Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Book Review for Sound of Heartache by Chelsea Roy

Aimee was cruelly yanked away from her first and only love. She has never gotten over him and watched from afar as he rose to superstardom. She’s let fear control her and never reached out to him no matter how much she wanted to. This time is different. This time, she’s determined to see things through to the end. But will he still want her?
Brent tried to get over the woman who shattered his heart. Moving on has been impossible, and God knows he’s tried. He knows if she wanted to find him, she could. He has never given up hope even though he knows it’s highly doubtful he’ll ever see her again. And if she did show up, what would he say to her anyway?


Fans of rock star romances will be drawn to this tale of young love tragically torn apart and the pain and misunderstandings that festered over their years apart.  With the world of rock music as a backdrop, it's all about the love and friendship between three people and their journey to putting their pain behind them to find happiness.  As the second installment in the Sound Of series readers get a glimpse of the other band members of Destruction that leaves you wanting to read the previous installment while longing for the next as each musician is sexy and larger than life.

Brent was a ladies man in high school but has become bored with all the women throwing themselves at him.  Sitting next to the smart and pretty Aimee who offers to tutor him changes his life irrevocably though as she's the one girl to lead him on a merry chase leaving him uncertain of their relationship.  When she's torn away from him by her villainous, and cliched, mother just as their connection takes a dramatic turn it sets him on a path of self-destruction amidst years of separation.  When she finally returns it will take a lot of forgiveness and putting past pains behind them for them to finally make a HEA.  Brent was a sweet and sexy musician whose befuddlement over feelings and relationships was fun to watch.  He was always there for Aimee, showing her he cared in every small word and deed, and it made him perfect boyfriend material.  He has a caring side, a big heart in wanting the best for those he loves, which further endeared him to me.

Aimee's life was set in stone due to her parent's machinations.  Her lone act of rebellion was falling for the rock god which set her life off in a completely different direction which brought out the nastiness in her mother and years of fear and pain.  Reuniting with her lost love, whose love sustained her in her darkest hours, sets her up for more pain as she tries to right past wrongs in hope of a HEA.  Aimee was a bit naive at the start of the story, having lived a life of almost all work and very little play to live up to her parent's expectations.  Being with Brent gave her unconditional love and support, along with a strengthening self-esteem.  The event that pulls her from Brent is a serious one, emotionally intense, but takes on an over the top melodramatic turn that lacked believability.  Their years apart makes both of them stronger, giving them the chance to make a family as adults.

Along with these two engaging main characters comes drummer and best friend Eric who's the sounding board for Brent and Aimee as they traverse their relationship.  Eric's the sweet, supportive, and funny friend who keeps his own feelings hidden so his best friends can find their HEA.  Eric lights up a scene with his big heart and endearing quirks and I look forward to him finding love in his own book that I'm counting down the days for.  From start to finish this is a story full of intense emotions.  The flashback section nicely sets up Brent and Aimee's reunion and shows the strength in their commitment if they can just move on from past hurts.  Readers who enjoy New Adult-themed reads with melodramatic twists and turns will want to check out these rock gods and their sexy dichotomies!

My rating for this is a B.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. Music and books make for great combinations! Plus, reading about hot rock-stars is always a fabulous experience. *winks* It's so good that you enjoyed this book, and I'll be sure to add it to my TBR as well. Fantastic review, Jody!

    Sarika @ The Readdicts