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Book Review of Once Upon a Wager by Julie LeMense

When Lord Alec Carstairs returns from the Peninsular Wars, hailed as a hero in the midst of the London Season, only Annabelle Layton knows the sort of man that he really is, that the honor everyone praises is illusory.
They’d been close friends once, before a passionate kiss changed everything. But if she’d secretly loved him, those feelings had died one bright summer morning, when a reckless wager left Annabelle with terrifying injuries. Alec had abandoned her without a backwards glance.
Hardly the actions of a hero. 
But Alec has never forgotten her, despite his vow to stay away. There is more to that long-ago day than Annabelle knows, and shocking lies have distorted the past. Can he uncover its painful truths, and still keep his distance from the stunning beauty? Can he deny his forbidden desire, even as it flares again between them, hotter than ever?


As a fan of the Regency period I was immediately drawn to this story and the masterful storytelling by its debut author.  Ms. LeMense has crafted an engaging and emotional story full of dramatic twists and turns courtesy of a truly dastardly villain and manipulative and overbearing parents.  Readers get a vivid depiction of this era and its devotion to proper behavior as well as a realistic and sensitive handling of issues such as the psychological aftermath of war, disability, and mental illness to further pull you into the story.  Add in a multifaceted hero and heroine and a slew of memorable secondary characters and you end up with a delightful work of art.

Annabelle isn't your typical heroine in that she's spunky and not afraid to speak her mind.  She's been in love with Alec since they were young and has tried to get him to see her as more than a child.  He's been purposely staying away though after catching her frolicking in a fountain.  With her brother Gareth's upcoming birthday she sets out to show Alec the woman she's become, but things go horribly awry leaving her gravely injured and Alec's honor sending him to war with a guilty heart caused by her bitter mother and Gareth's despicable and manipulative friend Digby.  Annabelle is merely a pawn through all this, believing the lies her mother tells her at the hands of Digby who desires her and seeks to bring her brother to ruin.  These events lead her to harden her heart and not wanting to reunite with Alec once he returns, but fate and her Aunt Sophia have other plans with Annabelle's debut into society hinging on his help.  Annabelle is an admirable heroine put through the emotional wringer who has come out of it stronger if slightly disillusioned.  With Aunt Sophia pushing her to embrace her wild side once again will she finally get the man she's always wanted or will past hurts and his honor continue to keep them apart?

Alec has had honor and obligation drummed into him since he was a child by a rather cold and calculating father.  His father's plans for him definitely don't include Annabelle or her lazy and silly brother Gareth but her heartfelt letter about their weakening friendship have him attending Gareth's birthday party where events throw his life into complete disarray.  Just as he started seeing Annabelle as someone important to him he's pulled away from her by a promise to her mother that destroys their relationship before it barely began.  Alec is a quiet man who lets his actions do the talking.  He lets honor override common sense sometimes which creates a lot of unnecessary emotional conflict between him and Annabelle but I still found myself drawn to him as he always tried to do the right thing, as he saw it, with the outcomes not always successful.  His interactions with Annabelle were full of sexual tension as he started seeing her as a grown-up on the market for a husband.  He may not always be the perfect hero but he tried and considering the importance his father placed on appearances he showed his affection the best he could though it was oftentimes subtle.

As truths are slowly revealed and past hurts worked through these two reconnect as adults in a romance that is sweetly sensual and bittersweet for all the time wasted even as the journey continues to be rocky.  Their interactions were full of witty banter and teeming with sexual tension that left me rooting for them though.  Along with a strong main couple there were a few secondary characters that stood out as well, particularly Aunt Sophia and Frederick and Jane.  I loved Aunt Sophia for her outspokenness and her subtle (and not so subtle) macinations in getting Annabelle and Alec together.  She was a breath of fresh air after a dark period for Annabelle.  Jane and Frederick were memorable in how their infirmities were dealt with which was refreshing and unexpected to see in a Regency read and added to an already engaging story.  Alec and Annabelle's HEA was a hard fought one but immensely satisfying.  Once the final page was turned I was left very impressed by Ms. LeMense's talent and am looking forward to her next book!

My rating for this is an A.

*I received this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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All Romance Bad Boy Giveaway

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Book Tour for The Personal Assistant by RaeLynn Blue (Review & GIVEAWAY)

As a fan of rock star stories I was immediately drawn to the glamorous, sexy, yet sometimes dangerous music world seen in The Personal Assistant by RaeLynn Blue.  Keep reading to get a tantalizing taste of this story, along with my impressions of it.  Make sure to leave a comment telling us what draws you to rock star stories too for the chance to win a $20 Amazon GC

In the high stakes world of popular music, stardom and fame are commonplace. Superstar, Morgan Thomas, is a commodity to be bought and sold. Tyrone is her assistant, charged with making her insane life--manageable. But once Morgan goes missing, can Tyrone summon the courage to find her and take their relationship from platonic to passionate?


Tyrone scanned the menu. It was dinnertime and the luxury hotel’s special was filet mignon with crab sauce. Morgan was allergic to seafood, so that was definitely out. He kept his cell phone in his right hand, just in case she called down to him.
God, I’m so trained! Sitting here with the freakin’ phone in my hand, waiting for my precious pop princess to dial down to her lowly servant.
He silently read the entrees on the menu, but mentally, he pictured Morgan. Tall as any model with a smooth complexion that resembled creamy mocha, she stood out in a crowd. Her mixed African blood had produced a stunning beauty. Brown, natural curly hair flowed down to her shoulders and blue eyes lit up her face. When she smiled, the whiteness of her teeth made her thick, bee stung lips look even pinker. She hated her lips. He couldn’t figure out why; her smile illuminated the dreariest of places.
At least to him.
She wasn't skinny like most women in the entertainment industry. With a long waist, full hips and ass, she put anyone of those cookie-cutter blondes of Beverly Hills to shame. Her ethnicity made her stand out; her beauty made her radiant
And she shined for him like the sun on a crisp, clear summer day.
He found her enchanting, and had since they were in high school. Yet, when she flirted with him—like the incident in the limo—it made him angry. She was simply toying with him, just like she did with many other men.
He didn’t want to be any other man to her; he wanted to be the man—her man.


Ms. Blue has packed quite a bit of action, both in and out of the bedroom, into this steamy story of obligations, misunderstandings, and the high cost of fame.  Sometimes the story got a bit overloaded because of this but at its core it's the evolution of friends to lovers for two people who almost missed their chance at happiness.

Morgan has been in love with Tyrone since high school but the time was never right to claim him.  She always kept him close though, as her assistant which led to even more emotional confusion as to what they meant to each other.  He's one of the few people she trusts to see the real her, the slightly grumpy and stressed out side she hides from the public.  Morgan isn't always likable as she's a bit of a prima donna at times, but to those in her inner circle she's a kind and caring person appreciative of all their care of her.  Her attraction for him is getting stronger but her past partying ways make her feel unworthy of him.  When a traumatic incident befalls her and has her leaving her glitzy life behind in a swirl of fear she finally realizes how much she needs him, but is it too late and will he believe he's the man she really wants?

Tyrone is a truly good guy who has been in love with Morgan since high school too but doesn't think Morgan feels the same.  With all the sexy and important man who surround her in her world he doesn't think he can compete.  He doesn't want to give in to her flirtiness because he doesn't want to be her plaything, he wants to be her everything.  The only way he can show he cares is through managing her life and career which leads to squabbles that keep them from becoming closer.  When she runs from him and her career he assumes the worst and becomes a man obsessed in finding out what's happened to her.  It's a life-altering and eye-opening turn of events that changes everything for both their futures in and out of the music world.

This was a quick read that vividly portrayed the glitz and glamour of the music world.  The obligations and superficiality was spot-on as well.  There's a constant sexual haze hanging over the story reflecting the unrequited sexual tension between Morgan and Tyrone.  There's also one or two super scorching sexual encounters to amp up the heat further.  Some of the events in the story felt very unnecessary though, particularly the encounter between Allison and Morgan, and distracted from the overall storyline.  The characters were engaging but I wish they'd spent more time together so we could see their relationship blossom.  Overall though it was a decadent read that let me live the rock star life for a few hours and has me curious for what scorching encounters Ms. Blue has planned next.

My rating for this is a C+

*I received this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


RaeLynn Blue is the author of numerous tales of erotic contemporary romance and speculative romance. With an imagination that's varied and diverse, her tales explores love in all its many shades, situations and scenarios. She fell into romance stories at the ripe age of eleven and has been writing stories ever since. A humble scribbler of tales, RaeLynn is actively writing another story of lust, love, and romance.

TWITTER:  @raelynnblue


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Book Tour for This Time by Marie Hall (Review & GIVEAWAY)

As a fan of her previous books in the Moments series I'm excited to have Marie Hall make a return visit today with the third book in this NA series, This Time.  Keep reading to get a glimpse of this book along with my impressions of it.  Make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win signed print copies of the first two books in this series.

A phone call that changed our lives... 
I've lived my life in a daze, trying to save someone hell bent on destruction. But when my phone rings and I'm told that Angel, my on again off again boyfriend has OD'd for the second time in two years, I'm so numb. So tired. So when Tor Boler, the sexy Norwegian and drummer of Fok asks me to stay with him, I stay. We were friends and I needed to be held. To be loved. It was just supposed to be one night of reckless passion. One night where I could forget how screwed up my life had become. 
...a night of passion with far reaching consequences 
I've wanted Jamie Sullivan since the day she walked through my tattoo shop eight years ago. There's a soulfulness to her blue eyes that reminds me of the arctic fjords of home. She calls to me. There's only one problem standing in our way- Angel Romero. I want her, and she wants me too, she just doesn't realize it yet. 
This time... we'll get it right.




From the first book in the Moments series to this latest one, Ms. Hall has crafted a series of intensely emotional reads for both us and the characters.  The issues being addressed are life-altering and don't pull any punches with the damage left behind.  Grab a tissue as loyalty, betrayal, and missed opportunities lead to lost dreams for two kind-hearted people to come together under unexpected circumstances.

Jamie thought she'd be with her high school sweetheart Alex forever, but an accident leads him to a dark place of drugs and faceless women that she's grown tired of forgiving.  Though she knows she should break ties completely, it's not easy as guilt and love for his family as if they were her own keeps her bound to him.  Being committed to him though has her hiding from life.  She's at a standstill with time and a real chance at happiness passing her by.  Fate soon intervenes when a one-night stand leads to more with the sexy and too perfect Viking tattooist/musician, Tor.  She soon has to choose between a past that's nothing more than a dream or a future full of infinite possibilities in a journey to HEA full of emotional ups and downs.  Jamie is a character I don't really remember from the previous book, but she makes a definite impression her.  I applaud her loyalty and understand her reasons for staying with Alex at first.  But with no hope for change on his part self-preservation should've kicked in to help her make a break long before.  He was emotionally manipulating her, and with such a strong-willed friend as Zoe, I'd hoped she would've figured it out sooner and when she didn't Zi was left frustrated by her.  I was happy fate intervened to bring her Tor as he's just about perfect in giving her the support and love she's been missing in her life because of Alex's problems and her absent parents.  Through an unexpected event she finally discovers she's worth more and deserving of happiness and her slowly evolving friends to lovers relationship with Tor put a smile on my face as he helped her every step of her journey.

Tor has loss in his past too and because of it knows not to squander away time.  He's waited forever to get Jamie to notice him and after one night they're connected in an unexpected way that has them learning about one another through a slowly evolving relationship that's sweetly sensual.  He understands her loyalty to Alex, and though it hurts him, he never forces her to choose between them.  He's devoted to her happiness and the possibilities for a future he sees when he looks in her eyes.  To sum it up, Tor is perfect!  My newest book boyfriend as he's sexy, charming, caring in a non-Alpha way, with a bit of a Norse accent.  Not only that but he gives great foot massages!  He's always been there for Jamie, watching for the sidelines early on, to being there when life takes an unexpectedly dramatic turn.  I was rooting for him every step of the way to get his richly rewarded HEA, but wish it had been with me instead as he's truly Prince Charming!

Ms. Hall's Moments series is the epitome of what the NA genre should be (particularly the first installment) as she deals with heavy issues in a believable way.  She takes her characters and readers on a journey of self-discovery through emotionally draining storytelling.  Her characters are compelling, her storylines engaging, and I look forward to where she'll take us next.  Fans of the NA genre won't want to miss this book, or the rest of the series, to see a master at work!

My rating for this is an A-

*I received this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Marie Hall is a New York Times Bestselling author who has always held a dangerous fascination for creatures that go bump in the night. And mermaids. And of course fairies. Trolls. Unicorns. Shapeshifters. Vampires. Scottish brogues. Kilts. Beefy arms. Ummm... Bad boys! Especially the sexy ones. 
Then the day came she realized apart from the sexy bad boy she married, there'd be no vampires/shapeshifters/mermaids/fairies/or even stinky trolls in her future unless she wrote about them. More often than not she can be found roaming the wild, lush tropical forest she calls her backyard (a.k.a. Hawaii) and day dreaming constantly about her latest project.


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Book Tour for Intimidator & the Preyfinders Series by Cari Silverwood (GIVEAWAY)

As a fan of the sci-fi genre I'm excited to introduce you to the Preyfinders series, especially Intimidator by Cari Silverwood, the second installment in the series.  Keep reading to get a steamy glimpse of both books in the series and then make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a $25 Amazon GC and an e-copy of the Kept anthology which features the first book in the Preyfinders series too!

Intimidator (Preyfinders #2)
Willow has her hands full scraping out a life in a grungy neighborhood where drugs and crime are the norm. Life is hard, but it’s about to get harder. Being transformed into a sexual pet for an alien warrior may be her only way out.
But Stom, the man she’s been awarded to as a battle honor, has no use for a female, not when his heart is still in a million pieces.
Though the need to be Stom’s mate is overwhelming her, mending his heart isn’t going to be enough. His enemies are searching, looking for the women who are more than they seem, and she’s in their hands before she discovers she’s more-than-human.
Sometimes it sucks to be a chosen one.


No. Stom cleared his throat and backed her further under the shower then began soaping her.
Amazing how he managed, even getting her to turn around so he could wash her hair and watching the water flow in rippling and twisting currents down her back. Willow’s muscles were heaven under his hands. Smoothing away the residues of soot on her pleased him immensely. It hit some spot inside him that made him know, yes, he was doing good.
Her soft noises of pleasure made him have to stop once or twice to reassemble his brain, but he kept going. Clean her. Get her right.
Make her a woman again and not some soot-covered succubus.
Suck. The word in his mind made his cock twitch and his fingers dug into her shoulders.
“Ow!” Willow flinched and spun around, almost slipping on the wet stone.
Her full breasts jiggled, swayed. The pink-brown centers drew him. They were all puckered up from the play of water over them, or perhaps from his rushed soaping. The two little taut buds had been under his palms, bubbles of soap catching on them...
“Oh,” she murmured, looking down at where his pants were pushed out by his erection.
When she didn’t raise her eyes and the very tip of her tongue emerged from her lips to curl moistly against them, he groaned.
This wasn’t why he’d kept her, remember? He needed to sort out her life, somehow. Stop her getting killed. Sex was just, was not... He inhaled a shuddery breath.
She twisted her mouth and took a partial step toward him, enough that she nudged his pants and, more importantly, pushed into the tip of his cock with her stomach. Her mischievous smile as she rolled her hips side to side, pushing at him some more, made him growl.


Precious Sacrifice (Preyfinders #1)
***Releasing soon as a Solo novel, PRECIOUS SACRIFICE, Book 1 of the Preyfinders series can also be found in the previously released Kept anthology.***
A Preyfinder is trained to withstand hardship and pain, but Jadd would rather kneel before a firestorm than leave his captive, Brittany, to be stalked and killed. The choice between love and loyalty to his soldier brothers may tear him in two. 


Cari Silverwood is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of BDSM stories and dark erotic fiction.
She writes the way the world should be - dangerous and sexy with bullets piercing the darkness and lovers wrenched close by ropes. When you need escape, when you need that rough lover to bring you to your knees, here you will find stories to singe your fingers. The taste of adventure, the tang of BDSM, the burn of fantasy run wild. Brace yourselves, if you dare to read. this real world, she has a lovely family in Australia, with the prerequisite teenager who dwells in the dark bedroom catacombs...a husband who raises eyebrows when he catches glimpses of what she writes, and a menagerie of other animals barking, meowing, and swimming about the place.



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Book Tour for Bride Undone by Kate Deveaux (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Today Kate Deveaux is making a return with her latest release, Bride Undone, an older man/younger woman full of emotional complications.  Keep reading to get a taste of this book along with my impressions of it.  Make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win 1 of 2-$50 Amazon GCs and 1 of 5 e-copies of this book too!

In one week Chloe will walk down the aisle. Yet she’s a bride who can’t stop spying on the weddings of total strangers. Desperate to catch a glimpse of what true love really looks like, she is having serious second thoughts about tying the knot.
Until she meets Wes — the sexy long lost father of her groom. The hunk from Texas confirms her worst fears. She is marrying the wrong man.
Battling her intense attraction for Wes, the flame between them burns too hot to resist. Chloe and Wes give into their scorching passion and struggle with the consequences of their love.


The door opened and Chloe jumped.
“Chloe?” Wes said in surprise. He froze in the doorway, his jaw tight and his eyes dark.
“Wes, I had to come talk to you.”
“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He nervously glanced out into the hall. “I told you I’m sorry.” He stepped inside the room, leaving the door wide open.
He walked over to his desk and rested his fingers on the glass. “We really shouldn’t be together. I’m leaving today.”
“No, no, Wes.” She moved toward him. “It’s not your fault.”
Wes’ eyes changed from amber to dark espresso. “I have to get to a board meeting. Please go, Chloe.”
Her eyes searched his and she saw pain in his dark gaze. “I can’t.” She moved one step closer to him.
Wes shook his head. “I shouldn’t have come for the wedding. None of this would have happened.”
“Yes...yes, you should have.” A hint of desperation crept through her. “Well actually, there isn’t going to be a wedding, but that’s not your fault.” She searched for the right words. “I was having second thoughts before you ever arrived. I was going to churches and watching complete strangers get married. The wedding was doomed before you ever got here.” Her words tumbled out faster than she could think them.
Wes said nothing but his raised eyebrows and taut neck muscles told her she wasn’t getting through to him.
“I knew what Conner and I had wasn’t right, that there was something missing.” She knew she was babbling but she had to let him know how she felt. “I have feelings for you, Wes...feelings I can’t hide. You probably think I’m crazy, spying on strangers’ weddings, but it just wasn’t right, me and Conner. And when I met you I knew. The minute I met you.” Tears welled in her eyes.
Wes looked stunned, as if someone had punched him in the stomach. She thought he was going to bolt from the room. He stood there staring at her before striding quickly toward the open door.
Instead of leaving, he paused and looked back at her and then shut the door and deliberately pressed the lock button. He said nothing, just turned on his heels and walked back to his desk, placing his hand on the phone.
Shit, he was going to phone Conner. He was going to keep her there captive in his office and call Conner and tell him what a nut bar his fiancée was.
Immobile, she watched him as he picked up the phone.
“Marie. Cancel the board meeting.” He looked up at Chloe and they locked eyes. Chloe’s stomach flipped and she started to tremble as Wes spoke into the phone. “Some new information came and in and I need time to review it. Send them all back downstairs, will you?”
He hung up the phone and stood behind the desk, his posture tense. Chloe’s heart pounded in her chest.
“Chloe,” he said gently, coming around the front of the desk, but carefully keeping his distance from her.
“You might have cold feet. Everyone does. It’s natural.” His eyes softened to amber but she could see the tension in his taut neck muscles remained, belying his calm tone. “I didn’t mean to lead you on.”
Dammit. How dare he think he’d led her on? How dare he discount her feelings so casually and sound so condescending? She knew he felt it when they kissed. And he must be scared. She was too. His expression hardened and she braced for his rebuke.
Wes looked at her, but was silent.
“Wes, it’s not your fault.” She struggled to convince him. “But I can’t marry your son. I have feelings for you and I can’t ignore them. I don’t want to.” She stepped toward him, praying he didn’t push her away.
He didn’t move, just stood there stone-faced.
“Don’t tell me you don’t feel it too.” She gazed at his chiseled face, his strong jaw, the flicker of gold in his eyes making her melt inside as they turned tender.
“Chloe,” he said softly. “What am I going to do with you?”
“You feel it too, don’t you?” She narrowed the space between them until she could feel the heat off his body and the thrum of his pulse.
“Fuck,” he cursed as he looked down at his cowboy boots and then slowly back up at her. He shook his head as if in defeat and pulled her to him. He pressed her body hard against his, jarring her with the impact, but loving the strength in his embrace.
His lips met hers and he kissed her, hard and demanding. “Chloe,” he murmured, wrapping his arms tightly around her and making her body hum with desire. “Yes, I feel it too.” One hand smoothed the hair from her face, the other cupped her ass firmly as he pulled her harder to him and parted her waiting lips with his tongue.
She welcomed his tongue eagerly as she grabbed his broad shoulders, running her hands along his strong back, feeling the muscles ripple under her fingers as he moved her across the room while kissing her.
The backs of her legs met the edge of the couch as he hovered over her, pushing her down as he kissed her lips hungrily, then down her neck, trailing his lips along her décolleté. It was if he was going to devour her and she ached for it.


Kate Deveaux knows how to write a hot scene and there's plenty of them on display in this story as the young and sometimes naive Chloe discovers in the nick of time the right man to bring her happiness.  It's not an easy journey though as their connection is looked down upon by some, especially by the man who's brought her fulfillment for the first time in forever.  Just when Wes thinks he's reconnecting with his son he ends up running away with his son's fiancée as she discovers he's not who she thought he was.  With danger hanging over her head, hiding out in an exotic oasis is just what the doctor ordered as they deepen their connection and make the impossible possible.

Chloe sensed early on that she couldn't marry Conner as he left her unfulfilled and questioning the intensity of her feelings for him.  She opted for security over happiness which left me disappointed in her until fate intervened and she finally met the man to make her feel alive.  She jumped into her newfound feelings wholeheartedly with little care for the consequences though.  Sex was the only thing on her mind as she made up for lost time in numerous hot and heavy sexual encounters with Wes.  Their time in the exotic hideout was like a fantasy where they did nothing but explore each other leaving little time for dealing with emotions.  It's not until the very end that they deal with things head-on and things were left a bit unfinished especially where Conner was concerned.

Wes doesn't act or look like the typical father and I can understand Chloe's attraction to him as he's the strong and supportive type.  Though they spend a lot of time together I'm not sure what else connects them as most of their interactions are of a sexual nature.  There's no doubt they connect completely on this level though since their sexual encounters are scorching.  Wes is much more worried about the ramifications of his being with Chloe than she is which resulted in moments of silence on his part as he didn't want to deal with reality.  Though he seems devoted to Chloe I still feel a bit of uncertainty about their future as the issue of Conner and his rage is left unresolved.

Those who love intensely erotic stories will get just that with Bride Undone.  There's not a lot of time spent getting to know the characters but there's an escapist feel to the story as the bulk of the storyline revolves around Chloe and Wes' decadent and sensual exotic vacation away from the issues of them being together.  Ms. Deveaux writes these encounters with a lot of naughtiness and steaminess that leaves the pages on fire and kept me fully immersed in their time together.  If you're looking for a decadently delightful escape from it all then count this as yet another feather in Ms. Deveaux's cap.

My rating for this is a C+

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Kate is a contemporary, erotic romance writer and die-hard romantic. It was after reading Jane Eyre in high school, that she became hooked on the idea of writing about romance, excitement and drama. Kate has been penning stories, from the sensual to the sinfully sexy, ever since!  
A former wedding planner, Kate has always been "in love" with love!  She was inspired to transition from writing racy short stories to full length manuscripts after meeting other authors in the romance world at industry workshops, conferences and events. Now a multi published contemporary romance novelist, Kate is a member of Savvy Author, Romance Writers of America (RWA) as well as their erotic romance chapter, Passionate Ink. Born in London, England, Kate has lived in both the U.K. and the U.S. When she’s not busy writing or reading, Kate can be found on the tennis court—yes, there’s even "love" in that game too!


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Celebrate Spice Box Featuring 16 Authors (GIVEAWAY)

Today I'm introducing you to Spice Box, a new collection of books which features 16 steamy stories (various genres) for an incredible pre-order price of .99 cents.  When it goes on sale June 29th the price will rise to $2.99 so you'll definitely want to order early as these stories sound decadently delightful!  There's also a huge giveaway with over 50 prizes (Amazon GCs and numerous ebooks) going on that will run from May 19th through July 31st, so make sure to fill out the form below!

What do you get when you mix sixteen spicy reads by sixteen premiere romance writers in their respective genres? Then add a dash of HOT, a pinch of SINFUL, whisk in some BDSM, fold in some SENSUAL SIN, whip to a SEXY froth, and then let  DESIRES rise.  The result is SPICE BOX SET…..Whether it’s contemporary romance or romantic suspense, alpha vampires, stories with shifters, or BDSM romance—Spice Box offers sixteen erotic romance books with something for everyone. For a limited time this is your chance to enjoy books from today's New York Times, USA Today bestselling authors, and many more.

BUY LINKS:  Kobo  |  iTunes  |  Amazon  |  BN  |  Smashwords

The Demon's Deception by Lisa Adler
Barbas, the Demon of Healing, has a secret. One he'd do anything to keep. Until the day that he meets his sworn enemy and finds himself drawn into her world. Certainly a Demon strong enough to survive being chained for a millennium beneath the Earth's crust can resist one virginal princess when she demands his help. To reveal the truth would make him a traitor to his people. So why does deceiving the princess make him feel like a traitor to his heart?
This futuristic fantasy romance series is set in the near future after a massive earthquake unleashes magickal Demons who have been trapped beneath the Earth's crust for the last thousand years. When they burst to the surface, their energy fries all electrical systems and throws the Human world into an industrial apocalypse. In this post-apoc, dystopian world Humans are caught between the warring Demons and their mortal enemy, the FaeDemons and Fae draw magickal power from Human emotions. Each side gains victories and suffers defeats. But lately the Demons have been increasing in power exponentially, while the Fae are growing weaker.

But the Fae have plans to change their luck

Lisa Alder has a split personality.
Naughty Lisa writes HOT Demons, Fae and Humans in a post-apocalyptic world.
Nice Lisa writes sexy, contemporary romantic romps.
She has been writing romance for years. All manner of stories lurk in her mind, with all manner of fictional creatures vying for her time and attention. Right now she’s consorting with Demons and Fae (Demons Unleashed Erotic Novellas) or innocent small town girls (One Wild Night). But she’s been known to play with sexy Angels, modern day Amazons, hot CIA dudes, and kick-ass heroines as well. And lately, she's been immersed in modern day Amazons.
You can find email her at: She loves to hear from readers!
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The Kraken's Mirror by Maureen O. Betita
Captain Alan Silvestri is a man haunted by a strange curse. Good luck is his to command, but it comes at the cost of any place to call home or people to reckon as family. Resigned to die and shunned by all, he is forced to sail every three days, until he begins to dream of a special woman. Treated by our youth-oriented society as invisible and sexless, Emily Pawes is ready to move on with life. She attends a pirate festival, hoping to recapture the make-believe magic she knew as a young woman. Lucky to win an interesting bit of booty at a brick-a-brac stand, she finds herself transported by the Kraken's mirror through a magical portal to a land of Hollywood piratitude, where swashbuckling heroes own iPods. With little choice, Emily embraces the madness. Playing pirate has to be safer than falling into the arms of handsome Captain Silvestri, right? When they meet, sparks fly, passion flares. He needs her to be free, but more than that, he needs her to be whole. Setting sail and uncertain of who actually controls the wheel, they seek ways to defeat his curse of good luck and discover the Kraken's mirror has plans for them. Will Emily stay in this pirate haven to fight alongside him or will he lose her because of his curse?

Maureen lives along the lovely Monterey Bay and finds great inspiration in being so near the Pacific Ocean. She shares her home with Stephen, her high school sweetheart, married for over 30 years; a cat named Isabeau and a dog named Bonnie. She travels miles and miles to attend pirate festivals, renaissance fairs, scifi/fantasy conventions and writing conferences.
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Fifty Shades of Fifty Shades of Gray by Riley J. Ford
What happens when you try 50 Shades in the REAL world?
When accountant Ben Weaver awakens after an erotic dream, he encounters a wife who is unwilling, uninterested, and who once again has a headache. The unworldly but focused Ben decides he will do anything to rekindle his sex life, including imitating the erotic techniques of billionaire Christian Grey from the Fifty Shades series. Unable to withstand the pent-up ache radiating from his tender blue testicles, Ben decides to take Grey's methods to a whole new level in order to relieve the pressure on his . . . er, marriage.
Shocked by her husband's unusual plan, Kate Weaver hesitates in giving him what he desires. But for all his trappings of non-success--his ordinary accounting job where coworkers steal his sandwiches and brag about their sex lives, his lack of wealth, his inability to seduce his own wife--Ben is a man with one saving talent: the driving determination to reignite his sex life no matter what it takes. When the couple embarks on a daring and dangerous physical adventure, Kate discovers her husband's fanatical zeal to explore all of Christian Grey's darkest desires, with calamitous results.
Erotic, hilarious, and highly disturbing, Fifty Shades of Fifty Shades of Grey is a spin-off that will titillate you, amuse you, and stay with you until the next erotic romance crosses your Kindle.

Riley J. Ford is a graduate of UCLA with a degree in English. After teaching at both the high school and college levels for a number of years, she turned to writing full-time. Her non- fiction books are used in college classrooms around the country, and her essays have been featured on such websites as She is the author of four fiction books, INTO YOU, a young adult mystery, CARPEDiEMILY, a romantic comedy caper, FIFTY SHADES OF FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, a satire, and CIRCUS OF LOST SOULS, a thriller. She enjoys running with the bulls in Pamplona and downhill skiing in her free time.
If you have enjoyed the author's books, please write a review on
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Wrong Room by Geri Foster
Lexi Ryan wants her boyfriend to propose, so when his business sends him to Las Vegas, she follows. But the rat has chosen to marry his ex. Dressed in a sexy teddy and carrying a half empty bottle of bubbly, Lexi manages to get locked out of her room. In desperation she jumps into the first open door. Jack Harrison is in Vegas with two friends celebrating his birthday. The guys promised him a great surprise. When a beautiful woman dressed for sex knocks on his door, he mentally thanks his buddies. What a present! He's more than willing to enjoy his birthday gift with this beautiful woman. Lexi and Jack learn sex between them is amazing. But can their relationship survive the light of day?

Geri Foster writes light-hearted Erotica Comedy with a twist. She loves watching her characters get in quirky situations on their way to falling in love.
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Torn Between Two Brothers by Cathryn Fox
Lauren Gray loves everything about Adam Wilson, but she can’t deny that while she loves their frantic lovemaking sessions, there are times when she’d like to shift things into slow gear.When she discovers Adam asleep in his bed, she slips between his sheets and attributes his achingly gentle touch to his mellow state. Except come morning she realizes that it wasn’t Adam who was searing her body with slow, sultry lovemaking, it was his brother Garret. Lauren can’t help but think that separately the brothers are amazing, but a combination of the two makes the perfect package. And when this good girl realizes she’s torn between two brothers it has her thinking about breaking all the rules…

Cathryn is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend. She loves dogs, sunny weather, anything chocolate (she never says no to a brownie) pizza and red wine. She has two teenagers who keep her busy with their never ending activities, and a husband who is convinced he can turn her into a mixed martial arts fan. Cathryn can never find balance in her life, is always trying to find time to go to the gym, can never keep up with emails, Facebook or Twitter and tries to write page-turning books that her readers will love.
A maritime native and former financial officer, Cathryn has lived all over Canada but has finally settled down in her childhood hometown with her family.
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***Cathryn also writes New Adult under the name Cat Kalen

Eternal Ever After by A.C. James
His past holds a secret...Arie Cush has a secret that he thought he'd left behind. When his past follows him to Chicago he must protect someone that reminds him of all the painful memories he's tried so hard to forget. But when every touch from her sets his heart and body on fire--he finds it hard to maintain his aloof façade....that becomes her nightmare.

Holly Ellis has secrets of her own. An encounter with the handsome stranger who frequents her coffee shop reveals a vampire with baggage. Even though it might be more than she bargained for, she can't resist the one person who understands her. But her life is in danger and a supernatural threat could reveal the underground world of vampires to humankind in this Gothic Cinderella re-telling.Heat Level: This book is a steamy romance. It's the development of a romantic relationship that contains more explicit language and sex. The sex is not an inherent part of the story, character growth, or relationship development, and if removed you still have an amazing plot. 
A.C. James happily pounds out steamy scenes at her keyboard where romance is laced with horror in hot stories of vampires and bad boy werewolves, sexy witches and feisty fae. Usually, some handcuffs and chains; whips and floggers—can be found in her unrestrained narratives of their consuming desire. Stories always feature strong heroines and alpha heroes, all of them from the heart, capturing the intense emotions of love and passion, with plenty of action, twists, and turns that will keep you turning pages. She’ll dominate your desires until the very last page that climaxes in a happily ever after.
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His To Keep by Stephanie Julian
One phone call is all it takes to throw Nic DeMarco’s carefully controlled world into chaos. The woman he's loved for years has been threatened, and he'll do anything to keep her safe… only, she's not his to protect.
Annie Reed has been in love with her best friend’s brother since she first laid eyes on him, but he's kept her at arm's length. When she takes a job at the DeMarco family private investigation firm, Annie tries to keep her emotions in check. But Nic is too much to ignore.
As Nic and Annie get closer, so does the danger that stalks them...
Stephanie Julian writes erotic series that combine heat with heart.
She's happily married to a Springsteen fanatic and has two sons who became men much too fast.
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Red Tape by Kathy Kulig
Bondage in the White House. Hot passion explodes when two headstrong CIA agents and ex-lovers are hand-picked for a secret organization that uses sex and scandal to manipulate a sadistic leader. Danger escalates when their target discovers the plan and devises his own scheme. The mission and love affair spins out of control, forcing a decision between love, loyalty or National Security.

Kathy Kulig is an award-winning erotic romance author whose works include elements of BDSM and the paranormal. She has published several novels and novellas for Ellora’s Cave. Her latest release, Summer Sins, is part of a BDSM/ménage series called Dark Odyssey. And her upcoming release, Red Tape, is book one of the new FLC series of romantic suspense. Besides her career in writing, she has worked as a cytotechnologist, research scientist, medical technologist, dive master and stringer for a newspaper. Kathy resides in eastern Pennsylvania with her husband.
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Arouse by Nina Lane
"One day I'm going to touch you in a thousand different ways and show you how to touch me," he said. And he did.  
Struggling with a tormented past, undergraduate Olivia Winter once led a practical but isolated life. Then she met Professor Dean West, a brilliant scholar of medieval history who melted Liv's inhibitions and taught her the meaning of both love and erotic pleasure. But after three years of a blissful, lusty marriage, Liv and Dean now face a crisis that threatens everything they believe about each other. And when dark secrets and temptations rise to the surface, the fallout might break them apart forever.

USA Today bestselling author Nina Lane writes hot, sexy romances and spicy erotica. Originally from California, she holds a PhD in Art History and an MA in Library and Information Studies, which means she loves both research and organization.
She also enjoys traveling and thinks St. Petersburg, Russia is a city everyone should visit at least once.  Although Nina would go back to college for another degree because she's that much of a bookworm and a perpetual student, she now lives the happy life of a full-time writer.
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Blood Slave by Travis Luedke
Her mother named her Esperanza Salvación - Hope for Salvation. But when a girl works as an escort for Colombian cartel in the ghettos of Spanish Harlem, there wasn’t much hope, or salvation.  Hope’s telepathic ability keeps her a step ahead of ruin, but her unusual gift attracts the attention of a psychotic vampire bitch. Trapped in a Manhattan penthouse with the psycho, she thought she was dead meat.  Her survival lies in the hands of Vampire Master Enrique. He seems to respect her, perhaps even care. As a measure of protection, he makes her his personalBloodslave. Helplessly addicted to his bite, Enrique rules her every moment. As always, Hope must adapt to survive.  Swept into the decadent nightlife of Manhattan's elite, she falls in love with Enrique and prays someday he may grow to love her, too. But is it simply a relationship of convenience? Is she nothing more than a concubine desperate to satisfy his nightly demands for blood and sex?And forever in the background is the fear that one day the cartel boss she abandoned will hunt her down to collect on old debts.

#NSFW author of the violently sexy NIGHTLIFE SERIES (Vampires, Escorts & Strippers). Has auditioned for Christian Grey in 50 Shades film. He is currently catching a 3rd degree sunburn in San Antonio, Texas, and loving every minute of it.
As the author of the Nightlife Series novels, Travis lives very vicariously through his writings. He invites you to enjoy his macabre flights of fancy, but be warned: The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.

The Witch Who Cried Wolf by Sarah Mäkelä
Be careful what you wish for…A potion gone wrong: Mia Brooks is a reluctant witch, with powers that she tries to hold in check. But when her magic gets mixed up, supernatural forces are unleashed and suddenly she’s being pursued by werewolves--that she didn’t even realize existed…Hidden emotions: Ethan Parker, Mia’s brother’s best friend, is home from deployment for the holidays. Mia’s not only hiding from werewolves, she’s trying to keep her feelings for Ethan secret; it would be a disaster if he knew she’s been nursing a long-time crush…The power of love: things take a terrifying turn when Mia and Ethan are attacked by a werewolf. Ethan is amazed when Mia reveals her paranormal prowess as she tries to shield them from danger. But can she really protect them from the darkness that lurks? And how can he tell her that, for ages, he’s been denying what he really wants? Mia...

Sarah Mäkelä loves her fiction dark, magical, and passionate. She is a paranormal romance author, but she's written all over the romance spectrum with cyberpunk, sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy...even a sweet contemporary romance!
A life-long paranormal fan, she still sleeps with a night light. In her spare time, she reads sexy books, watches scary movies (and Ghost Adventures), and plays computer games with her husband. When she gets the chance, she loves traveling the world too.
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Cherry Girl by Raine Miller
Blackstone Affair spin-off, yet can be a standalone Elaina Morrison has loved Neil McManus her whole life. She doesn’t remember a time when she didn’t love him. Through heartbreaking tragedy and years of separation, her love holds true…until life stomps all over her heart, shattering her perfect dream, teaching her how hard it is to let go. Real life doesn’t have anything on romantic dreams though, as these two have learned repeatedly. It sucks big time, leaving painful scars in its wake. But Neil isn’t giving up. He’s endured years of longing and sacrifice to wait for her. Always a soldier, he knows his way around a battlefield, and winning Elaina is no different. So that’s precisely what Neil is going to do. He'll go in fighting, and make Elaina see what he already knows. That she will forever be his Cherry Girl…

Raine Miller is the author of the New York Times Bestselling series, The Blackstone Affair. She lives in California with her husband and two sons, where she is undoubtedly working on the next spicy book for your reading enjoyment.
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Blood Avenged by K.M. Scott writing as Gabrielle Bisset
Long ago, the first vampire was born from the love of the goddess Macaria, the daughter of Hades, God of the Underworld, and Navarus, the human male who fell in love with her. As her consort, he walked the night as she always had, becoming the first vampire. Loving her, he turned her vampire and together they had eight sons. The youngest,Idolas, had a vision of the world long after ancient Greek times, of a time when the Archons, those vampires chosen to keep law and order in the vampire world, would move to overthrow the elders in the Order of Macaria and impose their iron rule on all.
The vampire world is now very far from the love Macariaand Navarus shared millennia ago. The Archons have moved to fulfill the Prophecy of Idolas and begin the takeover. Standing in their way are the Sons of Navarus, eight vampire warriors chosen by the Order of Macaria to protect the way of life vampires have enjoyed for thousands of years and defeat the Archons when the day Idolasprophesied came true.
That time has come and for the eight Sons of Navarus, this war will test all their strength and courage. They must unlock the secrets of the Prophecy of Idolas to defeat the Archons or perish in trying for none of their kind can be safe if the Archons win this battle. 

Gabrielle Bisset writes erotic paranormal romance about sexy vampires. Her alter ego, K.M. Scott, is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling erotic contemporary romance author. Whether she's writing vampires or billionaires, her heroes are always Alpha males who know how to take care of a woman. When she's not writing, she can be found reading or feeding her TV addiction.
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Sex with the Ex by Jan Springer
When Sex Squad Detective Sky Kelley informs her fiancé, Detective Jim O’Brien, that she wants to wait until they’re married before they have sex, he dumps her! Angry and defiant at his rejection, Sky undertakes a dangerous mission into the dark and sensual world of sex slave training on one of Saturn’s pleasure moons. When Jim discovers Sky has volunteered for the mission, he’s enraged. She’s too pure and innocent for such a naughty assignment and he has no choice but to follow her. However, Sky isn’t anybody’s damsel in distress and she’s going to prove it in ways Jim has only dreamed about…

Jan Springer is a full-time author. She lives in Ontario, Canada and writes erotic romance and erotica.
She is published with Ellora’s Cave, Spunky Girl Publishing. Siren BookStrand, Totally Bound, Pocket Books and other publishers.
She is a member of The Writer’s Union of Canada, Romance Writers of America and Passionate Ink.
Hobbies include kayaking, hiking, gardening and photography. Jan loves hearing from her readers.
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The Bequest by Christina Thacher
Sara leads a double life: CFO by day, sexual submissive at night. When her Master dies suddenly, Sara discovers his will leaves her to his nephew, as though she's a valuable piece of furniture. She's ready to move into a hotel when she gets her first sight of the new owner, gorgeous six-foot-five Cal. Sara has a sudden desire to kneel at his feet. Only problem, he's not a Dom. Cal, a gifted but impoverishedcomposer, barely knew his uncle. So it's a shock to inherit Bruno's fortune ... and his sexual submissive. Under the terms of the will, they'll have to live as roommates before Cal can deed the house to her. Smart, lovely and graceful, Sara drives Cal crazy with desire. Only problem, he's not a Dom. Cal is used to directing an orchestra to create the performance he wants, but he has to visit The Club to understand why his uncle left him The Bequest.

In real life, Christina Thacher is a bankruptcy lawyer who writes her BDSM-themed erotic romances while waiting for her cases to be called in court. She can’t post a picture that shows her face, because if her boss finds out what she writes, she’ll have to use the furry handcuffs on him...and she can’t do that until after she’s made partner.
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The Invitation by Erika Wilde
Erika Wilde turns up the heat in another installment of THE MARRIAGE DIARIES, an erotic series about a married couple who take intimacy and passion to the extreme.
After months of indulging in some of the hottest sex of his married life, Dean Noble intends to give Jillian a very special gift for their twentieth anniversary... an invitation that will take them beyond their wildest, most erotic fantasies.


Erika Wilde, author of The Marriage Diaries and The Players Club series, enjoys writing stories on the kinkier, spicier side of romance. Once a Southern California native, she now lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and daughters, and loves the Pacific Northwest.
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