Saturday, December 7, 2013

Book Review of Hot for the Holidays by Susanna Carr

Thanks to a Christmas office party gone wild, corporate rivals Rachel Bartlett and Justin O’Rourke become much better acquainted than they ever expected—indulging in a scandalous public hook-up, and a intensely satisfying one-night stand that Rachel desperately wants to forget. And considering Justin’s Christmas package, that’s not going to be easy.
But what’s the holiday season without a few surprises? Like a crazy twist of fate that strands Rachel and Justin together in a blizzard in a small town. Though both try to resist, it’s only a matter of time before they’re back in each other’s arms. And what they have together could last them well into the New Year, and beyond.
Hot for the Holidays previously appeared in Wicked Wonderland......


Hot for the Holidays is the perfect afternoon read when you want to indulge.  From start to finish it's a decadently erotic read with two immensely likable characters in a storyline both fun and flirty.  It's a small package that had a satisfying conclusion but still left me wanting more.

After many years of living on the edge flitting from one crazy event after another Rachel thinks she's finally put her bad girl ways behind her with a full-time career.  That is until the night of the Christmas party when she has her wicked way with the charming Justin and life soon changes for them completely.  Rachel tries to deny what happened in fear that she'll fall back into old habits but her attraction to Justin is unending and has her running from the sexual tension coursing between them.  Rachel doesn't want to be a failure anymore so running is her first instinct.  I enjoyed seeing the female be the agressor this time around and found her attempts to fight her attraction bringing a smile to my face.

Justin is charming and boyishly playful in his interactions with Rachel.  He's immediately attracted to her but is more than happy to wait for her to decide the truth about her feelings.  This patience allows the caring side of Justin to come through and made me like him all the more for letting their relationship grow at its own pace after such an explosive start.

The interactions between Rachel and Justin teemed with sexual tension.  It was a constant battle of the sexes to see who would crack first.  There were moments of humor alongside steamy encounters.  The Christmas holiday and all its finery is nicely represented and adds to the romance in a playful and unexpected way.  Ultimately this is a story that was sweet yet sexy and left me with a heart full of warm and fuzzy feelings, as well as feeling a bit parched from the sweat-inducing sexual interludes.

My rating for this is a B+

*I received this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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