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Book Teaser for Camden Walker: Apartment 8C by Aly Stiles......

 As a reader drawn to tales of tortured artists I'm looking forward to this tale of a young woman stuck in the shadows and an artist with a painful past who finally "see" each other once her sister breaks up with him.  Keep reading to get a tempting glimpse of Camden Walker: Apartment 8C by Aly Stiles, then start counting down the days until this second installment in The Wreck Me Series hits shelves on June 23rd!

After surviving severe trauma, Camden Walker has spent his life being trapped by labels. Now, at age twenty-seven, he’s fine being the gifted artist not wired for a world that’s left him scarred. All he wants is to break free and find the beauty that’s been stolen from him.
Painfully ordinary.
Olivia Price is used to being invisible and living in the shadow of her younger sibling. The fact that Olivia is secretly in love with her sister’s boyfriend is just another example of craving what Claire takes for granted.
But when Claire dumps Camden without a thought, Olivia can’t let go of the haunted green eyes she’s loved for so long—especially when they finally see her too.
Because maybe it takes the one not wired for this world to appreciate the one who’s been ignored by it.
And maybe it takes the only person who’s ever understood the wounded artist to show him he’s as radiant as his art.


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Book Tour for The Misadventures of a (Wannabe) Slutty Bartender by WS Carmichael (GIVEAWAY)......

A strong-willed woman pushes boundaries, and herself, in this erotically-charged tale of starting over.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of The Misadventures of a (Wannabe) Slutty Bartender by WS Carmichael, along with a discussion about the title of this book, then discover even more about this book by visiting the other sites hosting this tour.  In honor of this standalone rom-com make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a $25 bookstore GC too!

I took a risk when I titled my newest book, The Misadventures of a (Wannabe) Slutty Bartender by putting the word ‘Slutty’ in the title. Slutty is a loaded word. Hearing it elicits some type of visceral response from everyone, and rarely is that response positive. For most, the word slutty represents a woman of low moral character, someone we should look down upon with disdain and scorn. I’ll admit, there were times in my life I thought much the same way. Calling a woman a slut is usually the result of gossip, driven by virtue signaling and insecurities. When used in a derogatory way, the moniker of slut is a badge of shame, a public declaration of a woman’s unworthiness of love and compassion. We are to believe she is dirty, unclean and impure.
Well, I refuse to continue the tradition of shaming a woman for the choices she makes with her own body. Which is why I decided to put ‘Slutty’ on the front cover, out in the open for God and everyone to see.
As times change and social norms evolve, being called a slut no longer carries with it the negative connotations it once did. For many, a slut is merely a woman who chooses to reject the patriarchal ideology that a woman touched is a woman ruined while men are free to dip their wick in any willing receptacle without damage to their reputation or social standing. What was once a shameful label is now looked at as a symbol of pride by some.
The Misadventures of a (Wannabe) Slutty Bartender is a story about a woman empowering herself (or at least attempting to) by no longer allowing anyone to tell her how she should behave or how she should conduct her private life. The main character, Ava, has been turning herself inside out for several years trying to become the person her fiancé and his stuffy parents would approve of. When her engagement collapses in a heap of shock and lies, she realizes she has lost herself in the outdated and suffocating perception of what makes a woman valuable. In an effort to regain her essence, she embarks on a mission to embrace life my having a series of one night stands. She theorizes the only way as a young, single woman to recapture her lost zest for life is to welcome all Vegas has to offer, including casual sex. It isn’t the sex she is necessarily after, but instead she is chasing the freedom to decide what – and who – she does and when she does it. Unfortunately for her, her escapades rarely live up to her fantasies. Each attempt is more hilariously disappointing than the last, thus making her a wannabe slut. Don’t worry. She eventually gets the HEA all women deserve.
My hope is that in addition to being entertaining, The Misadventures of a (Wannabe) Slutty Bartender conveys the message all women are fabulous, worthy and fierce, regardless of their sexual practices. There is no longer room in a woman’s underwear for societal judgement.
Make no mistake, I am in no way advocating that the women of the world suddenly start tossing their cooters at every man passing by. In addition to being an author, I have also been a nurse for over twenty years. While I am all for women having total control over their goodies, my medical training demands I urge you to use good judgement and be safe.
Whether you have one partner or a hundred, you deserve to be valued for the awesome and beautiful person you are.

Ava Moreland has it all planned out. In two months, she will marry her fiancé, Tim. She’ll continue working at Vegas’s famous Cosmopolitan bar while he runs his father’s accounting firm. Soon they’ll start a family and she’ll have the white picket life she’s always dreamed of. Or not.
When her fairytale engagement implodes in a devastating display, Ava embarks on a quest to reclaim her identity and feminine prowess – by sleeping her way through Las Vegas. With her best friend, Jarrod, acting as wingman her plan is foolproof.
Or not.
Nothing goes as planned with hilariously disastrous results. Her sexual misadventures will keep you in stitches as Ava searches for herself in Sin City, finding herself and her happily ever after in the unlikeliest of places.


The day passes quickly and before I know it, I’m getting out of an Uber in front of the Tropicana. I smooth the imaginary wrinkles out of my dress, hike my purse higher on my shoulder and walk through the main entrance. I try my best to ignore the butterflies in my stomach while I make my way to our designated meeting area.
I remind myself even though I am not normally a one-night stand kind of girl, I am committed to stepping out of my old way of living. I do not want to be that girl. You know, the one who never takes a risk, never steps off the safe, well-lit path she’s laid out for herself. The one who looks back over her life when she’s gray and old, only to realize she settled. She settled for the sure bet, the man who could never own her heart enough to truly break it, the safe career and the white picket fence. She settled for all the things she knew could never make her soul sing but could never make it cry either.
I no longer want to be that girl.
I want to be the girl who lives life, the girl who seizes every opportunity. I want to be the girl who embraces her wild side until she finds a man who can tame it, not suppress it. Tonight, I want to be the girl who doesn’t go home and molest her showerhead.



WS Carmichael is attempting to write the world into romantic bliss one novel at a time. Based in upstate NY, she travels as often as her hectic schedule will allow. When she isn’t busy writing, she’s a mother, nurse and avid sportswoman.
WS Carmichael fell in love with romance at an early age when she would sneak Harlequins from her mother. A voracious reader, she eventually made the jump to writing.
Writing is her passion and she’s always jotting down new storyline and character ideas. Often, her characters take on a life of their own and don’t always cooperate with her plan for them. Creating well developed, strong alpha male characters that don’t fit into the typical romance hero mold makes her novels exciting and relatable. A woman who believes wholeheartedly in happily ever after, she gives her heroes the heroine they deserve.


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Book Release Blitz for Fade Into You by Elle Greco (REVIEW).....

The widow of a rock star tries to make a living with a reality tv gig, but instead finds an unexpected connection to another rock star looking to create waves in a combustible tale that touches on issues of drug abuse and finding HEA behind the facade of fame.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Fade Into You by Elle Greco, along with getting my impressions of it, then get ready to add this fourth installment in the LA Rock Star Romance series to your bookshelf too!

It's all fun and games until someone falls in love.
Six years after the cops found Ear Assassins’ lead singer dead of a drug overdose, his widow Lydon Johnson has only just begun to pick up the pieces. Now she finds she’s fast running out of money to support herself and her son. A reality TV show is an unappealing means to an end, but in the interest of keeping a roof over their heads, she signs on. But the producers soon find out, Lydon’s kind of boring for a rock and roll widow.
Vince Davis, lead singer of Anthem, is a rock and roll legend two decades in the making. But when the head of his longtime record label is exposed as the cause of his son’s drug overdose, his attempt to split his band from the label comes with a personal cost that he’s not sure he’s ready to make.
Enter Lydon. Vince has an idea to spice up Lydon’s flailing reality show: pretend to be lovers. Thrust back into a glowing spotlight, can Vince’s amped star power get Anthem out of their contract on his own terms?
The reality TV producers think it’s a match made in rock and roll heaven. What could possibly go wrong?
When you hate the person you are supposed to fall in love with, LOADS.

BUY here.


As an older reader I'm always hoping to discover characters more reminiscent of me, more seasoned, and thankfully this book presents just such a main couple!  Both Lydon and Vince have been in the music world for decades, been put through the wringer due to the demands of the media and the personal demons of others.  Though they hoped life could finally be lived more on their terms, fate decided to intervene and turn their fake romance into something much more real in this sensual (and at times heartbreaking) story as it touches on drugs, death, and the effects on all those left behind.

Lydon Johnson is the widow of the former lead singer of Ear Assassins, a complicated man weighed down by mental health issues and drug use who took his own life six years ago.  The years since have been fraught with difficulties courtesy of lawsuits over music royalties, the media's unrelenting attention, and her laser-focused desire to keep her son safe and away from the harsh light of the media.  With her on the verge of bankruptcy though she has no choice but to agree to a lucrative reality tv deal, a deal that brings her into close contact with rock god Vince to help spice up her rather mundane image.  Before long their fake relationship takes a more sensual turn with each heartfelt talk and chaste kiss turning combustible.  With the media watching from the outside, it's what's happening behind the scenes that matters most as friends ultimately become lovers.  Lydon's an admirable heroine, one who's comfortable with who she is, but scared to open up her heart again.  She's a caring woman who will do all she can to protect those she loves, but is a bit skeptical of others' motivations.  As a single mother she's a definite mama bear, someone who does all she can to keep her son away from the media's scrutiny as she doesn't want him to follow in his father's footsteps.  While she harbors anger towards the media for their role in her husband's death, she's not foolish enough to not use them just as they use her in trying to keep from going bankrupt.  Her time with Vince doesn't go smoothly though as her insecurities, the media's intrusion, and his own issues lead to moments of uncertainty that had me cheering them on to discover the truth about themselves and their feelings.

Vince Davis has been a commanding presence in the rock world for over 20 years.  He's wise to the ways of the rock world he lives in and now knows what's most important.  To the outside world Vince is a brash and arrogant rocker, but in reality he's a sweet and supportive man with his own heartbreaking past.  He's learned a lot over the years, come to some very important realizations that readers discover as the story progressed and that had me wanting to hug him.  On a whole he's a drool-worthy, older hero who stood by Lydon when she needed help most, helping her son too in scenes that endeared him to me and that have him still in my thoughts.

From the first page to the last this was a compelling read that dealt with some heavy issues.  From drug use, to mental health, to the harsh scrutiny and manipulations of the media, this book didn't pull any punches.  Through the words of Ms Greco the rockstar world definitely loses some of its luster, readers sees the cutthroat nature and the superficiality of it all.  It's a realistic depiction that made me appreciate the romance between Lydon and Vince all the more as the two of them opened up to each other, shared their hearts and souls.  Their romance built slowly and steadily, building from a foundation of friends before becoming oh so much more!  Along with this compelling main couple were glimpses of past couples, couples who rallied around Lydon when she needed support the most.  Though I've not read the previous books in the LA Rock Star Romance series I had no trouble immersing myself in this story.  Though I had a bit of trouble keeping track of all the secondary characters I was still drawn to them and look forward to reading their stories next.  Fans of rockstar romances will find much to like about this book with its older couple and their slow burn romance of friends to lovers. Its realistic depiction of mental health, drug abuse, and the high cost of fame also make this a timely story that will keep readers engrossed from the first page to the last and excited for what this author has planned next!

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Urban Fantasy lovers will know me as Karen Greco, author of the best-selling Hell’s Belle series. My Contemporary Romance books are written under Elle Greco. (That’s me, to the right, in a Covid 19 self-portrait!)
While the genres are worlds apart, strong female characters are the chain that links all my worlds.
These women are magical. They wield wicked weapons. They play a mean drum solo. They fall in love. They rule the boardroom and the bedroom.
Whatever they do, they do it with swagger.
I love escaping into their badass worlds. I hope you do, too.


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Book Cover Reveal for Beloved by Dr. Rebecca Sharp......

Readers will find themselves drawn to this small town romance that blends mystery and romance together in an exhilarating tale of healing.  Keep reading to get a tempting glimpse of Beloved by Dr. Rebecca Sharp, then start counting down the days until this fifth installment in the Carmel Cove series hits shelves on July 1st!

From bestselling author, Dr. Rebecca Sharp, comes a sexy, enemies to lovers small-town romance.
A year ago, Gwen Reynolds loaned her car to the beautiful, bloodied man in her emergency room. No name. No questions. No expectation she’d see him again.
Until he shows up in the hallway of her building…moving into the apartment next door.
Chevy McIntyre is in town for one reason only: to find the men responsible for his fiancée’s death. He’s not looking for friends, and he doesn’t need help. Especially from the neighboring angel whose bright smile has haunted his dreams for months. But his solitude doesn’t sit well with Gwen’s larger-than-life personality.
As Carmel’s most beloved nurse, Gwen will do anything to help anyone—including the handsome recluse. So, she refuses to back down until she’s helped solve the case and healed his damaged heart.
Though there’s an undeniable spark between them, Chevy tries to fight its pull because desire has always had the power to destroy. And when the investigation takes an unexpected turn, he’ll have to choose between risking his only shot at justice or losing his only chance at love.




Dr. Rebecca Sharp, while using a pen name, is actually a doctor living in Pennsylvania with her husband - the love of her life.
She enjoys working in her practice with her father as well as letting her creativity run free as an author. Growing up she's always loved a good love story and finally decided to give writing one of her own a go.
After graduating with her doctoral degree, she now enjoys spending that thing called free time traveling with her husband, cooking, and knitting.

Book Release Blitz for Edge of Fear by Freya Barker (REVIEW).......

It's a case of opposites attracting once a bad boy MC member falls for the kindhearted new girl in town in this romantic and suspenseful tale that kept me on the edge of my seat.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Edge of Fear by Freya Barker, along with my impressions of it, then add this fourth installment in the Arrow's Edge MC series to your bookshelf!

Ink and sawdust meets brisket and moxie
I’m a tattooed casualty.
A charmer, a fraud, a skeptic, and a carpenter.
My name is Tse.
I’m cocky enough to believe my own lies, but too oblivious to see the truth is already out there.
I’m a cautious perfectionist.
A sister, a scrapper, a dreamer, and a workhorse.
My name is Sophia.
I’m capable enough to plan ahead, yet too powerless to avoid getting blindsided.
We’re complete opposites—one who plays it safe, the other a thrill-seeker—but when old sins resurface bringing violence to the present, our path forward becomes clear.




As a fan of MC-fueled romances I was immediately drawn to this book and its journey of opposites attracting against a backdrop of suspense and intense emotions.  Though I haven't read the previous books in the Arrow's Edge series, I had no problem getting pulled into the action of this story and look forward to going back to read all about the couples who came before (including early glimpses of these two).

From the moment Tse and Sophia meet the fireworks flare, particularly as one of his brothers is attracted to her too.  Though Tse wants Sophia he's tried to keep his distance over the last few months as he doesn't feel worthy of her and doesn't want to cause issues with a fellow brother, but with the possibility of his brother claiming her he decides to step up to the plate in a relationship full of sexual tension and push/pull moments as fate threw all sorts of danger their way.  With each turn of the page Tse shows himself to be a delicious hero!  He's definitely a player when readers first meet him, happy to keep his connections to women superficial, but once he sees Sophia his heart and mind is hers.  He's a man bruised by his past, a past that brought tears to my eyes for all that he endured and for the scars it's left on him as it once again rears its ugly head in this story's pulse-pounding conclusion.  Despite his heartbreaking past Tse is an endearing man, one who's very protective of but who listens to Sophia to give her the control that her ex took from her.  He has strong alpha tendencies too but is happy to stand by Sophia's side as they deal with all the danger coming their way.  On a whole Tse's a sexy and drool-worthy hero, one who touched my heart and soul while putting a blush to my cheeks!

Sophia's a wonderful heroine from the very first moment readers meet her.  She too has a painful past of her own that she just recently got away from courtesy of an abusive and controlling ex.  She's ready to start over, ready to retake control over her life by moving to a new city and starting a new job.  Leery early on of jumping back into a relationship, Sophia at first tries to keep her attraction to Tse to herself.  It's not long though before they find themselves in a relationship full of unconditional support amidst danger from villains and the town's growing drug trade.  Sophia is the kind of heroine you can't help but like.  She's smart, strong-willed, caring, and sees the goodness of Tse behind the grit and the tats.  Theirs is a relationship of balance where they each listen to and value the other in an unconditional connection and I became even more invested in their burgeoning romance with each turn of the page!

By The End, Ms. Barker has crafted an epic and steamy romance of two very different people who end up being perfectly imperfect together.  There's strong support between the two, a constant give and take that warmed my heart, and strengthened their connection.  Add in some scorching interludes and readers will find a romance worth cheering for.  Along with a captivating romance is an exhilarating bit of suspense that created some unexpected twists and turns.  The author threw in some compelling red herrings too, moments of danger and grit, in a mystery that kept me guessing until the very end!  Along with this likable main couple, and the thrilling suspense around them, was a cast of equally appealing secondary characters who I found utterly delightful.  The first character is Ravi, a troubled young man with a painful past who Tse takes under his wing, and through their time together each is made stronger.  Van Gogh the dog is another wonderful character, one who utterly charmed me throughout his interactions with others in the club.  Sophia's mother was another highlight.  Her parents might have been unconventional when it came to her upbringing, but her mother's humor brought a much-needed respite from all the danger and suspense in the story.  I also thoroughly enjoyed the glimpses we got of past couples and the other brothers in the club, these characters were larger than life with a mission to do good that endeared all of them to me.  Fans of MC romances will want to experience the Arrow's Edge MC series for themselves as it's an exhilarating thrill ride full of heart and soul that captivated me from the first page to the last!

My rating for this book is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


USA Today bestselling author Freya Barker loves writing about ordinary people with extraordinary stories.
Driven to make her books about 'real' people; she creates characters who are perhaps less than perfect, each struggling to find their own slice of happy, but just as deserving of romance, thrills and chills in their lives.
Recipient of the 2019 Best Book We've Read All Year Award for "Covering Ollie, the 2015 RomCon “Reader’s Choice” Award for Best First Book, “Slim To None”, and Finalist for the 2017 Kindle Book Award with “From Dust”, Freya continues to add to her rapidly growing collection of published novels as she spins story after story with an endless supply of bruised and dented characters, vying for attention!

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Book Tour for the Unplugged Box Set by Sigal Ehrlich (Review & GIVEAWAY)....

A small town girl finds herself nanny to the son of a rockstar in this forbidden romance of choosing between what your heart and what your mind wants.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of the Unplugged Box Set by Sigal Ehrlich, along with getting my impressions of this duet, then add it to your bookshelf.  In honor of this contemporary rockstar romance fill out the form below for the chance to win 1 of 6 e-copies of the Unplugged Box Set along with a $15 Amazon GC!
When Ivi boards a plane for L.A. to take a temporary nanny job, she tells herself it’s just a short diversion. Just a few months watching some celebrity’s kid, a short stop before her journey to follow her dream. Little does she know, it would bring on such a shift in the balance of her world. Would bring...
Him. Bring...Them
Into her life.
Tyler Lee Adams, a rock n’ roll legend, is used to getting what he wants, whenever he wants it. Including women. Living a celebrity life few dream of, he’s never known a desire that can’t be fulfilled. But sometimes, even rock stars can’t have it all. He soon discovers fortune and fame can’t solve all matters of the heart when the universe brings...
Her. Brings...Them. Both.
Into his life.

As Ivi boards a plane to L.A. to return to her rock star boyfriend Tyler Lee Adams, she’s filled with anticipation...and hesitation.
Their unexpected romance leaves her breathless...but is it too good to be true? Can a rock n’ roll legend and a small-town girl make it work for the long haul?
Tyler Lee Adams’s world has been transformed since Ivi came into his life. The many months spent on the road, the numerous parties, the countless women – they’re all in his rear view mirror. Learning to be a parent and maintaining a monogamous relationship is all that matters now.
But when Tyler’s fame threatens their bliss and Ivi’s longing for home pulls her away, will love be enough for their relationship to survive?


“Hey, Ivi, wait up.” Trying to disregard The Feeling in my belly, I turn around.
Watching Tyler Lee close the distance between us in a V-neck Henley, layered with a white tee, worn jeans, and combat boots, I take a step back till I come in contact with the doorframe.
“Everything okay?” he asks a step away, tucking a loose strand behind his ear.
My brows slightly furrow. “Um, yeah. I’m just going to sleep. It’s late, and I wake up early with Jeremy.”
He nods, doing his unnerving, intense gaze thing. He lightly scratches his trimmed beard. “Dante upset you?”
“Oh, that.” Why does my voice sound so breathy? “He has very unique pick-up lines.” At unease with the whole having Tyler Lee near, I mumble, “Not that I think he tried to hit on me. That would be incredibly presumptuous of me. It’s just, his way with words is...”
“Why wouldn’t he try to hit on you?”
I gape at him, not sure what to answer. Instead, I say, “I think I handled it myself just fine. It’s okay, really.”
A low chuckle rolls out of his lips, firing up whatever is happening in my stomach. “Oh, that I saw.”
I lightly smile, finally having the strength to look him directly in the eyes. For a few beats, we stand in silence with our eyes locked.
“You got a...” His voice comes out mildly raspy. And as if in slow motion, his hand lifts up to my face. The pad of his finger touches my cheekbone. I can hardly breathe. His finger on my skin, his body about to fill my personal space.
He brings his finger close to my lips. “Make a wish.”
I blow on the eyelash resting on his long finger, my heart thrumming in my ears. “What did you wish for?”
Through the frenzied, unanticipated sensations taking over me, I manage to utter, “That would be telling.” To be honest, even if he insisted on knowing, I wouldn’t know the answer for my brain is a mash of heartbeats, lips, gazes, and proximity. Incredibly unnerving, wonderful proximity.
When his lips tip at the side, a light smile stretches mine. A little wrinkle forms between his brows when his eyes fall to my smiling lips.
He slightly leans in. His finger comes back to my face, only this time to gently brush my upper lip. My smile, together with my breath, disappears. With his finger still hovering over my lip, he says in a low voice, “Your lip, it curves so deeply when you smile.”
Involuntarily, my lips gap. It feels like butterflies are dancing pogo in my stomach.
His frown deepens, and his finger keeps caressing my lips when his face slowly dips closer. It feels like my heart is trying to fight its way out of my chest.
Tyler Lee Adams is about to kiss me.
I feel like crying but in a good way. A heartbeat and his lips near mine. Our breaths mix. His scent baths me. The warm air traveling from his mouth to mine brings in a heady lungful of seduction, man, and alcohol. His nearness—what’s happening—is too much.
I expel a shaky breath, sobering us both up. As though shaking out of a trance, we both jerk back. For a confusing stretch, we stare at each other. And then he leaves. No words. No backward glance. He walks away.



As a fan of rockstar romances I've read many releases from a variety of authors.  Though this is my first time reading a story from Sigal Ehrlich, it definitely won't be my last.  From its likable characters, to the slow-burn forbidden romance between a famous rockstar and a small town nanny, readers will find this an entertaining story that easily pulls you into the rockstar world.  Much about the romance between Ivi and Tyler feels familiar, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable as these two people have to work hard to overcome their different backgrounds while finding time to care for the young and charming Jeremy.  It's a bumpy road for these two, a juggling of what the heart wants and what's best for those you love.  The more time Ivi and Tyler interact, the more sizzling their connection becomes and the more I cheer for them to reach their HEA.

Ivi doesn't know what to expect when she becomes nanny to the son of a famous rockstar, but she's only  caretaking for a few months before moving on to the job of her it won't be too bad.  Little does she know the profound affect her new job will have on her as her heart quickly becomes entangled with both father and son.  When readers first meet Ivi they see someone young and somewhat naive to the ways of the world.  She has a big heart though and a desire to help others, focusing on the mission work that will start in a few months.  Things become much less clear though once she meets Tyler and Jeremy, once she starts to care for both of them.  She and Jeremy are a sweet sight to see as she encourages him to be the little boy his age reveals instead of the mini-adult he's been acting like.  The sparks fly once she and Tyler meet, with her protection of Jeremy being the impetus to their burgeoning romance. She's drawn to Tyler and through their continuing interactions she discovers the down-to-earth man behind the playboy facade in a slow-burn teeming with sexual tension. From the very start, through each turn of the page, Ivi is the kind of heroine you can't help but like.  She's a truly good person, one who knows what she wants, and goes after it in a world she's desperately trying to navigate while juggling the desires of her heart and mind when it comes to Jeremy and Tyler.

In many ways Tyler is the proverbial rockstar playboy, a man who enjoys all the feminine attention along with the glitz of the rockstar world.  He's a bit arrogant early on, someone used to getting everything he wants.  The more readers get to know him though, the more likable he becomes.  Never being in a relationship before, he jumps into this one with a bit of trepidation while revealing a backstory that's a bit sad.  He's clearly a great dad, and much of the story revolves around Tyler getting to know his son better, which warmed my heart and endeared him to me all the more.  Tyler might not be a perfect hero, but he's willing to work hard to get there, and it made for a sensual journey full of push/pull.

The first book of this duet ends with a pseudo-cliffhanger, one readers have seen before as his rockstar lifestyle is a roadblock to his and Ivi's HEA.  The second book picks up right where the first one ends and is a slow-burn romance, one that saw them juggling lives in front of the camera to life behind the fame.  It's a frustrating journey at times as things could've been wrapped up much sooner, but despite that I was still cheering by the turn of the final page.  Along with this appealing main couple was a cast of secondary characters that were an utter delight.  Among those secondary characters is Jeremy, a little boy wise beyond his years.  His reciting of facts showed a smart young man that had me wanting to hug him for wanting to make his dad proud.  His factoids were also sometimes funny which made me chuckle a time or two.  I was also drawn to Tyler's bandmates, the playful and brotherly bonds between them, and I hope to see them take center stage themselves in the future!  Even though this was a familiar romance it was a satisfying addition to the genre that fans of rockstar romances will want to read...while waiting for what this author has planned next!

My rating for this is a B+

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Sigal Ehrlich is a bestselling author of refreshing, fun, and sweet romance books. She loves books, cold weather, and the occasional bubbly drink. Living as an expat for most of her life, Sigal has been lucky enough to visit many exotic places and meet some unique people from all corners of the world, while experiencing the sweet triumphs and travails of trying to acclimate to new "homes." Currently, Sigal calls the Czech Republic home where she lives with her husband and three kids.


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Book Spotlight on The Wolf Wore Plaid by Terry Spear (GIVEAWAY).......

From the very first page readers will find this an exhilarating and sensual paranormal romance set in the world of shifters as neighbors slowly become something more. Keep reading to get a tempting taste of The Wolf Wore Plaid by Terry Spear, then add it to your bookshelf.  In honor of this sixth installment in the Highland Wolf series make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win 1 of 3 sets of the April 2021 releases from Sourcebooks Publishing too!

An overprotective wolf meets his match in the Scottish Highlands of today...
Heather MacNeil has never backed down from a fight. So when some shady shifters from a neighboring enemy clan come looking for trouble, she refuses to feed their satisfaction. There’s only one wolf that makes her go soft...
For packmate Enrick MacQuarrie, the work as second-in-command never ends—as the feud ignites, clan security is more vital than ever. But a certain unpredictable, feisty Highland lass is determined to stand up to the aggressors, and Enrick is equally determined to protect her.
The action builds as Heather and Enrick grow closer, but will they be willing to sacrifice their wild friendship for true love?


“We’ve heard so much about your shop that we had to come and check it out,” Robert said, leaning against her counter.
She didn’t believe him for an instant. Her phone was sitting on the ledge below the high counter and out of his sight, so she started to text Ian to see if he could send some backup, other than her three brothers—Oran, Jamie, and Callum, who would just as likely kill the men and ask questions afterward—if she needed the help.
The doorbell jingled again, and she looked up to see who it was, afraid it would be more of the Kilpatricks’ kin. Instead, Enrick MacQuarrie pulled the door closed behind him, and a bit of relief washed over her. Now he was a welcome sight. Not for his supposed interest in dating her. That was so far-fetched, she couldn’t believe Lana would even think it. But Heather knew he would be all protective when it came to her or any other she-wolf of the MacNeill pack.
She didn’t send the text message to Ian, figuring Enrick would deal with the Kilpatricks if they gave her any trouble.
Not that she was totally reassured. Anything could go wrong, and she sure didn’t want Enrick hurt either.
He looked so much like one of the men wearing a New York T-shirt while they waited for their steak pies that he could have been his double. Ever since Guy McNab had made it big as a film star in America, Enrick had been mistaken for him whenever he ventured out of the area.
Enrick was the middle triplet brother of Grant and Lachlan MacQuarrie, tawny-haired and good- natured—except if he was defending the pack members or his friends, then watch out. He had a warrior’s heart, yet Heather had seen a real soft side to him too—playing tug-of-war with the Irish wolfhound pups, chasing the kids around the inner bailey in a game of tag, growling as if he were a wolf in his fur coat and making the kids squeal in delight. She’d seen him playing with his brothers as wolves and he was totally aggressive then, not wanting either of his brothers to win the battle between them. And in a snowball fight, he was the fastest snowball maker and thrower she’d ever seen. If they played on teams, she wanted him on hers.
So he did let his hair down, so to speak, with the kids and with his brothers and others. With her? He clearly thought she was trouble.
At least he was a wolf with a pack friendly to her own, and she smiled brightly at him, glad he was here in case she needed him.
There was no smile for her, his look instead dark and imposing as he glanced from her to the Kilpatrick brothers, still trying to figure out what they wanted to buy. She hoped Enrick wouldn’t start a fight. They had so many customers, and she didn’t want to see a brawl break out in front of them. It surely wouldn’t help business.
Robert pointed to the sign on the wall listing the kind of pies they sold. “We’ll take a couple of the steak and kidney pies to go.”
Okay, so they weren’t causing trouble. Yet. They hadn’t noticed Enrick’s arrival, and she hoped he wouldn’t cause things to get ugly when the other men were behaving...for the moment. Enrick was observing them with a do-anything-I-don’t-like-and-you’ll-die look.
Robert leaned against the oak countertop. “We hear there’s supposed to be a movie filmed at one of the castles nearby.”
As her heartbeat quickened, Heather’s gaze darted to Enrick’s, and he raised his brows at her. Man, she was about to give the secret away in that one little glance at him. She knew he would question her next, once the men left. He could probably hear her heart suddenly beating way too fast.
“We had a movie filmed at our castle a few years back, but that’s it.” Heather placed their order with Rush stamped on it. She’d never used the stamp before, but this was certainly one of those times it came in handy.
“Not that film. A new one. More of a...fantasy,” Patrick said, “featuring wolves, even.”
“At the MacNeills’ castle? No,” she said, shaking her head. She wasn’t lying. Ian MacNeill swore they would never have another film shot at their castle. At the time they’d been in dire straits financially, and the only way to keep the castle solvent was to do the film. Wolf packs had to keep their identity secret. Having tons of nonwolves traipsing through Argent Castle and the grounds could be problematic. Her pack had had to send a couple of newly turned wolves to stay with the MacQuarries, just so the human cast and crew wouldn’t have the surprise of seeing the newbies shift during the full moon.



USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear has written over sixty paranormal and medieval Highland romances. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry also creates award- winning teddy bears that have found homes all over the world, helps out with her grandbaby, and she is raising two Havanese puppies. She lives in Spring, Texas.


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Friday, April 30, 2021

Day 3 of An Introduction to The Stadium Series by S.A. Clayton......

 S.A. Clayton is launching her new Stadium Series soon and courtesy of InkSlingerPR we're going to reveal one cover for the series per day for the rest of this week. Today we are sharing the cover for Fast Ball, the third book in the series that will be releasing in July!

Fastball - Noun: A pitch thrown at or near a players maximum velocity.
Neither Josh nor Harper know what their relationship would become, but over time they’ve relied on each other to pick the other when the world seems to want to keep them apart.
Nothing is ever easy when it comes to love and when secrets are revealed, relationships will be tested and the pressure might just become too much.
Their love is strong, but sometimes these things need to burn down so something better can rise from the ashes.






S.A. Clayton lives in a small town outside of Toronto, Canada with her husband and her scary large collection of books that seem to take over every room.
She has worked on both sides of the publishing industry, both in a bookstore and for actual publishing companies. Although she loved both for different reasons, she found that writing was her true passion and has spent the last few years breaking into the industry as best she can.
She is a lover of all things romance and began her writing journey in her late twenties. Since then, she has immersed herself in the romance genre and couldn't be happier.
When she's not writing or reading, she enjoys binging a great Netflix show (Stranger Things anyone?), baking (because who doesn't love cookies!), and spending time with her family.