Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Book Review for Too Many Rock Stars by Candy J. Starr

I don’t date rockers. Don’t sleep with them. Don’t even swap spit. I’ve been working as a band booker at Trouble -- the coolest indie rock club in town -- long enough to know what a bunch of screwed up, egotistical jerks they are. Some of them might seem okay at first but that’s just because they've learnt to hide it better than others.
That would be fine if Razer didn't keep popping into my office, making himself so annoyingly attractive. And he only gets more insistent when the leather-clad Alex hits town.
While they compete for both rock glory and my affection, I get stuck in the middle but all I really want to do is save my job and the club.
That’s the trouble with my life: too many rock stars.


As a reader obsessed with rock star romances I was drawn to this first installment in the Access All Areas series and its promise of a sexy love triangle. With characters larger than life and a battle of the bands to win a strong-willed woman's heart this story succeeded on some levels while in other ways I was left wanting.

Violet learned her lesson when it comes to dating rock stars and she's sworn to never do it again.  Now all she cares about is work and trying to keep the club she works for from going bankrupt.  She doesn't have time to be the object of not only one, but two, cocky rock star's attentions as she becomes the prize in their musical contest.  Violet's a tough nut to crack which makes it hard to connect with her.  Being so devoted to work leaves little time getting to know her outside her business persona.  What bits of her readers do see show a woman who's a bit mean and a bit unlikable.

Rock star Razer has been drawn to Violet for quite some time but been repeatedly shut down by her.  With another sexy rocker showing up on the scene he knows he'll have to make a big play for her if he finally wants her which pits him against the arrogant Alex for the chance to go out with Violet on a date.  Razer is the typical sexy and cocky rock star, but beneath that exterior lies a true romantic who's sweet and charming and the highlight of the story for me.  Alex lived up to all the rock star stereotypes which made him a bit unlikable as there were no redeeming qualities to him and I felt his attention towards Violet was just to annoy Razer.  His past though, hinted at being somewhat bad, is the only intriguing thing about him and is unfortunately not dealt with any further in this story.

With the premise of this story hinting at a steamy love triangle it was very disappointing that one didn't really exist.  With her negative attitude towards rock stars interludes were halted before they barely started which left readers with lots of foreplay and sexual tension.  The overall flow of the story was good with a few humorous moments that made me smile, but the ending came out of nowhere and felt a bit rushed.  On a whole, while this story had great promise, the execution didn't quite live up to that as the heroine left much to be desired and Alex felt like mere window dressing.  While there was much to dim my enjoyment of this story, there was one big bright spot courtesy of Razer and his tough guy exterior with his sweet center that left me wondering why he wanted Violet so much.  Though not every aspect of this book worked for me, it's characters like Razer that have me wanting to revisit this rock star world with the next installment.

My rating for this is a C.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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