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Book Tour for Blue Moon Brides by Anne Marsh (Review & GIVEAWAY)

To end the week we have a super steamy trio of books that make up the paranormal series Blue Moon Brides by Anne Marsh.  Keep reading to get a glimpse of these books along with my impressions of them.  Make sure to fill out the form below for your chance to win a $25 Amazon GC and a digital copy of one of these books too!

(Blue Moon Brides, 1)
Once in a blue moon…
For Rafer Breaux, life in the Louisiana Bayou is harsh, violent—and deeply sensual. The Cajun werewolf lives for his Pack and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep his brothers safe. The longer a wolf lives without a mate, the harder it becomes for that wolf to shift back. To remember that he is a man—and not a monster. And those mates can only be found during a blue moon. When a blue moon finally rises, Rafer will need every weapon in his sensual arsenal to tempt one special woman into his arms and the heart of the Pack.
The Pack hunts for mates
Fighting to keep her family farm, Lark Andrews isn’t looking for love. Even if the very sexy Breaux brothers make her dream of hot bayou nights spent in their arms. When the blue moon leads Rafer to her door, however, Rafer has her rethinking her position on all work and no play. Now, the bayou nights are heating up as Rafer fights to convince her, one sensual touch at a time, to give love and passion a chance. But Rafer isn’t a one wolf deal. Is there room in Lark’s heart—and bed—for Rafer and his Pack?



As the first book in this series the groundwork is laid for a highly sexualized journey of wolf shifting brothers trying to find their Mates with the help of the Blue Moon rising.  With vampires still their mortal enemies as the vampires want their pelts to keep them safe in daylight, the shifter numbers are dwindling so finding a Mate is important.  Rafer has been drawn to flower seller Lark for a long time and is hoping the Blue Moon proves what he already feels for Lark.  Though he knows they belong together he understands how hard it will be for her to adjust to his pack life.  He's willing to fight for her love and fight to keep her happy in a human world if need be.  Fight he must though in an action-packed sequence between his clan and vampires seeking to take Lark and her home which proves his devotion to her.

Lark has been told stories about the dangers in the bayou and is at once scared yet intrigued.  She's a bit naive about the dark side though and unprepared to protect herself in a fight which was a bit exasperating when danger arrived.  She's drawn to the dangerous yet sweet side she sees in Rafer but it will take a lot to get her to fully understand pack life and that accepting one means accepting all.  Theirs is a journey full of protectiveness and steamy sexual encounters that creates a compelling beginning in a paranormal journey to HEA for a group of immensely sexy brothers.

My rating for this is a B.

(Blue Moon Brides, 2)
Dre and Landry Breaux do everything together. Fishing, fighting—and loving. A whole lot of loving. When the blue moon leads these Cajun werewolves to their fated mate, however, they’re ready to reform. Now, they’ll fight to keep the woman of their dreams safe from the evils lurking in the Louisiana bayou—and to tempt her into taking a chance on two of the bayou’s sexiest bad boys.
Mary Jane Johnson is no heartbreaker. Running from a troubled past, the bayou captain wants only to be left alone. When she takes a pair of bayou bad boys on board, however, Dre and Landry have her rethinking her need for space. These two big males have promised to take orders—all of her orders. Suddenly, she’s dreaming of getting as close as possible… to both of the Breaux brothers.



The Blue Moon is out in full force showing a shifter group of brothers their designated Mates in this second installment in the series.  For twins Dre and Landry they're happy to find their match in the strong-willed boat captain Mary Jane as opposed to the hardened beauty and mechanic Riley.  Though Mary Jane's not a conventional beauty they're drawn to the woman behind the boyish clothes though she feels unprepared for the men's mutual erotic appetites.  She doesn't believe in the love, care, and concern they express as she grew up in a family of rage that has left her relying only on herself and them having to work very hard to win her over both as a pair and as individuals.  Vampires continue to be their enemy and put these designated Mates in danger which leads to a fast-paced story that has them going into hiding to keep the woman they've grown to love safe.

Dre and Landry are opposites in their natures.  Dre is quiet but highly sexualized.  He's more in tune with his wolf side than his brother and has more scars to prove his closeness to the animal.  Landry is a sexy charmer who first gets the girl's attention before bringing her into a relationship with his brother.  He's playful and exudes confidence and it's easy to be drawn to the both of them in this steamy and entertaining story.

My rating for this is a B+

(Blue Moon Brides, 3)
The rising of the Blue Moon will lead the Pack to their destined mates… but some women are hard to claim.
Alpha to the bone, Cajun shifter Dag Breaux must find his Blue Moon bride to preserve his humanity. Each passing day sees him lost further and further in the shift, more wolf than man. Emotions and feelings are foreign territory for Dag and all he has to offer his newfound female is raw, passionate sex and protection from the centuries-old vampire stalking the Louisiana bayou.
Bayou mechanic Riley Jones stands on her own two feet. Always. She doesn’t need or want Dag’s infuriating brand of protection. Plus, she has secrets of her own that she’s desperate to keep. But there’s no denying the passion that burns between them and in the arms of her rough and tough shifter she discovers a darkly sensuous, no-holds-barred loving. When the vampire threatens Riley’s nearest and dearest, she must ask herself if resisting Dag’s mate claim is worth losing everything she cares about… or if teaching her wolf to love is worth the risk.



Of all the brothers, Dag is the one closest to being taken over by his wolf half.  He's the quiet one, desperate to find the Mate to keep him from becoming lost from a past of dark deeds, but unaccustomed to doing what it takes to win a woman over.  After saving the outspoken and strong-willed Riley from vampires he thinks he finally has the chance for his own HEA but will have to put the domineering ways of his past behind him to earn her trust and love.  Dag is a sexy beast whose actions speak louder than words.  He admits he's not good at romance but is more than willing to learn.

Riley is a strong-willed woman more than capable of taking care of herself.  She wants to be thought of as an equal but is more than willing to take satisfaction in the sexual delights Dag offers.  She has secrets she's keeping though that might lead to problems as her jealous brothers come to her rescue when the vampire problem escalates.  Theirs is a battle of wills and of the sexes that is fun to watch and immensely satisfying in its conclusion.  Though the story drags a bit in the latter half it's still the steamy and erotic relationship between Dag and Riley that keeps things interesting.

My rating for this is a B-

*I received all three of these books from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Anne Marsh writes sexy contemporary and paranormal romances because the world can always enjoy one more alpha male. She started writing romance after getting laid off from her job as a technical writer—and quickly decided happily-ever-afters trumped software manuals. She lives in Northern California with her family and six cats.



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  1. Loved the first two books in the series and have the third on my kindle. Can't wait to read it. Very sexy and action filled series.

  2. Sounds like these are perfect for an enjoyable evening. I really like paranormal romance/smexy/action books, and it sounds like these fit the bill.

  3. Thanks for the review. I have this on my TBR list.

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