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Book Spotlight for She: Part 2 by Annabel Fanning (GIVEAWAY)

Readers who like romances set in exotic locales full of drama and humor will want to experience Annabel Fanning's She Parts 1 and 2.  With the just-released Part 2 you'll be able to jump right into the action and emotions of a compelling couple and their twisty and sensual journey to HEA.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of this book and then celebrate its release by filling out the form below for the chance to win a $100 GC and by joining Ms. Fanning on FACEBOOK for a party too!

I recently saw a photograph with the saying: "create what you wish existed". I took that saying to heart in bringing She Part 1 & 2 to life. Within them, I wanted to write about a couple where everything goes right — no roadblocks, no drama-for-dramas-sake, no bullshit — just simplicity. Why, you might ask? Because I want to show that it's possible. I want that passionate, playful, all-consuming, heart-wrenching love to exist, so I created it in these books and in these characters.
I'd like to live in a world where everyone knows that they are worthy and deserving of this type of romance: the game-changing, breathtaking, smile-inducing romance. And that everyone can experience this type of pleasure: the erotic, earth-shatteringly-good, yet grounded in equality and respect type of pleasure. That's why I wrote this story.
I've loved every single minute that I've been immersed in their world, and I hope you are able to experience as much fun and laughter while reading it, as I did writing it. Send me an email or a message with your thoughts or questions. I'd be happy to hear from you.
Big love, Annabel x

LOVE and SEX at once is a powerful combination. LOVE and SEX in Paris is better. Dive in to Annabel Fanning's stunning follow up to the bestselling She Part 1. In this sequel Annabel continues to effortlessly marry several genres. From laugh-out-loud comedy to steaming erotica to heart pounding romance, She Part 2 has it all.
Picking up where Part 1 left off, Gemima and Logan escape Paris for the weekend to indulge in all manner of pleasurable things on the French Riviera. Relaxation, sightseeing and sex — it's a perfect combination!
Once back in Paris, life hands out a few surprises, from troublesome ex-boyfriends, to changes at work, to a heartwarming best friends confession. But the lead up to Logan's birthday brings one event that Gemima must conquer (and try her best not to say anything inappropriate which, you know, is hard for her!) She must meet Logan's parents, and his bastard of a brother…
Taking place over thirteen electric days, She Part 2 continues to explore love, sex and a relationship unlike any other you've ever read.
"We've been vulnerable right from the very start. Completely open, completely honest. No red tape, no bullshit, no drama. Just real."


The bar is noisy, dark, and bustling with Friday night activity. A large crowd of people stands between me, in the doorway, and the bar itself — my destination. I’m motionless on my sky-high heels, observing the scene. Then I sway a little unsteadily, no doubt due to the copious amount of wine that I drank at dinner. I flatten my dress, straighten my posture, lift my head high and demand my usual composure to resume. OK, so composure might be too strong a word to describe my usual state. But tonight I’m not myself; I am, quite literally, being someone else. Don’t fuck this up, I tell myself, as nerves unexpectedly take ahold of me. It doesn’t help that I’ve never played the type of game that I’m about to play… Just do it how they do it in the movies.
I peer through the mass of people and spot him, sitting alone at the far end of the bar, waiting. Then I start walking, parting the crowded room as I go, batting my eyelashes at those I pass, smiling cordially, getting myself into the appropriate mindset for the game ahead.
It feels good in here; the other visitors are lively, and upbeat, and happy. On the other side of the crowd the room seems somehow quieter. I can hear the music playing from speakers above (an old-fashioned jazz tune), and for a few moments my attention is taken by the splendour of the decor. It is to die for: art-deco everything, just as advertised. I observe the bay windows, beyond which the dark night conceals the view of the ocean that I’ve waited years to see. Tomorrow, I think. Right now I have another, more urgent thing to attend to.
My eyes fix on the man sitting alone at the bar. My target, my game plan, my kill of the night. My stomach jolts. Jeez, he’s gorgeous, and he’s dressed in accordance with the style of the room: smart black suit pants contain his long legs, a crisp white shirt accentuates his taut, muscular torso, black suspenders hug his body in a way that I’m envious of, and a light pink bow tie sits under his stubbled neck and jaw and just so happens to match the colour of my dress. Perfect. His medium-blonde hair is slicked back, completing the look. He is breathtaking, a flawless mix of classically handsome and modernly sexy.
He looks up at me for the briefest of moments, then looks away, and then does a double take. I’ve captured his attention. Good, I think. Very good! He looks me up and down, openly, brazenly, and my nerves make themselves known once more. Cool it, Gem, I warn myself. You can do this, I give myself a pep talk. Just don’t break character first.
The man’s engaging pale-green eyes are alight as he surveys me; I can see within them the same desire that I feel within myself. Good, I think again. We’re both here for the same reason — to pick up.
My nerves somewhat calmed, I continue walking until I’m two seats away from him and I pull out a barstool. His eyes widen slightly. Hmm, did he think I was going to sit next to him? Did he think I was going to make it that easy? I smile to myself, tearing my eyes away from his beautiful face. Instead I sit, and turn my attention towards the barman.
Votre spécial pour la soirée, s’il vous plaît,” I smile. Your special for the evening, please.
He nods and goes about getting my drink. On my left I can feel the man’s eyes on me, he’s piercing me with his gaze, so much so that I’m drawn, like a moth to a flame, to look at him. When I do he smiles at me, dimples becoming pronounced in his chiseled cheeks, and I feel a current of carnal longing head straight for my groin. Him…and I…oh, this is going to be a good night!
He leans forward across the vacant seat between us, to ask me, “Would you like to play a game?”
I can’t help but smile back. I thought we already were, I say in my mind. Out loud, I answer with a nonchalant shrug, “Sure.”
His smile broadens slightly, drawing my eyes to look at his full, pink lips. “Say I like cops without your lips touching.”
Immediately I do as he asks, but my words come out as I like cocks rather than cops, causing both of us to burst into immature giggles. I roll my eyes at him.
The ice broken, the man points to the empty seat between us. “May I?” he asks.
“Sure,” I say again, this time a little more warmly.
He moves over to sit next to me and a sudden, exciting, electrical charge begins to build between us. It’s potent right from the off, and makes my heart hammer in my chest. We look at each other, both of us feeling it, both of us instinctively knowing where our night is headed.
“What’s your name?” he wants to know.
“Let’s not,” I say immediately, shaking my head. “Let’s keep that a mystery,” I request.
He nods his agreement, a smile playing on the edge of his lips. Then the bartender delivers my drink, and my late-night rendezvous raises his own glass up to toast mine.
“Cheers,” I say as seductively as I can.
We both take a drink, never taking our eyes off of one another. The charge keeps building. It’s hot and steamy inside this bubble we’re in.
“Miss. No-Name, you look phenomenal,” the stranger coos, his voice full of allure, the tips of his fingers teasing my knee.
I shift out of his reach. I can tease him too, I think slyly. “Thank you,” I grin at him. “Do you like my dress? It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” My knee-length, light-pink dress with intricate black-bead detailing might just be the most special garment I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. It fits over my five-foot-seven, svelte hour-glass frame in a confidence-boosting manner.
“Very,” he compliments. “Much like its inhabitant,” he says.
I ignore his latter comment. “My boyfriend bought it for me,” I tell him, proudly.
“Your—your boyfriend?” he stammers, looking surprised. “Where is he tonight?” he asks, looking around the crowded room.
“Upstairs. In our room,” I explain quickly. “He’s…working,” I lie. “We just had a late dinner, during which he partially pleasured me under the table,” I overshare. Seriously, Gem, is that how you speak to a stranger? Move right along, I order myself. “Now he’s working.”
“Only partially?” the stranger seems perturbed. The look in his eyes tells me that he’d like nothing more than to remedy my situation. “I don’t like the sound of your boyfriend. No wonder you’re down here, prowling,” he says, his eyes gleaming.
My heart hammers even harder in my chest. “I wasn’t going to let a good night go to waste,” I shrug, attempting to be nonchalant once more.
“Just as well,” he smiles at me; a smile that I feel all over my body. He sucks on his bottom lip in that unconscious way he does… Shit! I shake my head. You don’t know this man, I remind myself.
Refocussing myself, I ask, “And you, stranger? Are you here with someone?”
“No,” he shakes his head quickly. “I’m here alone.” He lifts his glass to take another swig. I smell that he’s drinking whiskey, straight, and I revel in knowing that I’ll taste it on his tongue soon. Very soon.
I can’t keep a smile from forming on my lips. “I was hoping that might be the case,” I confess. Then, bravely, I lean in and press my lips against his for a brief moment before forcing his mouth open with my tongue and brushing it against his. Mmm, he tastes delicious. Our eyes are open and locked on each other the whole time. I brush my tongue slowly against his again, smiling at the same time, before I pull back and suck on my own bottom lip, whispering, “I like whiskey.”
His face lights up. Oh, this is so much fun!




SHE: Part 1
LOVE and SEX at once, is a powerful combination.
Escape into Annabel Fanning’s feel-good bestselling erotic debut. She Part 1 is a contemporary and humorous look into the lives of two people who are on the precipice of true love. The novel uniquely crosses several genres, mixing first-grade erotica seamlessly with women’s lit and breathtaking romance.
The story unfolds over sixteen thrilling and erotically-charged days, during which the reader is thrust into the heart of Paris, the novels backdrop, and into the daily lives of the construction world’s elite.
Logan Leary is a reformed bad-boy who moved to the city of love fifteen years ago to start his life over. Now he owns one of Paris’s most successful companies and leads as seemingly charmed life. There’s just one thing missing: Gemima Samuels.
Gemima Samuels moved to Paris with her down-on-his-luck boyfriend eight years ago. She coasted through life (in that annoying way we sometimes do) until her boyfriend cheated on her and life dealt her a wake up call. Choosing to start afresh, Gemima ends her relationship and quits her job before being hired by the most prestigious interior design firm in the city.
A supposedly inconsequential lunch date turns out to be the start of something phenomenal that will change both of their lives forever.
“Everything about Logan is new to me. Everything. He is the difference between watching television in black and white, verses watching it in colour: he adds dynamic and depth and stimulation when my life used to be so dull.”




Annabel Fanning began writing songs as a child, the most memorable of which was entitled: "Tropical Night in Switzerland". Throughout her teens, songwriting was the most rebellious form of expression that she was willing to partake in (no tattoos, drugs, or biker boys), and her love for storytelling developed. There was just one problem: music wasn't her passion. A month before her 20th birthday whilst sitting under the Californian sun a few deck chairs down from Robert Pattinson, inspiration struck, and Annabel began writing her first novel. The years passed and now at 26, Annabel has written a handful of novels, which she plans on releasing throughout 2015/16.


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