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Book Tour for 3 Seconds by Bethany Lopez (Review & GIVEAWAY)

As a reader who adores the older woman/younger man theme I was immediately drawn to this sweet and sexy read.  I'm excited to introduce it to you so keep reading to get a tantalizing taste of 3 Seconds by Bethany Lopez, the sixth book in the Time for Love series, along with my impressions of it.  In honor of this book release make sure to fill out the form for the chance to win a print copy of the first book in this series and an e-copy of another previous Ms. Lopez title too!

A lot can happen in 3 Seconds. It's the space of time between walking onstage and stepping up to the mic. It’s that moment when your eyes meet across a crowded room and the chemistry between you is undeniable.
Bronagh has accomplished a lot in her thirty-five years. A successful pub owner and happy divorcée, she's learned to enjoy life, but have realistic expectations. Her past has taught her that it's best not to depend on others, but that doesn't mean she won't sample a tasty morsel when it's right in front of her.
After taking a break from culinary school to travel abroad, Brendan is back and eager to finish what he started. Although he relishes the nights he gets to play with his brothers in their band, and enjoys their healthy supply of groupies, he's ready to start acting like the twenty-something that he is…a fact he craves to prove with Bronagh.
What starts as a one-night-stand becomes more when Bronagh and Brendan realize that they can't walk away. But can a younger man who's prone to late nights and scantily-clad women convince a woman who's been hurt that age doesn't matter, and he's the man she needs?


“Okay, Bronagh, what’s the big emergency?” my friend Ming asked when we were all settled in the corner booth of mine and my da’s pub. “Not that I’m not always up for drinks, but you made it sound like you’d just found out that Henry Cavill is gay, and all hope for your future together was lost.”
I smiled half-heartedly at her joke, but my mind was too boggled to fully appreciate her quick wit.
I figured it was best to just rip the Band-Aide off quickly and get straight to the part where they agreed that I was right, and needed to forget that I’d ever seen Brendan naked.
As if that could ever happen…
“I went home with that lead singer the other night, had fan-freaking-tastic sex, and it turns out he’s one of my students at the culinary school.” That said, I let out a long breath, then picked up my dirty martini and took a swift drink.
“Yay!” Cass, the third member of our trio, shrieked, startling me with her exuberance.
I gave her the stink eye over my glass.



As a reader, and an older woman myself, I was drawn to this older woman/younger man theme and charmed from the first page to the last thanks to a sweet and sexy hero and strong-willed heroine.  Though there's a bit of familiarity to the overall storyline it was a feeling of comfort that surrounded me and made this an immensely enjoyable read.  It may be the sixth installment in the Time for Love series but stands strongly on its own due to the compelling and likable secondary characters, engaging dialogue, and its sweet and sensual romance.  After reading this I definitely plan on starting the series from the beginning as the glimpses of past characters has me dying to know their stories and excited for what the future brings to the new characters as well.

Bronagh's a confident woman moving on from a recent divorce, talented and doing what she loves in teaching culinary school.  What better way to move on than the sexy younger man rockin' it out on stage.  After a scorching night together they both know they want more but real life invades with issues that could tear them apart before they've barely begun.  Bronagh's a strong-willed woman who knows that her biological clock is ticking and doubts Brendan's ready to commit.  She also worries about the perceived improprieties of being his teacher.  These issues are understandable and addressed in a believable way that's the first hint at the maturity of Brendan beyond his years that gives you hope that they can have a HEA.  I liked Bronagh wholeheartedly as she's smart, funny, with a zest for living.  Her interactions with her girlfriends were an added bonus that brought forth more humor and had me identifying even more with her.  Their interactions were supportive and brought a smile to my face as they're the kind of friends you want for yourself.

Brendan's another new addition to my list of book boyfriends as he's sweet, sexy, and oozes charm.  Once he sees Bronagh he knows he has to have her and is single-minded in his pursuit of her.  He's talented too with his culinary and musical skills which made him a favorite amongst the ladies.  He only had eyes for Bronagh though and I enjoyed their sensual tango.  On a whole he's a hard man to resist and Bronagh thankfully doesn't put up much of a fight as their connection is crackling and teems with sexual tension.  Brendan may be young in years but he knows what and who he wants out of life which had me cheering him on from the moment I saw him. His interactions with his brothers was equally entertaining as that of Bronagh and her friends with their playful and chiding banter which further charmed me and left me wanting to see more of his brothers.

From start to finish this story held me captivated with its sweet and sexy romance, immensely appealing main and secondary characters, and realistic yet familiar storyline.  The romance too was sensual as Brendan showed even more talents in the bedroom.  Theirs is a romance that was scorching yet sweet that didn't gloss over the age difference but dealt with it head-on with their families having a vested interest as well.  It all made for a fun and flirty read with promises of more to come.  This was my first time reading Ms. Lopez but won't be the last as I enjoyed the family and friend dynamics she lovingly crafted which is just one of many reasons to recommend this book and series!

My rating for this is an A.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


Award-Winning Author Bethany Lopez began self-publishing in June 2011. She's a lover of all things romance: books, movies, music, and life, and she incorporates that into the books she writes. When she isn't reading or writing, she loves spending time with her husband and children, traveling whenever possible. Some of her favorite things are: Kristen Ashley Books, coffee in the morning, and In N Out burgers.


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