Sunday, February 3, 2013

Review for A Little Harmless Fantasy by Melissa Schroeder

What starts out as simple fantasy among friends, becomes an overwhelming need that none of them can deny.

Maura Dillon has always been someone who lived life on her own terms. From the time she in college she knew she had different needs than most of her friends. But she never thought she would find herself torn between two very sexy men, or that they would want to add her to their relationship.

Zeke and Rory have known each other for years. Their casual relationship has spanned a decade, but now that they are living together things are on a whole other level. Add in their mutual attraction for Maura and things are just getting out of hand.

Rory understands their desires and suggests a week in Hawaii. No rules, no limits, no regrets. But as their nights are filled with unimaginable erotic pleasure, there is someone lurking in the shadows. Someone who wants revenge, and will stop at nothing to succeed.

Warning the book contains the following: Two sexy men who are hot for each other and the heroine, more Hawaiian scenery, a Dom who thinks he can control everything, two lovers who know he can’t, and scenes that push even Harmless Addicts over the edge.


In the latest installment in the Harmless series I'm left with the impression that the only thing more satisfyingly sexy than one Irishman is two Irishmen. Zeke and Rory both ooze sex appeal and brought me more happiness than my morning bowl of Lucky Charms and its leprechaun!  They've both led dangerous lives which leads to a number of enemies wanting to harm them.  Beneath their bad boy exteriors though lies two men who've been hurt in the past and thus saying those three little words is very difficult for them.  Afters years of fear they finally had the courage to commit to each other but Rory can't help but notice Zeke's continuing attraction to Maura and suggests something radical that culminates in an unexpected way for all of them.

Maura used to have it bad for Zeke until he broke things off in fear of her ending up unsatisfied due to his not being a Dom.  Her attraction towards him never stopped even after she saw him and Rory become a couple and after being asked to join the two of them for a week of sexual play that she doesn't see becoming permanent jealousy, fear, and Fate intervene to make for an unconventional HEA.

Many outside factors work against this coupling.  First and foremost is her older brother Conner who treats her more like a daughter than a sister.  He doesn't find her capable of making good decisions which has her constantly second guessing her feeling towards her men.  There's also bits of jealousy that the men experience when they're out in public and fears of how society would deal with their triad.  Maura also keeps personal secrets from them which make them question their importance to her and is just one more hiccup to their happiness.  The biggest roadblock is when a criminal from Zeke and Rory's past comes out of nowhere to target Maura.  This part of the story came out of nowhere and was resolved quickly but was a big catalyst to finally reaching a HEA.

The bulk of the story though is all about sex. These recurring scenes almost overwhelmed the story to the point of leaving everything else by the wayside. There's various couplings in various places in varying intensities.  After wiping my brow after yet another steamy encounter I must give kudos once again to Ms. Schroeder's ability to keep these scenes creative and intense on every level.  This triad felt cohesive with no one ever being left out and it's clear that theirs is a true relationship.

A Little Harmless Fantasy is another satisfying installment in the Harmless series.  From its visually enticing scenery to two very sexy Irishmen who I wished would jump off the page into my home, this story kept me fully immersed and looking forward to the next book in this scorchingly written series.

My rating for this is a B.

*I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. Wowza. This one sounds super hot, and seriously, who can resist a couple of sexy irishmen??