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Book Tour for Kings of Asphalt by Alexx Andria (Review & GIVEAWAY)

As a fan of MC stories I'm excited to introduce you to the steamy and exciting, Kings of Asphalt by Alexx Andria.  Keep reading to get a taste of this story, along with my impressions of it, and learn even more by visiting the other blogs hosting this tour.  Make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win 3-$10.00 Amazon GCs and 2 backlist eBook titles too!

Alexx Andria delivers a motorcycle club romance between two very bad, yet sexy men and a woman with enough curves to satisfy them both.
My name is Zoe Delacourte. I thought I was going to build my future on the backs of Jax Traeger and Hunter Ericksen-- bad boys from the wrong side of the tracks, running the notorious motorcycle club, the Kings of Asphalt -- in my mind, the story had practically written itself. I was so naive. Little did I know they were going to change everything I ever knew about myself.
Jax and Hunter. I can't even say their names without trembling.
They don't see a fat girl or a girl who might be pretty if only she'd lose some weight. No, from the moment I walked into their club, they saw a hot, sexy woman with curves for days -- and they couldn't wait to get their hands on me.
Some people call them bad men. They see the rides and the rap sheets and they slap a label on them. I don't care what they've done -- all I care about is what they're going to do to me next.
But loving them is dangerous. In fact, loving them might just get me killed.

Jax knew the minute the curvy brunette walked in she wasn’t no club whore. She had a look about her that was sweet and innocent even though those pretty doe-brown eyes snapped with open curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. Most club girls were hard and their hearts were as jaded as the guys they fucked. There was nothing hard about this little chicklet. Everything about her was soft and squeezable. Her tits, bobbing right beneath his nose, were made for a man’s mouth. Hell, a man could lose himself for days in that succulent body and never complain about the lost time. And damn, she was pretty cute, too. His sharp gaze took in every detail, committing it to memory. Young, maybe about twenty-five if he were to guess, with soft-as-a-baby’s-ass skin — she was a dangerous one to keep around. She was the kind of girl that made a guy wonder what the other side looked like — and that was a luxury he and Hunter couldn’t afford.
The best thing he could do for this little imposter was to scare the life out of her so that she never tried something so stupid again. However, he wasn’t above enjoying the lesson.
“Take off my clothes?” she squeaked in open distress. “I can’t. I mean, I can but I hardly know you. I mean, shouldn’t we have a beer or something first?”
“Fine. Tell us your name. I think you already know who we are.” Hunter poured her a whiskey shot and handed it to her. “Bottom’s up, sweetheart.”
“Oh, um. Okay.” She took the whiskey and stared at it in dismay. Guess she wasn’t a whiskey drinker. Not that he or Hunter were surprised. She probably liked wine spritzers or some shit like that. Suddenly, she suggested in desperation. “How about this…Scrabble? I have to warn you, I rule at word games. I have quite the talent for using the Q and Z on double word tiles.”
“Not one for games,” Hunter grunted, downing a shot and refilling Jax’s. “Unless it’s strip poker. I wouldn’t mind seeing what’s hiding beneath that leather skirt. How about you, Jax?”
“Wouldn’t mind at all,” Jax agreed, watching her closely as he pointed at her drink. “Come on now, don’t hurt our feelings. Drink up.”
She shuddered and gulped the whiskey, coughing as it no doubt burned her throat and hit her stomach like an iron fist. “That’s good stuff,” she gasped. “Real good. Dang…that’s some…wow.” Her eyes swam asshe sucked in a wild breath. “Well, you know, I think I should probably go. Thanks for everything…but…um, yeah, this just isn’t my scene.”
“No one leaves until we say they leave,” Jax said quietly, looking to Hunter. She stared, unsure of how to extricate herself.  He pulled off his leather jacket and tossed it to the old sofa, plucking at his shirt buttons. “Here’s how I see this…I don’t think you’re from Bronx or from Dimas…so that leaves me to wonder…just who the hell are you?”

***Looking for a MC romance with a BBW and two sexy bikers? Check out the book trailer and see if you're in the mood for a dangerous ride!

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Some stories you read for the heartfelt emotions and to be changed by the words on the page and some stories you read for pure enjoyment.  This book falls firmly in the latter category as it's a decadently delightful read with two sexy and brooding heroes and a heroine who's funny and endearing but not as smart as she thinks she is.  With numerous erotic encounters between the three of them this story starts off HOT and never lets up.  Interspersed with these scorching scenes is a mystery that unfortunately is secondary to the erotic encounters with the whodunit easy to surmise and quickly concluded in an ending that's very rushed.

Zoe is a bigger-sized girl who's had very little experience with sex who gets in over her head when confronting two MC leaders about recent killings.  She's tired of writing fluff pieces and thinks this story could be her big break but getting information from Jax and Hunter is impossible as they want to keep her safe.  Getting involved with them sexually though is easy and though she knows they're truly bad boys she can't help but be drawn to them.  They say everything she wants to hear and make her feel like a woman.  Through their intense sexual encounters she feels empowered, a vocal and strong-willed woman instead of the meek little mouse scared of standing up for herself.  Zoe can be funny but also silly when walking right into the middle of danger and doing this left me frustrated by her.

Jax and Hunter are tired of the same kind of women surrounding the Club, those who are hardened and emaciated from drugs.  Meeting Zoe is like a breath of fresh air.  They're drawn to her goodness and sunshine and enjoy her voluptuous body that allows them to let loose.  While they admire her strong-will they warn her off digging into Club matters but as she digs deeper she drags all of them further into danger.  Though Zoe frustrates them they'll still do whatever it takes to keep her safe.  Jax and Hunter are sexually charming bad boys who ooze sex appeal and their commanding presence is immensely appealing.  Though their actions throughout the story are stereotypical I still found myself drooling over them and enthralled by their intense sexual antics.

This is a fun story that you just enjoy for its decadent delights.  With numerous scorching sexual interludes you can't help but be drawn to this erotic threesome.  Fans of erotica will find this the perfect read while others will find a few faults but still be caught up in the non-stop steamy interludes, funny heroine, and drool-worthy heroes!

My rating for this is a B-/C+

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


USA Today bestselling author Alexx Andria is the pseudonym for RITA-nominated contemporary romance author, Kimberly Van Meter. Born in a small town with a flair for the dramatic, Alexx Andria has a delightfully perverted nature that she hides behind a mischievous smile.
Alexx loves being the life of the party and doesn't mind one bit being the center of attention (just ask any of her friends or family!)
She loves to write about Alpha men who are wonderfully flawed and just a little dangerous and heroines who are smart and sassy, but just a little vulnerable, too.
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