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Book Spotlight for Salvation by Robin Covington (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Readers who enjoy steamy tales full of gutwrenching moments will be drawn to this latest installment in Robin Covington's Nashville Nights series.  Keep reading to get a tantalizing taste of Salvation, along with my impressions of it.  In celebration of this emotionally intense read make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a $50 bookstore GC too!

Letting go never felt so good.
Carlisle Queen is dying and no one knows it.
Burying the pain of losing her friends and her professional swimming career in a terrorist attack, America’s former sweetheart dulls her pain with drugs, pills and parties. The bomb left her with more than nightmares; shrapnel is lodged in her back and inching closer to her spinal cord. When the doctors tell her paralysis is inevitable, she decides to take her own life rather than face a lifetime in a wheelchair.
Mateo Butler isn’t anyone’s hero.
Reeling from the death of his little sister and his own cowardice, he spends his nights partying and his days ignoring the medical school acceptance letters and his parents’ concerned phone calls. Just a couple of months from graduation, he’s facing a future filled with shame and regret. The last thing he needs is to meet the woman who compels him to be a better man.
Can they save each other?
When Carlisle and Mateo meet, the chemistry between them is combustible. They play, party and hide their true selves until one night turns their lust into something more…something real. As secrets are revealed and walls collapse, what they were and what they might become doesn’t matter as much as who they are together. When the choice comes down to life or death, can love be their salvation?


I lift up and off her body, slowly pressing kisses on any patch of exposed skin I can find. Her skin is like silk against my lips, her taste salty and sweet.
“I could eat you up.” I take a quick bite of her ass and tell her just how amazing she is. “You. Are. So. Fucking. Delicious.”
We lower ourselves to the seat, a tangle of laughter and limbs. When was the last time I laughed with a lover? Never. Sure, we had a good time. Enjoyed the moment and each other. I didn't stay around or keep them around long enough to laugh together.
But I’m not in any hurry to go anywhere right now. I dispose of the condom, right my clothes and settle lengthwise across the seat, pulling her down alongside of me. The music from the festival continues, providing a perfect backdrop to our silence.
“We need to do that in a bed sometime,” I say, tracing a finger up and down her arm. “I’d like to actually see you completely naked.”
Carlisle stiffens slightly and I wonder what I’ve stepped in this time.
“I’m not girlfriend or sleepover material,” she answers, her voice soft but firm.
“And I’m not asking you to move in. I’d just like to fuck you, roll over and pretend to sleep while you pick your clothes off the floor and sneak out.” I press a kiss against her hair and navigate the land mine field I’ve clearly landed in. “You can even have a walk of shame.”
“You’re kind of an asshole.”
“I really am but I’d still like to hang out with you again.”
“Don’t you have medical school or some other time-consuming activity coming up?” She looks up at me, her expression indecipherable but concerned.
“That’s the plan.” If she’s not girlfriend material, I’m not sharing material and that includes my shit about school, my sister, or any of it.
Carlisle remains silent in my arms, the music from the stage drifting over us with the breeze. I get her, I think. She’s not cold or stuck-up. A part of her is closed off except when I have my cock buried in her body. The couple of times we’ve been together, I’ve seen who she probably was before her body and her life was blown apart and then paraded through the media in the last eighteen months. When something like that happens to you, it is a rare person who can move forward without leaving the old you behind.
“Look, my wingman status remains even if we never fuck again. I’m screwed up and so are you but when I’m fucking you I forget about it for a while. I like sex with you and I like hanging out with you. Nothing more than that.” I put a finger under her chin and tip her face up to look at me. Her green eyes are open but clouded with her hesitation. “I don’t like to chase women, especially ones who have no desire to be caught. You have my number. You call me when you want to have some fun together. You control it all. Sound good?”
She watches me, her gaze assessing until she rolls her eyes and shakes her head. “Oh hell. You might be a nice guy after all.”
I laugh, a little confused. “I try not to be a dick as a general rule but my ‘Y’ chromosome gets in the way once in a while.”
Carlisle laughs, lying back down on my chest. “For the record, I’m not screwed up. I’m okay.”
“Really? Okay?” I don’t try to hide my skepticism.
“Yep.” She nods against my chest before placing a kiss on my collarbone. “And by okay I mean that I’m seriously fucked in the head but I’m sick of talking about it.”
Oh hell, this one is just about perfect. I look up at the stars and wonder what I’m doing with this girl.

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As a reader who loves stories that are realistic in the portrayal of people's pain in real life circumstances I got immediately sucked into this story and its characters who were far from perfect.  Ms. Covington takes readers on a gutwrenching rollercoaster ride that has you admiring the main characters one moment and frustrated with them next.  While I didn't always agree with their choices I understood why they felt the way they did and managed to put my judgements aside as Ms. Covington's talented storytelling and characterizations had me supporting them warts and all.  Readers brave enough to face an emotionally draining but immensely satisfying and realistic tale will want to add this to their bookshelf.

Carlisle was once the Golden Girl of the swim world with an equally perfect teammate and fiancé making her life perfect.  In the blink of an eye it was all taken away as a bomb killed her fiancé and friends, leaving her with PTSD and with shrapnel in her back that's left her in extreme pain with the possibility of paralysis or death in her future.  As a strong-willed woman who's always been in control of her life these possibilities terrify her and leave suicide her primary goal.  Until that time though she's on a path of self-destruction in an attempt to numb both the physical and emotional pain.  Sex with no-strings and various drugs have become her constant companion and I hated seeing her fall so low with her pain becoming mine through the vividly detailed inner monologues.  Into this darkness though comes the sexy and sweet Mateo, who's dealing with pain of his own, who has her throwing aside all her usual rules when it comes to relationships.  Theirs is a rocky journey full of twists and turns that leaves both of them battered, along with readers frustrated, as a big decision by Carlisle leads to even more pain through words said in anger and guilt.  It's a true test of their relationship that dimmed my happiness in the story a bit but it's a powerful moment handled with care and realism.  With such a scary future before her will Carlisle ultimately embrace the power of love and the support Mateo offers or will she keep heading towards darkness alone?  As Carlisle grows stronger throughout the story readers will want to see where she ends up.  They'll want to experience the fun and playful banter between her and her non-judgemental friend Livvy.  They'll want to blush during the numerous steamy interludes between her and Mateo that took place alongside their growing friendship.  Ultimately they'll want to witness the emotional and physical journey of a compelling woman to rebuild her life and herself after losing everything.

Mateo is a fun-loving guy whose popular with the ladies but has been obsessed with Carlisle for the last year despite knowing how messed up she is.  He sees her as a challenge but also as a kindred spirit as he's feeling uncertain about his future too.  Where once he planned on a medical career with his sister he's now not sure after losing her.  With his "white knight" complex, and deepening feelings for her, he becomes invested in Carlisle's future which becomes much rockier once his heart becomes involved.  As his guilt over the past reaches the surface, and with Carlisle making choices to keep him from more pain, past and future collide in a true test of their feelings for each other that left me frustrated with both of them.  It was a defining moment for both of them that left their future very much in doubt.  Mateo's a truly caring man, sexy, with the ability to give as good as he gets when it comes to his witty bantering with Carlisle.  Theirs is a scorching connection from the moment they meet with emotions running hot and heavy between them that enhanced the story's overall intensity regarding issues of life and death.  As much pain as Carlisle was going through so to was Mateo which had me aching for him and all the dreams he lost as well.  Being with Carlisle finally made him deal with the past and he ultimately came out stronger despite all the pain along the way.

While these characters don't always act in the expected ways you can't help but be drawn to them as they realistically dealt with the pain of their pasts and uncertain futures.  They're real with real emotions and sides to them that aren't always sunny.  Ms. Covington's talent has you rooting for them despite it all as readers join them in their rocky road to an ultimately uplifting, if still uncertain, conclusion.  Carlisle's issues were gently handled but vividly depicted and as a quadriplegic I found her concerns especially relatable though I wouldn't make the same choices.  Along with these compelling main characters came a reintroduction to characters from the previous series installment with the ever-supportive Max.  Things were also set up for the next installment with some enticing moments towards the end of the story with Mateo's friend, the fun and sexy Zane.  The Nashville Nights series continues to put reader's through the wringer with this installment that's heartbreaking, sexy, and powerful, leaving an emotional impact long after the final page is turned and I recommend it to readers who want style and substance.

My rating for this is a B+

*I got this book from NetGalley for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


She needs to be good.
At sixteen, Kit ditched her crappy life and moved to Nashville with only $200, her guitar, and a notebook full of songs. She hit it big, but five years of living like a rock star plus a stint in rehab has killed any good will she had with her label. The suits have ordered Kit to shape up or ship out of the limelight. The last thing she needs is a hot, sexy distraction with a sinful smile.
He doesn’t know the meaning of the word. 
Max Butler is as far from a celebrity as you can get and he likes it that way. A Nashville firefighter, he’s living the single life with a revolving door of parties, friends, and a different woman in his bed every night. When his normal life suddenly collides with the girl on his favorite Rolling Stone cover, he sees the perfect chance to fulfill his ultimate fantasy and see just how bad Kit can be.
Sometimes bad is so very good.
With three weeks until Kit leaves for her big tour, Max promises to give her a break from being the good girl-no strings attached. But when hot days lead to sultry nights, the lines get blurred and suddenly three weeks of bad might not be good enough.


Emory Cabell is leaving the lies behind her.
Finding out that huge chunk of your life has been a lie and that you’re the half-sister to America’s country music queen is game changer. Determined to meet the sibling she never knew and compelled to pursue the music career she’s always wanted, Emory leaves her small town and heads to Nashville. Thrown by the bustle of Music City and the cutthroat dealing of the business, she finds unexpected shelter in a musical partnership with country music’s baddest bad boy.
Zane has his eyes set on the prize.
Known as a man who never stays the night, Zane is reliable only when it comes to his music. Years of paying his dues has gained him the coveted lead guitarist spot on the “must see” music tour of the year. Hoping this gig will lead to his own single recording contract, he agrees to write a few songs with Emory but he’s blown away by the sexual chemistry sizzling between them and leveled by his feelings for this quiet woman with the beautiful soul.
Can love be more than just a line in a song?
Darkness and light…they should not work. But one night in her bed proves they’re hotter than the number one single they wrote together. When the spotlight sheds light on all of Zane’s past sins, Emory struggles with trusting him with her heart.  When a duo-only recording contract threatens everything Zane has worked towards and challenges everything he thought he knew about himself, he recklessly betrays her trust. With his life at a crossroads, will he choose the music or the future with a woman whose love might just be his redemption?


Robin Covington loves to explore the theme of fooling around and falling in love in her bestselling books. A Night of Southern Comfort, her debut novel was nominated for the RT Book Reviewers Choice Awards for Small Press and was touted by RT Book Reviews as bringing a “fresh, modern feel to the genre while still sticking to the things that get our adrenaline pumping — sex and danger”. Her books were also nominated for the Bookseller’s Best Award and the National Reader’s Choice Awards.
When she’s not writing sexy, sizzling romance she’s collecting tasty man candy, indulging in a little comic book geek love, and stalking Joe Manganiello. You can find Robin at her website (, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
Don’t send chocolate . . . send eye candy!
Robin lives in Maryland with her hilarious husband, brilliant children (they get it from her, of course!) and her beloved furbabies.


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