Sunday, November 15, 2015

Book Review for Savage Love by London Casey

He’s not afraid to be a man… now he has to be a father – to a child that isn’t his.
Wearing the President’s patch for Back Down Devil MC comes with enough danger, but now Miller is waging a war of revenge on one of the most prominent figures in town. A man who wears a badge and who has turned his back on the club. What’s at stake goes far beyond the present and future… this is to settle a damaged past…
Because of one woman.
Ella never understood why Miller left her. Why he just disappeared into the night all those years ago, only to return bigger and meaner than ever. Years stripped them apart as she married Jerry and had his baby. But it’s all a lie. Her heart remains with one man, but how can she get him to accept her now…
All it takes is one moment to change everything. When Ella shows up to the clubhouse with a baby, Miller knows this is his chance to not only protect the one woman he’s ever loved, but to become the man he always knew he could be. While the baby staring at him doesn’t share his blood, Miller vows to share his love with the young life. The only problem… Miller must kill the baby’s father first.


As a fan of biker romances I'm always excited to discover series that are new to me.  With this release, the seventh installment in the Back Down Devil MC series, the storyline may seem familiar but it's got unexpected heart in its depiction of a second chance at romance that quickly won me over and kept me enthralled while relishing the chance to experience the previous installments for the very first time.  It's a story full of suspense and grittiness too as a friend suddenly turns enemy and rival clubs continue vying for power.  It all makes for a compelling read that has made its mark in the genre.

Miller is the kind of hero who you can't help being drawn to despite his being rough around the edges.  He's a strong-willed man, loyal to those he calls Brother, but his carefully laid plans are starting to crumble as his friendship with the sheriff is starting to fray at a time when outside clubs start making trouble.  He's a lonely man too after sending the only woman to hold his heart away.  Just as danger rears it's ugly head though his old love is back and in the middle of the danger he sent her away from long ago.  Throughout the series Miller was a cold and commanding presence but here he shows a softer side as his heart comes home with Ella and her baby coming to him for protection.  Long ago he thought she'd be safer outside of his world but her marriage to Sheriff Jerry put her right in the middle of danger.  Being around baby Beck brings out a sweet and unexpected gentle side to Miller that pulled at my heart.  He might not have planned on being a father but he takes his role as one very seriously and it was an endearing sight to see.  Being around Ella brings out his protective side even further and sets him firmly on a collision course with Jerry that's been a long time coming and that can only end in bloodshed.  Through it all Miller remains a deliciously dark hero who makes the best choices he can for his Brothers and for his town.

Ella thought her and Miller were meant to be together forever until he pushed her away from his dark and gritty way of life towards a supposedly safe place that was anything but safe.  For years Ella lived a lie which left me frustrated as she settled instead of fighting for what her heart wanted.  With Jerry's increasing instability her and her child's life was constantly in jeopardy but it took a near-death event to get her to leave.  This catalyst led her back to where she was always meant to be and brought out a softer side to Miller that was sweet to see which redeemed her a bit.  Her connection with Miller was sweet and sexy with their crackling banter and steamy interludes.  While I wish Ella had been a stronger-willed heroine I did enjoy the unexpected layers she brought out in Miller.

From start to finish this was a fast-paced read with a compelling flow nicely balancing the romance and the darkness and grittiness of the MCs continuing war.  This story is shrouded in grief at the start and revolves mostly around vengeance and retribution, but courtesy of one man reuniting with his lost love and finding joy in a child's smile, it also showed surprising heart.  Amongst all the bullets and blood there were moments that put a smile on my face.  There were also moments that kept me on the edge of my seat through the unexpected twists and turns.  Though this book can be read on its own, as Ms. Casey does a fine job in blending past events with the present and reacquainting readers with previously seen characters, the overall experience will be richer seeing the MC evolve with all the outside influences to where it is now.  It's a true Brotherhood with each member loyal to the other, willing to fight and die for each other.  Each member is unique and brings something special to the story, particularly Blaine in this story as his banter had me blushing and laughing and who has a background story just waiting to be told.  Fans of MC-themed romances will find this an enjoyable read with a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat while warming your heart.  If you haven't yet experienced the Back Down Devil series, what are you waiting for?!

My rating for this is a B+

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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