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Early Book Review for Worthless by Lynne Silver....

In the sexy heat of Miami's party scene, they discover a new, forbidden addiction—each other.
Bienvenidos a Miami! Welcome to the hottest party scene in the U.S. Where beneath all the glitter, hard bodies and sexy drinks, the lives of the hard-partying residents of the 305 are not as they seem.
Daniel Ross is getting his life in Miami back on track. Common lore says once an addict, always an addict, but Danny's out to prove lore is a moron. After a tough, celibate year of getting sober, a rental room in the home of his sister’s best friend, Amy, is only a stop on his journey to better things. But the best thing in Danny's life may be right in front of him--the sweet, curvaceous Amy. When they tumble into bed, he discovers a new addiction to her smokin' lips and body.
When Amy Stern agrees to let Danny move in, it’s out of compassion. Her new tenant isn’t supposed to fill her thoughts, and star in her sexy dreams. He's definitely not meant to interfere with her budding relationship with a steady, sweet lawyer. If Amy were smart, she’d design clothes for her plus-sized women’s boutique, date her lawyer, and suppress her longing for Danny. And she'd definitely never touch him. Because once she does, his kisses and his embrace set off an explosive craving neither of them can control.
Now Amy's caught in a love triangle, and she has a secret that she's going to have to share with both men, the sooner the better. Which one of them is worthy of her trust, and her commitment?


After the events in Ms. Silver's previous book, Unworthy, it's clear how far Danny Ross has fallen.  Going from high school Golden Boy to addict has taken its toll on both him and his sister and with her finding her HEA it's now his turn to find his own.  It's not an easy journey though as drugs have left a permanent mark on his brain that's resulted in swatches of missing time and an inability to remember names.  Also fighting her own demons is curvy girl Amy who's had a crush on Danny since she was a teen.  A hurtful comment from him back then though has led to a lifetime of self-esteem issues which is keeping her from her own HEA and has her questioning everything about what a perfect match looks like.  As Danny and Amy grow closer, once they become roommates, their hearts soon become entangled in a burgeoning relationship that takes numerous unexpected turns resulting in danger, joy, and lots of angst.

Danny came from a family of wealth where he was given every opportunity.  In high school he was popular and destined for Princeton until his parents died in a car accident and sent his life spiraling into an abyss of anger, depression, and drugs.  His addictions masked his pain and hid the truths he slowly discovered about his parents which soon put his life in jeopardy and eventually on the road to recovery.  His recovery led him to Amy as he needed a place to stay but her open honesty was just what he needed during moments of cravings.  He needs her support as it's a frustrating recovery marked by his mental deficits, lackluster career, and feelings of demoralization.  Being Amy's friend soon has him wanting more but he doesn't feel worthy of her.  When the sexual tension becomes too much, scorching encounters result which changes their futures unexpectedly and forces each of them to deal with their pasts if they hope for a future together.  Danny's immensely appealing with his sexy bad boy vibe.  Beneath the tough exterior lies a man with a kind heart who cares wholeheartedly for Amy and is always there when she needs him, accepting whatever scraps she's willing to give him.  Though he fell far he rose to emotional highs where he was a perfect hero who said and did the most romantic things.

Amy has always had weight issues that others made fun of at every turn.  The lone bright spot in high school was her time spent with Danny before he inadvertently hurt her feelings.  Though she's never forgotten his words she can't help being drawn to him, especially with him staying in the bedroom next door.  She's found comfort in having him near, and enjoys their clandestine encounters, but doesn't see him as someone capable of committing.  Her burgeoning relationship with a man online seems ideal but cracks soon appear as her life suddenly gets thrown off course when an unexpected announcement brings her and Danny closer but results in even deeper self-esteem issues as well as danger from a disgruntled ex.  Amy is a heroine that ultimately left me conflicted.  I admired her owning her own business and for taking a chance on Danny as her new roommate, but she often used him when she needed comfort or support or sex.  He was good enough to sleep with but not good enough to make a future with as she brought another man into their home.  At times she acted as if she were beyond issues of weight but it's that which she used as a roadblock to being with Danny.  She projected her fears onto him and held it against him by always jumping to conclusions, self-sabotaging their HEA, and further frustrating me by her tendency to pout and bring up her teenage heartbreak repeatedly.  While I enjoyed seeing a BBW heroine, I wish Amy had been more worthy and stronger-willed.

From start to finish this was a story that captivated due to its well-crafted depiction of overcoming addiction and its compelling hero with a heart of gold. Danny's sweet, sexy, and is willing to pay his dues to make up for all the pain he's caused.  He's hurting too and him finally coming to terms with that was heartbreaking.  Amy was a different kind of heroine, far from perfect, but someone easy to relate to on the surface.  Unfortunately I felt she wallowed in pity, made bad decisions, and purposely pushed Danny away on many occasions whenever she wasn't using him for her own satisfaction. Along with these two engaging main characters came a large and colorful cast of secondary characters.  Some reached their HEA in the previous book and some have a HEA just being hinted at...if these combustible opposites can work through their heavily-laced sexual tension.  To round out the group are two pseudo-villains, neither of who got their richly rewarding comeuppances, which left me disappointed as their comments and actions towards Amy were very hurtful.  All in all this was an emotionally intense read about overcoming the past and accepting yourself wholeheartedly, an inspiring read, that I recommend despite its few flaws.

My rating for this is a B-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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