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Review of Dark Whiskey by Emma Meade (GIVEAWAY)

Jesse senses something off about the nightclub. She wants to leave, but her best friend, Tasha, is determined to have a night to remember. There's no way she's turning down an invite to the VIP section. 
Against Jesse's better judgement, she follows Tasha up the ivory staircase to the mysterious room above. The whiskey and champagne are flowing, and pretty soon the blood will be too.


Into a world where vampires have become every woman's dream man enters Emma Meade's Dark Whiskey which changes that perception.  In this intense read vampires return to the way Bram Stoker envisioned them....dark, deadly, and dangerous.  They think themselves superior and see humans as food and entertainment.  They are extremely sexy though and it's an erotically charged environment that two young women enter into looking for a night of fun.

There's a sense of foreboding from the moment this story starts as the carefree party girl Tasha forces her friend Jesse into a night on the town.  Jesse knows there's something off about the club they're visiting and being chosen to enter the VIP section, but her loyalty to Tasha keeps her there and ultimately changes her life forever.  Jesse doesn't succumb easily though which brings her to the attention of Eli, club owner and head vampire.  He sees her as different from the other humans and admires her fight and attitude.  Their back and forth banter and physicality is heartpounding while also presenting feelings of seduction throughout the fight for her very life. It's a fight that's both bloody and sad and keeps your heart racing from start to finish.  Eli proudly thinks he's bestowed a gift upon Jesse but little does he know what's in store for him as Jesse's now been given the tools to exact her revenge in an ending that, while a cliffhanger, leaves the reader applauding what undoubtedly is to come.

Ms. Meade has accomplished much in few words.  She presents the club as vividly erotic and teeming with sexuality.  For young women looking for fun this is the place to be.  Little clues are given about what's to come early on and while our heroine acknowledges these clues she's helpless to fight fate.  Ms. Meade has created a heroine you can admire though, one who doesn't go down without a fight.  The vampires of this world aren't romantic, they're condescending and arrogant and take what they want.  Just when you think you know how the story will end the heroine does the unexpected and shows that humans aren't as weak as vampires think.

My rating for this is an A.

*I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.


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