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Book Tour for Razor Wire by Lauren Gallagher (Review & GIVEAWAY)

As a fan of m/m reads I've become drawn to f/f reads but have become frustrated that they haven't gained in popularity as quickly as books featuring m/m loving.  Today I introduce you to a book that might change all that in that it tackles serious issues while keeping readers in a haze of sensuality.  Keep reading to get a glimpse of Razor Wire by Lauren Gallagher as well as learning my impressions of it and learn even more by visiting the other blogs hosting this tour.  You'll also learn a bit about the writing of f/f books from Ms. Gallagher and be entered into a giveaway for eBooks from her backlist and a $10 Riptide Publishing GC just for leaving a comment telling us which actresses you'd love to see playing the two leads of this story.

Here's a quick interview with Ms. Gallagher......

-Why has it taken so long for lesbian romances to enter the marketplace, especially after the explosion of m/m books onto the public's radar?
To be honest, I’m not a great source of information about the marketplace. LOL  I’m actually quite surprised that the lesbian romance market has grown so slowly compared to the gay romance. I can’t say I can explain it.
-When crafting a lesbian romance do you have to do anything differently from a m/m story?
Not really. I mean, the sex scenes will have obviously differences, but I think the genders are more alike than different. I don’t find hetero, gay, lesbian, or bi romances to be all that different from each other, aside from the obvious (i.e., homophobia not being a major issue in a hetero romance).
-What are the qualities of an ideal heroine?  Do those qualities change when it's two heroines in a story?
I think a heroine should be intelligent, competent, and responsible. i.e., her actions should be her own, and she should be able to think on her own two feet. I don’t think it changes when you have two heroines. Regardless of who she’s paired up with, I want to read (and write) about a woman who knows what she wants, admits when she screws up, and has a brain that isn’t activated deactivated based on the proximity to a penis.

Two women. One terrible crime. Zero allies.
After being raped by a superior officer, MA3 Kim Lockhoff wants to leave the whole thing in the past. A cop herself, she knows all too well that it’s her word—and slutty reputation—against that of a respected Navy officer.
MA2 Reese Marion, a tough cop hiding her own trauma behind a hard-as-nails exterior, has no patience for pretty little princesses who use their cleavage to win favor with the guys. But when Reese is partnered with Kim, she slowly realizes that reputations can lie. Kim is whip-smart, ambitious—and scared. The man who attacked her won’t let anything damage his career, least of all Kim . . . or the baby she’s carrying as a result.
Isolated on Okinawa, thousands of miles away from home, the two women lean hard on each other. But when Kim confides in Reese, she unwittingly puts her new lover—and both of their careers—in the line of fire. Now her attacker just might have the leverage he needs to keep her quiet for good.

The realities of females in the military is vividly on display in this tale that immerses readers in intense emotions and unrelenting uncertainty and helplessness.  It's not always a feel-good story but is a very important one that needs to be told and is done so commendably.

The female characters in this male-dominated world are strong-willed and realistically portrayed to make them easy to relate to and to see yourself in their positions.  Surrounding these admirable women are a group of men bonded through the good old boy system.  It increased the feelings of helplessness as it seemed there was no one to count on.  Luckily there was one shining light that decided to be an officer and a gentleman among all the crude commentary and trash talking constantly heard to make the workplace such a hostile environment.  To survive, females either became friends or tore each other down with words.

Both Reese and Kim tried to live up to an image that they thought would keep them safe and help them be a part of the club.  Unfortunately, pretending to be someone else backfired for them in a very harsh way.  Once they finally chose to be themselves are they able to succeed.  Having a connection that's based on friendship also helps and in this story it nicely morphed into more.  Their sensual scenes were subtly erotic and reinforced their deep connection through the freeing feelings these interludes brought out.  The friends to lovers theme, which is a favorite of mine, was done beautifully here.  There was almost a lyrical and dream-like quality to it in fact.

From start to finish this was an engaging read with realistic and well-documented issues that the author didn't sugarcoat.  The characters were easy to relate to, made their feelings ours, and dealt with things in a believable way. My only criticism is in how quickly the story concluded.  I wish the actual trial and people's reactions to it had been addressed more fully.  This story on many levels had a HEA but the reality is that what befell these military women continues to happen and only in speaking out can the tide be turned.  On that level this story succeeds even further and I commend Ms. Gallagher on her bringing this serious issue to the forefront in such dramatic fashion.

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from NetGalley for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Lauren Gallagher is an abnormal romance writer currently living in the wilds of Omaha, Nebraska. She and her husband, along with a coyote-iguana hybrid and two and a half cats, are thought to be in hiding from the Polynesian Mafia and a debt collector in search of a fine for an overdue book from the Library of Alexandria. Lauren continues to skillfully, if somewhat clumsily, elude them, but continues to have run-ins with her arch nemesis, M/M erotic romance author L. A. Witt. The implementation of Operation: I Don't Think So is expected to resolve that problem soon enough.
Lauren’s backlist is available on her website, and updates (as well as random thoughts and the odd snarky comment) can be found on her blog or on Twitter (@GallagherWitt).


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