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Book Blast for The Nick Before Christmas by K.L. Brady (GUEST POST & GIVEAWAY)…….

Readers will be charmed by this tale of second chances and life choices, while discovering more about older heroines courtesy of the author.  Keep reading to get a tempting taste of The Nick Before Christmas by K.L. Brady, along with learning more about this book by visiting the other sites hosting this tour, then add this holiday-fueled romance to your bookshelf!  In honor of this rom-com make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a $25 bookstore GC too!

***"The Older Heroine” and what sets them apart from the younger heroine. What pulls readers into their life?***
I love writing about older heroines’ journeys—there is much to enjoy and glean. I think the main thing we all, as humans and as readers, should know is that as long as we’re not dead, we are continually learning lessons—and it’s those lessons and the drama that generally proceeds and precedes those lessons that will always pull readers into their lives. Those lessons and journeys are the core of storytelling – regardless of whether the character is a young adult or later in life.
As I discovered while crafting The Nick Before Christmas, our callings on earth, whatever they may be, involve learning continuously (at least partially). We learn what we want (or don’t want) or who we want to love (or don’t want to love). Learning keeps life interesting, keeps readers like us on our toes, and makes us consider how our reading applies to our lives. Stories like this remind us that we’re alive and continuously evolving.
Older heroines (like all people) are in one of three phases of life -- about to learn a lesson, learning a lesson, or just have learned a lesson. That means they are always on journeys. In that way, they are no different from younger heroines. The difference may be the kind of lessons they learn.
As far as romance, older heroines have experienced versions of love, but that doesn’t mean they don’t stop falling in love. While many younger heroines experience and learn from their first acts, older heroines are often in the midst of their second acts, and there is a lot to learn from the second acts.
Second acts, such as the one I write about in The Nick Before Christmas, remind us of the blessing of second chances, that we can get life wrong for years, even decades. At any point, we can feel/decide/pray to discover our lives are going in the wrong direction—and reverse course or find an entirely new course. And maybe on that new course, heroines find new love, new hope, new skills, new ups and downs, and challenges, or perhaps they will find their way to a calling they should’ve been engaged in in the first place – all journeys that pull us in.
I’ve written many stories about younger heroines, and most of the time, readers find them in the middle of or discovering some element of their first acts, and they learn lessons from those experiences. But the beauty of life and the reflective stories is that there’s a beautiful grace. If you get life wrong in the first act – grace is the second act.
And if you love Christmas stories as I do (and come from a Christmas-crazy mother), then you believe in the reason for the season. More grace -- we’re not just born; we’re born again. That’s a spiritual second act and the grace of all graces. So, the concept of a second act has a spiritual foundation, too.
Understanding that there are exciting journeys at any time of life means understanding that engaging stories can be told about any phase of life. And a great place to start is The Nick Before Christmas.

Will an angel's dire warning, a quest to discover a second act by Christmas Eve, and a touch of Christmas Magic lead Nickie Wright back to the one that got away?
Nickie Wright is ready to celebrate the big 5-0 for Christmas in July, but a hot flash leads her to a sobering revelation: her life has hit rock bottom. Her successes--the home and the car--feel empty. Her vision board has been a waste of time, her job is unfulfilling, and she's mulling over a proposal from Smith, who she's not sure she likes. The best day of her life spirals into the worst. During a near-death experience, a meeting with her guardian angel presents Nickie with an ultimatum - either go to heaven or return to Earth and find her second act by Christmas Eve. If she fails, her future's bleak -- her life will be filled with days no better than her worst.
Her second act sets her on a collision path with Evan Goodman, the man who makes her content, and Jordan Devlin, the first love who drives her crazy. She's torn between two worlds-- contentment and safety, passion and excitement.
Time is running out for Nickie.
She only has from Christmas in July until Christmas Eve to find her calling, follow her dreams, and figure out which romantic interest will help Nickie embrace the best of herself.
The Nick Before Christmas is the perfect romantic comedy to help you find your calling and renew your faith. It delivers unforgettable moments of self-discovery and romance. It's an enchanting story to fill your heart with joy this Christmas.


Sasha approached...and based on the sound of footsteps, she wasn't alone.
"Nickie? Uh....You have company?"
Into the threshold stepped Evan...and Jordan, both carrying sizeable brown shopping bags scented with contents that smelled a whole lot like dinner.
Evan ghosted her for weeks, dropped off the radar. J. Dev blew her off and was off parading with Ava, or so she thought. Now both stood in her living room, in the flesh, at the same time. She had no idea how to handle this. Nickie had never been a juggler so two potential courters in her presence, in her house, wasn't a situation she expected to face. She couldn't have orchestrated this cluster if she tried.
Their faces sapped the air out of her lungs. Laying the blame on Sasha wasn't an option.
Her stomach growled, reminding of her greatest need in the moment. If worse comes to worst, Nickie pledged to keep the dinner and cannoli...and dump the two unexpected guests.
"Jordan, Evan...what a surprise to welcome my living room...right now,” Nickie said, her eye volleying between them so as not to give one more attention than the other.
Evan glanced at Jordan without speaking a single word, and Jordan returned the favor. She suspected each was eager to learn what the other had to say.

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USA Today Bestselling author K. L. Brady is a D.C. native and award-winning author of 20 novels. She self-published her first book, THE BUM MAGNET, after an Oprah "live your best life" moment, which was picked up by Simon & Schuster in a two-book deal. She’s been publishing romantic comedies ever since.
K.L. is a Washington football fan and professed nerd-girl who loves all things Star Trek, Star Wars, and Big Bang Theory. She lives to write stories involving hilarious quirky characters looking for love. She's hard at work on her next several projects, including Sincerely, Santa, a heartfelt romantic comedy that also celebrates the special friendship between her late mother and grandmother.


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