Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Book Review for Redemption by Robin Covington

Holding on never felt so good.
Emory Cabell is leaving the lies behind her.
Finding out that huge chunk of your life has been a lie and that you’re the half-sister to America’s country music queen is game changer. Determined to meet the sibling she never knew and compelled to pursue the music career she’s always wanted, Emory leaves her small town and heads to Nashville. Thrown by the bustle of Music City and the cutthroat dealing of the business, she finds unexpected shelter in a musical partnership with country music’s baddest bad boy.
Zane has his eyes set on the prize.
Known as a man who never stays the night, Zane is reliable only when it comes to his music. Years of paying his dues has gained him the coveted lead guitarist spot on the “must see” music tour of the year. Hoping this gig will lead to his own single recording contract, he agrees to write a few songs with Emory but he’s blown away by the sexual chemistry sizzling between them and leveled by his feelings for this quiet woman with the beautiful soul.
Can love be more than just a line in a song?
Darkness and light…they should not work. But one night in her bed proves they’re hotter than the number one single they wrote together. When the spotlight sheds light on all of Zane’s past sins, Emory struggles with trusting him with her heart. When a duo-only recording contract threatens everything Zane has worked towards and challenges everything he thought he knew about himself, he recklessly betrays her trust. With his life at a crossroads, will he choose the music or the future with a woman whose love might just be his redemption?


After the emotional intensity of the previous installment in the Nashville Nights series, Redemption was a much more easygoing read with only one Big Misunderstanding to keep the likable and sweet and sexy main couple from their HEA.  From start to finish readers get a glimpse of a vividly depicted world of country music and the skyrocketing career of two people who find an unexpected connection when it comes to music and love.  Readers will find themselves fully invested in their career and burgeoning relationship and cheering when they hit the big time.

Zane has always been seen as the sexy, tatted-up playboy of country music, always had a plan for becoming a famous solo singer.  He's a love 'em and leave 'em guy who's never been interested in commitment but since meeting his friend's, and the woman who made him her opening act, half-sister he's been left conflicted.  Being a player's never bothered him before but he doesn't want to betray the woman who's giving him the chance of a lifetime nor hurt the sweet, sexy, and talented young woman who brings him happiness and unconditional support.  Though he wanted to keep things casual with her he quickly gets caught up in their fiery connection and emotional musical collaborations that are gaining them fame.  Being with her has him chasing new dreams but reminders of the past have him saying hurtful things that will ultimately need a Grand Gesture to heal and that made me a bit misty-eyed.  Zane is charming and sexy and he's also got a playful side that's endearing.  Being with Emory brought out his romantic side too as seen through their first sexual encounter that was full of hearts and flowers.  His interactions with Emory crackled with electricity from their very first meeting with sexual interludes that became hotter as they grew closer.  Their banter too was flirty and fun and gave extra zing to their romance.

Emory's a sweet girl who always wanted to leave home for the chance at something more.  After discovering her half-sister's a famous country singer she sets out to reconnect with Kit but soon finds herself caught up in a steamy romance with a super sexy bad boy.  Together they make beautiful music on and off the stage until hurtful words pull them apart.  Will Emory be able to forgive Zane or will this be the day their love song comes to an end?  Emory was a likable heroine and you could see the sisterly bond slowly evolve between her and Kit throughout the story which made for some heartwarming moments.  She was strong-willed and quick to offer quiet comfort and support when needed as seen during Zane's reunion with his father.  She's open with her feelings, forthright, and stuck up for herself despite the pain it caused her which left me cheering as she made Zane work in his efforts to gain her forgiveness.

From start to finish this was a sweet and super sexy read and a very good addition to the Nashville Nights series.  The main characters were immensely likable as well as the secondary ones, both treasured favorites from previous series installments along with entertaining new faces that have me excited for the next installment.  The romance between Zane and Emory was erotic yet allowed to grow emotionally outside of the bedroom through their musical collaborations.  The intricacies of the music world and the physically draining yet exhilarating touring schedules were vividly depicted too and pulled me even further into the story and the outcome of this sparkling duo.  Emory was a worthy heroine who I liked from the very start.  Zane was appealing as a player but became even more so as the quintessential hero who found love and was willing to do anything to get it back.  This was a nicely crafted romance with only a bit of angst which makes this a decadent summer read to take you away from it all!

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from NetGalley for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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