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Book Release Blast for Reaper of Chaos by C.D. Britt (GIVEAWAY)…….

Readers will find this a compelling fantasy-fueled read of life, death, and everything in between as two very different individuals find a simmering attraction.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of Reaper of Chaos by C.D. Britt, then learn even more about this book by visiting the other sites hosting this tour.  In honor of this first installment in the Blood of Saviors series make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win 2-$20 Amazon GCs too!

She loves death.
He is Death.
Thanatos took a fifty-year vacation from his duties as Death, psychopomp of the Underworld.
Returning to Halcyon, he meets Lira, a professor of Thanatology with the ability to see souls...and him.
Intrigued, he finds himself obsessed with learning about the woman who studies, and sees, death.
As he finds himself growing closer to the woman who has him fascinated for the first time in centuries, a devastating problem arises in both the mortal world and the Underworld.
People are no longer dying.
Thanatos and Lira now have a choice to make: each other or death itself.


Thanatos had not been joking when he told everyone he was taking a vacation.
He had to leave the Underworld after the battle between the titans and the goddesses that had destroyed the city, and by proxy, what remained of the world.
It hadn’t taken long after he’d left for the guilt to consume him for leaving the city of Halcyon in such a state, but his mind had been fracturing. To have stayed could have easily warped him as it did so many other long-lived deities who thought themselves, their power, more able to handle the mental torture of the mind. That they were truly any better than humans in what they could endure.
He’d gone up against his greatest enemy in his long and immortal life. A man who haunted Thanatos’s every waking moment and invaded the quiet of his dreams. A being powerful enough to scare death itself.
Cronus. The titan who had killed his own children, escaped Tartarus, and tried once again to hurt his living daughters.
Thankfully, he’d failed on his mission to take the throne on Olympus from Hera, the queen of all gods and goddesses. The three goddess sisters remained in power, the world was being rebuilt, and with the help of the new gods, the husbands of the goddesses, it was becoming better than ever.
Yes, Cronus and his army of titans had failed and were back where they belonged: in the humans’ equivalent of Hell.
But as he walked what remained for Halcyon, taking the souls of friends and comrades, Thanatos finally felt the weight he’d carried for millennia become far too heavy. He was exhausted, weary at such a bone-deep level that he wasn’t sure if he had the capacity to continue on as a reaper.
A vacation had always been in the back of his mind, but now it was a need—a necessity if he were to continue on.
Planning to find someone to move souls in his absence had been on his to-do list for the better part of a century, but he was unable to do anything until he knew the Underworld was secure. That Cronus was no longer a threat to the only home he’d ever known. Even before his titan brethren had stolen into the Underworld, some instinct deep inside him had told Thanatos that there was going to be something big that would upturn the world just as the Great War between the humans had long ago. As death itself, he had a good feel for such things, and sadly, he’d been right.




C.D. Britt began her writing journey when her husband told her she needed to use her excessive imagination to write stories as opposed to creating a daily narrative for him. Ever since she penned her first words, life has been a lot more peaceful for him.
She currently resides in Texas where she has yet to adapt to the heat. Her husband thrives in it, so unfortunately, they will not be relocating to colder climates anytime soon.
Their two young children would honestly complain either way.
When she is not in her writing cave (hiding from the sun), she enjoys ignoring the world as much as her children will allow with a good book, music, and vast amounts of coffee (until it’s time for wine).
C.D. Britt is the author of Shadows & Vines, Sirens & Leviathans, and the upcoming book, Storms & Embers.
All three books are part of the Reign of Goddesses series.


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