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Book Tour for In Bed With Mr. Perfect by Heidi Lynn Anderson (Review & GIVEAWAY)

I'm happy to bring you a delightfully sexy read today that brightened my chilly and snowy afternoon.  Keep reading to get a taste of In Bed With Mr. Perfect by Heidi Lynn Anderson along with my impressions of it.  Make sure to leave a comment letting us know if friends with benefits relationships really work for the chance to win a $25 Amazon GC too!

Curvy Ann Griffin has a secret—she’s in love with her longtime best friend and business partner Joe Mathews. After suffering through a date from hell—which definitely wasn’t worth putting on her strangling shapewear for—Ann heads home. How was she supposed to know the night would end with her throwing herself into his arms and allowing him to fulfill her every fantasy?
What’s a guy to do when the woman he loves kisses him senseless? Go with it, that’s what. For more than a decade, Joe has fought back his needs for the voluptuous beauty. In his mind, the only thing missing in their relationship was the ability to explore every inch of her luscious body.
Although sleeping with Ann could destroy everything they have, Joe won’t allow that to happen. He knows they’re made for each other. Now he only needs to convince her.


She leaned on her elbows and sighed. “He seemed nice when we talked at the gym,” Ann said, referring to the business the two co-owned. To her way of thinking, if she had to suffer though the misery of dating someone who wasn’t Joe she might as well have something nice to look at.
“I’m sure he was.”
“Okay,” she admitted. “It didn’t hurt he was shirtless when we were talking. Maybe I don’t have the best judgment when I’m at your place of business.” She laid her head on the table. “I should just wait until after closing to do the accounting paperwork.”
“Mr. Perfect’s is your business too.” Joe’s strong hands clasped her shoulders and started to massage. “Besides I need all the help I can get.”
“I’m just a silent partner.”
“There’s nothing silent about our partnership.” His finger worked the knot at the base of her skull. ”God, you’re tight.”
A moan slipped past Ann’s lips. The needy pull in her core deepened with every caress of his fingers and her pussy filled with moist heat. She should let her hormones have their way. Perhaps then she wouldn’t be soaking through her shapewear on a daily basis.
Ignoring the throbbing pleasure between her legs, she lifted her head. “The gym has the revenue to hire someone to help you out, you know.”
“Why? It’s fine the way it is.”
The butterflies dive-bombing her stomach every time she was around Joe told her everything wasn’t fine. “For you maybe.”



Those wanting a story that sets the pages on fire will get exactly that with this intensely erotic story that takes the friends with benefits theme to an extreme high.  When two long-term friends, and current roommates, decide to scratch their mutual itch they both realize that the love they have for each other can no longer be ignored.  What starts out as fun soon becomes serious and meaningful and opens the door to a HEA.

Ann has loved Joe for a very long time but he broke her heart in college by choosing another.  Her low self-esteem and body image issues kept her from admitting her true feelings as he flit from one Barbie-esque woman to another.  Another bad date has her taking Joe up on his sensual offer though she knows it will leave her heartbroken.  As they morph from friends with benefits to something more Joe shows her the truth about her body and has her willing to take the chance on his long-term offer.  Ann is an average gal with issues that are easy to relate to.  I ached for her as she struggled with wearing her uncomfortable shapewear and embarrassment in having Joe see it but admired her for admitting to wearing it.  She's strong-willed except when it comes to Joe and the feelings he incites in her.  She gets overly emotional when around him though which frustrated me a bit but I attributed it to the strong feelings she had for him and fears that she'd never be what he'd want in the long run.

Joe is a super sexy guy who's chosen style over substance in his women until now.  For years he too has loved Ann but held back telling her for fear of ruining their friendship.  He can't hold back any longer though and when seeing a chance he offers her friends with benefits.  He hopes to enthrall her in his sensual haze so she'll never want to leave him and enthrall he does in numerous sexual interludes.  Joe's not ashamed to show emotions and there were one or two tears he shed when trying to keep Ann and I loved him all the more for doing so.  He stuck up for Ann against catty women and always tried to show her the beauty in her body.  He's an admirable hero who's close to perfect in my opinion.

This was a quick and satisfying read with only a few quibbles.  I enjoyed the protagonists but wish we could've seen them interacting more out of the bedroom so we could get to know them better.  I like steamy reads but there was almost too much sex in this story with Ann way too eager to partake in the darker aspects of sex at Joe's mere suggestion.  The ending, while satisfying, isn't actually a HEA.  It feels a bit open ended and rushed in their HFN concluding scene which might be dealt with in a future book as there were two characters in this book that I can see helming their own stories.  Ultimately this was a decadent afternoon delight that left me fanning myself and melting the snow outside my window.  Fans of erotica will definitely want to read this one!

My rating for this is a B-/C+

*I received this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


By day, Heidi Lynn Anderson is a wife, mother, and owner of a small Green-Cleaning company. By night, she spins erotic tales featuring hunky heroes and the women they love. When not working or writing, Heidi likes spending time with her husband and son, doing what Florida has to offer.



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  1. I think it may work for some people and that's great if it does. It's not something I would want; however I can't judge anyone if this is their relationship preference.
    Your book is on my must-read list :)

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  3. Great excerpt, thank you.


  4. It worked for me for several years, then I asked him to marry me, he said yes....that was almost 20 years ago ;)


  5. Nice review

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  6. I think that friends with benefits can work depending upon what each person is looking for in a relationship.


  7. I've never seen it not have some negative side affect.

  8. I think they could work.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

  9. I think FwB would run it's course-I would enjoy reading about it though

  10. Love the blurb and the excerpt. This has the makings of a sweet romance but I know better: Ellora's Cave screams 'There's spice inside" LOL.