recent addition at the place I’m staying.”

He stared at me, a thought dawning. I forced myself to stare back: deep-set eyes, dark as ink. I was about to introduce myself, but he yanked the goggles back over his eyes and stooped to the handlebar of the bike. “Help me get this up. Grab the other bar. You pull and I’ll push.”

“It’s too heavy.”

“I’ll do the heavy lifting. Just do what you can.”

Obstinately, I didn’t move.

“Please,” he added. He made the word sound like an obscenity.

I took a grudging step forward and grabbed hold of the handlebar with both hands. I tugged it toward me as he lifted his side with a grunt. The bike slowly rose upright.

“Hold it steady,” he said.

It felt like it weighed several tons—it took every ounce of my strength to keep my side up as he straddled the seat. He grasped both bars. Engaged the clutch, cursing in pain as he stomped on the pedal. He glanced at me briefly.

And then, sending up a heavy spray of gravel, the Harley roared off into the enveloping fog.

“You’re welcome, Mr. Rochester!” I shouted into the deepening gloom.


Lindsay Marcott is the author of The Producer’s Daughter and six previous novels written as Lindsay Maracotta. Her books have been translated into eleven languages and adapted for cable. She also wrote for the Emmy-nominated HBO series The Hitchhiker and co-produced a number of films. She lives on the coast of California. You can contact the author on her website at


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