Saturday, September 25, 2021

Book Teaser Reveal for Whatever Tomorrow Brings by Amy Argent…….

 After reading the first installment in the Embrace Tomorrow series I find myself now waiting with a tissue box for the conclusion of this emotionally intense tale of two people who find themselves falling in love when death is knocking at the hero's door.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Whatever Tomorrow Brings by Amy Argent, then start counting down the days until this book hits shelves on October 5th!

Will Everson is a gifted artist whose life has been shattered by a devastating illness. Will thought he had nothing to live for, then Tori Somerset came along and transformed his world with her vibrance. Tori made it her mission to help Will die at peace, but the two fell in love, and in the midst of a brush with death, Will chose life instead. 
Conquering his cancer will be the fight of Will’s life, and he’ll have to depend on Tori every step of the way. Tori and Will decide they can face this together—a choice that will test the strength of their fledgling relationship. But the decision to fight doesn’t come with a guarantee of victory. The road to health and happiness often involves taking one, slow, painful step at a time. And sometimes that journey leads to even deeper truths.


Will you stay? At least for a few minutes? You’re the first visitor I’ve had.”

Intense green eyes, so warm and yet distant. So alone and vulnerable, yet so resilient and strong.

“Can I come back tomorrow?”

So many days spent with him, gaining his trust by giving him my own. Falling in love with him a day at a time. A smile at a time.

“I’m scared, Tori. I feel like I’m falling apart, and there’s nothing left to hold on to.”

“Hold on to me, sweetheart.”

Oh God, and then...

“Tori, I want you to go...and I don’t want come back tomorrow.”

And I left. 

“Code blue, code blue, room four-twelve.”

And he nearly left this world before I could get back to him. Before he could see the truth of what was between us.

“Jenny, is there any hope for him?”

“Tori, you need to be there for him and help him fight this. Remember that he loves you, and in the end, he chose you.”

He chose me.

Will chose me, and he’s fighting for me. He’s fighting for us. And I’m going to help him fight, with everything I have.



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