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Book Tour for Breathless Press Romance Book Releases (Promo & GIVEAWAY)

Breathless Press is visiting again today with another assortment of intriguing books.  So take a look and enter the giveaway below to win a gift card to buy these awesome sounding books.....

Breathless Press is an e-book publisher specializing in Romance and Erotic(a) stories.

Our mission statement is simple: To provide the opportunity for readers to connect with romance authors through the purchasing of quality e-books at a low price.

Starting in the summer of 2009, Breathless Press came into existence. Since then, we have been producing top end romance and erotic stories for valued readers to enjoy.

Our Goal?

Breathless Press is an electronic publisher of paranormal, erotic, and mainstream romance, releasing one to three e-books a week in a variety of downloadable formats. It is Breathless Press' mission to provide readers with quality romance books in electronic formats and to raise the standard in e-publishing.

A virgin torn between two worlds...and two very sexy men.
Marya Helwe is twenty-one, but she's never had a boyfriend. She's never been past second base for that matter. Her over-protective Syrian parents have ensured she's stayed as sheltered as possible, despite the fact Marya is American born and raised. But Marya manages to convince her parents to let her go on an archeological dig in Jordan, and she's determined to make the most of her first taste of independence.
Almost instantly, Marya finds herself drawn to two very different men: Ash, a wealthy and dashing Jordanian, is exactly the kind of guy Marya's parents would have hand-picked for her; and Luke, an American archaeologist with a "bad boy" streak and a mysterious link to the ongoing Arab Spring. Ash pursues her, while Luke tries to avoid her, and as Marya untangles her feelings about both men, as well as herself, she catches the fever for freedom.


The rest of the day passed much like the one before, and in the blink of an eye, dusk was upon them. As Amy left to attend Ducharme's lecture, Marya looked around restlessly, wondering if Luke would invite her to smoke shisha on the patio again. She had enjoyed it, despite Liz's occasional looks. When she didn't see him, she wandered out to the patio to find the same group already there.
Luke smiled and waved her over. "Just so you know, we're always here after seven," he said, winking at her. As Marya pulled up a chair, Liz looked away, clearly not pleased with Marya's presence but determined to appear as though she didn't care.
Around nine, Luke yawned, making the same comment about the hour and having to get up early. Marya went back to the hostel and got in bed, saying goodnight to Amy and the other girls. When an hour had nearly passed and the hostel was quiet, Marya slipped back into her clothes, strapped on her purse, and went outside. She sat against the outside wall of the hostel, around the corner where passers-by wouldn't see her.
I am completely crazy for doing this.
Just as she was about to give up and return to bed, she heard the gravel crunching. Her heart raced as she peered past the bushes and watched Luke make his way down the hill to the gate. She waited until she was sure he wouldn't hear her, then began to follow him. She didn't want him to see her but wouldn't have been upset if he did. In a way, he'd given her an excuse to escape ACMER and an excuse to spend time with him.
Why do you need an excuse to spend time with him? Why do you want to spend time with him?The answers evaded her, troubled her. She wasn't normally attracted to guys like him. She was attracted to the sensitive types, the smart types...the nerds, if she was being completely honest with herself. The guys who oozed with confidence and charm just annoyed her.
And yet, Luke somehow straddled both worlds. The girls chased after him, but he was also smart and getting a Ph.D in archaeology, of all things. He looked like the kind of guy parents feared their daughters would bring home, but his looks were deceiving.
I'm intrigued, that's all.
She reached the street and saw him strolling down the sidewalk, a dark shadow now. There were people about, and so Marya followed, keeping a safe distance. If he got into a cab, she'd lose him. But so far, he was just walking.
Her gaze was focused on Luke, but she didn't miss the fact that Amman was teeming with life. Like the Damascus of her memory, the city came alive at night. Children ran and played on the sidewalks, their parents unfazed by the late hour; kebab stalls perfumed the air with the scent of roasted meat; people sat at small cafes along the street, sipping thick Arabic coffee. Marya struggled to keep sight of Luke as they walked farther into downtown Amman. Many shops were still open, many merchants still hawking their wares. There was so much to see, so much to take in.
She was nearly distracted by a shop of colored glass lamps when she saw Luke turn into a narrow alley. She picked up her pace, afraid to lose him. The street was narrow and smelled of manure. Ahead, everything was dark and quiet, doors and windows shut. It looked to be a dead end. A stray cat scampered across her feet, startling her.
Where did he go?

Nyna is willing to be a sacrifice, but is she willing to make a sacrifice to keep his love? 
Given as sacrifice to the Wahya to ensure the safety of her tribe, Nyna must prove that despite being prey, she is worthy of being the mate of a hunter. When a great threat shadows the Wahya and Awahi, Nyna has to choose between her courage to fight for what she loves, or her place in her husband's eyes. 


He neared the clearing just as the need to pant started to cause his mouth to loll open. Wary of the lack of cries, Atian raised his muzzle and scented the air. It gave him a wealth of information and he paused, sorting through it all.
She was there. The prey he’d never seen was waiting within the clearing. The bitter scent of tears and fear did not cling to her as he had been cautioned it would. Instead, a deeper scent, one that spoke of challenge and quiet anger, met him. With caution, he stepped closer to see the prey.
A female sat on the stone within, her eyes closed, her body seemingly at rest. Her dark hair fell to her waist, her skin hinted at a tan that spoke of many hours in the sun. The curves of her breasts pushing at her grass-woven garment indicated she was well developed and old enough to give the gift of life. The paintings on her body told her story.
Strong, smart, mature, talented.
This female made a worthy sacrifice. Atian knew it was now his job to show that the Wayha accepted what the Awahi had to offer. He stepped forward, his movements confident, as he prepared to stroll into the clearing and taste her fear at the sight of him.
His paw landed on a twig, snapping it with ease. To his shock, the female's eyes opened and, faster than expected, she shifted and fled.
Fled? She wasn't supposed to flee!
The hunters of the past had already told him that the females always cowered at the tablet, tears in their eyes as they begged for mercy. Instead, this female had shifted into her deer form and bounded off.

A shifter faces an arranged mating. A woman escapes her past. One night in Vegas could change their lives.
Unable to get out of an arranged mating to a female he despises, jaguar shifter Solomon Martinez has come to Las Vegas for his last night of freedom.
Although haunted by the past, Hannah Evans is determined to put both it and her fears behind her, and has come Las Vegas to make a new start.
But one night in Vegas can change your life and Hannah and Sol find themselves drawn together in a way that neither of them could have imagined.


When she saw the man stand and begin to walk over to her Hannah's first instinct was to leave, but she held herself still. This is what she wanted wasn't it? To be out having fun and meeting men, being wild and crazy, not worrying about consequences. Everything she'd not been able to be or do for so long.
And the man who slowly walked over to her was too good to be true. He looked Latino, his skin and hair deliciously dark and exotic, the stubble that covered his chin giving him a rough edge at odds with his obviously expensive clothes. His jacket was cut tight to his body, giving tantalizing hints of the muscles it hid.
As soon as she'd seen him Hannah had been drawn to him, and when he'd smiled at her his face lit up with a sexy warmth that seemed to go straight between her thighs. For a few moments she'd actually forgotten to breathe.
He exuded sex and she hadn't missed the heated way he was looking at her. Male attention still made Hannah nervous, the automatic fear of what it could lead to still with her, and there was something almost hungry about the way this man looked at her. Such need should have scared her even more but she felt her body's reaction; her skin became flushed and desire pulsed through her.
Trying not to stare she dropped her gaze, but continued to watch him from underneath her lashes, savoring this unfamiliar feeling; the instant spark of attraction that could lead to naked bodies tangled together, arms wrapped around each other, pleasured moans mingling, hot skin sliding against hot skin between the sheets.
As he drew closer she forced herself to stay seated, though her heart was thudding in her chest, and her breathing was speeding up. Her fear must have showed on her face because as he approached he slowed, his lips curled up into a broad smile, his expression became warm and genuine, his body language said, "I won’t hurt you." He stopped in front of the table, and looked down at her with eyes she could now see were a deep green.
"Hello." His voice was deep and accented—Spanish she thought—and it was undeniably sexy, making her stomach flutter.
"Hi," she managed to reply, sure that her voice was nothing more than a squeak.
"May I join you?"
She swallowed. Come on Hannah this is what you’re here for. Put the past behind you. But even with that mantra running through her mind she had to force herself to answer.
"Yes of course." He took the seat opposite, rather than the seat right next to her, and the solid presence of the table between them gave her an edge of confidence. "Thank you for the drink," she nodded at her glass.
His lips curled. "You are very welcome." He held out his hand, "My name is Solomon Martinez, but please call me Sol."
"Hannah Evans." She took his hand, noticing the strength of his grip and the tingle that seemed to flash along her body from the contact.
"I am very pleased to meet you, Hannah. Are you staying here in the hotel?"
"Yes, you?"
He nodded. "Yes, I have a suite. And are you...waiting for anyone?"
She shook her head. "No. I'm here on my own."
With an incredibly suggestive smile he leaned forward slightly. "Well I'm surprised a woman as lovely as you is here alone, but I'm very glad."
Oh it was a smooth line, expertly delivered in his seductive accent, and she couldn’t help but feel a feminine thrill from the compliment. She rewarded him with a full smile and something heated flashed in his eyes in response.
"So, what brings you to Las Vegas?"

Some creatures want to be found.
When Dr. Katerina Silverton travels into the Pine Barrens to make a documentary on the Jersey Devil, she doesn’t believe she will find evidence of anything supernatural. However, Kat soon finds herself face-to-face with the very creature she was sent into the forest to capture on film.
In Ancient Greece, the god Pan made a terrible mistake which resulted in the creation of a race of immortal satyrs. Centuries later, he lives secluded in the Pine Barrens, frightening the mortals by taking the guise of an abhorrent local monster. When a beautiful woman shows up in his forest looking for proof of his existence, Pan can’t resist revealing himself to her.
But outside forces may be manipulating them both, pushing them together for nefarious reasons. Kat must decide if she could learn to love a satyr or if his appearance is more than she can handle. Can she resist Pan’s wicked nature, or will she give into the temptations beyond her wildest fantasies?


He flapped his leathery wings, and gaining air, Pan swooped down in front of Rick first, shielding himself from the camera lens as he did.  The footage would show no visible evidence of him to make believers out of the humans who would view it. As with the first time he toyed with them, he knew sound effects could be easily added from an unseen location, so he wasn't worried about being heard.
Cindy noticed the threat to her husband and shined the light in his eyes, hoping to blind him. He couldn't blame her for not knowing he wasn't a mere animal to be deterred by such a feeble attempt. His eyes adjusted easily to any location and most levels of brightness or darkness. But since he was going for dramatic…
He used his wing to slap the spotlight out of her hands. It skidded across the dirt road with a loud clatter. The light flickered once, twice, dimmed and finally went dead. The moon cast enough light to outline the individuals present, but offered little more than that. Cindy took a few steps back and tripped, landing hard on her ass. She immediately began scrambling backward, attempting to regain her footing.
Rick stepped in front of her, shielding her. He hadn't shut down the camera, but slowly he set it down, probably hoping the beast before him was too stupid to realize what a camera was. Keeping his hands out in nonthreatening gesture, Rick slowly stood up and began to back away. He remained between Pan and Cindy. How very noble.
Pan smiled, though in this form it likely appeared as a snarl. Pushing off from the ground once more, he knocked Rick to the ground, causing Cindy to tumble back down as well. Neither concerned him.
With a gust of air, he pushed upward, flapping his wings as he gained height. The trees made it difficult, but he maneuvered through them like he'd been born to fly. He glided under a low branch toward Katerina.
She dropped to the ground as he went over her head, dodging him. His adrenaline shot through his system, almost as invigorating as an orgasm in itself. He was pleased she wasn't going to be caught easily. The hunt would make the capture so much more satisfying.
Katerina was almost to the van when Pan landed on the top of the vehicle and perched in front of her like a gargoyle, crouched with one hand on the edge of the roof. His wings folded and towered above him as he leered down at her, sizing her up. She stared up at him, mouth open in a scream that provided no sound. He watched as a tear streaked down her face, and he felt it like a sucker punch to the gut.
She was terrified of him. He stood no chance with her now, and he knew it. However, if he gave up and let her go, she'd flee the area and give up her film. She should flee and leave the area. It was the best thing for her to do. The only thing that would keep her safe from his lecherous thoughts.
No. She is mine.
The last time he'd felt a strong connection to someone, he'd let her slip through his fingers and into the path of harm before he could see if anything more could have blossomed between them. Not again. Fuck waiting to see why she was here. He wasn't going to let her leave or stand by as something happened to her.
Never again.


Breathless Press will be awarding a $20 Breathless Press GC to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour.

-Giveaway is OPEN TO EVERYONE.
-To be entered, leave a comment telling me which book intrigues you most, along with your email addy.
-A winner will be chosen randomly from all comments made throughout the tour, so the more you comment the greater your chances of winning.  A list of all participating blogs can be found here.
-Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM CST on 11/23.


  1. Wicked Satyr Nights intrigues me the most. Love the cover, and I do not know very much about satyrs. Would like to learn more! Thanks.

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  2. I haven't read books with satyrs before.. So I like Wicked Satyr Nights, it's interesting. :) Thanks for the chance to win :)


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    The books that intrigue me are most if not all of the Adonis books! xD heh...
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