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Book Tour for Give Me Forever by Celeste Carrara (Review & GIVEAWAY)

To end the week I'm introducing you to Give Me Forever by Celeste Carrara, a vampire-themed series starter with LOTS of steam.  Keep reading to get my impressions of this book and find out what sets Ms. Carrara's vampires apart from others.  Make sure to leave a comment about why you're drawn to vampires for your chance to win a GC.

Ms. Carrara.....what sets your vampires apart from the others we've read before?

I am so glad to have the opportunity to answer this question. My vampires are very different from the ones written about before.
The same way you get your blue eyes from your grandmother, vampirism is passed downfrom generation to generation genetically.
Humans cannot be turned into vampires, nor can any other species be turned into one.
Vampires can only procreate until the age of twenty-four. For the first twenty-four years of life, a vampire is very much like a human. They eat, drink, procreate, and can get illnesses just like the average human. There are subtle differences between the two species. Vampires are near perfect in appearance, and are stronger and faster than humans. During this time in their lives, vampires can be killed in many of the same ways a human can be killed.
On the day of their twenty-fifth birthday, everything changes. The vampire gene is triggered and they turn into a full vampire. The transition is brutal and lasts for hours. Many changes take place. All human qualities vanish. Blood is all they require for sustenance. They can drink other liquids, but human food cannot be digested.
Beautiful and strong before, these qualities are enhanced after their transition. Their appearance is that of a perfect being. Slim, but muscular figures, they are strong and fast beyond compare. All senses are enhanced. For example, they can see clearly in the dark, and hear conversations from great distances.
The sexual appetite of the vampire is healthy before the transition, but after it increases ten fold. Vampires need sex as much as they need blood and use humans to fulfill both needs. With their strength, most vampires prefer sex with another vampire to ensure no accidental deaths.
Common sicknesses are no longer a concern for the turned vampire. They cannot contract any diseases, nor carry any. They become immortal and can only be killed one way. A beheading followed by all body parts being burned.
In book one of my Paranormal City series (Give Me Forever) the story starts with Serena waking up on her twenty-fifth birthday. The reader is taken through her transition fromher point of view. We get the inside take on what it means to be a vampire and how a newly turned vampire copes with all their new abilities. Things are a little more complicated for Serena because not only is she a newly turned vampire, she is also the daughter of the most ruthless vampire King. With rebels threatening her father’s crown, alove affair with a human that is derailed by the appearance of her soul mate, Serena is faced with many obstacles.

Serena, a twenty five year old newly turned vampire longs for a normal life. Daughter to the king of the Northeastern faction of vampires her life is anything but normal. Her actions are ruled by her duty to her people and her father's demands. Serena's father Sebastian is impossible to please no matter how hard Serena tries. Loyalty and fear keep her trapped in her life.
While tending to business for her father Serena meets Nick, a handsome young realtor whom she finds herself attracted to regardless of the fact that he is human. Even though she knows better she can't seem to stop herself from falling into his arms, and his bed. Nick gives her a glimpse into the normal life she wishes for but how long can she ignore their differences?
When humans start showing up drained of their blood with obvious vampire bites on their bodies Sebastian takes it as a direct challenge to his authority. Someone is gathering his enemies with intentions of stripping him of his title. The only two he can trust to aid him is his daughter Serena, and his assassin Alex. Little did he know that once the two meet all their lives would change forever. No one can change the course of fate. When destiny calls they try to fight it but neither Serena nor Alex can deny the pull of their souls yearning to be joined.


“Thank you for getting here so quickly, daughter.” It was said sarcastically, and I shrunk into that scared little nine-year-old who feared her father's disappointment. An apology wouldn’t be accepted, only looked at as an excuse. I sat silently as he explained the reason for the meeting. With authority he spoke to the crowd. “Tonight I will be leaving for a short trip, and my daughter will be in charge while I’m gone. Now, the reason I asked you all here is because of a recent threat that has become a nuisance. Some asshole has been in my city, making inquiries about me. He's looking for rebels to challenge my authority. This will not be tolerated. Unfortunately, he’s already gathered more than a few followers. They had the audacity to drain a human and leave the female's body out in the open for anyone to find. He has since disappeared, taking his rebels with him, except for one. He is occupying one of my cells as I speak. Serena will handle the interrogation while I tend to business elsewhere. You know what to do, Serena. I’ll expect a call soon with an update on your progress.” He stood, and everyone followed and bowed as he left the room. He said nothing more. Two security guards were by my side in an instant.



Into the already crowded world of vampire fiction comes this series starter from Celeste Carrara.  Give Me Forever starts out at a feverish pace and never slows down until the rather disappointing cliffhanger ending.  It's told from the perspective of Serena as we travel with her through her transition into the vampire world through her training and battles to do her father's bidding, as well as LOTS of sexual encounters that threaten to overwhelm the story.  From battle scenes to bedroom scenes the action is vividly depicted though which helps in pulling you into the story.  I just wish the author had spent more time with worldbuilding and clearly defining who/what these vampires are.  How/why the transitions occur and their abilities are just touched on.  We learn very late in the story that there are other paranormal creatures residing here as well but it too is just touched on but is something I hope will enter into any future stories in this series.

My biggest wish is that Serena were a more likable heroine.  There were times where she left me frustrated with her constant thoughts of sex.  I also felt she was a bit childish in her need to please her father.  It comes from a lifetime of dealing with his cold demeanor where he showed affection through material goods, but his actions have now left her a bit spoiled too as her actions throughout the story show.  I had hoped that her transition would've made her not only physically stronger but mentally as well, but alas it didn't.  Their father-daughter relationship is sad to witness, and though it becomes less strained by the story's conclusion, it's far from satisfactory.  To make up for a lack of love from her father she finds affection elsewhere.  First is a few fellow vampires, then comes the human Nick who is sexy and sweetly natured.  He'd do anything to make her happy.  He's a good guy but a bit bland when compared to the next man in line, Alex, who's her father's assassin-for-hire.  Alex is sexy though very similar to her father in that he has a tendency to be overbearing.  He also happens to be her soul mate so their instant attraction is understandable.  From her first vampire lovers to Nick to Alex though the sex is hot!  Ms. Carrara knows how to write a steamy scene that is immensely satisfying which is a good thing since these scenes occur frequently.  This story definitely lives up to the label of erotica!

On a whole though this is a story that had great potential but fell a bit short.  The story's pace was too quick so it left the worldbuilding and deep character development short.  The sexual interludes were steamy and satisfying yet took over the story with their frequency.  Ms. Carrara has created a series starter that while flawed still intrigues me with its possibilities.  Give Me Forever was an okay start, but I look forward to where Ms. Carrara will take this series in subsequent installments.

My rating for this is a C.

*I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.


Celeste Carrara is a self-published author of the erotic paranormal romance series Paranormal City. A stay at home wife and mother, Celeste never dreamed she would be so fortunate to be a full-time writer. She resides in New York City with her husband of over fifteen years and their two children. All of Carrara's books are based in her hometown, her favorite city Manhattan.
As a child she loved reading and used her writing of poetry as a way to escape her troubled childhood. Life got in the way, and her reading took a back seat to raising her kids. After her children became self-sufficient, and she had more time on her hands, her sister told her about a "hot new paranormal romance" she had to read. Celeste jumped in and returned to her love of reading. Always fascinated by all things paranormal, and a lover of romance, Celeste devoured every paranormal romance she could find. She has always liked her books with some spice so it came as no surprise she found erotic romance.
All this reading sparked the writer within. An idea for a story came to her one day and she decided to put it on paper. Soon, the ideas were flowing and she couldn't stop writing. With encouragement from her husband, and best friend, Celeste completed her first novel, Give Me Forever, and hasn't looked back. Currently she is working on more books of the Paranormal City series as well as stand-alone erotic romances.



Celeste will be awarding a $25 Amazon Gift Card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

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  1. I like the idea of vampires being vampires because its in their genetic code. (I think I got that right.) That's a very cool idea.


  2. Thank you very much for hosting me at your blog today!

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    2. Thank you very much for your kind words!! I do hope you give the rest of the series a try. I think a lot of questions you may have about my characters will all come together for you. There is a method to my madness lol :-)

  3. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion. I love honest reviews and appreciate them!
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  4. It's been a great tour, I've enjoyed learning more about your book. It sounds very exciting.


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    1. That is so nice to hear! Thank you so much. This was my very first tour and I have to say it was a blast! I really enjoyed myself :-)

  6. I haven't read too many stories about vampires, but these sound unique. I think I would like to read your stories and watch their change at age 25.

    1. I hope you enjoy them if you decide to read them! They aren't your typical Paranormal romance stories and that's why I loved writing them so much! ;-)

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    Joder...Thanks for a thoughtful, honest review. As a reader, I appreciate your details and honesty.
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    1. Thank you!

      And I agree. As a writer I really appreciate honest reviews too. They help me learn and grow as a writer :-)

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    1. Hi Chelsea B! Thank you very much and it was my pleasure!

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