Sunday, April 2, 2023

Book Release Blitz for Bender by Colleen Charles….

Readers will find themselves charmed by this second chance romance set in the hockey world and introducing a young Italian trying to make a life for himself who might have to resort to a surprising choice to stay in this country.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Bender by Colleen Charles, then add this fourth installment in the Vegas Venom series to your bookshelf too!

When I moved from Italy to play for the Vegas Venom, it was a dream come true. My parents died when I was young, and I thought that being part of the team would be like being a part of a family.

I was wrong.

It turns out that I’m on thin ice. With everyone, really, but especially with Madison McKay.

Madison has lived rent free in my head since I met her at a photo shoot and I accidentally insulted her. She’s a curvy goddess, but when I fumbled over my words she didn’t let me dig myself out of the hole I created.

It doesn’t help that my so-called friends like to tease me, purposely leading me down the wrong road. Or that my roommate is a grumpy veteran player who only speaks in three word sentences.

Now that Madison is in Las Vegas full time, I figure it’s my second chance.

When I look at her, I already see our future together. She’s mine. I just have to convince her that I’m worth another look.

But I’m about to have to convince her of a whole lot more.

When the Venom release me from the team I’m faced with a decision. I either have to return to Italy or figure out a way to stay in the states…legally.

Will Madison take a chance on forever with me or will I be heading back to my homeland alone?



Colleen Charles is the USA Today Bestselling author of Perfectly Imperfect Romance for perfectly imperfect readers.
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