Monday, August 15, 2016

Book Review for Sincerely, Arizona by Whitney G.

Just friends.
We’re just friends.
No, wait. We’re no longer just best friends....


After the utter delight I found in reading Sincerely, Carter I wasn't quite ready to leave the sweet and sexy romance between two former enemies who became friends, and then lovers, behind.  When I saw this epilogue available for free I immediately smiled as I knew the HEA of the previous installment was about to get even better.  From the witty banter teeming with sexual tension between Arizona and Carter to the emotional struggles in maintaining their long distance romance, readers will quickly become immersed in this next step in their relationship.  It's a relationship just as cute, sexy, and charming as in the previous book and I felt fully invested throughout the letters, emails, and Skype sessions that made up the bulk of their interactions this time around.  The author has a talent for using correspondence to strengthen a relationship while allowing their distinct personalities to shine through and it ultimately added even more enjoyment to a romance that's entertained me throughout the previous book as well as this little bundle of joy.

Along with the sweet and sexy romance between Carter and Ari, there's a few hints of another relationship brewing.  Carter's friend Josh, who's mocked his romance with brotherly affection, is feeling frustrated with being stuck in the "friend zone" himself and is looking for guidance with ramifications that have left me feeling giddy.  Readers also get glimpses of Ari's mom and her friend Nicole who round out the supportive group of people all rooting for her and Carter and it added an even more loving vibe to the overall story.  Further adding to the romantic vibe is the city of Paris and the author's vivid descriptions that enhanced the ambiance of Carter and Ari's love and set us on a path to the memorable conclusion.  This expanded epilogue was only about 50 pages but it left quite an impression on me through its charming and sensual banter between two unforgettable characters and their close-knit connection.  With a truly tear-inducing conclusion that left my heart bursting with joy, this epilogue was the perfect bow to the gift that was the book Sincerely, Carter and I recommend this dynamic duo to all lovers of romance.

My rating for this is an A.

*I added this book to my personal collection using my own money.

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