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Book Release Blitz for Shadow By D.M. Earl (REVIEW)……

A woman hardened by her past finds life as a member of an all-female MC, where dealing pain becomes common for her, but also has her finding unexpected love in this raw and emotionally intense contemporary romance.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Shadow By D.M. Earl, along with getting my impressions of it, then add this second installment in the Devil's Handmaidens MC series to your bookshelf!

He'll protect her beyond a shadow of a doubt...

Zoey "Shadow" Jeffries is no stranger to pain and suffering. Sold into slavery as a child, Shadow was left for dead until she fought back got her freedom and then meets her best friend. Together, they started an all-women's motorcycle club. As the club's enforcer, Shadow's strength and courage are paramount in keeping the club in the business of saving people.

Meeting a sexy Navajo horse rancher catapults Shadow to the next emotional level for the first time. Shadow and Panther will do anything to protect the young, trafficked victims from the sexual predators threatening them. While Shadow and Panther navigate uncertain waters to save the women, can they find passion and pleasure amidst their pain?




With her creation of the Devil's Handmaidens MC, D.M. Earl has left an indelible mark within the genre as these women are larger than life and take no crap from anyone.  They've all experienced trauma in their lives and have dealt with it in their own ways.  For Shadow (Zoey), she's become the enforcer of her club, doling out pain when necessary and getting one bit of revenge at a time.  She's not fully living though, determined to save others from the pain she experienced leaving her a shell of herself, keeping her emotions in check and showing only stoicism to the world.  The day she's introduced to Panther is the day everything changes for her, shows her a new way to live, if she's willing to open herself up to another person again.  Their journey is a powerful one, one that's both sweet and sensual, and their pairing kept me glued to the pages.  Their journey put me through the emotional wringer, had me feeling everything they went through right alongside them and has me thinking of them still.

From the first page to the last this was a gritty read full of raw emotions and a backstory that was painful to read.  Shadow's past was vividly depicted with her mental and physical scars more than obvious.  With markings that are both a warning to others as well as a way to isolate herself from the world, Shadow's story becomes unforgettable with her being the perfect heroine.  She's unconventional but she's someone you won't forget.  She's a badass, a take no prisoners heroine, who wears her tough exterior like a piece of clothing...comfortable but with a way to change if she's willing to take a chance.  On a whole this story let Shadow shine, took her to the lowest of emotional depths to the highest of highs as her story raced to a conclusion.  Panther is her perfect pairing, a calming influence amidst the emotional and physical chaos of her life.  He's a strong support to her, one of the few people who've accepted her as she is, never judging her or finding her lacking.  With each turn of the page their connection becomes everything!  Their encounters are sweet, sensual, and at times they're erotically-charged too.  I do wish though that more about him would've been revealed.  I wish that more about his background would've been shown so I could feel an even stronger connection to him.

On a whole this book had me on the edge of my seat from the first page to the last.  It was emotional, raw and gritty, and suspenseful as the Devil's Handmaiden's MC once again dealt with those hurting others for their own personal gain.  The perspective of an all-female MC was unique and it pulled me in wholeheartedly, giving readers a heroine who won't soon be forgotten.  It's another winner from D.M. Earl, another well-crafted tale that has me ready for more and excitedly counting down the days until another book in this series is released!

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


USA Today Bestselling author, D. M. Earl creates authentic and genuine characters while spinning stories that feel so real and relatable that the readers plunge deep within the plot, begging for more.  Complete with drama, angst, romance, and passion, the stories jump off the page.

When Earl, an avid reader since childhood, isn't at her keyboard pouring her heart into her work, you'll find her in Northwest Indiana snuggling up to her husband, the love of her life, with her seven fur babies nearby.  Her other passions include gardening and shockingly cruising around town on the back of her 2004 Harley. She's a woman of many talents and interests.  Earl appreciates each and every reader who has ever given her a chance--and hopes to connect on social media with all of her readers.


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