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Book Tour for Accelerated Passion by Lily Harlem (Review & GIVEAWAY)

The exhilarating and sexy world of Formula One racing comes to life in this erotically-charged sports-themed romance between a woman trying to prove herself in a man's world and the arrogant driver who's more than what he appears.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Accelerated Passion by Lily Harlem, along with my impressions of it, and then add it to your bookshelf.  In honor of this book make sure to fill out the form below for the chance that two winners can win two eBooks from ARe!

When speed and seduction combine, sparks are sure to fly.
Some girls enjoy makeup, low-cut dresses, and bedding famous men. Not me. I’m happiest in my oily overalls, with my hands in an engine, chatting with the guys on my team about aerodynamics and wing position.
So when infamous Formula One champion, Dean Cudditch, comes into my life, I’m content to leave him to his lothario ways. Dean seems on top of the world when draped with adoring female fans, and I refuse to be another of the champ’s conquests.
However, as I get to know the real Dean Cudditch, I begin to see a softer side to him that makes him all the sexier. My resolve crumbles when he admits that it’s my mechanical mind and engineering know-how that turn him on.
Before I know it, I’m racing down the fast lane of seduction, passion, and lust. One thing is for sure: when Dean is behind the wheel, it’s going to be one hot ride.


“But…you’re a girl."
“Er, yeah, last time I looked.” Frankie resisted the temptation to throw a wrench at the gorgeous man standing in front of her.
“She’s the best of the best.” Eric Tucker, the man who’d hired her, rested his hand on her shoulder in a fatherly gesture.
“Well, obviously I need the best of the best. It’s what I’m used to.” Dean Cudditch, Formula One champion, shifted the helmet in his hand and continued to stare at Frankie as if she were some kind of alien lifeform.
“And you’ve been trying to replace Ruben for the last few years,” Eric said, “but it hasn’t been happening. Now is the time to get a lead engineer like Frankie on board."
“I can do the job,” Frankie said. “Wouldn’t be standing here if I couldn’t."
What a prick. Why should he need convincing? She had top university qualifications, practical know-how, the experience. Hell, she had experience coming out of her ears. Five years traveling the world on the Ferrari team did that to a person.
Dean frowned and rubbed at the crease marks on his forehead. The fireproof mask he’d worn when driving must have had a kink in it during his training lap. “And you’re Australian."
“And that’s a problem because…?” Fuck it, amazeballs driver or not, she was going to kick him in the balls in a minute.
“It’s not a problem.” He kind of shrugged, and the cream all-in-one racing suit he wore creased around his collarbones. “Just haven’t heard of you."
“It’s a big world. You can’t possibly know everyone.” And she was beginning to wish she didn’t know him. Sure, she’d admired him from afar for years. What woman wouldn’t? He ticked all the boxes—sexy, talented, rich, dangerous—though now he was adding asshole to the list she suddenly wasn’t as keen as she had been.
“The world of Formula One isn’t that big. It’s the same people doing the rounds year after year.” He frowned.
“Yeah, well, I’m a highly qualified engineer, not an adoring groupie. Maybe that’s why you’ve missed me while you were bedding all those other women who follow drivers around, strutting their stuff at parties in tight dresses but can’t tell one end of the car from the other.” She was on a roll. “And I wear this so you can’t see my tits.” She plucked at the shapeless oil-stained overall she wore. “So perhaps that’s why I didn’t appear on your radar. Well, I’ll tell you something. I’ve been working the circuits, managing a team, a winning team, I might add, and if it hadn’t been for Eric doubling my salary, I wouldn’t be standing in front of your misogynistic, misinformed, egotistical sorry ass now, would I? And, while we’re on the subject—"
“Okay.” Harold squeezed her shoulder. “We get your point.” He coughed as though uncomfortable.
Frankie swallowed down her next words which were a combination of player, jerk, and risk-taker.
One side of Dean’s mouth twitched.
She wasn’t sure if it was the start of a smile or if he wanted to retaliate to her outburst.
He narrowed his eyes and continued to survey her.
She bit on her bottom lip to prevent speaking further.
Sometimes, Francesca May, try thinking things instead of saying them.
Her mother’s words came back to her. Damn it, this wasn’t a good start to her new job. Dean had to trust her with his life. He’d be depending on her for not just glory but also safety, and she’d called him a whole ream of unpleasantries the moment they’d met.
“Well then,” Dean said, his voice unnervingly calm. “Seems like you can talk the talk…what did you say your name was?"
“Frankie. Frankie Wright."
“Ah, yes, Frankie. As I was saying, it seems like you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?"
She beat down a wave of irritation that swarmed within her. Wasn’t that what she’d just said? “Yes.”


Fans of sports-themed romances will be drawn to the sensual thrill ride on and off the track in this fast-paced tale of a playboy tired of playing the field and the strong-willed woman wanting to make her mark in a man's world. From start to finish Ms. Harlem has crafted a compelling story that keeps you on the edge of your seat in a story full of erotic encounters and very little angst.

Frankie's always been a tomboy, more interested in playing with cars than dolls. It's led her to a career as a top mechanic in the world of Formula One racing. It's a struggle to be taken seriously in this world but her new team is a supportive bunch that treats her more like a sister. Her biggest fears though revolve around her feelings for champion driver Dean who she's always thought of as a player but through their interactions she starts seeing him in a different light. With their connection deepening her fears over being taken seriously have her holding back, much to my frustration. But when an accident befalls Dean will it be too late to admit the truth or will their relationship end before its begun? I enjoyed Frankie for the most part as she was confident when it came to her career. She knew everything about cars and wasn't afraid to talk about them. When it came to her looks and her sex appeal though she was a bit less confident as she constantly measured herself against the Barbie dolls Dean usually spent time with. She wasn't afraid to go after what she wanted nor would she deny the needs she had when it came to sex. She was an equal when it came to her and Dean's erotic encounters which made them all the hotter.

Until recently Dean was content being the playboy, but it's gotten a bit stale with the women starting to all look the same. He's wanting a challenge and meeting Frankie presents him with the biggest challenge of all. Their initial meeting shows him to be arrogant but the more time they spend together the closer they become. He lets her see the real him, the man behind the playboy persona and the man with a precious secret that he lets her in on. He's proud to have her as his girlfriend and isn't happy keeping their relationship secret which made him all the more likable. When given the opportunity he's more than happy to shout it from the rooftops that she's his. Dean's a commanding character, brash at the start but showing a charming and sweet side as their relationship progresses. Theirs is a relationship that progresses quickly but feels believable in the fast-paced world they live in. 

Dean and Frankie's connection crackles from the moment they meet. The sexual tension between them is palpable with their first encounter combustible. As their relationship deepens the encounters become hotter and more erotic, especially one involving his race car. Along with these two larger than life main characters comes a small cast of secondary characters, mostly Frankie's fellow mechanics, that reflect a brotherly vibe. I was also intrigued by fellow driver Farrah who I'd love to see get his own story if more stories are told. My only quibble involves Enrique and his feelings for Frankie that were left hanging. On a whole though this was a super sexy and exhilarating thrill ride that vividly depicted all the ins and outs of the racing world. Ms. Harlem's storytelling pulled you in to this exciting world and kept you on the edge of your seat and I hope it's a world we revisit soon.

My rating for this is a B+

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Lily Harlem lives in the UK and is an award-winning, best-selling author of contemporary erotic romance. After giving up a busy career in nursing she now spends her time enjoying her army of rescued pets and penning steamy stories. She writes for publishers on both sides of the Atlantic including, HarperCollins, Totally Bound, Pride Publishing, Evernight and Sweetmeat Press. She also self-publishes novels that range from emotionally charged erotic romance, to steamy ménage a trois and, with Natalie Dae, (Harlem Dae) dark BDSM that pushes all the boundaries.
One thing you can be sure of, whatever book you pick up by Ms Harlem and in whichever pairing or genre takes your fancy, is it will be wildly romantic and down-and-dirty sexy so make sure you hang on tight for the ride!


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