Sunday, March 20, 2016

Book Review for Manaconda: The Second Coming by Taryn Elliott & Cari Quinn

You know that awful sound your stereo makes when you drag your needle over a record?
For those of you that have never listened to a record…shame on you. Dude, go Google that shit right now. Better yet, buy a record player and get your learn on.
Anyway, that sound that makes you wince and leap for the volume? Yeah. That's the soundtrack of my life right now.
I got the girl and I lost her. I wasn't supposed to. That wasn't in the script.
Now I gotta Ferris Bueller this shit and pull a parade out of my ass to get the girl back.


The fun and flirtiness of the Hammered series continues as bad boy rock star Hunter and his new ladylove Kennedy scorch up the sheets while trying to make their rocky relationship work in this second installment in this sexy yet humorous series.  Throw in fellow bandmate Reed "Bats", who's spending time with Hunter's egotistical and manipulative ex, and even more obstacles stand in the way of their HEA.  Though it's painful that their recent happiness is once again in doubt because of Hunter's issues regarding his ex, it's readers who reap the rewards as Hunter's plan for forgiveness is sweet, romantic, and sexy.  To win Kennedy back after he and Bats once again come to blows publicly over his ex, he pulls out all the stops to show her that she's the only woman for him.  Through phone calls, texts, and sentimental gifts Hunter shows her in many little ways how important she is and with each gesture Kennedy and readers are won over by this former player.  Throughout the story Hunter oozes sex appeal as well as charm.  He's a caring guy with intense emotions that sometimes get him into trouble.  But with a little help from his friends, and some super cute dogs, he proves himself worthy of Kennedy in a richly satisfying conclusion. Kennedy too is an appealing character, smart and strong-willed, who's not afraid to show her girly side.  She may be angry with Hunter over his reactions towards his ex, but she has difficulty holding on to that anger as he unleashes his romantic plan for forgiveness.

With their romance strongly on display here, there's still a mystery as to Bats and the hold Hunter's ex has over him.  Whatever it is it's clear that it has the power to destroy him and the band and it has me longing to get to the truth.  Though there's not a definitive resolution to Hunter and Bats's issues, the brotherly bond that was once so strong between them reasserts itself to bring about a cease fire that makes me think this is the calm before the storm.  Seeing the secretive yet flamboyant Bats, along with unconventionally sexy Chef Tristan, as well as strong but silent bandmate Wyatt added much enjoyment to this story.  The playful banter between Hunter and Tristan over Kennedy's attentions was humorous and endearing as Hunter desperately wanted to come out on top in their battle of egos.  The sage advice from Wyatt to an emotionally bruised Hunter was a subtle yet insightful moment that was the epitome of bromance and left me even more fascinated by Wyatt.  Overall these secondary characters are larger than life and promise many steamy moments of their own as the series progresses.

On a whole this was a sensual story of forgiveness where Hunter and his sigh-worthy endeavors to win over Kennedy were the entertaining focus.  He made me laugh as well as brought a tear to my eye and for that I will add him to my list of book boyfriends.  He may be sexy and gained notoriety for a certain big body part, but he also has a big and kind heart.  He and Kennedy create sparks, whether when they're together or through sexting, and it laced the story with tons of sexual tension while Hunter proved his worth.  This was a quick read but no less satisfying for it and I'm left chewing at the bit for the next installment and more insight into the decadently delightful members of the band Hammered and their colorful group of friends and associates.

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the authors in exchange for my honest opinions.

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