Thursday, January 5, 2017

Book Review for Big Jock by Vanessa Kinney

I was supposed to just tutor him, but I fell for his Big Jock.
Casey Boone
David Cooper is just like every other jock.
Cocky, full of himself, and a player.
He cares more about football and parties than passing his classes.
And that's why I'm stuck with him. Forced to tutor someone I despise.
Someone that reminds me of who I used to be.
David Cooper
I'm the biggest thing to happen to this school.
Because of that I get whatever I want.
Endorsements, Parties, and any girl that I could want.
Yet I don't want any of that since I met her.
Casey Boone is strong willed, smart-as-hell, drop dead gorgeous, and she doesn't care who I am.
And that makes me want her even more.
I won't stop until I make her mine. 


As a fan of sports-themed romances I've read numerous titles in the genre.  Though this book is a bit formulaic there's still much to recommend it as it has delightful characters whose interactions were sweet and sexy in and out of the bedroom.  I was ultimately captivated by this couple, who are far from what they first seem, from their combustible first meeting to their immensely satisfying HEA.

David is a god on the football field and beloved by all, taught that his good looks can get him anything, except passing grades it seems.  He's too busy partying and keeping the ladies happy to worry about keeping his grades up until he's benched for failing.  Enter the best tutor on campus to save him!  Meeting Casey changes his life irrevocably as she helps him with book learning as well as learning about himself to enable him to become a better person....which he wants to be once he starts falling for her.  David's evolution from carefree player to a man worthy of success is a heartwarming journey that had me cheering at times.  Despite issues with his ex he stayed true to being the better man Casey showed him to be possible which showed great maturity and someone worthy of HEA.

Casey is the smart girl on campus, the one who diligently studies and eschews partying.  She just wants to keep her head down and melt into the background after an embarrassing moment in high school designated her as the weird girl.  With David her newest student she's expecting a frivolous and uncaring young man, but soon discovers just how wrong her preconceived notions about him are as he shows surprising smarts and heart.  Against her better judgment she soon finds herself falling for him, opening her heart, and finding a bit of fun along the way despite a few roadblocks from his coaches and his ex.

This story was an entertaining romance that set itself apart from the rest of the sports romance crowd through strong characterizations and a plot full of heart and soul.  It's a tale of opposites attracting but in finding each other Casey and David discovered more about themselves which endeared them to me and had me rooting for their HEA.  It's a charming tale with a romance that was both sweet and sexy that evolved slowly through heartfelt interactions that started out as friends but soon became more and each step made my heart beat faster.  Those that don't normally read sports romances will want to give this one a try as it's light on the sports action and long on the sensual and captivating romance.

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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