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Book Tour for Blissful Tragedy by Amy L. Gale (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Fans of rockstar stories will love the glimpse of Blissful Tragedy by Amy L. Gale that I'm bringing you today.  Along with the tantalizing tidbit ahead you can also see my impressions of this story.  You can learn even more about this book by visiting the other blogs hosting this tour.  Make sure to fill out the form below for your chance to win author swag and a $5 Amazon GC!

Sometimes love is more than tragedy or bliss.
Ambitious twenty-two-year-old Lexie Waters is intent on taking the advertising world by storm. When she’s offered the soon-to-be open position she’s been vying for at a swanky advertising agency, there’s only one last summer separating her from dreams of corporate success. Still bitter from catching her boyfriend cheating, she heads out for a night of fun to see her favorite band, Devil’s Garden, but fun turns into utter embarrassment when she insults the enticingly confident lead singer, Van Sinclair. Van is intrigued by Lexie’s ability to resist his charm and secretly obtains her cell number. Shocked but eager to get to know this captivating rocker, Lexie accepts Van’s invitation to see his next show, which requires an overnight stay. The overwhelming feelings that follow take them both by surprise, and with two months left before starting her sought after new position, Lexie joins the tour. As she’s catapulted into the world of groupies and wild parties, she questions Van’s commitment to her.


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As a fan of rockstar stories I couldn't wait to dive into this story.  From the very beginning the author seamlessly interspersed and vividly depicted the life of a rock band and the issues they deal with from groupies to juggling their personal lives with musical obligations. These scenes were realistic and drew me completely into the story. The music aspect of the story gave us glimpses of each band member and each is as compelling as the next and has me hoping we'll see more from the other unattached band mates in the future.  

This book focuses on the caring lead singer Van whose childhood involved one loss after another, which has him grabbing on to the woman of his dreams and doing whatever necessary to keep her on the road with him and in his life.  Van is a wonderful hero who I'm still dreaming about.  He said everything a woman wants to hear and is super sexy and loyal to a fault.  He fought to protect Lexie, and considering her numerous poor choices, his strength and support was a sight to see.  Van was compassionate and just wanted to be loved.  He was scared of being left alone and I ached for the sadness that occasionally crept into his demeanor.

With such a wonderful hero, I wish that the heroine could've lived up to the high standard Van set.  From the very start I found Lexie immature with a tendency to overreact.  She expected to be the center of Van's attention which put his career in jeopardy and added extra roadblocks to their happiness.  She was cheated on by her previous boyfriend which made her extremely untrusting which is unfair to Van as he repeatedly proved his loyalty to her.  She doesn't take seriously the creepy behavior of her ex or an individual at her new job either which put her in jeopardy and forced Van to save her over and over and left me frustrated by her even more.  Her naïveté is rewarded in the end as it allowed her to finally reach her HEA with Van in a quickly wrapped up conclusion.

We got a lot of inner dialogue from Lexie which showed her immaturity, along with her constant hair twirling, as well as a lot of insecurity and pettiness.  Unfortunately we didn't get too deep into Van's head beyond his feelings for Lexie and a brief glimpse into his childhood and how that's affected him today.  As he was the more likable character I wish we'd spent more time with him and getting to know more about him separate from Lexie.  A lot of time was spent instead on super steamy and varied sexual encounters between Lexie and Van which almost overwhelmed the story at times.  I could understand their desires running high as desperation permeated their time together on tour but would've rather had them get to know each other better in other ways too outside the bedroom.  Ultimately this wasn't a bad story, but because of a weak heroine I was left frustrated and a bit disappointed.  Thankfully, there was the wonderful Van to keep me turning the pages and to continue my love of rockstar stories!

My rating for this is a C+

*I received this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Romance author by night, pharmacist by day, Amy Gale loves rock music and the feel of sand between her toes. She attended Wilkes University where she graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. In addition to writing, she enjoys baking, scary movies, rock concerts, and reading books at the beach. She lives in the lush forest of Northeastern Pennsylvania with her husband, six cats, and golden retriever.

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