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Book Spotlight on Body Talk by Cara Bristol

Readers who are drawn to steamy stories and who always re-read the best parts of their favorite books will enjoy Ms. Bristol's latest release as she's put together a collection of the best parts of some of the most popular books!  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Body Talk by Cara Bristol, along with her discussing steamy interludes in romance books, then add this collection of excerpts from eleven of reader's favorite romances to your bookshelf!

When is sex not about sex? When it’s an erotic romance...
In real life, people have sex for many reasons besides physical desire.
They’re lonely and want to be held, they’re insecure and need ego validation, they’re jealous and want to stake a claim, they’ve fought and want to mend fences, they want to put their partner in a good mood, they’re cementing their commitment to one another, he/she fears losing the other person, etc.
Even in a conversation, most communication is nonverbal, with body language and vocal tone conveying meaning beyond words. Sex, too, is a form of communication. It says I love you, I need you, I feel close to you, I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m lonely, jealous, insecure, etc.
The best sex scenes in erotic romance aren’t about sex at all. Physical intimacy advances the plot of the story, reveals the characters’ characterdemonstrates by action how the hero and heroine feel about each other (which may be opposite to what they say). How characters have sex (is it tender, frantic, rough) gives insight into their relationship. The dialogue, both internal and external, uncovers motivations and speaks to the story.
My characters in my romances have steamy sex for a reason beyond physical attraction to one another. In Body Politics, feminist Stephanie has sex with Marc the first time to prove that a woman has the same rights as a man. In Trapped with the Cyborg, cyberoperative Amanda is about to embark on a mission so dangerous she might not survive. She picks up a stranger in a bar because it might be her last opportunity to be intimate with someone, but the encounter triggers her insecurities. It’s during a sexual encounter that the hero of Destiny’s Chance, discovers his girlfriend may not be who everyone thinks she is.
The encounters are erotic, sexy, even amusing, but also meaningful.
For Body Talk, I compiled full chapter erotic excerpts from eleven erotic romances, but it isn’t just an anthology of sex scenes; it’s a collection of character insights. The book doesn’t just jump right into the sex, but shows the build-up of tension and lead-in.

Sometimes the best way to say ‘I love you’ is through touch...
Remember when your favorite paperback books used to naturally open to the scenes you'd read over and over, the ones that made you laugh, tugged your heart or got you hot and bothered? In Body Talk, USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol has compiled full-chapter excerpts of the sexiest scenes from her most popular and favorite erotic romances. These story excerpts will tug at your heart, captivate your imagination, and stir your senses. You’ll visit the familiar…and escape to the unexpected in a variety of subgenres including: contemporary romance, BDSM/spanking romance, science fiction romance, romantic comedy, and even a historical romance selection.
Come share some tender, erotic moments in some of Cara’s beloved stories.


Silence met him when Chance entered the kitchen where a single light burned. Talking with Roman had done little to alleviate his confusion, worsened it by highlighting the multitude of differences he’d noticed in Zoe. He opened the refrigerator and stared at the leftovers. She could cook like a dream, so why hadn’t she done it before? Why fake ignorance, incompetence?
He shut the door and downed a glass of water, then switched off the light and strode to the bedroom. Drawn blinds covered the bedroom windows, but moonlight spilled in through the rounder above to spotlight the bed and cast the room in twilight rather than darkness. Her back to him, Zoe formed a slight speed bump on his side. He stripped to his boxers and slid between the sheets.
Tree branches rustled against the house like whispering ghosts. Shape-shifting shadows skittered across the ceiling, assumed form as fire-breathing dragons while the woman beside him wafted an incongruous gentle melody of warmth and scent. Disturbingly pleasant. The hairs on his forearm next to her tingled. She surprised him at every turn, yet there was the oddest familiarity about the change in her—like running into someone you recognized at the last place you would expect to see him.
He inhaled. “Are you awake?” he whispered.
Only the sound of her breathing met his question. He exhaled with relief. Not disappointment. Relief.
He jumped at the soft sound of her voice. On the ceiling, dragons leaped to full alert.
She rolled to face him but said nothing more.
He turned his head on the pillow to peer at her. In the dimness, bruises smudged her cheeks, but her lips looked soft and kissable. “So tell me again when you learned to cook?"
She shrugged. “It just sort of came to me."
He appraised her, trying to glean truth. “People don’t decide one day they like to cook, and presto, they know how. It has to be learned." Either she’d been hiding her ability all along, or something was seriously weird. “Can you play the violin?"
“No.” She creased her forehead. “Why?"
“I wonder what other dormant talents you have,” he said.
She puckered her lips and whistled the theme from a movie about prisoners of war forced to build a bridge for the enemy. “What’s that?" The Bridge over the River Kwai."
“I recognized the tune. I meant why are you whistling?"
“I’m sharing a hidden talent you. Have you ever known me to whistle?"
Despite his conflicted emotions, he smiled. “No, I haven't."
Another tune, this one less jaunty, more flowing, haunting, filled the room. Familiar, but he couldn’t place it.
“What’s that one?” He flipped onto his side toward her.
“‘My Heart Will Go On.’ The theme from Titanic."
“Chick flick.” He dismissed it with a snort.
“The most famous boat-disaster movie ever. Death and destruction. How can that be a chick flick?” Humor glinted in her eyes. Amusement teased the corner of her mouth into a sweet curve.
“All that sappy stuff about love continuing after death? Pure romantic dribble drabble."
“You don’t think love continues after death?"
“No.” He spoke emphatically to shore up his belief, because he wasn’t 100 percent sure anymore. She rose on an elbow, and the sheet slipped to her waist, revealing a thin top that displayed her breasts and rosy pink nipples. She had the cutest tits. And even cuter ass that blushed so beautifully. The paddle reddened her ass quicker, but he preferred the tawse, loved coloring her ass strip by strip. Desire he’d pronounced dead flared in his belly and lower. This woman had turned him on more in the past week than she had in two months. What had happened to his resolve? She licked her lips, drawing his gaze to her mouth.
She lowered her lashes and drew a figure eight on the satin sheet with her finger. Round and round she traced the invisible shape, then blindsided him with a touch to his jaw, a slide against the ridgeline. Heat burned his skin, made his cock ache. What the hell are you doing? He silently swore at her and himself. He should slap her hand away, retreat to the sofa. What happened to his vow of resistance. She smiled as she explored his chin and cheek, and despite the war raging within, he became entranced by the pleasure revealed in the curve of her lips.
“Your face is rough. Like sandpaper,” she mused.
“I haven’t shaved since yesterday morning."
“A little beard suits you. It’s sexy."
She strayed dangerously close to his lips, and he grabbed her hand to halt her progress, but then pressed it against his face. Instantly he regressed to age fifteen, all nerves and hormones, desperately wanting to kiss a girl but fearing rejection.
He found his voice. A thick, hoarse one. “This is a bad idea.” He tugged her toward him, and she slid across the sheets into his arms. Ignoring his bellowing common sense, he lowered his head and slanted his mouth over hers.



USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol writes erotic romance in several subgenres. Her romances have ranked no. 1 in science fiction romance, BDSM  erotica, and holiday fiction on Amazon. No matter what the subgenre,  her books are character-driven stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine and a touch of humor.  Besides her list of fiction credits, she is the author of Naughty Words for Nice Writers, a sex scene thesaurus for romance writers. Cara lives in Missouri with her own alpha hero, her husband.

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