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Book Tour for Her Errant Earl by Scarlett Scott (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Scarlett Scott is here today with her sexy historical read, Her Errant Earl, which features a womanizer completely changed by the love of a good woman.  So keep reading to get my impressions of this story and make sure to leave a comment for your chance to win a great prize.

Victoria, Countess of Pembroke, knew her marriage wasn’t a love match, but she certainly hadn’t expected to be wedded, bedded and abandoned in the countryside. When her husband suddenly returns bent on seduction, she’s suspicious of his motives even though she finds it difficult indeed to resist his knowing hands and hot kisses.
Pembroke can’t afford to allow Victoria to discover the real reason for his reappearance in her life. To get what he wants, he’ll do anything, even if it means bedding the wife he never wanted.
But what begins as a tedious task turns into a raging passion neither of them can deny. As the truth unravels at last, they must choose between forgetting the past and allowing it to consume them.


The crunching of gravel startled her, interrupting her musings. She turned to see her husband round the bend, stalking in her direction. He wore trousers and a plain coat with no neck cloth, almost as though he hadn’t finished dressing. His expression was thunderous.
Oh dear. Perhaps he’d somehow caught wind of her plans.
He didn’t stop until he towered over her. His eyes snapped, his mouth flat with obvious displeasure. “Madam.”
“Good morning, Pembroke,” she greeted, wary. She’d been attempting to escape without his notice.
He sketched an abbreviated bow that seemed at odds with the tenseness hovering in the air between them. “Would you care to explain why I’ve been informed that you are traveling to London?”
Her hopes sagged. “I haven’t the slightest notion why you were informed as I specifically directed the servants not to.”
“Indeed?” He raised a brow, looking arrogant and sinfully handsome at the same time. “Why would you keep it from me?”
Victoria aimed her gaze at a safer point over his shoulder. He was too gorgeous to look at, and doing so would only melt her determination all the more. “I should think that’s obvious.”
He took her hands in his and she wished she’d worn gloves. The contact sent her mind spinning.
“Are you running from me?”
“Of course not,” she lied.
“Look at me.” He caught her chin and forced her to meet his gaze. “You’re afraid, aren’t you?”
“Don’t be preposterous,” she snapped, irritated that he had chosen now of all times to become observant for the first time in their union. It was too late for him to be the husband she’d yearned for. Wasn’t it?

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As a fan of historicals I was immediately drawn to the premise of this story that is at once familiar but ends up being so much more.  Along with its steamy encounters comes satisfying emotional growth from two characters who quickly grow on you and a bad boy who goes good in the name of love.

At the start Victoria is a young miss who lacks a backbone.  She's used to saying yes, so when she's left alone right after saying "I do" she accepts it stoically.  In the interim she becomes a woman who refuses to settle for what's been done to her.  Where the early Victoria was a dream-filled chit, this older Victoria is a stronger-willed and more likable woman who won't let Pembroke get away with what he's done without a bit of payback.  Pembroke wasn't a good man at the start with his womanizing ways and less than admirable reason to marry.  He's still a bit arrogant when he first returns but spending time with Victoria changes him as he truly falls in love with her.  His charm comes through though as he valiantly woos his bride and by the end of the story he completely won me over with a final heartfelt speech.

Much of this book is formulaic, but the emotional growth of Pembroke in particular kept me fully invested in this enjoyable story.  The steamy scenes were immensely satisfying and were nicely balanced as the story progressed.  Pembroke's final declaration of love is what every romance reader wants and it puts an exclamation point on this story's satisfying HEA.  Ms. Scott shows great promise with Her Errant Earl and I look forward to reading more of her works.

My rating for this is a B.

*I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.


Scarlett Scott has loved romance novels ever since she was eleven and swiped her older sister’s books to read by flashlight in her closet. Her mother caught her, but she remained undeterred in her pursuit of happily ever afters. An award-winning author, she writes steamy historical and sexy contemporary romance. She lives in PA with her hero and their adorable dog who thinks he is a person in training.
Twitter: @scarscoromance


Scarlett will be awarding a Kindle copy of her historical romance, A Mad Passion, and a $10 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

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