Monday, May 4, 2015

Book Spotlight for Willfully Compelled by Senayda Pierre (GIVEAWAY)

Fans of the fantasy genre will be drawn to this compelling book by a new-to-me author.  Keep reading to get a taste of the myths and legends of this first installment in the Unintentional Sacrifices series, Willfully Compelled by Senayda Pierre, and then add it to your bookshelf.  Fill out the form below for the chance to win a $25 Amazon GC and free copies of The Irresistible Series Bundle too!

A centuries-old legend foretells of twins who will one day save the earth. Lysandra and Leondra have been raised by their parents with the notion that they could possibly be those destined twins.
A once kaleidoscope-colored land is now brown. Water sources have become nonexistent leaving behind only lethal bodies of water. Animals and people disappear beneath the tempting waters never to resurface.
As the world falls apart the twins become separated. Alone and injured, Lysandra ventures forward trying to locate and reunite with her family. Instead she slips beneath the river's surface discovering a new world where no human has ever survived before.
A prophecy. A dying world. Twins, Leondra and Lysandra are compelled to make the ultimate sacrifice for an entirely new world.


“On the contrary” the warm voice mused. Lysandra shivered as his words caressed her skin. His voice felt as good to her as when her tears flowed freely. Her blood warmed and her body tingled as she felt his approach. She couldn’t see him but she welcomed his conversation. Every word out of his mouth was like melted chocolate.
She moaned as his chuckle stroked her spine. Her eyes darted around as others gasped at her reaction. She looked down; her face flushed with embarrassment and irritation. She couldn’t seem to control anything beneath the surface; not her body, not her emotions, nothing.
She visibly stiffened as a dark figured stopped before her. “Look at me” the velvety voice commanded. The one they called “Your Majesty” growled making Lysandra curious. She let her eyes slowly graze over the dark figure. His fins and fused legs were the color of onyx and his chiseled chest looked sleek enough to touch. She swallowed balling her hands into fists. It made no sense how much she wanted to touch him. The pull felt similar to the feeling she’d experienced above land as she headed to the river.
She openly devoured him. He looked similar to the one they called “Sire” but yet different. He was dark while the other was light. She focused on his so-called skin; neither human nor as pliable as the girl who’d bathed and dressed her. It looked shiny and hard, shell-like. His muscular arms flexed under her perusal and his more prominent web-like hands opened and closed. Lysandra gritted her teeth at his wicked talons. They looked as if they could cause more damage than what she’d already experienced. He clasped his hands together in front as her eyes traced his sculpted shoulders and neck.
She gasped as she looked at his hair and face. He was hauntingly beautiful. His long hair captured her attention as it flowed with the current. The dark colors shimmered in the water. She looked with obvious admiration at the streaks of ebony, sapphire, and charcoal. He reminded Lysandra of her favorite land animal, a black panther. He was dark, sleek, yet formidable. She fought to control her shallow breaths and flushed skin. She’d never reacted to a man like this. Not even in her most intimate moments with Aison had she ever felt this hot and desperate to touch him. She swallowed as she flexed her hands open and close to regain a bit of composure. His silver irises gleamed with amusement as her eyes feasted on every inch of his body.
“She is affected by his presence” a powerful voice snapped everyone out of their spell.




Senayda Pierre is a native Floridian who’s always had a passion for music, sports, reading and writing. She currently lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband and three beautiful daughters.
Senayda is an identical twin. That’s right, sometimes people give her a second glance wondering if she’s the person they know! She’s never seen snow… Swears she’ll live in Hawaii someday… And she intends to travel the world.
Senayda’s had a long love affair with reading and writing. She loved to write short stories and poetry throughout her childhood. Now Senayda’s moved onto novels.


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