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Book Tour for Love The Neighbor's Nephew by Stephanie Williams (Promo Post & GIVEAWAY)

I enjoy stories with the younger man/older woman theme and today's story provides just that, with an added complication.  So keep reading to discover that secret and more about Love Thy Neighbor's Nephew by Stephanie Williams.  Don't forget to visit the other blogs hosting this tour as well as signing up for the great giveaway below.

My Inspiration for, Love They Neighbors Nephew......
What happens when a fad becomes the norm? Well, its no longer taboo or enticing, right?
Thats what happened the whole cougar phenomenon. From celebrities to your sister Joyce, some older woman were turning heads when she walked into the room with what looked like a frat boy from the nearby University.
Tongues wagged, gossip flew and innuendoes ran rapid.
That’s not the case so much anymore. In fact, it’s just plain—ordinary.
What’s a writer to do when something that was so taboo becomes common place?
Throw in a few twists!
With my latest, I played the typical “What if” game that we writers do. 
What if the young stud you fell for, you knew for years?
What if he used to play with your stepchildren years ago?
What if he’s your best friends nephew?
What if he lives right across the street from you?
What if you found out he has the hots for you too?
Guess what? All of that is going on in Love Thy Neighbors Nephew!
Yolanda Paterson finds herself in a dilemma. Unlike her web design business, she can’t simply push a few buttons and string together some code to make it right either.
Although she was a young bride and now divorced, she hasn’t really been looking for anyone special again. Besides she’s been down that road and she cares not to go down it again
But life isn’t as predictable as computer languages.  Lawrence is back home from Yale to his old neighbor. He sees Yolanda for what seems like the first time. He use to play with her stepchildren, He loved her home cooking.
But now he’s in love with her.
No problem really. She’s in her forties, he just turned thirty.
Oh yeah, there’s that little thing about him being Yolanda’s best friends’ nephew.
What’s a woman to do?
Have wild freaky sex and not tell anyone, that’s what!
Of course there’s more to it than that. 
See how these star-crossed lovers handle a sticky situation. Pick up your copy today!

Yolanda Paterson found the perfect man. He’s kind, helpful, smart, and sexier than any Playgirl cover model. He does things to her body that should be considered illegal in some states. What more could a woman need, right? There’s just a couple of problems. One, he’s a younger man, and two—and this is a big one—he’s her best friend’s nephew.
Having completed a teaching internship at Yale, Lawrence returns home. It’s great to see his Aunt Lizzy and Uncle Hank. It’s amazing to see Yolanda Paterson. He’d had the typical neighborhood boy crush on her. But now, he’s a grown man with needs…and he needs his aunt’s best friend.


“Wow, that’s a serious toolbox,” she said as she let Lawrence inside.
“It’s Uncle Hank’s. He doesn’t seem to get much use of it.” He turned and winked at her.
“Yeah, Liz and I noticed.”
He followed her to the kitchen, set the toolbox on the table, and picked up the fallen cabinet. “It’s chipped here on the corner, too. I noticed it earlier, when I saw it lying on the floor.”
“Probably when it fell.” Yolanda returned to her laptop to finish a client’s web page. “Let me know if you need any help.”
“Nah, I got everything under control. I brought something to fix it good as new. You might want to put some cotton in your ears though. I have to use the power saw to cut through the wall.”
“Goodness. Are you sure you can handle this? Maybe we should get a professional.”
“Hey, are you doubting my handyman prowess?” he asked, quirking his brow
“Sorry.” The last comment made her think about his other skills. Good Lord, she needed to stop thinking of him in a sexual way. Okay, he was too young for her and he was also her best friend’s nephew. Those facts alone should do it.
He laughed. “I told you, I got it all under control.”
“Huh? Oh, great.” She gathered up her laptop and moved to the kitchen’s center island. She sat on the stool, getting a good view of Lawrence and making sure nothing unexpected happened, like the ceiling caving in.
He put on his safety glasses, plugged in the power saw, and turned it on. She covered her ears. It was loud. He cut into the wall, and dust and debris flew all over the place.
“Oh hell!” he yelled, and turned off the machine.
Yolanda leapt from the stool. “What’s wrong?”
“Oh, nothing about the walls. But I’m wearing my favorite shirt, and I’m getting stuff all over it.” He set down the power tool, stripped off his shirt, and folded it neatly, placing it on the table.
She stared, memorized. His body was just short of mythical. When did he have time to develop muscles like those? Does he work out for hours, or is it genetics? And why am I drooling?



My name is Stephanie Williams. I am a native of Los Angeles, born 47 years ago. I am a full-time home business owner in the export/import trade as well as a contract Purchasing Agent for a medical facility. I enjoy opera, classical music and am a huge history buff. Reading is my passion and it’s not unusual for me to read a book a week whether it’s War and Peace or short stories by Poe and of course romance and erotica. I’ve traveled extensively and it’s not unusual to find me celebrating Christmas in the Land Down Under with a shrimp on the Barbie.



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