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Book Tour for Forged in Trust by Mickie B. Ashling (GIVEAWAY)

Fans of BDSM-fueled books will find themselves drawn to Forged in Trust by Mickie B. Ashling and its intense emotions and engaging characters.  Keep reading to get a tantalizing taste of this fourth installment in her Bay Area Professionals series, along with a brief message from Ms. Ashling herself, before adding it to your wishlist.  In honor of this book's release make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a $20 Dreamspinner Press GC and 1 of 3 e-copies of this book too!

Thank you for hosting my blog tour stop and giving me the opportunity to share an exclusive excerpt with your readers. Forged in Trust is the fourth novel in the Bay Area Professionals series, which features doctors and dentists who participate in the BDSM scene. Many of the characters from the first three books (Impacted, Bonds of Love, and Fractured) make an appearance in this novel, but it can be read as a standalone. The beautiful cover was designed by Catt Ford. I always bring giveaways so click on Rafflecopter below for a chance to win some great prizes. Below is an excerpt of Forged in Trust......

Dr. Ethan Marshall is the young medical student on call the night Tessa Duran murders her husband for abusing her twelve-year-old-son, Rino. Ethan stays in the cubicle while the rape kit is performed and is surprised when the boy resorts to prayers instead of tears.
Despite compelling evidence, Tessa is sent to jail for life. To avoid placing Rino in foster care, their parish priest agrees to raise him. Ethan is touched by Rino’s plight and visits whenever possible, but the connection is broken when the priest and young boy leave the area months later.
Raised by the Dominicans in California, Rino considers joining the order until a romance blossoms with a fellow student. After much soul-searching, he turns his back on everything familiar, and chooses his orientation over his perceived vocation. Upon graduating dental hygiene school, Rino takes a job at the office of Scott Gregory and Robin Kennedy.
Seventeen years have passed since that horrible night in the emergency room. Forty-three-year-old Ethan is now a Dominant in search of a full-time submissive. Twenty-nine-year-old Rino is adrift, longing for someone or something to help him find the serenity he’s lost along the way. As they rekindle their friendship, they realize they might be perfect for each other.


Ethan was a control freak, Dominant to the core, and in search of a submissive willing to give up control full-time—a total power exchange, twenty-four seven. The word slave was often bandied about for this type of dynamic, and it disturbed Ethan because slavery always had a bad connotation, especially coming from the South. He wasn’t looking for someone to cook and clean for him; he had a housekeeper to do that. What he wanted was a man he could love and care for, who was willing to give him back a hundredfold while letting Ethan take charge. So far he’d had no luck at all. The guys who engaged him mentally weren’t interested, and the few who’d been willing turned out to be looking to get ahead once they realized how successful he was. As soon as their sincerity came into question, Ethan gave them the boot.
Rino was wonderfully complex, which elevated Ethan’s interest even more. Figuring him out was like trying to eat an artichoke, one of his favorite things. There were layers upon layers protecting the succulent center, and Ethan was smart enough to realize it would take patience and restraint to reach the enticing core. And like the labor-intensive vegetable, half the fun of uncovering Rino would be nibbling through the layers. The possibilities were huge, and he wasn’t about to jeopardize it by tearing off the man’s clothes and making love to him, which would have been the next logical step and a perfect ending to this enjoyable evening.
When he returned to the bathroom with the glasses and a newly uncorked bottle, Rino was already in the water. He was sitting on the built-in bench, and his arms were stretched out on the outer rim of the tub. The sparse hair in his pits gleamed ebony with drops of water. Ethan licked his lips instead of diving in and inhaling Rino’s musk up close. He scanned the rest of the nicely formed chest. Rino had hardly any body hair, and his quarter-size areolas were dark brown in contrast with the rose-pink nipples. Again, Ethan was tempted to chuck his good intentions, latch on to each nub, and suck until Rino screamed, but he didn’t.
“Is the water temp okay?” he asked, realizing his voice had gone all gravelly and he was sporting a massive erection. Christ, he needed to get it together or Rino would jump out of the tub and head for home.
“A-OK,” Rino said with a thumbs-up. “Why don’t you get comfortable and join me?”
Ethan put the glasses and booze on a small table he kept just for that reason and walked toward the closet to dig out his own trunks. He felt like an idiot. He’d never worn trunks in the hot tub before and had only offered Rino the option in case he had modesty issues, given his clerical past. It would take a lot of control on Ethan’s part and his interest in Rino would be quite obvious the moment he shucked his pants, but if he wanted to establish his dominance from the get-go, now was the time. He put the swimming trunks back on the shelf.
Ethan was a large man in stature, and everything about him was proportioned perfectly; however, he’d seen facial expressions change as soon as he pulled down his underwear. Contrary to popular opinion, not everyone was a size queen, and he only hoped Rino fell into the category of admirers rather than detractors.
He had his back to Rino and pulled off his shirt, dropping it to softly puddle by his feet. Unbuckling his belt, he went through the motions of getting undressed while feeling his heart banging against his ribs like he was a fucking virgin, for Christ’s sake. He couldn’t remember ever being this nervous around another guy. It kind of helped his erection, though, and he began to soften slightly, a good thing, given the circumstances.
Of course that went to hell the minute he turned around and Rino gasped and zeroed in on his cock, rapidly coming back to life. The hunger and admiration in the large brown eyes was clear, and Ethan let out a relieved sigh.
“Hope you don’t mind a little nudity?”
Rino shook his head. “Not when you look like that.”
“You’re not daunted?”
“More like tempted,” Rino said.
Ethan snorted. “I’ll lose the boner as soon as I hit the water.”
“Too bad,” Rino said teasingly. “It sort of trumps the Golden Gate Bridge.”
Flattered and relieved at the same time, Ethan reached for the wine bottle, poured generous portions, and handed Rino his glass before stepping into the water.
After he was settled, he said, “Tell me about your first real lover.”



Mickie B. Ashling is the alter-ego of a multifaceted woman raised by a single mother who preferred reading over other forms of entertainment. She found a kindred spirit in her oldest child and encouraged her with a steady supply of dog-eared paperbacks. Romance was the preferred genre, and historical romances topped her favorites list.
By the time Mickie discovered her own talent for writing, real life had intruded, and the business of earning a living and raising four sons took priority. With the advent of e-publishing and the inevitable emptying nest, dreams were resurrected, and the storyteller was reborn.
She stumbled into the world of men who love men in 2002 and continues to draw inspiration from their ongoing struggle to find equality and happiness in this oftentimes skewed and intolerant world. Her award-winning novels have been called "gut wrenching, daring, and thought provoking." She admits to being an angst queen and making her men work damn hard for their happy endings.
Mickie loves to travel and has lived in the Philippines, Spain, and the Middle East but currently resides in a suburb outside Chicago.


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