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Book Tour for Noble Metals by L.A. Witt (Review & GIVEAWAY)

I'm honored today to be hosting my neighbor from just down the road (well, it's more like an hour down the interstate) L.A. Witt and her intriguing and compelling new m/m read, Noble Metals.  Keep reading to get a glimpse of this book, along with my impressions of it, and then make sure to leave a comment for the chance to win ebooks and a $10 Riptide Publishing GC.  You can learn even more about this book, and increase your chances of winning these great prizes, by visiting the other great blogs hosting this tour!

Welcome to the Riptide Publishing/L. A. Witt blog tour for Noble Metals! Thank you to Words of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess for hosting L.A. Witt!

Ever since Robert Belton gambled away the money to stake his claim in the Klondike gold fields, he’s been stranded in Seattle working as a prostitute. When an attractive customer needs help hauling provisions to the frozen north, Robert eagerly volunteers.
Dr. John Fauth is only searching for one thing, and it isn’t gold. He needs platinum for the prototypes of his revolutionary inventions, and if he doesn’t find it in the Klondike, his university career—and his research—is over.
Getting to the Klondike is a grueling, dangerous journey, and just hours after leaving Seattle, John and Robert find themselves in over their heads. John is carrying an invaluable device that his competitors will do anything to get their hands on. And as the cold nights and mutual desire pull John and Robert closer together, they discover that they have much more to lose than gold or platinum.

***The sequel, Precious Metals, a novel set in the same steampunk/Klondike Gold Rush world, comes out this fall.***


I can always count on Ms. Witt for a story that's unique with creative elements and this latest release continues that trend.  With a setting that puts us amidst the freezing temperatures and danger of the Gold Rush, and adds in minor steampunk elements, readers easily get caught up in the action and romance between two very different men.

Robert and his brothers came to Seattle to get rich but too much sex and gambling left them destitute and Robert chose to become a prostitute to find a way to continue his search for gold.  His career choice seemed a bit implausible as I find it hard to believe men would acknowledge their preferences so vocally in that time and place but Robert is forthright in his choice and is a likable and loyal man who John ultimately comes to rely on.  Their relationship may have started out as just sex but John soon gives him the chance to fulfill his dream of reaching the Klondike and it solidifies and strengthens their relationship.

John is a professor who has plans of searching for a metal far more valuable than gold, a metal that will change the future.  He seems to be out of his element at first but his unexpectedly meeting Robert changes everything as it gives him a capable man to help him traverse the dangers of the mountains and someone truly loyal he can count on.  Falling in love with him is also unexpected and as their journey becomes more dangerous their connection deepens.

This story is mostly written from Robert's perspective so I felt that I had a good understanding of who he is and I liked him.  We learn about John though through his journal entries which dragged the story down a bit as I would've liked more action and less wordiness of the kind of man he is.  The steampunk elements were on the light side which put this story more in the historical category.  What steampunk elements there were though were intriguing and larger than life.  The action sequences used these steampunk elements to great advantage which made for some fast-paced and pulse-pounding action.  As villains try to get the device used to find this new precious metal Robert and John are in constant danger and they must rely on each other to reach the end.  These secondary characters were nondescript though which disappointed me as I love discovering a hidden gem separate from the main characters.  The romance was nicely done and their relationship allowed to grow organically as they fought danger coming from the elements and from various villains.  There's not much steaminess though, not what I'm used to from other m/m reads, which was also disappointing as I love to get lots of bang for my buck.  The ending is a bit rushed too but satisfying as things are tied up but still crafts thought-provoking ideas for the sequel.  Ultimately this is another entertaining read from the talented Ms. Witt that will satisfy readers of many different genres and I'm looking forward to the sequel.

My rating for this is a B-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


L.A. Witt is an abnormal M/M romance writer currently living in the glamorous and ultra-futuristic metropolis of Omaha, Nebraska, with her husband, two cats, and a disembodied penguin brain that communicates with her telepathically. In addition to writing smut and disturbing the locals, L.A. is said to be working with the US government to perfect a genetic modification that will allow humans to survive indefinitely on Corn Pops and beef jerky. This is all a cover, though, as her primary leisure activity is hunting down her arch nemesis, erotica author Lauren Gallagher, who is also said to be lurking somewhere in Omaha.
L. A.’s backlist is available on her website, and updates (as well as random thoughts and the odd snarky comment) can be found on her blog or on Twitter (@GallagherWitt).


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    JBST -- Platinum is definitely harder to find, but it tends to show up in places where there are gold deposits, which is why John is heading to the Klondike. I stumbled across that little factoid while I was researching the book, and thought, "I have to play with this!"

  12. I am a huge fan of this authors and have read many of her contemporary, historical and paranormal books, but I really look forward to this steampunk one, as there is not enough mm steampunk. Thank you for a great giveaway. (slholland 30 (at) outlook (dot) com)

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