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Happy Easter!!!!!!

Wishing Everyone a very Happy Easter!!!!  Enjoy all that candy and time with family!

Game of Thrones Returns Tonight!!!!!

As if last night's Doctor Who didn't make me giddy enough!  Tonight GoT returns to HBO and we return to war with the Starks, Lannisters, and Targaryens.  I wanted to post some videos (just like I wanted to last night) but for some odd reason Blogger and my iPad aren't playing nice.  So just envision the sexy Jon Snow and Rob Stark and join me in the countdown to tonight's premiere of GoT!!!!!

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Book Tour for Tarnished Gold by Brita Addams (Promo Post & GIVEAWAY)

To celebrate the release of my old Hollywood era novel, Tarnished Gold, I have embarked on a virtual book tour.

When I first started reading romance novels, I found myself attracted to the broken, emotionally tortured heroes—characters like Sydnam Butler in Mary Balogh's Simply Love, and Lisa Kleypas's Lord Westcliff in It Happened in Autumn. They were strong men, outwardly self-assured. However, when alone, they held pain so deeply ingrained.
So goes the broken heroes. There are many ways for a character to end up broken, and usuallythat journey isn't the focus of the story, save for flashbacks. We understand that external forces have dealt them apparent insurmountable blows, leaving them unsure, melancholy, and in some cases, on the verge of suicide. Though they might be wealthy, of noble birth, and of extraordinary masculine beauty, only they see the glaring flaws. Flaws they want fixed, but they don't have the fortitude to tackle the problem on their own. Enter that special person who has all the proper tools and the will to get the job done.
In romance novels, broken heroes can and should be fixed. If not, the misery lives on and makes for a very unsatisfying read. I have always believed that there is one person on this earth for each of us. Someone who is meant to fix the wrongs others have done to our lives, and in turn, we must do the same. That has been my personal experience anyway. While we'd all like to thinkthat we can live for ourselves and don't need anyone to "fix" things, that simply isn't my experience. If that were true, we wouldn't need psychiatrists, would we?
Yes, I love romance. I suppose loving broken heroes play to my need to fix things. As a mom, I hate seeing my children in need and will do anything to help, if I can. For me, it is a basic human need—to do no harm and to fix harm that has been done.
In Tarnished Gold, our hero, Jack Abadie, struggles with many problems, some due to his upbringing and others learned behavior. Isn't that the way it goes sometimes? Bad advice from friends or relatives, or circumstances that take a toll on a person, sometimes without us ever being aware it's happening.
With patience and a great deal of love, Wyatt learns who Jack truly is and in doing so, teaches Jack something about himself. I found writing these two characters very interesting, as we negotiated the various stages of their lives.
I invite you to follow Jack's journey of awareness. As he matures, he is better able to determine what he wants and what makes the most sense.

In 1915, starstruck Jack Abadie strikes out for the gilded streets of the most sinful town in the country—Hollywood. With him, he takes a secret that his country hometown would never understand. 
After years of hard work and a chance invitation to a gay gentlemen's club, Jack is discovered. Soon, his talent, matinee idol good looks, and affable personality propel him to the height of stardom. But fame breeds distrust. 
Meeting Wyatt Maitland turns Jack’s life upside down. He wants to be worthy of his good fortune, but old demons haunt him. Only through Wyatt's strength can Jack face that which keeps him from being the man he wants to be. Love without trust is empty. 
As the 1920s roar, scandals rock the movie industry. Public tolerance of Hollywood's decadence has reached its limit. Under pressure to clean up its act, Jack’s studio issues an ultimatum. Either forsake the man he loves and remain a box office darling, or follow his heart and let his shining star fade to tarnished gold.

***Read an excerpt and purchase the Tarnished Gold ebook or print, signed by the author (if one of the first twenty sold.)

The most broken heroes I've ever written are found in For Men Like Us. Benedict Wilmot wants to right the wrong he'd done to Preston and nothing will stop him from his self-appointed duty. During the Napoleonic Wars, a superior discovered Ben and a fellow soldier in the throes of passion. As a result, Ben was tormented by the superior and was forced to commit an act so heinous, he still can't face himself years later.
Ben is unable to dismiss it as an act of war and it haunts him, throwing his own life into insufficiency. It is Ben's decency and his human need to fix the wrong that he inflicted, that brings him face to face with Preston. Though he can't repair that which he destroyed, he wants to make things right, to fix Preston's life. In doing so, he finds his own pain reflected in Preston, forcing him to examine his methods, and ultimately, to allow Preston to fix him.
In real life, fixing broken souls often entails letting go of old grudges, old relationships, old ways. It's scary, because we are such creatures of habit. Sometimes even the bad in our lives is "safer" than seeking something different. When you do it, it feels a bit like being set adrift in unfamiliar waters, but sometimes the bad old isn't as good as the new unsure.
My two characters, Ben and Preston, are very real to me, as I've known men like them. No, not in their exact circumstances, but a damaged soul is a damaged soul, no matter the cause.
Ah, the broken hero. For me, it's the idea that strong, self-assured men can succumb to weakness without it causing complete destruction. When they tear themselves wide open, bare their souls, especially to themselves, is when I love them the most. Then, when the right person comes alongand works their magic at filling the empty spaces in the character's soul, I'm hooked. That's what makes Sydnam Butler and Lord Westcliff live on in my literary memory.

After Preston Meacham’s lover dies trying to lend him aid at Salamanca, hopelessness becomes his only way of life. Despite his best efforts at starting again, he has no pride left, which leads him to sell himself for a pittance at a molly house. The mindless sex affords him his only respite from the horrors he witnessed. 
The Napoleonic War left Benedict Wilmot haunted by the acts he was forced to commit and the torture he endured at the hands of a superior, a man who used the threat of a gruesome death to force Ben to do his bidding. Even sleep gives Ben no reprieve, for he can’t escape the destruction he caused. 
When their paths cross, Ben feels an overwhelming need to protect Preston from his dangerous profession. As he explains, “The streets are dangerous for men like us.” 

***You can find For Men Like Us at Dreamspinner Press


Born in Upstate New York, Brita Addams has made her home in the sultry south for many years. Brita's home is a happy place, where she lives with her real-life hero, her husband, and a fat cat named Stormee.
She writes, for the most part, erotic historical romance, both het and m/m, which is an ideal fit, given her love of British and American history. Setting the tone for each historical is important. Research plays an indispensible part in the writing of any historical work, romance or otherwise. A great deal of reading and study goes into each work, to give the story the authenticity it deserves.
As a reader, Brita prefers historical works, romances and otherwise. She believes herself born in the wrong century, though she says she would find it difficult to live without air conditioning.
Brita and her husband love to travel, particularly cruises and long road trips. They completed a Civil War battlefield tour a couple of years ago, and have visited many places involved in the American Revolutionary War.
In May, 2013, they are going to England for two weeks, to visit the places Brita writes about in her books, including the estate that inspired the setting for her Sapphire Club series. Not the activities, just the floor plan. J
A bit of trivia – Brita pronounces her name, Bree-ta, like the woman's name, and oddly, not like the famous water filter.

Website  |  Blog  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Fan Page  |  Goodreads  |  Bookshelf  |  Amazon Author Page  |  Pinterest


-Ebook giveaways at each stop. Random commenter's choice from my backlist (Tarnished Gold excluded)
-Signed 8x10 glossies of Jack Abadie.
****Grand Prize is a Kindle, along with the winner's choice of five (5) of my backlist titles, sent to them by email.

Easy. Leave a comment at one or all the stops. At each stop, a random commenter will be selected to win their choice of backlist book (Tarnished Gold excluded.) This selection will be made daily throughout the tour, except where blog owners wish to extend the eligibility. Be sure to leave an email address in your comment. 
All names of commenters and their email addresses will be put into the drawing for the Kindle, even if they have won the daily drawing. The more comments you make the more chances you have to win.
Other prizes include five (5) 8x10 glossies of Jack Abadie, signed. The winners will be selected on April 10, from all the commenters at all the stops, and notified by email.
The Grand Prize winner will be selected on April 10th and notified by email. Once I have heard from the winner and obtained a shipping address, I will order the Kindle and have it shipped directly to the winner. They will also be eligible to select five (5) of my backlist titles and I will email them to the winner.
Contest valid in the United States.

****Full schedule for the Tarnished Gold Virtual Book Tour

Review of Tarnished Gold by Brita Addams

In 1915, starstruck Jack Abadie strikes out for the gilded streets of the most sinful town in the country—Hollywood. With him, he takes a secret that his country hometown would never understand. 
After years of hard work and a chance invitation to a gay gentlemen's club, Jack is discovered. Soon, his talent, matinee idol good looks, and affable personality propel him to the height of stardom. But fame breeds distrust. 
Meeting Wyatt Maitland turns Jack’s life upside down. He wants to be worthy of his good fortune, but old demons haunt him. Only through Wyatt's strength can Jack face that which keeps him from being the man he wants to be. Love without trust is empty. 
As the 1920s roar, scandals rock the movie industry. Public tolerance of Hollywood's decadence has reached its limit. Under pressure to clean up its act, Jack’s studio issues an ultimatum. Either forsake the man he loves and remain a box office darling, or follow his heart and let his shining star fade to tarnished gold.


Tarnished Gold is an intense read from the beginning and deals with one man's desire to become famous while never selling himself out. He stays true to himself, no matter what society thinks, to forge a trailblazing path with the man he loves by his side.

Before I give my in-depth perceptions of this story, let me start off by saying that this book is long.  A lot happens, not only to the main characters but a slew of secondary characters who deal with similar life issues as the protagonist, so the overall feel of the story is one of being a miniseries.  As the years go by, historical events rear their ugly head to add even more drama to the characters we slowly come to care about.  Through the vivid depictions of the style and actions of the silent movie world to the transition to talkies amidst a world gone crazy because of the Depression and other's beliefs of how people should act, it was easy to become completely immersed into this beautifully flowing story.

The main character of Jack always wanted to make it big.  He knew there was more to the world than what his small town could give him and he throws aside everything to head towards fame.  There's a naïveté to him early on that fame slowly takes from him.  But in its place he becomes a wiser even more self-assured man not willing to compromise.  Jack is immensely likable and never forgets about his family as his riches are theres.  He's dependable and you can't help but admire him and root for his HEA as he forges a completely unexpected path that has a very modern feel to it in its radicalness.

Surrounding Jack is a colorful cast of characters who have plenty of emotional highs and lows themselves.  These characters are sometimes likable, while others leave you conflicted, but they're never forgettable. Their endings aren't always pretty but the stark realism adds to the story's overall emotional intensity.  Adding to the story's intensity are numerous sexual encounters that steam up the pages with the occasional bits of BDSM thrown in.  These scenes not only involve Jack, who after one or two brief encounters settles into bliss with one wonderful man who's definitely his equal, but his mentor Eric whose emotional baggage leads him from one self-destructive encounter to the next and can be seen as what could've happened to Jack had he not had such strong self-esteem and pride in himself.

Ms. Addams has crafted an emotionally draining, yet immensely satisfying, saga that carries readers to new highs in entertainment. Reading Tarnished Gold felt like watching a movie on the big screen with larger than life characters thrust into the craziness of the Roaring 20's and waiting to see who makes it through in one piece.  It's an exhaustingly intense read but well worth the time invested.

My rating for this is an A.

*I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

New Who Tonight!!!!!!!

After the tears finally stopped falling due to our fond farewell to the Pond's, I'm excited to welcome back Doctor Who tonight with his new Companion Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman).  Ms. Coleman left me intrigued after her two previous visits to DW and I have high hopes that she'll make for a delightful Companion.  She's bubbly and her interactions with the Doctor (Matt Smith) previously were crackling with a slight sexual tension between the two.  He's more than met his match, that's for sure.  The synopsis of the next seven episodes sound amazing and I can't wait to see all the running.  What about you?  Are you excited for the return of Doctor Who?

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Book Tour for Covet Thy Neighbor by L.A. Witt (Review & GIVEAWAY)

I'm ending the week on a high note and featuring L.A. Witt and her newest release, Covet Thy Neighbor, which is a m/m read dealing with issues of religion and acceptance.  It's an amazing read and I'm excited to bring you a glimpse of it as well as the chance to win books and a GC just for commenting........

Welcome to the Riptide Publishing/L. A. Witt blog tour Covet Thy Neighbor, part of the Tucker Springs series!

Opposites attract, but heaven help these two.
Tattoo artist Seth Wheeler thinks he’s struck gold when Darren Romero rents the apartment across the hall. The new guy is gorgeous, witty, and single, plus he’s just the right blend of bold and flirtatious. Perfect.
Except then Darren reveals that he moved to Tucker Springs to take a job as the youth pastor at the New Light Church. Seth is not only an atheist, but was thrown out by his ultra-religious family when he came out. He tends to avoid believers, not out of judgment but out of self-preservation.
But Darren doesn’t give up easily, and he steadily chips away at Seth’s defenses. Darren is everything Seth wants in a man . . . except for that one massive detail he just can’t overlook. Is Darren’s religion the real problem, or is it just a convenient smokescreen to keep him from facing deeper fears? It’s either see the light, or risk pushing Darren away forever.


Jason sat bolt upright, nearly knocking a cup of pens off his desk. “Dude, what’s wrong?”
“Well.” I tapped my heel beside the chair leg. “I have a new neighbor.”
“Oh yeah? That’s right, you were saying Robyn was going to move out.”
“She did. And the new guy?” I whistled and shook my head. “Gorgeous.”
“Nice! Never hurts to have a little eye candy around the neighborhood.” He raised an eyebrow. “So, what’s the problem?”
“He’s hot, he’s amazing, and he’s a minister.”
A laugh burst out of Jason. “Oh, shit. Seriously?”
“Wow. The fucking irony.”
“Tell me about it.”
“So, does he know he’s living in the gayest part of town?”
I nodded. “Yeah. Totally does. And he’s also completely cool with living across the hall from an atheist.”
Jason laughed again. “Maybe you’re his next project, assuming he likes a challenge.”
I tried to laugh, but it probably wasn’t very convincing. “Yeah. Maybe.” I watched my fingers play with the frayed fake leather on the armrest. “Pretty sure he’s okay with the fact that I’m gay, though.”
“Well, that’s a plus, especially considering what part of town he’s living in.” Jason shrugged. “What’s the big deal, then? So your hot new neighbor’s a minister? Just take in the eye candy and skip the religious debates.”
Sighing, I leaned back in my chair. “Well, that’s a little easier said than done. Especially after, um, last night . . .”
Jason eyed me for a moment. Then he blinked. “Good God, Seth. You two didn’t waste any time, did you?”
I laughed, heat rushing into my cheeks. “No, we didn’t.” I scowled. “And now I feel like shit about it.”
“I’ve been trying to figure that out all day.” I tapped my fingers on the armrest. “I guess it . . . I mean . . .” I exhaled hard. “I think it just keeps coming back to the fact that after how things went down with my family and my old church, I don’t want to get involved with someone who’s part of that crowd.”
Jason lowered his chin and raised his eyebrows. “That was one of those extremist churches. Is it really fair to paint an entire religion with that brush?”
“Maybe not,” I said through gritted teeth. “But the church pariah and disowned son in me are a bit hard-pressed to give a damn about what fucking qualifies as ‘fair.’”
“Okay, I can understand that. But you know damn well not everyone with a religious affiliation is like your idiot family. I can see why you’re gun-shy, but, Jesus, I would think it would be refreshing to find someone who didn’t condemn us the way your family does.”
“Maybe it should be, but all I can think is . . . fuck. I don’t even know what I’m thinking.”
“That his acceptance of who you are—and who he is, Seth—invalidates everything that happened to you?”
“I . . .”
I didn’t have an answer.


L.A. Witt has crafted a compassionately well-balanced story about religion amidst the LGBT community and in doing so has thrown down a gauntlet of sorts to those who see homosexuality as a sin.  In conveying this powerful message Ms. Witt also managed to write a steamy romance full of all the intense emotions we look for in choosing a romance novel.

Seth is strong in his beliefs and has no shame about the kind of man he is: a beer drinking, occasional pot smoking, tattoo artist, who just happens to like men and paid the ultimate price by being thrown away by his family, church, and community.  He's found a new home and created a new family amongst the denizens of Tucker Springs.  He's vowed to never go near religion ever again but finds that difficult once he starts a relationship with Darren, the pastor next door.  Their relationship is combustible from the moment their eyes met but Seth's anger over his religious betrayal has him fighting his attraction to Darren and almost throwing away a chance at true happiness.

Darren's not your average man of the cloth.  He's a beer drinking, occasional pot smoking, man who's instantly drawn to Seth.  He's open-minded and his interpretation of the Bible promotes acceptance of all which confounds Seth.  Everything about Darren confuses him and attracts him as much as it scares him.  Darren enjoys the discussions of heavy issues he has with Seth and together it's the first time they both feel complete acceptance.

The scenes between these two crackle with invigoratingly witty banter and the constant undertones of sexual tension that's present whenever they're together or apart.  Issues of religion are seamlessly incorporated into the story to allow for thoughtprovoking conversation. Nothing feels heavy-handed in this story, the ideas presented never feel preachy.  There's never condemnation, just acceptance.  And this acceptance is what leads to the immensely satisfying conclusion.

Ms. Witt has created an entertaining story with wonderfully witty dialogue with an intensely important underlying message woven into the storyline.  She's crafted a wonderful romance as well as provided interesting ideas in regards to religion and homosexuality.  I applaud the fine line she was able to walk in giving romance readers what they've come to expect as well as giving some important food for thought and I implore readers to read her story with a message.

My rating for this is an A.

*I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

Covet Thy Neighbor is available March 25th from Riptide Publishing, and is part of the Tucker Springs series.


L.A. Witt is an abnormal M/M romance writer currently living in the glamorous and ultra-futuristic metropolis of Omaha, Nebraska, with her husband, two cats, and a disembodied penguin brain that communicates with her telepathically. In addition to writing smut and disturbing the locals, L.A. is said to be working with the US government to perfect a genetic modification that will allow humans to survive indefinitely on Corn Pops and beef jerky. This is all a cover, though, as her primary leisure activity is hunting down her arch nemesis, erotica author Lauren Gallagher, who is also said to be lurking somewhere in Omaha.
L. A.’s backlist is available on her website, and updates (as well as random thoughts and the odd snarky comment) can be found on her blog or on Twitter (@GallagherWitt).


Every comment on this blog tour (make sure to include your email addy with your comment) enters you in a drawing for a choice of two eBooks off my backlist (excluding Something New Under the Sunand a $10 Riptide Publishing store credit. CONTEST ENDS AT MIDNIGHT, EASTERN TIME, ON MARCH 31st, and winners will be announced on April 2nd.  Contest is OPEN TO EVERYONE!

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Feature & Follow Friday.....

Hello all, it's that day of the week where we learn new things about each other and discover new blogs along the way.  We also help each other by becoming followers of one another.  Normally that following would be through GFC (which would be great if you'd still take a few seconds to do), but with that being eliminated for certain blogs (a big boo-hiss to that) I now ask that you follow through a RSS Feed (or Twitter, FB, or email) which you can find to the right.  I want to thank all of you ahead of time who choose to become a follower and make sure to let me know in the comments if you're new so I doubly make sure to follow you back.  And now for this weeks get to know me question....

Q:  Tell us about the most emotional scene you've ever read in a book - and how did you react?

A:  The book is Annie's Song by Catherine Anderson.  The heroine is deaf and mute and becomes pregnant after being raped by the heroes brother.  The hero marries her to keep her safe and slowly starts to fall in love with her and the little family they've created.  So much in her life has been out of her hands and he doesn't want her to feel forced anymore so he sends her away to school.  Through a number of letters and little comments she makes he gets jealous and realizes he doesn't want to be without her.  The scene where he comes to get her and she signs, for the first time, that she loves him brought a tear to my eye and as a disabled person too it made me wish I could find someone just as compassionate.

Book Tour for The Vampire, The Witch and the Werewolf: Mirabella’s Mardi Gras Ménage by Louisa Bacio (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Today brings you a steamy little delight from Louisa Bacio who takes us to the craziness of Mardi Gras and introduces us to an intriguing paranormal ménage.  Keep reading to get my impressions of the story and make sure to sign up for BOTH giveaways!

5 Reasons You Know It’s Time to Move Out:

In Mirabella’s Mardi Gras Ménage, the main character rests on the cusp of adulthood. She needs to move out on her own in order to reach new opportunities. In her honor, here’s a quirky list highlighting when it’s time to say goodbye.

5) You’re tired of your Voodoo queen aunt sampling your blood for remedies.
4) The home apartment doubles as a Voodoo shop, and it’s an open door for paranormal creatures in trouble.
3) You’ve kept your own powers hidden for too long, and it’s time to be free.
2) If she could, your crazy ol’ aunt would start calling you Rapunzel, lock you in a tower and toss away the key.
1) You’ve got a vampire lover waiting for you.

So what do you say? Is it time for Mirabella to find a place of her own? How did you know when to say when?

Constantly under the watchful eye of her Voodoo priestess aunt, Mirabella longs to break free during the events of Mardi Gras. Escapades draw her into the arms of Marguerite, a fiery redhead with a passion for life, and Nick, a familiar vampire who’s haunted by his transformation and past.
What starts as a new experience – a Mardi Gras Ménage – soon turns deadly, and none of their lives will ever be the same.  


As the seventh book in The Vampire, The Witch, and the Werewolf series a lot has come before this but though I haven't read any of the previous books I didn't feel out of the loop at all.  The characters featured in this story have been seen before with vampire Nick being the fledgling of old vampire Lawrence, Mirabella being the relative of a Voodoo priestess who has more powers than even she knows, and human Marguerite whose life is about to change dramatically once these three form their fiery ménage.

The people in this ménage come together out of an instant attraction or through years of longing, but either way their time together is super steamy and well-written to make it a truly believable relationship. They're immensely likable with a surprising playfulness to their personalities.  They care about each other instantly and once a life or death incident befalls them their love shows its true intensity.  The intermixing of their paranormal abilities, which we see very little of, was entertaining and their interactions brought to mind a modern twist to the TV show Friends.  They present a united front and will grow in their abilities as they support each other in the years ahead.

This was a fun story.  There was no earth-shattering message, just a well-written and sexy story that vividly depicted the excitement and exoticness of Mardi Gras.  Those looking for an entertaining and wild ride of a story will find this story a fantasy-like delight that has me wanting to read more from Ms. Bacio.

My rating for this is a B

*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

BUY LINKS:  Ravenous Romance  |  Amazon  |  BN


Louisa Bacio is the author of six erotic novels, including the paranormal series The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf, and numerous steamy short stories.
Bacio enjoys soaking up the sun in Southern California, and spending time with her family. In addition to writing and editing, Bacio teaches college courses in English, journalism, film studies and popular culture.


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