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Book Tour for Corporate Merger by Elizabeth Roseland (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Today I bring you an author that's new to me but one who I'll be reading more from.  Corporate Merger by Elizabeth Roseland is a sweet yet sexy read.  Keep reading to get a glimpse of this book along with my impressions of it.  Make sure to leave a comment for your chance to win the second book in this series!

Amy Connelly has gotten used to the taste of shoe leather. Every time she opens her mouth to talk to gorgeous co-worker Eric Lewis, she puts her foot right in it.
Tired of the painful sight of her turning into a hopeless motormouth or tongue-tied fool at Eric’s approach, Amy’s friends take steps to remedy the problem. Her thirtieth birthday present is three desensitization dates with Derrick Vaughn, an Ebony Nights escort and an Eric look-a-like.
It’s magic. Communicating with Derrick is easy, especially when it’s their bodies doing the talking. He’s even helped her rediscover the kinky side she’s repressed for so long.
Eric? That’s a different story. She’s failed miserably at two of Derrick’s three assignments for her—asking Eric to lunch and dinner—thanks to a meddling, flirty co-worker who’s suddenly vying for Eric’s attention. If shy, awkward Amy is to have a chance, she’ll have to kick it up a notch…or three.


“Hi, Amy.” Melissa flashed a perfect, if insincere, smile. “How is everything going down in the basement?”
“Um, fine. Actually, we were just talking about—”
“Oh, that’s great,” Melissa said with a wave of her hand. She then turned to Eric. “Oh, I have something very exciting to tell you. Do you remember the other day when we were talking about the Parliament-Funkadelic reunion concert, and how all of the dates were sold out?”
“Yeah.” Eric had turned his body slightly to face Melissa, but now he glanced awkwardly at Amy.
“Well…” Melissa pushed a blonde hair off her forehead, “…you are not going to believe this, but I scored some tickets.”
“You did?” Eric’s eyes grew wide. “How’d you do that?”
“I have my ways.” Melissa winked, her mascara-lined eyelashes fluttering briefly over her blue eyes. “Anyway, I want you to be my date. The concert is on the twenty-first. Saturday.”
Eric again looked over at Amy, who could feel herself growing smaller by the second. She grabbed her cup and took a sip, in an effort to appear nonchalant. He cleared his throat. “I don’t—”
“I won’t take no for an answer.” Melissa’s manicured hand shot out and tapped him playfully on the shoulder. “It’s the concert of the year. You know you want to go. I’ll even pick you up. Say yes.”
“Say yes.” She smiled and tilted her head.
“Um…” his eyes cut over to Amy, “…okay.”
“Okay. Fantastic.” Melissa picked up her fork and began spearing her salad. Amy shifted uncomfortably in her seat. “We’re going to have a great time. I’m so excited. You should see the seats we have, they are fan—”
“I’ll see you later, Eric.” Amy gathered up her half-eaten lunch and stood up.
“Wait, Amy.”
“Oh, I’m sorry.” Melissa blinked. “Was I interrupting something?”
“No, you’re fine. I was done anyway. I’ll see you later.” Unable to look at him, Amy turned and walked away.



Corporate Merger puts a modern-day spin on the Fairy Godmother concept as a hooker with a heart of gold helps a geek get the man of her dreams.  This story plays on every girl's dream and to truly appreciate it just suspend reality and enjoy the ride to a HEA that is both sweet and surprisingly erotic.

Amy has been in lust for her co-worker Eric for many months but gets nervous in his presence unable to talk like the intelligent person she is.  She ends up a stuttering, klutzy mess around him.  To help her win him over her friends hire an escort who looks like Eric so she can practice how to act when close to him.  Derrick is just as hot as Eric but Amy can be herself around him as there's no real attraction.  For three dates though he reignites her sexual fantasies as they interact through BDSM and other heavy play.  Through Derrick's words and deeds her self-esteem slowly flourishes as she starts taking the lead in going after Eric.  Even the introduction of a blond bombshell making a play for Eric doesn't hold her back for long with the support of Derrick behind her.  All her hard work ultimately pays off in a romance made in geek heaven that put a smile on my face.

Amy is a sweet character and I felt sympathetic watching her stumble while trying to win Eric over.  She's a good and kind-hearted person and it was enjoyable watching her gain self-esteem and become more aggressive.  Her easy acceptance of getting an escort for her birthday didn't ring true to me as I'd be a bit offended (although it's a pleasant fantasy).  I also didn't find her early shock believable as Derrick and she started indulging in the bedroom considering her naughty sexual past, and how quickly she jumped back in to darker play.  Derrick too seemed too good to be true.  He was too sweet and kind.  But he definitely intrigued me and I want to know what hurts he carries around as there were flashes of sadness while he and Amy talked about relationships.  Eric is an equally good guy who we don't get to know too well except through his interactions with Amy.  Thy end up being a perfect match surprisingly compatible in every way.  Their relationship goes from sweet to sweltering in the blink of an eye courtesy of Derrick's training and the story ends on an immensely satisfying note.  

From its entertaining characters to fantasy-like storyline I found myself fully immersed in this story.  Though it's part of a series it can definitely be read on its own.  But after the flirty fun found here I will definitely read the first book in this series.  Here's hoping Derrick finds his HEA one day!

My rating for this is a B.

*I received this book for review from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.


Elisabeth Roseland spends her days dreaming up ways to throw sexy heroes and strong heroines together. Her characters explore the wonderful, agonizing, joyful, heartbreaking and complicated human experiences that are sex and love. She also hopes to inspire readers to grab the nearest consenting adult and do something fun. She lives in Chicago with her very own Happily Ever After.

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