Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review for Ocean's Kiss by JT Cheyanne

At the age of seven, Devan McDaniel awakened to a new world full of color, noise, and clarity. On vacation with her mother, she waded into the warm waters of the Atlantic and her life changed. It, the debilitating affliction she’d struggled with since birth, disappeared. But, Devan wasn’t free. To control It, she maintained a strict routine of daily visits to the salty depths. Lack of vigilance sent her careening back into Its black void of sensory deprivation. Devan didn’t mind the swims. She loved the ocean and her Furies. The three dolphins had shown up almost a year after her family moved to the seaside and were her constant companions when she entered the sea. But lately, Devan yearned for more. She longed to find a man who could love her and accept It.

Dominic Cole lived and breathed the ocean. He’d entered the Navy and qualified for one of the elite SEAL teams. After a disillusioning mission, he retired. Unable to separate from his love of the sea, he settled down in Florida, where he set to work as a marine biologist. The small cove he researched offered up many interesting surprises, including three friendly dolphins. Dominic’s peace didn’t last. His highly tuned senses warned him danger lurked.

A blind date arranged by mutual friends brought Dominic and Devan together. Stunned by his immediate reaction to her, Dominic found himself agreeing to diving lessons. In a matter of weeks, Devan mastered the skills required and in the process, fell mask-over-flippers in love with the powerful, stoic instructor. Resisting Devan’s allure, Dominic struggled to keep his hands to himself. When he finally gave in, his worst fears were realized.

Would he find Devan before It and his enemy ended her life?


Ocean's Kiss by JT Cheyanne offers readers a little bit of everything.  With its slow build-up of sexual tension to its intriguingly unexpected twist in the final moments this is a short story that packed a punch. With its less than perfect heroine to the to die for hero I found much to like in this story.

Devan's early years were ones lived in silence, barely able to move or interact with the world.  No doctor could find a cure.  A trip to the ocean though changes her life completely and her life soon becomes bound to the ocean to keep her from going back into the darkness.  The illness Devan's given is intriguing and the cure being of a paranormal nature has you anticipating something big happening at any moment.  That big moment finally shows itself at virtually the last moment and it's truly unexpected!  Devan seems a bit immature throughout the story.  Her interactions with the sexy Dominic appeared child-like and yet when they hit the sheets she seemed totally in control.  I never felt they were completely equals.

Dominic has seen enough of war and blood and was hoping that his quiet cabin near the ocean would be the perfect hideaway.  Finding Devan and how quickly she gets under his skin is the first sign that chaos is coming.  After Devan's life is threatened he realizes that a traitor from his past is back and blood will be spilled before he and Devan can have their HEA.  I enjoyed seeing the dangerous side to Dominic as he started off a bit bland.  His caring side was heartwarming to see as was his easy acceptance of her illness and the reason behind it.  I'm not sure it was believable but it bodes well for their HEA.

Though the showdown between good and bad was exciting and fast-paced, the villain did seem to come out of nowhere.  This part of the story felt a bit tacked-on with its purpose being to showcase the big reveal of Devan's abilities and bloodline.  It did allow the subtle introduction of Dominic's fellow former SEALs which the author can use to segue this story into a series.  And what an intriguing series it could be!  Ms. Cheyanne's writing style was pleasant and I admired the unique twist she threw in to the storyline.  This story shows great promise for the future and I'd definitely like to see where things go from here.

My rating for this is a B.

*I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. Its great to see J T as a guest here, the whole journey has been such a great insight into one of my favorite authors. Thanks for such a honest review. JT I can't wait until the next book and finding out who's going to be in it.