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Book Tour for Magic Moment by Angela Adams (Review & GIVEAWAY)

Let's start the week off with some suspense courtesy of Magic Moment by Angela Adams.  Keep reading to learn about how an author balances mystery and romance when crafting a story along with what I thought of the book too.  Make sure to leave a comment as well for your chance to win a $25 BN or Starbucks GC!

Jody, thank you so much for being part of my blog tour and featuring “Magic Moment.”  Balancing romance and mystery in my story was a challenge. I tried very hard to keep my focus on the romance and make the suspense part, Laura’s kidnapping, secondary. I’ve mentioned to others that I’m a big fan of soap operas, especially during my college years in the 1980s. There was “Luke and Laura” on “General Hospital,” and “Bo and Hope,” on “Days of Our Lives.”  
I don’t know if anyone reading this blog remembers those romances, but the storylines were couples on the run. No matter how much danger they were in, their romance was always the main focus of the story. 
How I kept the balance in “Magic Moment,” was for every suspenseful action, I wrote a romantic reaction.
Does anyone remember “Luke and Laura” or “Bo and Hope”?

When the FBI brings Laura Roberts - a quiet, reserved bookkeeper - in for questioning regarding activities at the warehouse where she works, an uneasy Laura resigns her job - only to be attacked by thugs.
Chase Donovan intends to spend a few peaceful days on his boat getting his head together - and finds a woman being assaulted by two men who say his father told them to do it.
Chase doesn’t want to believe his father could hurt anyone. Laura doesn’t understand why she’s a target. Can they learn to work together to discover the truth - before someone dies?


Caught up their new-found passion for each other, Chase and Laura almost forget that they are on the run from some dangerous characters.
“Time for this later,” she breathed into his ear. “First, I want to see our new window.”
He rolled off her and flipped over on his back. “You sure can kill a mood.”
“I’ll be back.” She slid off the bed. “I want to see our window.”
“No, too late.” He propped himself up on elbows and looked down at his pelvis. “You ruined it.”
“I can fix that easily.”
She knelt on the window seat, staring out the casement. Chase loved hearing her say our window, jointly, together, like regular, sharing, married people. It felt right. Her divorce notion…He had gone along with her because it was the easiest thing to do. But Chase was convinced he and Laura were good for each other. He had at least nine long months to convince her.
“Chase,” she said, her voice wary.
“What? Did I forget a nut or bolt?” He swung off the bed and stood beside her.
She whirled and looked at him, her previously amused green eyes now alarmingly wide. “Chase, there’s a man watching us.”



Fans of suspense will find this an entertaining journey to find out whodunit while trying to save the heroine and staying one step ahead of the bad guys.  The mystery is well done in its creation of a nefarious get-rich-easy plan where all the players are well hidden and innocent people are put in harm's way.  The conclusion to the mystery is well-paced, heart-pounding, with a conclusion resulting in sacrifice.  It was a rousing ending that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Where I felt a bit less satisfied was with the character of mild-mannered accountant Laura.  She unknowingly witnesses a crime and thinks she can go back to the life she once knew.  She's attacked and has her life threatened and still thinks she can forget about it and pick up where she was.  Luckily playboy Chase rescues her and convinces her of the stupidity of that plan, but gives her an option that's even more over-the-top.  Marry him and get pregnant in order to keep her safe.  She's more than okay with the plan as she's felt lonely for a long time.  She's not had many romantic relationships in life as she spent a lot of time caring for her mother before she died.  She set aside her dreams for her mother and is now being given the chance at another dream which has her jumping into it wholeheartedly.  As the story progresses though she gets more and more paranoid which makes her a bit whiny and annoying with all the pregnancy hormones coursing through her body.  She constantly thinks the worse of Chase though he's done nothing but protect her.

Chase was always the playboy, partying and never caring where the money came from.  He shied away from responsibility and long-term commitment, but Laura brings out his protective instincts and something about her calls to his soul and has him wanting to claim her no matter what.  He at first doesn't want to believe the worst of his father but the evidence keeps mounting in a race to bring the bad guys to justice with him putting his life in danger to protect his new-found family.  No matter his past Chase jumped into his role of hero easily.  He might not have always said or did the most romantic things but he always put Laura first.  I found him endearing and my heart broke for his having to realize the truth about his father.

This story had a strong start and ending, but the middle dragged as these two weary travelers journeyed to one port after another acting like tourists and trying to get pregnant.  With their lives in danger these acts didn't ring true for me.  They should've been in hiding making themselves untraceable.  It did give them time to bond as a couple but the story lost sight of the mystery and it slowed down the feelings of suspense.  On a whole this story kept me interested, though it often felt like a Lifetime movie.  The romance was nicely balanced with the mystery and I was immensely satisfied with the ending as it displayed a wide range of emotions.  This was my first book by Ms. Adams but won't be my last.

My rating for this is a C+

*I received this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Angela Adams writes and reviews contemporary romances. Her work has appeared in Romance at Heart, Oysters and Chocolate, and Long and Short Reviews. In December 2011, Whimsical Publications published an anthology,Winter Wonders. Ms. Adams’ short story “Burgers and Hot Chocolate,” was among the collection.
Angela is a member of Romance Writers of America and the online chapters, From the Heart Romance Writers and Elements of RWA.



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