Friday, April 26, 2013

Book Tour for Good Enough to Trust by Zara Stoneley (PROMO & GIVEAWAY)

I'm ending the week on a steamy note to encourage the weather to become more summery.  So today I'm bringing you Good Enough to Trust by Zara Stoneley, along with some other wonderful bloggers hosting this tour.  Keep reading to get a glimpse into the pages of this steamy book and make sure to fill out the form below for your chance to win some of Ms. Stoneley's books.

Do you trust the boy you loved, or the man you might?
Sophie has only one thing on her New Year’s resolution list – sorting out her life.
Losing her parents was hard, blaming herself hurt more – but was it really her fault, or was accepting the guilt easier than facing up to the truth?
Retracing her steps was never going to be easy, risking her heart again is even harder - and when there's two men to choose from will it be easier to trust the man she's never stopped loving, or the one that might give her the new start she needs?


The food was good, like fresh honest uncomplicated food always is. I just broke the bread into chunks and chucked everything on to a big wooden bread board that was resident on the kitchen counter and we sat, or should that be sprawled, on the floor in front of the stove and picked at the food with our fingers and the heat of the room warmed the red wine up nicely. And it heated me up more than nicely until I had to strip off the mother-friendly jumper and toss it onto the chair behind me. Which left a T-shirt that proclaimed loudly that I was ‘one hot chick’. Okay, I admit, it was probably nearly as bad as wearing knickers with ‘spank me’ on the back, or ‘unwrap me’ on the front. But I hadn’t known that I’d end the day in front of a hot stove with two men, had I?
Will eyed up the yellow chick that was set perky on my chest and grinned. “Is that hot as in, you know, hot and sweaty or as in phwoar?”
Ollie’s thigh-tingling chuckle wrapped around me as I giggled a bit self consciously.
“Well, what do you think?” A couple of glasses of wine had done a good job of squashing my honourable intentions.
“A bit of both I’d say.” The chuckle had turned to throaty murmur right by my ear, warm breath making me hotter. The cottage wasn’t that big, the living room even smaller, so three people sprawled meant we were all near enough to touch. Ollie had one elbow propped on the chair that I was leaning against, and Will’s muscled thigh was so close to mine I could feel the heat from it.
I reached back to pile my hair up on top of my head, and let some air circulate round my neck, and Ollie caught my wrists above my head.
“Messy bugger.” I jumped when he reached out and caught the tomato juice that had dribbled onto my chin with one elegant finger. The finger lingered over my lips and it was just an automatic reaction to lick it clean, slowly, as I matched his dark stare which seemed to hold almost a challenge.



Zara Stoneley has been writing stories for as long as she’s been reading them. She submitted her first novel, a thriller, to a UK publisher when she was twelve years old.
After moving on to romance, she started off writing contemporary romance with a bit of sizzle, and then discovered she liked hot and erotic too. Her erotic work has been published by Xcite Books and Breathless Press. She also writes contemporary romance under the name Susie Medwell, and her latest romance is due to be published by Lyrical Press in May 2013.
Zara loves her family, sunshine, wine, good food, caffeine, cats, music, writing and reading - but not necessarily in that order!

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