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Book Tour for Melody of Truth by Nicole Simone (Review)

Rock star romances have become my obsession and luckily there seems to be plenty showing up on my bookshelf!  Keep reading to get a tantalizing taste of Melody of Truth by Nicole Simone and its balance of steaminess with bits of humor, along with my impressions of it.  Once you get a look at this enticing third installment in the Love of a Rockstar series get ready to add it to your bookshelf too!

The sexy as sin Marco, a man I never thought would be mine, asked me Melody Carmichael to marry him.
Two months before I became a Mrs., a job opportunity to film a documentary about rock n roller, Matthew Lee and his band, presented itself. My swirling doubts compelled me to pack a bag and spend two months on a tour bus.
While I expected it to be a wild ride, I had no idea, my life, as I knew it, would never be the same.
I had lost everything, my wife, my dog and my house within a blink of an eye. Without my career as a drummer for solo artist/best friend, Matthew Lee, I would have been adrift in the rocky seas, drowning underneath mounds of legal work and divorce proceedings.
Our upcoming tour was my opportunity to regain my focus but that was before, I found out documentary filmmaker, Melody Carmichael, would be capturing our every move. With her fire engine colored lips, raven black hair and a figure reminiscent of a 1950's pin-up model she evoked dirty daydreams with a single glance.
As the professional lines between us blur, I make it my mission to prove to Melody putting your heart on the line is the greatest risk worth taking.




Fans of rock star romances will find themselves charmed by this tale of two people bruised by love tempted by each other at the worst time ever.  With a combustible connection that's off the charts Melody and Sean try to be friends but find too much attraction bringing them together.  With Melody's marriage of convenience getting ever closer, she and Sean get caught up in a maelstrom of love and lies that leave both of them conflicted over their futures and readers left guessing.

In a story that follows a unique path, one of sexual frustration amidst attempts to live an honorable and satisfying life separate from your past, readers will find it an entertaining ride.  Though readers might become frustrated by Melody and Sean's constant "will they, won't they" they will ultimately get caught up in the charming and playful interplay between the sweet and romantic Sean and the strong-willed Melody.  Add in the chaotic and exhilarating world of music, as well as a fiancee who's not who he seems, and you're left with more conflict and stress to keep their HEA in doubt.  Through everything though, you can't help being drawn to the characters, both primary and secondary as they're far too appealing and likable to ignore.  Sean is a true romantic despite his impending divorce leaving him a bit embittered while Melody is sassy and strong with a weakness of being a bit too kindhearted.  They test each other every step of the way in an engaging tug of war that finally leads to scorching encounters.

Though this book is part of a series it stands nicely on its own giving just enough glimpses of the other bandmates to give an update on previous couples while enticing you for future couplings.  The men of Five Guys are a sexy bunch with playful and brotherly interactions, witty and snarky banter, that has me counting down the days until the next installment.  Fans of rock star romances will find this an enjoyable read with a satisfying and dreamy conclusion that's a delightful addition to the genre.

My rating for this is a B-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Nicole Simone works in digital media by day and at night, pen’s character driven romance novels that will make your mama blush. She lives in Seattle, WA with her fat bulldog named Humphrey.
She loves hearing from her readers and can be reached at

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