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Book Tour for Breathless Press (Promo Post & GIVEAWAY)

They're Baaaccckkkk......Breathless Press is here again today talking about some of their latest contemporary and paranormal book releases.  So let's get acquainted with some great sounding new books to add to your wishlist as well as having the opportunity to win a gift card from them to purchase some of the books you read about today.

Breathless Press is an e-book publisher specializing in Romance and Erotic(a) stories.

Our mission statement is simple: To provide the opportunity for readers to connect with romance authors through the purchasing of quality e-books at a low price.

Starting in the summer of 2009, Breathless Press came into existence. Since then, we have been producing top end romance and erotic stories for valued readers to enjoy.

Our Goal?

Breathless Press is an electronic publisher of paranormal, erotic, and mainstream romance, releasing one to three e-books a week in a variety of downloadable formats. It is Breathless Press' mission to provide readers with quality romance books in electronic formats and to raise the standard in e-publishing.

His Princess by Kiru Taye

With the weight of a kingdom on his shoulders and his honor at stake, can a Prince truly love a slave?

Ezinne is dismayed when her mistress presents her to Prince Emeka as a concubine to cater for his every need for a few weeks. She’s a slave whose previous encounters with men make her fear their brutality.

Yet the more she gets to know the powerful yet honorable prince, the easier he breaks down the walls around her heart. She soon comes to want him more than she wants anything else, even freedom.

But Emeka is the heir to the throne and Ezinne is a woman with secrets that threaten not just their budding relationship but a kingdom.


As if he’d conjured her up by thinking about her, Nonye walked into his obi at that moment. A smile creased his lips as he watched her glide into the room. Nonye was a consummate princess. She was born and bred as one. There was no doubt as to her status and sophistication when she walked into a room. All eyes gravitated toward her.

Except today it wasn’t entirely true. There was another girl following closely behind Nonye. The moment, he glimpsed the girl entering his obi, his eyes focused on her. His heart practically stopped in his chest. Mentally he shook his head and berated himself for staring. A warm sensation spread through his body. His body’s response undeniable; the girl roused him as only one other person had been able to. Yet, it couldn’t possibly be her.

The girl was the most stunning woman he’d ever seen. It occurred to him there was something familiar about her but he couldn’t pinpoint it. He’d seen her somewhere but wasn’t sure where. Was she one of the Ichie’s daughters? Perhaps a princess from another kingdom? He noted that even Amobi was staring appreciatively at the girl. A vice tightened Emeka's gut, jealousy spreading through him.

Nonye curtsied in front of him. He indicated for her to rise up, his stomach churning, spreading guilt through him. What am I doing ogling another woman? I’m a married man. I was raised by my father to value marriage. Moreover he had made a promise to work at keeping a good relationship with his wife, Nonye. Yet here he was blatantly admiring another woman in her presence. His disgust for his actions left a bitter taste of bile on his tongue.

Forcing himself to, he turned toward Nonye and smiled, taking her hand to guide her to her chair next to his. When she smiled back at him, his guilt eased a little. Yes, his marriage wasn’t perfect but he was committed to it. Nonye was a beautiful woman, though there were certain behaviors of hers he didn’t like. He had already made a vow to himself that they would work through whatever issues they had together.

Though every pore of his body was aware of the other woman still standing in front of him, he decided to ignore her and keep his eyes on Nonye. He needed the woman gone as soon as possible and wondered why Nonye would bring her to his chamber.

He couldn’t keep his irritated nerves from reflecting in his voice. “Nonye, I was in a meeting with Amobi. Is there something you need from me?”

“Please forgive me, my prince, but I need a private audience with you.” Nonye batted her doe eyes at him, her face screwed up in a frown. His guilt rose again. His grip tightened on his chair armrest. He’d never raised his voice to Nonye, yet because of another woman’s presence, he was so riled that he lost his temper. That wasn’t good. He needed to take back control of his person. Loosening his grip, he extended his arm and took Nonye’s hand in his.

Amobi said, “My prince, I think we have concluded our discussion. If it pleases you, I’ll come back another time.”

Emeka nodded in agreement. His friend was nothing if not diplomatic. Nonye knew better than to interrupt him when he was in a meeting with his special adviser except if the reason was of utmost important and urgency.

“Amobi, thank you for your time. I’ll speak to you later.” Emeka waved his hand to dismiss Amobi and the personal guards who always stood behind his chair.

When they left the room, Nonye indicated for the girl to approach. The moment he turned to look at the girl again, his sight was riveted to her. She was indeed the most beautiful maiden he’d seen. She had very long braided black hair, twisted and decorated with beads in a pile on her head. Her face was heart-shaped with almond-shaped beguiling brown eyes, a small nose and full sumptuous lips. Her skin glowed like polished ebony wood and the decorative uli on her body enhanced her beauty. Several rows of elephant tusk beads hung around her neck partly covering her full breasts, indicating she was an unwed maiden. More beads hung around her waist, accentuating her slim midriff. Her wrapped ornate thick-woven skirt flared over her round hips and stopped just above her knees. There were more beads on her lower legs and ankles. She was dressed almost similar to a young bride on her wedding day.

Emeka wondered what she was doing here. Does she come to seek my blessing? Somehow the thought of her marrying some unknown man had his heart constricting again in jealous rage.

Who is she?  

The Movie Star's Wife by Liz R. Newman

The wife of a major movie star commits to helping her dearest friend conceal a secret from the public eye but is tempted away from loyalty by the promise of true love.

Juliet James, aka Julie Streets, is a former starlet married to one of the biggest action stars in history.  He’s handsome, sexy, and her best friend.  There’s only one thing keeping them from falling in love.  Enter a world of glamour and riches where all of the indulgences of heaven are there for the taking, but the trappings of a marriage of convenience have made life a living hell.  A chance meeting prompts Juliet to change her situation when she comes across a romantic interest she just can’t stay away from.


"This doc covers everything, from maid service to housekeepers to even just close friends.  He can't imagine exactly what this can cover as well," I lied. "I mean, what transpires between you and I."  Tiny droplets of sweat formed at my hairline.  "You and I work together.  We've formed a friendship.  He'll think it pertains to whatever happens or is said on set.  The entire crew will have to sign one as well if the pilot becomes a series."

Gavin placed the document on a teak side table.  Lifting up my chin gently, he caressed my cheek with his hand.  "This doesn't work for me, Juliet."

I stared off into the moonlit seascape, watching the waves lap upon the shore.  The ocean held as many tears as were prepared to fall from my eyes.  I closed them as I breathed deeply, listening to the sound of the waves pounding, and the crickets chirping at the sight of the moon.  The nearness of him, combined with the romantic setting, seemed to be a stage set for a joke, a parody of forever unrequited love.  I felt the weight of his body upon mine, as his lips pressed against mine, opening them in a passionate kiss that ignited my very soul from where his lips touched me in a secret place that had been treated as an affliction for far too long.

"I have a suggestion of my own, that I want to run by you."  Slipping off the hammock, he disappeared down the stairs, coming back up with one hand behind his back.  "Juliet.  I know you are another man's wife, and under any other circumstances I would have nothing to do with  you.  I can't stay away.  I won't.  Unless you ask me to."  He waited as he searched my eyes.  He bent down on one knee and brought a box from behind his back.  "Perhaps this is not as extraordinary as the one you already own.  If you don't like it, I can find you a different one more suited to your taste.  Juliet James, will you marry me?"

"Yes!" I blurted.  Then just as quickly, "No!  I mean... I have to ask Steven."


"I can't explain.  I'll try.  When you live with someone for so long, you owe them an explanation."

"Do you want to marry me, Juliet?"

High Heels and Hexes by Michael Matthews Bingamon

Shelly is a clever, sexy, dark haired beauty from New Zealand, but this talented witch has a gift for trouble. When her sister Caroline is abducted, Shelly and her coven must risk all to save her from the demon that snatched her away. The trio of seductive witches summons a demon of their own for aid and he directs them to a dangerous cambian, half-man half-demon, who resides in Death Valley. 

The cambian proves to be a powerful, handsome, and charismatic figure who is most unpredictable. Shelly’s proclivity for trouble drives her wild and she can’t help but to fall for him. However, this inscrutable cambian’s past could spell doom for the coven, along with Shelly’s heart, when it catches up with them in Los Angeles.

Four passionate witches must overcome not only a demon’s wrath, but their own dark desires in this modern day, magical, erotic fantasy. Follow these good natured, yet rambunctious, young women on their adventure of a lifetime. Will these ladies ever need anything besides their High Heels & Hexes?


"How did you know I was going to faint? You caught me before I fell. You also prevented my casting the hex twice, both times prior to my uttering a single syllable. You seem to know what I'm going to do before I do it. I understand cambians have different powers, can you read thoughts?"

"No, I don't read nobody's thoughts." His voice was gentle. "It goes like this; I see the future, at least a few moments ahead, anyways. It's enough to see what a person is about to do next. Combine that with my speed and strength and I'm lethal— see?"

"I noticed. I do apologize for attempting to throw the hex. It won't happen again."

He turned her palm upward, spit on it and rubbed with vigorous effort, causing the ink to smear and disenchant the symbol.

"We don't have to worry about that now, though you're right on about my feud with Vaciro. He's tried to have me killed many times and I've gotten to be an expert at staying alive. The downside is I've become a crappy host." He took her arm and escorted Shelly to the door. "Vaciro wants a bride so that he can spawn more cambians. You know witches make the best spouses for demons since they have magical talent and that means stronger half-demons. Since your enemy is my enemy maybe we can work something out. Tell you what, babe; Jack will listen to your story and decide if he wants in."

"Your name is Jack?" She failed to stifle a giggle.

"That's right, what's wrong with that? It's a classic name. You find that funny?"

"No!" She chuckled again. "Sorry! Honestly, I don't know. I came in here fearing for my life from a half-demon spawn just to discover his name is Jack. It's ridiculous, that's all."

"I could still kill you." Jack feigned offense. "Stop laughing or otherwise it'll be the last thing you do."

"No worries, mate." She stroked his chest and admired how solid he was. "No need to get all worked up over it. It's just a bit of fun."

Jack furrowed his brow. "Man, you have a funny accent. Are you British or something?"

"I'm from New Zealand! You mean to tell me that you don't know the difference?"

 Jack shook his head. "I'm an American, honey. We don't need to know the difference."

"Typical bloody yank, go on then."

Guardian Angel by Ben Kelly

In a world with more than six billion people, a perfect partner exists for everyone. Katherine waited years to find hers, only to discover she has two. Unfortunately, her handsome, filthy rich, suitor isn't one of them. When she spurns his advances, nothing can save Katherine and her soul mates from his wrath.


Katherine glanced at her phone, merely to confirm her suspicions, then hit the button to silence the annoying thing. Helen left another voice mail, as if believing seven would be the magic number to prompt her stepdaughter to return her call.

I wish she would quit bugging me. I've already told her I won't date Geoffrey Werner, regardless of the size of his bank account or his abundant good looks.

Helen had described him as a Greek god in a business suit, with penetrating green eyes and black hair made for a woman's fingers.

Go ahead, give in, wimp. She picked up her phone to make the call. What harm could there be in one date with a filthy rich Greek god?


"Hey, Helen. I wasn't avoiding you." Liar. "They're running me crazy over here. Raoul has a big show coming up, and we're short on models. He's threatening to use another agency unless we can bring in some new top-notch talent in the next ten days. Basically, the fate of the whole agency is resting squarely on my shoulders. But no pressure, right? So, what's up? I've got a couple of minutes before I have to meet with a potential recruit." Let me guess, Geoffrey wants to know when I'm going to stop being such a tight ass and go out with him? I hope he's as nice as he is hot.

"I know you're busy, honey, so I won't keep you. It's just, Geoffrey really wants to meet you. He's stopping by this evening for cocktails, and I thought you might like to join us. It doesn't have to be anything formal, just pop in on your way home from work, say, sevenish."

"Helen, if I meet this guy, will you promise to quit badgering me, even if I don't like him?" Maybe this is an opportunity I shouldn't pass up. Who knows, it could be fate. I've refused to even talk to him, but he won't give up. I suppose persistence could be a good sign.

"Kathy, you'll like him. Ray better be glad I'm not twenty-five years younger, because I'd be all over that."

Ray better not turn his back, or you'll be all over that. What a terrible thing to think. It's true, but it's still not nice. "Promise you'll let it go."

"Honey, you've got to give up this childish fantasy about finding your perfect man. There is no such thing as a soul mate. You need to stop reading those damn romance novels and get your head into reality. You have the opportunity of a lifetime being handed to you. Don't throw it away because of some ridiculous notion."

"Jesus, Helen, do you always have to preach?" I like romance novels. It's not childish to want to meet the right guy. I don't want to settle for just anyone because I'm afraid of being alone. I think I'd rather be alone than get stuck in a bad relationship with Mr. Wrong. Yep, all the kids will stand on the corner pointing and laughing at me when I hobble down the street. Ha ha, look at the old spinster. She's ninety-five years old, and she never got laid. She's been sitting in front of her window every day since her fifth birthday, waiting for her soul mate.

"Kathy, I don't know how else to get through that thick head of yours. One day you'll thank me for being so insistent. Come meet him. Who knows, maybe he's the one you've been waiting for."

Hum, maybe he is the one. God knows I've been waiting long enough. Maybe I'll gaze into his eyes and see the man of my dreams. He'll take me into his arms, press his lips to mine, and I'll lose myself in his sensuous embrace. I'll open my mouth and caress his tongue with mine. My nipples will tighten, and my body will tremble with desire, as my... Someone rapped on her office window. Katherine glanced up and spotted her boss, Lynda, looking in as she strolled by. "Helen, I have to get back to work. I'll see you at seven. Tell Ray I said hello."


Breathless Press is awarding a $20 Breathless Press GC to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

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Teaser Tuesdays #77

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

• Grab your current read
• Open to a random page
• Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
• BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
• Share the title & author too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers.


....from location 213 of 723.

-He had appeared out of nowhere to rescue her from further humiliation at the hands of her high school cronies, and he wanted to have sex with her.  As a woman.  Despite the fact that he knew her secret.  This person who called himself a god and looked like her idea of the perfect man, and who incited unfamiliar sexual feelings that were aching to be explored further, desired her.  And that thought scared the bejesus out of her.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Book Tour for Timeless Sojourn by Jamie Salisbury (Guest Post & GIVEAWAY)

The intricacies of an older woman/younger man relationship increasingly intrigues me as I get older, as I become that older woman.  Jamie Salisbury is here today talking about that special kind of relationship as well as giving a glimpse into her new book, Timeless Sojourn.  So keep reading to discover more about this book as well as entering a giveaway to win an Amazon GC.  So take it away Jamie.....

What makes a younger man/older woman couple so appealing?

We live in a society that tries to make us conform to the accepted norms of behavior and conduct.  The same is expected in our relationships, thus making so called forbidden fruit all that more tempting. Relationships that were once considered unacceptable are now, over time becoming more accepted.

Falling in love doesn’t always happen the way one intends. In a woman’s case sometimes Mr. Right can show up later in life and be several years younger.

What draws an older woman to a younger man?

It can be the fact that a younger man is more adventurous. Unlike their older counterparts, they have more stamina physically. And they are less stuffy and predictable. Next I’d have to list that a younger man is far more adaptable because they are not as rooted as an older male. Thus the woman has to make fewer changes to her own lifestyle.

Lastly, a younger man will make an older woman feel desired. She feels energized by the excitement with which he throws himself into. She feels needed and wanted—younger men tend to be more transparent about their feelings than older ones—reassuring her that she’s still attractive.

And a man? What draws a younger man to an older woman?

Older women tend to be more confident, which is a huge draw to younger men. They are comfortable in their own skin where their younger counterparts are still spreading their wings and figuring themselves out. They don’t have to have their ego stroked and be reassured.

Next an older woman is more independent. Whether or not she’s financially independent, a woman of these years is not out to prove a point and don’t need to climb the corporate ladder. If nothing else, they’re out making their own ladder. She doesn’t have to lean on a man for financial support. She has more life experiences, is more grounded and realistic.

And they are understanding and far more mature. They are more balanced emotionally, thus done with the game playing of their younger counterparts. They allow the man to have his own space. Their expectations of a relationship is less complicated and more focused on the emotions and comfort of the couple being together.

These are interesting times we live in. Not the times your mother or grandmother grew up in, and for that I am thankful.

Timeless Sojourn by Jamie Salisbury

Recently divorced at a time when most women are enjoying their children being grown, Anne Harrison finds her life in chaos. At the urging of her forever-friend Kat, Anne moves back to Seattle, her childhood home, to get back her former confidence and make a fresh start.

Confident, creative, and a successful businessman, Geoffrey Quinn has depths not immediately apparent to those who come into contact with that cocky, devilishly handsome exterior. 

The last thing either is looking for is a relationship. Anne finds Geoff highly irritating (and young!) at best, while Geoffrey finds her magnetic and wise. To his amusement, she futilely attempts to dismiss him each time they cross paths, and sparks fly.

Watch as this seemingly unsuitable, disparate duo lights a fiery, compelling attraction neither sees coming. But who will get burned?


Kat and I are just finishing up the dinner dishes and getting ready to sit and solve the problems of the world when the phone rings. Kat answers. “Of course, she’s right here. We just finished cleaning the kitchen.”

Geoffrey she mouths to me, handing me the phone.

“Hey, how are you? I asked.

“Great, thanks. I was wondering if you’d like to come over for dinner Friday night. I grill a mean steak.”

“That sounds great, Geoffrey. Can I bring anything, oh, and what time?” I smile at the thought of that killer body slaving over a grill.

“How about if I pick you up at seven, and bring something for dessert, if you don’t mind.”

“That sounds great. I’ll see you Friday.”

I hang up the phone and Kat is standing there with a huge grin on her face.

“You’re going to have dinner at Geoffrey Quinn’s?” she cackles. “You do know he’s falling hook, line and sinker, don’t you? He never invites women to his place.”

“Enough already, Kat! Geoff is young enough to be my son. We simply enjoy each other’s company.” I replied, hoping to shut her up.

“Oh no, Anne, he’s taken with you and you are quite smitten with him, although you’d be the last to admit it. Don’t play the age game crap with me because I know better.” She’s still smiling like a match maker as I turn away, my face warm from blushing.

TO BUY LINKS:     Amazon     Barnes & Noble     Smashwords


Jamie Salisbury cannot imagine a time when she did not write. A skill that has served her well throughout her professional career. Public relations in and around the entertainment industry, photography, editing, and special event planning all elevated her passion for writing.

An avid reader of histories, biographies, and romance, it's only natural that part of the products of her pen are historical romances featuring characters so authentic they spring forth from the page and shake the reader's hand. Many of her teen years were spent in Chile, but she and her family were forced out of the country when the political climate demanded it.

Taking the plunge to take her writing professional came as a result of a series of foot surgeries that left her with a lot of time on her hands. Unable to walk great distances at the time, she started writing as a way to pass the time. Her experiences of how dramatically her life had changed at first. Then the new world of e-publishing inspired her to digitally publish her first novel, Perpetual Love, rather than relegate it to the dreaded drawer. She couldn't be happier with her decision to grab the publishing industry by the shoulders and force it to pay attention to all she has to offer.

Two more novels have followed: Blood Lust and Tudor Rose, with more to follow soon.
Jamie now lives outside of Atlanta, but the love for travel has never abandoned her. Adventure, exploration, and intrigue permeate her prose to the core.

In those few moments of the day when she's not writing or thinking about writing, she finds knitting a way to relax and unwind. Other interests include photography, equestrianism, reading, and of course traveling.

Jamie hopes her writing will entertain, enlighten, and inspire others to pick up the pen and pursue their own dreams. She loves to be contacted by readers, writers, and history buffs.

Website:  http://www.jamiesalisbury.webs.com
Blog:  http://www.jamiesalisburyauthor.blogspot.com
Twitter:  @JamieRSalisbury
FaceBook:   http://www.facebook.com/JamieRSalisburyAuthor


Jamie will be giving away a $25 Amazon GC to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

-Giveaway is OPEN TO EVERYONE!
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-Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM CST on 8/3.

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Review for Still Into You by Roni Loren

Three days. No rings...

Seth and Leila used to have trouble keeping their hands off each other. Passion, desire, love—it was all there. Yet, eight years after their whirlwind marriage and kids, they’ve settled into a life where choosing Letterman over Leno is considered a wild night.

Seth knows things need to change. But when he hears his wife call into a relationship radio show and admit she’s been tempted to cheat, he realizes how far off course they’ve gotten. He comes up with a dramatic plan. Three days. No rings. He’ll take Leila to The Ranch, a resort where any sexual fantasy can be had, and give her the freedom to have whatever or whomever she wants.

However, Seth doesn’t intend to simply stand by and watch other men fulfill Leila’s dark desires. He has a lot more bad boy in him than his wife suspects and he knows there’s only one man who can give her what she needs. Now he has to show her why that man is him.


Roni Loren's Loving on the Edge series continues to entertain in this novella that features the sister of one of the main characters of Melt Into You and her husband who have hit a rough patch in their marriage and attempt to right what's gone wrong.  It's a highly emotional story with two people undergoing realistic and relatable issues, and includes some super steamy interludes to heighten the emotions.

Leila and Seth came from two different worlds, she the spoiled rich girl and he the hard-working blue collar boy, who got married young and have fallen into a routine of taking each other for granted and letting doubt overwhelm them.  An eye-opening moment makes each of them realize what they're about to lose and leads to an erotic weekend at the notorious Ranch where they'll give into long-held fantasies in an attempt to rekindle their marriage.  It's a rocky weekend though but also utterly sexy and enlightening.  The issues these two are going through befall many couples and Ms. Loren expresses their pain and doubts in a very realistic and easily relatable way.  As they ached, I ached with them and wanted them to fight for their marriage just as much as them.  They're both strong characters who lost their identities after becoming parents.  They're no longer man and woman but rather mom and dad totally devoted to their family life.  Only by focusing on their individual selves can they recall what made them first fall in love with each other.

There's a constant feeling of sexual tension permeating the entire story along with some very steamy encounters at The Ranch that kept my heart racing.  The scenes mostly involve Leila and Seth but there is one encounter that's made even more erotic by the addition of Ian, whose story will be released next summer.  The connection between Leila and Seth is clear no matter what problems they're having and I found their journey to rediscovery to be emotionally satisfying, even though I wish it had been a bit longer, and yet another reason why I adore Roni Loren's writing style.  Still Into You can easily be read on its own, but with two other books in the series just as amazing, why wouldn't you want to read them all?

My rating for this is a B+

*I bought this with my own money for my personal library.

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Book Tour for Heated Match by Lynne Silver (Guest Post)

Military hero takes on a whole new meaning in this story of genetic enhancement and the reporter who falls for him.  Lynne Silver is here today talking about the cover to her new release and giving us a glimpse of her new Release.  So keep reading to learn more about Lynne and Heated Match....

Name that necklace!

I received the cover for Heated Match, and sighed with delight. The hero was hot, the girl was how I pictured Loren, and the font told of a slight military tale.

But then I looked closer. My hero is wearing is wearing a wooden beaded necklace. Being the innocent that I am, I assumed they were kind of hippy beads. I shrugged it off. Adam, the hero is about as far from a hippy as George Bush, but maybe he has a crunchy side he didn’t reveal to me the author. Who knew?

But then I was on a plane the other day, and a woman was clutching a wooden necklace, just like my cover model’s. And I realized, they’re rosary beads! So take a good look. Is my cover model wearing rosary beads? Maybe. There’s no cross, just the beads showing on the cover.

It’d be odd for me to write a character wearing rosary beads, because I’m so Jewish , I’m not 100% sure what they are. So help me out: Name Adam’s necklace: Are they rosary beads? Or, let’s get creative! Did Loren take him to a beading class? A concert? Costa Rica?

Throw your ideas at me. I want to know. What is my hero wearing? And if they are rosary beads, why? I have a few ideas…

Heated Match by Lynne Silver

A lead byline and a cover story were what journalist Loren Stanton wanted most. Until she meets genetically enhanced soldier, Adam Blacker. Team leader of a top-secret covert ops group, Adam never wanted to search for his genetic match, but whenever he gets close to Loren, things turn hot quickly, making him forget every reason he had for retaining his bachelor status.

After a scorching night together, neither is in any doubt they are connected at the DNA-deep level, although both fear the high stakes of what it means to be together. Loren gives Adam two weeks to prove he is bred for more than war. He must show he is coded for love.



Slowly he turned back to face her and her stomach clenched with a thrill of fear and desire. Last night’s civilized dancer in a tuxedo was completely gone. In his place stood a snarling, angry, completely aroused soldier.

She used the balls of her feet to scoot farther against the wall and measured the distance between her current location and the bathroom door. Her calculations proved unnecessary.

With an untranslatable growl, Adam flung himself into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.

She waited a minute then tapped on the door. “Um, Adam? Are you okay?”

“The damn door doesn’t lock. Back. Away.”

Alrighty then. With him behind a closed door, the aching in her lower belly subsided a degree. “Adam, will you tell me what’s going on?” She bit her lip and fondled a stiff nipple through her blouse before registering where her hands were. Adam needed to answer her questions, like right now, because she had no idea why she was locked in this small conference room with an angry, sexy man. “Adam, please.”

“You work for a newspaper. Don’t you read it?”

“Well, sure, but that doesn’t explain why we’re locked in here together.”

“Think, Loren. What did the articles say about how the Program gains new members?”

She racked her brain trying to remember. “Um, through birthing a new generation, right? But…”

The door opened a crack and she could see his anguished expression peeking through.

“Use your brain. Do I have to explain the birds and the bees? You’re no virgin, are you?”

“I know how babies are made, Adam,” she said. “But the article said you only breed with women who are your perfect genetic match…oh…” Shep’s words came back in a flash. “They think I’m your genetic match?”

He gave a curt nod and started to close the door again. She shoved her foot in to stop him. “How did they figure that out so quickly?”

“The cheek swab at the entry. I’m such an idiot. I should’ve guessed last night.”

She pushed the door open to see him better and sat back on her heels on the threshold between rooms. “How could you have guessed? It’s not like I had my DNA code printed on my dress. How does it work, exactly?” Loren asked.

“Not sure of all the scientific details, but I guess the best way to describe it is like a numbers game. The doctors know there are certain genetic combinations that will produce certain qualities. The Program has a list of their top desired traits.”

“And how do they usually find a matching female? I assume most are not so accommodating as to show up at the front door like I did.”

Adam turned at the sharp bite in her voice. “You’d be surprised,” he muttered.

“Do they kidnap women off the streets and check their blood?” she asked. “Or wait, let me guess, the Red Cross is actually a sham organization front for you to use as a recruiting pool.”

He shifted at her guess, telling her she was somewhat accurate.

“Oh my God. I’m right. I see you avoiding my gaze.”

“The Red Cross is an excellent organization doing important work,” he said. “But, on occasion, we will pull samples from them or other research sites to scan for appropriate genetic matches.”

“And then what? You kidnap them? Oh wait, you do that for fun, like you did me.” She folded her arms across her chest and stared at him, daring him to answer.

“No. We invite potential candidates in for a job interview. Doctor, administrative assistant, teacher for the day care, accountant, you name it.”

“And do you lock them all in a room with their potential match?”

He flung her an exasperated look. “I don’t know all the details. It’s not my department. I do know you should not have drunk the water. I can’t believe you drank the fucking water. You’re feeling the effects right now, aren’t you? Worse than last night.”

“What are you talking about? Why wouldn’t I drink the water? And what should I be feeling?” she asked nervously, but she had a very good inkling as to what he referred.

“The ache. You were a homing beacon for me last night. I could barely let you go.”

“I managed to leave,” she said.

He cocked his head at her. “Yeah, you did. How?”

He looked genuinely curious, but she couldn’t help noticing his hand was directly over the formidable bulge in his pants, massaging roughly. “You frightened me. I’d never felt that way with a man before, even…even in bed with my last boyfriend.” She swallowed over the lump in her throat her confession had formed.

“What about your current boyfriend? Does he heat you up?”

“Current boyfriend? I’m not— Oh. I, um, lied. I’m not dating anyone.”

A flicker of a smile passed his lips so quickly she wasn’t sure it had really happened.

“What about now? Are you feeling it now?” he asked.

She felt a blush creep from the top of her breasts up to the roots of her hair, and she couldn’t look him in the eye as she nodded. “My nipples are starting to hurt. Did drinking the water do that?”

He didn’t seem embarrassed at all as he accepted her confession matter-of-factly. “It’s one of the symptoms on the Rovinsky scale. The water is laced with a drug that makes you more receptive to your match. It’s going to make you crazed for the next twenty-four hours, and I’m going to respond. If I weren’t your match, you wouldn’t feel as aroused. It’s how they test the science behind the blood work.”

“What?” Twenty-four hours of feeling like this, and she was starting to worry this was just the beginning. Her arousal was increasing every second.

“Rovinsky, our founder, came up with a list of what happens when two genetic matches meet. I don’t have it memorized, but I remember painful nipples for the female is on there.”

“What else?”

“A matched couple will be able to find each other, even in a crowded space, up to several thousand feet.”

“What you’re saying is you could drop us at either end of Disney and we’d find each other, even without cell phones?”

He nodded. “Right at the Haunted Mansion, but don’t say ‘us’. We,” he waggled a finger in the space between them, “are not a match. I can’t be matched.”

“Why not?”

“My reasons are my own. I won’t let Shep manipulate me like this.”

She was shocked at the hurt his rejection caused, like a bowling ball hurled at her heart. She shouldn’t be sad. She didn’t want to be a breeding partner either. She had a life to get back to.

“What are the other symptoms?” Maybe if he listed more of them, they would discover they were not a perfect match after all.

He ticked them off on his fingers. “I’ve already said homing beacon for both partners and painful nipples for the female. Your body is getting ready for pregnancy.”

She glanced down, stunned. She could almost feel her womb rippling to life. “What else?” she asked in a whisper.

“Male arousal.” He looked almost shamefaced as he gestured to the erection fighting free of his pants.

She stared a shade longer than was acceptable, nearly having to sit on her hands to stop from stroking the alluring bulge.

“Don’t do that,” he said in a strained voice.

“Do what?”

“Don’t look at me like you want a piece. I’m holding on to my control by a thread. If you make a move, I’ll take you.”


Award-winning author Lynne Silver lives the life of a suburban soccer mom, volunteering with the PTA, doing laundry and working. By night she enters the sensuous world of alpha males and passionate heroines. She lives in an old fixer-upper with her husband and their two sons. When not writing romance, she reads it. Lots of it. Over and over and over again, preferably with a bag of M&Ms in hand

Website: www.lynnesilver.com
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/LynneSilverAuthor
Twitter: @lynnesilver

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Book Tour for Before the Darkness by Leslie Lee Sanders (Guest Post & GIVEAWAY)

Have you ever ran across a book whose synopsis drags you in and stays with you long after reading it.  Before the Darkness by Leslie Lee Sanders is just such a book and today you get to learn for yourself just how intriguing it is.  Leslie is also here today talking about author etiquette as well as letting me give away a copy of the book.  So keep reading to learn more about this fascinating book, but first up is Leslie........

Four Things You Should Never Do to your Author Friend or Relative

1.    Expect them to tell you every detail of their current WIP

Writers are called writers because they write their stories down for you to read them. Otherwise it would be pointless to write if we told you what we were working on. I don't mean the premise or a brief overview.  I mean details, surprises, twists, and the all-important ending of the story. Once we tell people the story, we lose passion to write it, and it may never be written. And we'll all be known as storytellers which COULD be the equivalent of the annoying coworker who always follows you around the office telling you about the amazing dream he's had the night before.

2.    Expect free books

Generous authors offer free books to those as gifts, as a celebration of their hard earned accomplishment, as a way to say, "Yes! I've done it! Now come celebrate with me." We would like to see you read the book but we know that not everyone is fond of reading or dislikes certain genres or story themes. Placing it on the fireplace mantel is the next best thing. *shrugs* BUT don't just expect us to hand out copies left and right. Some of us wish to make a living off of the sale of our books. Some of us look forward to investing the money we make from sales on our most important project … the book. And some of us would like a little compensation for all the difficult work that went into writing it. If you're given a free book, great. Otherwise, support your author friend or relative by purchasing a copy.

3.    Give away copies of their ebooks

As I stated above, we authors sometimes rely on the little money we make off of our book sales. And digital copies of our books are real books no matter what anyone says. No, really. I promise. The same amount of dedication, sweat, tears and missed meals went into writing the book no matter what format it's available in. It's one thing to "lend" a copy to a friend every now and then, but to send out a mass email with to one hundred Facebook friends with the book attached is a no-no. Respect your writer friend and their profession and craft. Instead send that mass email with a link to buy a copy of their book instead. That's one way you can support your writer friend and she's thank you rather than despise you.

4.    Ask them to read, edit or write your book

We writers share manuscripts and critique them for each other as sort of a do-me-a-favor- an-I'll-do- one-for-you type of deal. We reply on the other's skills to help improve the manuscripts. So when you present your never-written-anything-before-but-thought-I'll-give-it-a-try manuscript to a writer, who already has a to-do list a mile long and deadlines looming, don't be disappointed when you get a strange look from her. If you want feedback from someone in the business, ask her if she'd mind taking a look at it, but don't expect it to be that minute, hour or day. And if you know she's super busy with her own writing, and you know you won't be able to offer her any do-me-a-favor- an-I'll-do- one-for-you type of deal for her time, please don't ask her to thoroughly edit, rewrite or even write your story for you. 

Before the Darkness (Refuge Inc., Book One) by Leslie Lee Sanders

After an asteroid strikes Earth, a series of violent earthquakes destroy secluded Phoenix and leave survivor Elliot struggling to stay focused in the bleak aftermath. And then he meets fellow survivor Adam. Together, the two search for reliable shelter and other survivors while distant murky clouds fast approach. Their hunt for shelter leads them down an alternate path when they find spray painted symbols directing them to a mysterious place: Refuge Inc.

As ominous clouds slowly shut off all light to their devastated world, they are forced to come to terms with their pasts and their growing attraction for each other.

Neither thought their pasts and personal crises would affect their ability to endure the horrors they're forced to live through. Neither thought they would be drawn so close to one another in the aftermath of an unimaginable catastrophe. By working together, can they continue to survive? Or will the mystery of Refuge Inc. cause diverse expectations and lead them to decisions that further threaten their lives?


"See that dark color on the horizon?" Adam pointed to the east, suddenly looking somber. "That's a wall of smoke, ash, dust and who knows what else, and it's coming our way."

"What? What do you mean?" A bit of panic began to stir in Elliot's stomach like a bowl of his mother's spicy and overly greasy chili. He'd thought the worst was over.

"Ever heard of impact winter?" Adam's green eyes pierced his and neither moved. "What's headed for us isn't good. We're gonna have to take shelter somewhere and fast before it blocks out all light and it gets so dark we won't be able to tell which way is up. Can't run from it either," he added, as if predicting Elliot's next question. "Been watching it for a couple hours now and it's moving pretty fast."

"What do you mean it's going to get dark?" He knew he looked like a wide-eyed idiot, but he didn't care much about his appearance at the moment.

"Let me put it this way. Once the sun sets we're not gonna see it rise for quite some time. That wall of soot headed our way is so thick it will block out the sun. It will take months, maybe years, for all the crap to fall down."

"Are you sure?" He dipped his eyebrows suspiciously. "How do you know all this?"

"When those assholes finally told us that an asteroid might hit, I went looking for info about anything to do with asteroids hitting Earth and that's what I found out. We need to find some shelter."

Elliot looked at the dark grey horizon. Indeed, the cloud of unnerving darkness grew bigger, wider, closer. His heart dropped, it sank in the pit of his stomach like a ton of concrete rubble. "We're not going to make it, huh?" He gulped, suddenly feeling defeated. Panic. "What's the point in finding shelter when we're not gonna live to see the sun again?"

Adam grabbed his hand, gave it a gentle squeeze and let it loose before Elliot realized it had happened. The friendly squeeze hadn't been part of his imagination. A look of sincerity and concern painted Adam's handsome face. "I was beginning to think the same thing and then I saw you. Like I said, two heads are better than one."

AVAILABLE AT:  Amazon (Kindle) | Amazon (Print) | Createspace (Print) | ARe

*To learn more about this book, visit the other blogs taking part in this tour listed here.


The author of several books of fiction and fiction with spice, Leslie Lee Sanders spends her time writing erotic romances (mostly in the gay and ménage categories). She currently has two books available for mature teen readers and several erotic romances published as e-books and in print.

Website: http://www.leslieleesanders.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/LeslieLSanders
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/leslieleesandersAuthor
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/517547.Leslie_Lee_Sanders


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Feature & Follow Friday.................

Hello all, it's that day of the week where we learn new things about each other and discover new blogs along the way.  We also help each other by becoming followers of one another.  Normally that following would be through GFC (which would be great if you'd still take a few seconds to do), but with that being eliminated for certain blogs (a big boo-hiss to that) I now ask that you follow through a RSS Feed (or Twitter, FB, or email) which you can find to the right.  I want to thank all of you ahead of time who choose to become a follower and make sure to let me know in the comments if you're new so I doubly make sure to follow you back.  And now for this weeks get to know me question....

Q: Summer Reading. What was your favorite book that you were REQUIRED to read when you were in school? 


A:  Since I graduated from college with an English lit degree I read tons of books.  Picking just one is difficult, but one of my faves was Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  It has withstood the test of time and many authors use her basic premise for their stories.

Review for Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James

Daunted by the singular tastes and dark secrets of the beautiful, tormented young entrepreneur Christian Grey, Anastasia Steele has broken off their relationship to start a new career with a Seattle publishing house.

But desire for Christian still dominates her every waking thought, and when he proposes a new arrangement, Anastasia cannot resist. They rekindle their searing sensual affair, and Anastasia learns more about the harrowing past of her damaged, driven and demanding Fifty Shades.

While Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Anastasia must confront the anger and envy of the women who came before her, and make the most important decision of her life.


At the beginning of this book it's been five days since Ana and Christian broke up and they're both miserable.  Knowing that they can't live without each other leads them down a new path where Christian puts aside the lifestyle he's always engaged in with women before because he can't see his life without Ana.  From there we have a bunch of sexual interludes amongst moments where they actually talk to each other and we get a bigger glimpse into Christian's psyche.  Throw in a few individuals from their pasts who are out to do the new couple harm and you have a story that kept my attention but still leaves me confused as to its immense popularity.

The strongest part of this story is Christian who's multi-faceted with a darkness that you can't help but want to cure.  Intermixed with that darkness is a charming boyishness that's sexy, along with moments of being overbearing.  You can't help but like him and he truly gives everything to make Ana happy.  Unfortunately, Ana isn't as multi-faceted.  She still seems to be a bit childish with a tendency to pout and doesn't seem as willing to sacrifice as Christian to make their relationship work.  The sexual encounters between these two are numerous and occupy a huge chunk of the story.  It's basically the best way for Christian to communicate his real feelings and these moments do show a change to their relationship.  There's a stronger sense of connection within these interludes.

There's a slew of secondary characters that we really don't get to know much about beyond the superficial.  One especially appears to be a problem for the happy couple and he's already left an impact that's just beginning in this story.  As a villain he feels a bit over the top, but then everything about this story is over the top.

I found this an entertaining read even though I have a love/hate relationship with this series.  I can appreciate how excited readers are about this series even if I find it a bit too melodramatic at times.  I still find myself drawn to Christian against my will and look forward to his finding peace and happiness.  I just wish he'd find someone stronger-willed/mature than Ana.

My rating is a B-

*I borrowed this from the public library.

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Book Tour for Hope's Betrayal by Grace Elliot (Guest Post)

There's a sense of epicness to Grace Elliot's historical book, Hope's Betrayal.  Join me today to learn more about this book and the slowly evolving connection between two people on opposite sides of the law.  First up is Grace Elliot talking about hero worship.....

Hero Worship.

    Hello, it's wonderful to be here and the name of this blog made me chuckle! My name is Grace Elliot and I write historical romance. In this post I thought I'd share a little about the hero in 'Hope's Betrayal,' a naval man by the name of Captain George Huntley.

    One of the reasons that I like to write historicals is that there were so many social rules and prejudices to overcome, that the path of true love was forever bumpy and rutted - and 'Hope's Betrayal' is no exception. Our hero, Captain Huntley, is a man of integrity, who values honour and courage above all else. Unfortunately for Huntley, his body has other ideas when he finds himself attracted to Hope Tyler - who happens to be a smuggler and therefore his sworn enemy.

    I must say Captain Huntley was such fun to write; I know when the writing is going well when I dream about the characters and George put in a nocturnal appearance several times! His character was so vivid and strong that he practically told his own story. Being a naval man, Captain Huntley is brave and courageous without doubt, but can he also cope with softer emotions such as tenderness and love? One of the themes in Hope's Betrayal is change, firstly when the hero and heroine must learn to compromise, and then again when on active duty, Huntley is badly injured. In this excerpt we join Captain Huntley as a broken man, barely able to walk. 

    "I don’t want your pity." Captain Huntley said.

    "And I have no pity to give." Hope replied.

    Slowly he turned. "Then why are you here?"

    "Once you helped me. You protected me when others condemned me…and didn’t judge."

    “But I don’t want anyone, least of all you, to feel sorry for me.”

    “And why would I do that?”

  “Because I am not the man I was. Because I am useless. A wreck.”

    “Well the man I know is bigger than that. The man I see before me, stood up to his fellow officers for what he believed was right. Your body will heal and you will recover, but your injury has taught you humility…and that’s a very appealing quality.”

    Huntley stared at her, astounded. “It is?”

    “Oh yes, I didn't liked the arrogant, bully of a man you were before, but this Huntley, the one who cries into his horse's mane, is altogether more attractive.”

    “Well I’ll be damned if I ever understand women.” His heart thudded, as they faced each other, so close that he could smell the scent of bedsheets on her skin. Merciful heavens, a man could lose himself in the depths of those tilted green eyes, standing there with her luscious lips softly parted.

    He cleared his throat, acutely aware of the pulse at the base of her throat. “Miss Tyler, unless you want to be ravaged, I would suggest you leave now.”

    She didn’t move. A primal beat throbbed through his blood. He licked his lips and took a faltering step forward to trap her against the stable wall.

    “Why didn’t you go while you had the chance?”

    Without fear she gazed into his eyes. "Because I chose to stay."

    He claimed her mouth, so warm and moist, such precious heat as she returned his kisses, gently at first then with urgency. He leant closer, pressing the delicious length of her against his body. It excited him to know that beneath the redingcote was no armoury of stays and petticoats, just one thin nightrail. A sense of mastery swept through his body, as he lowered her hands to caress the undulating line of her waist. Breathing heavily, he leant down to taste her skin of neck. She arched and groaned in response, throwing back her head to expose the milky curve of her throat…

Hope's Betrayal (#2 The Huntley Trilogy.)

One wild, winter's night two worlds collide.

Known for his ruthless efficiency, Captain George Huntley is sent to stamp out smuggling on the south coast of England. On a night raid, the Captain captures a smuggler, but finds his troubles are just beginning when the lad turns out to be a lass, Hope Tyler.

With Hope as bait, the Captain sets a trap to catch the rest of the gang. But in a battle of wills, with his reputation at stake, George Huntley starts to respect feisty, independent Hope. Challenged by her sea-green eyes and stubborn loyalty Huntley now faces a new threat - his growing attraction to a sworn enemy. But a love where either Hope betrays her own kind, or Captain Huntley is court-marshaled, is not an easy destiny to follow.

TO BUY LINKS:  Amazon US   Amazon UK   Smashwords   Kobo


    Grace Elliot leads a double life as a veterinarian by day and author of historical romance by night. Grace believes intelligent people need to read romance as an antidote to the modern world. As an avid reader of historicals she turned to writing as a release from the emotionally draining side of veterinary work.

    Grace lives near London and is addicted to cats. The Elliot household consists of five cats, two teenage sons, one husband, a guinea pig - and the latest addition - a bearded dragon!

Social Links:

Grace Elliot (blog) "Fall in Love With History": http://graceelliot-author.blogspot.com

Grace Elliot website: www.wix.com/graceelliot/grace-elliot

Grace Elliot Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grace-Elliot/173092742739684?v=wall&sk=wall

Twitter: @Grace_Elliot

Review for Hope's Betrayal by Grace Elliot

One wild, winter's night two worlds collide.

Known for his ruthless efficiency, Captain George Huntley is sent to stamp out smuggling on the south coast of England. On a night raid, the Captain captures a smuggler, but finds his troubles are just beginning when the lad turns out to be a lass, Hope Tyler.

With Hope as bait, the Captain sets a trap to catch the rest of the gang. But in a battle of wills, with his reputation at stake, George Huntley starts to respect feisty, independent Hope. Challenged by her sea-green eyes and stubborn loyalty Huntley now faces a new threat - his growing attraction to a sworn enemy. But a love where either Hope betrays her own kind, or Captain Huntley is court-marshaled, is not an easy destiny to follow.


Hope's Betrayal is a straightforward historical read with nothing too unexpected happening.  This is not a bad thing considering how comforting that sense of familiarity is while reading this book.  The characters acted in a way that made sense, there were no big misunderstandings, and the relationship between the main characters evolved slowly over time as to add strength to their relationship.

Hope Tyler has aristocratic blood in her but her family has fallen into smuggling to make a living.  She's a smart and honorable girl and doesn't like having to commit crimes, but does it out of love for her family.  The night she's captured by George Huntley shows her the path to a whole new life if she's just willing to accept the opportunity presented to her.  Hope is strong-willed and loyal and is easily accepted by those trying to help her.  Seeing her find moments of happiness was heartwarming to see.

George Huntley sees life and the law in black and white until the night he locks eyes with Hope.  At first he wants her to pay for her crimes, but as he hears her life story he knows he'll move heaven and earth to keep her safe.  As a man who had closed himself off to love, Hope thaws his cold heart and brings joy and a sense of hopefulness to his life when he needs it most after being permanently maimed and having the course of his life totally upended.  It's because of her that he sees the possibilities as opposed to everything he's lost.

Hope and George are a wonderful couple.  They acknowledge the difficulties that their class differences are to their budding relationship but this is where the power of love overcomes all.  Their relationship evolves slowly and sensually over a year and a half and it isn't until the very end that things enter a more sexual level.  George is that much of a gentleman and really won me over as the story progressed.  He was quite arrogant at first but really showed and expressed his feelings as he realized how much he needed Hope.

This is the second book in the Huntley Trilogy and can stand on its own.  The main couple from the previous book make an appearance but it's more of a check-in to be updated on how they're doing.  The glimpses we see on the remaining single brother have me excited for his story to be told as he's very sexy and sarcastic, a great combination.  Hope's Betrayal gives fans of historical romance everything they want, a likable couple who find true love through an exciting and believable journey.

My rating for this is an A.

*I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Book Tour for Druid, Mine by Kerry Adrienne (Promo Post & GIVEAWAY)

Like her previous book for Decadent Publishing, Druid, Mine is also part of the 1Night Stand series and has the heroine going back in time to find her true love.  The stories end up being a delightful treat providing a wonderful romantic interlude.  So keep reading to learn more about this story as well as winning a copy....

Druid, Mine by Kerry Adrienne

Anya’s wish for a normal date—away from the old man she is caretaker for—comes true in unexpected ways when she finds herself whisked to an ancient Irish stone circle on solstice eve.

Carrick’s decision to follow the path to become an Ovate druid has not come lightly, and he plans to spend the solstice eve in meditation unless fairies or evil spirits disrupt the circle. When a feisty girl walks right up to the fire, more than sparks fly.

They each seek healing and a connection, but the darkness of summer is short, and once the solstice sun breaks through the circle at dawn, the magic of the night will be over. Even Madame Eve can’t stop the day from rising.


Maybe I’m the first person Madame Eve can’t find a match for. And how was it any better than just picking someone up from one of the dozen bars along the street?

Bile filled her throat. Being caretaker for the old man had filled her days but left her empty inside. I’m lonely. I need this 1Night Stand. She stifled a sob. Crying wouldn’t help anything. She had chosen her path knowing full well what the consequences would be. Maybe she hadn’t foreseen how deeply alone she’d feel, but she’d known what she was getting into, work-wise. She used to be a risk taker, impulsive and willing to try new things. Why was she so willing to settle for security now?

The town’s few buildings rose in shadowed relief in the dusky twilight around the city center like tall stones. Guardians, perhaps. Behind them lay the mountains, the wild unknown. She sat straight and leaned into the faint spray from the fountain. The cool mist spread across the back of her arms. Closing her eyes, she lifted her long hair so the moisture could reach the back of her neck.


Anya dropped her hair.

“Hello?” No one.

“Aine. Let’s go.” The voice floated on drops of water and fell through the air.

“What?” No one was near.

“I’m here.” The voice settled softly like dew on her skin. The air wavered over the fountain and the water slowed.

I only had one beer.

“Come. He awaits.”

For the briefest moment, a golden light eclipsed the edge of Anya’s vision then darkness slid over her.

Available at:   Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Decadent Publishing


Kerry holds a BA in English: Writing and Editing with a minor in Classical Studies from NC State University. She has extensive freelance editing experience, and teaches various fiction writing classes at a local college. She is an Associate Editor with Entangled Publishing. In addition to editing, Kerry writes science fiction, romantic fantasy, and paranormal romance.

Email: vail@mindspring.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/kerryadrienne
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/KerryAdrienne/216668511686869
Web/Blog: www.kerryadrienne.com

*To learn more tidbits about this book, visit the other blogs hosting this tour listed HERE.


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