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Book Tour for Demon Possession by Kiersten Fay (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Today I'm bringing to you an exciting start to what promises to be an enticingly sexy sci-fi/paranormal series.  Demon Possession by Kiersten Fay combines creatures of all sorts traveling through space trying to make ends meet as a ragtag crew that makes for an intriguing kind of family.  Keep reading to get a snippet of this book along with my impressions of it.  Make sure to fill out the form below for your chance to win some great prizes too!

When I’m developing a character, one of the first things I do is search for an image that matches what’s in my head. Some authors chose images of well-known actors, but I prefer anime or drawn figures. This way, I find it’s much easier to imprint my character’s personality onto the image. Below are a few characters from Demon Possession. Search for Kiersten Fay on for more characters.

Sebastian is a demon without a home. He is the captain of Marada, a ship that has carried him and his family throughout space as they make their living as merchants.
Long ago, at the beginning of the Great Demon War, Sebastian's mother betrayed him, An act that nearly cost the lives of Sebastian and his two siblings, Calic, and Sonya. As a result, Sebastian keeps himself emotionally distant from anyone but his last remaining family. He is fiercely protective of them.

Analia is somewhat withdrawn, shy, and self-conscious, but she has an almost childlike excitement for life, and an inner light that people are drawn to. She has lived as a slave since childhood, and cannot remember her people. Her unusual gift and pointed ears are her only clues to her past. And although she had been abused by her captors, Analia proves to be extremely resilient and retains her sweet and caring disposition.

Calic, brother to Sebastian and Sonya, is second in command of Marada. He is a viscous fighter, and often, shamelessly, fights dirty. His talent is in his swordplay and speed, but he often uses his body as a weapon—as well as whatever he can get his hands on.
During the war that destroyed his home planet, Cale was devastated by the betrayal of his mate, Velicia. Demons mate for life, and Calic knows he will never have a second chance at love. He is a brooding alpha male, and a borderline womanizer. As a defense mechanism against most everybody, he uses snarky comments and dark humor. My favorite kind.

Sonya is the youngest of the three demon siblings. Though she often suffocates under her brother’s fierce overprotectiveness, she doesn’t take crap from anyone and can hold her own in a fight. Sonya thrives on being self-reliant. Aboard Marada, Sonya owns and maintains her pub, which she calls The Demon’s Punchbowl.
When she was very young, Sonya witnessed her father’s murder. As a result, she threw herself into learning the art of combat. Her greatest ability is her speed, which has so far remained unmatched.

After being enslaved on the spaceship Extarga for most of her life Analia has no memory of her life before, and has lost all knowledge of her people. Her mysterious gift and pointed ears are the only indication that she is different. 
Analia is alone, and for all she knows, she's the last of her kind. By chance Analia escapes her captors, and hides herself on the merchant ship Marada, planning to get off at the very next stop.
Unfortunately for her, there is no next stop. The crew is planning a delivery that could take months, and according to a stipulation in the newly signed contract, no one is allowed on or off the ship until the package is delivered.
When Analia is found by the  captain of the 
Marada, she must adapt to her new role on the ship, and try to control her newly awakened desire for the brutal and devastatingly erotic demon.


Anya watched Sebastian from the corner of her eye as he went to work cleaning away the blood. He was focused and intent on his task, but couldn't seem to stop touching her in little ways. Softly brushing her hair, her shoulder, her hip. Was he checking her for further injuries? It seemed more intimate than that. It was almost as if he didn't even realize he was doing it.
His tenderness with her was astonishing. While he was focused on wiping the blood from her cut, Anya allowed herself to study him closer. He seemed calm now, though his energy was still erratic.
When he had first returned, still resembling the monster, it had terrified her. He'd still been enraged, much more so, it seemed. And not for the first time, she'd thought he might hurt her.
But when his eyes had found hers, he'd visibly relaxed, instantly morphing back into the Bastian she recognized.
With a gentleness contradictory to the man standing before her, he cleaned her wound. By his soft pats and concerned looks, she knew now that he would never hurt her. She felt silly for ever thinking otherwise. He'd shown her nothing but kindness from the beginning.
“You're not frightened of me anymore?” he asked without averting his gaze from the cut on her cheek. 
He was almost completely back to normal now. His horns were returning to their original dark black, and his fangs had receded. Thinking back to his other form, she couldn't muster the terror it had inspired in the first place. “No,” she said simply.
“So easily?”
“You make it hard to fear you, Sebastian, when you treat me the way you do.”
“And how's that then?”
“Like you would never hurt me, no matter how angry you are, or how much you might want to.”
His golden eyes locked on hers with such intensity it stole her breath. “I would never want to hurt you.” Cupping her face, he rubbed his thumb along her unmarked cheek. “I could never hurt you. If anything ever happened to you, I fear I will be trapped on the Edge forever.” Leaning in, he lightly kissed her bruise. “I think of you constantly.” He kissed her forehead. “Always.” Then with the lightest touch, he kissed her lips. 
With words so sweet, Anya couldn't help but lean into him. This wasn't the demanding kiss from before. This was soft, smooth, tender. This time he allowed her to explore him at her leisure. His lips were soft and warm, molded to hers, and she caressed them.
Her second real kiss ever was turning out to be the most erotic experience of her life. Sebastian was watching her with his liquid gold eyes, filled with restrained lust as he let her place soft kisses on him.
When she darted out her tongue, he dropped his hands to her hips, his body wedging between her legs. The second time she darted her tongue to lick his sweet lips, he opened, his tongue meeting hers.
From deep within him, she heard the rumblings of a satisfied groan. The mere sound stroked her own lust, and she instinctively dug her nails into his shoulders. Liquid pooled between her legs. Bastian's grip tightened in her hips.
“Let me taste you,” he grated.

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Demon Possession is an intriguing start to what promises to be a unique series with memorable characters and a paranormal/sci-fi world that sucks you in.  There's much action that is at once fast-paced but draggy at times too.  This story started off strong but went on a bit too long and it would've been beneficial to edit things out to wrap the story up faster.  I still found much to enjoy about this story and look forward to the next installment in this series.

Analia has been kept as a slave for almost her entire life because of her abilities.  She knows nothing of her past except that she can do things others can't. The day that she makes her escape puts her on a ship captained by a demon who at first tries to keep her at arms length but soon needs her like he needs air.  She's just starting to understand what freedom is and is at first scared of his claims on her but soon wants him as much as he wants her.  This new family of shipmates teaches her about living and to protect herself which she'll need once it comes to light that she is a key to ending a war and bringing those who harmed her new Mate to justice.  Analia starts off as a fragile flower but gains strength and became immensely likable.  I enjoyed her and Sebastian together and their sexual tension was off the charts which allowed for their relationship to evolve naturally.

Sebastian sees by his brother's pain the cost of a Mate's betrayal and wants nothing like that for himself.  He's immediately drawn to Analia, and though he fights it every step of the way, he eventually claims her and vows to kill those who hurt her in the past.  This leads to an even bigger war that draws all of them into it and almost kills them along the way.  It's only through their bond that they'll get out alive. Sebastian is a sexy demon who is extremely loyal and does everything he can to make Analia happy.  This leads to a relationship that is both sweet and sexy and immensely satisfying to watch evolve.

At times there was almost too much going on with too many characters introduced but there were a few that I became completely obsessed with.  From Calic who's suffering the loss of his Mate to Sonya the tough girl with a kind heart to Marik who was a slave himself, I found myself in love with these characters and counting down the days until we return to the exciting world Ms. Fay has created.  Life on the ship is exciting and homey.  The sci-fi parts are standard, along with the kinds of paranormal creatures introduced, but I still found much to admire in this story and have high hopes for the sequel as there are many strings left hanging with a character's fate left in the balance.

My rating for this is a B.

*I received this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Kiersten Fay is the author of the steamy paranormal romance series, Shadow Quest, which combines paranormal and sci-fi romance and is loosely based on mythology and lore. Like many authors, she loves creating new worlds with the power of her mind, along with brooding alpha males and strong, yet vulnerable, female leads.
In 2012, she received a nominated for favorite author of 2012 via, and that same year, won Favorite Story of August for Demon Retribution, the third book in her Shadow Quest series. Before becoming an author, Kiersten worked as a graphic designer, and now enjoys creating her own book covers.
For more information on Kiersten Fay, or her upcoming romance novels, visit her website


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