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Book Tour for The Girl’s Got Secrets by Linda Kage & Silent Scars by Ada Frost (Reviews & GIVEAWAY)

Today readers are getting double their fun with my introducing you to the emotionally intense Silent Scars by Ada Frost and the rock star romance The Girl's Got Secrets by Linda Kage.  Keep reading to get a tantalizing taste of these memorable read, along with my impressions of each, and learn even more about these books by visiting the other sites hosting this tour.  In honor of these books make sure to fill out the form below for the chance to win a selection of Amazon GCs, a print copy of The Girl's Got Secrets and a print copy of one of the previous books in Ms. Frost's Surviving series too!

Her Man.
Their Hero.
His Pain.
What happens when you pray for death and you’re ignored?
You have to live.
You have to survive.
But what if the last thing you want is to take your next breath?
To the world, Ryan is a hero, an ex-marine, brother, son and protector. He has devoted his life to keeping others safe. He will do anything and everything to ensure his loved ones are protected, even if that means destroying his very own soul. After an explosion on the battlefield ends his career in the Marine’s, Ryan is sent home with an honorable discharge. But the war hasn’t ended for him.
He is home, he is free and he’s breathing, but he’s dead inside.
He wants nothing more than peace, but the nightmares in his mind will not grant him that. They taunt him, tease him and torture his waking moments. The darkness within him is slowly consuming him, blackness has seeped into his veins and is rotting his core. Ryan is a man on the edge of destruction. For once he is the one in need of saving. He needs a saviour.
He needs her.
Ryan is commissioned as a bodyguard to Aloura Cavendish. When he initially meets her, he believes her to be a spoiled rich brat, wasting his time.
But the fire inside her astounds him. When he pushes, he never expects her to push back. When he runs, she chases. For the first time in his life,
Ryan has a protector willing to fight his demons. The only problem – he is too afraid to release them.


That’s when I heard the music, the loud angry tones of Green Day’s “American Idiot” I grinned because it appeared Aloura wasn’t a fan of having us invade her life.

"Gentlemen, I may not require your services. It appears I will just strangle my daughter myself." Graham uttered sarcastically as we headed towards the loud music. When we reached the open doorway he strode through, leaving Will and I to follow. My douche of a brother paused causing me to walk into his back. I peered around the doorway and froze. There was no other way to describe it - her - other than absolute perfection. She was dancing around the room, her body moving with such fluidity that she almost floated. The music died immediately and she stopped. Her attention fixed on her father who had stopped the music. She slapped her hands down over her hips and breathed up at the ceiling. Her shoulders lifted and fell with each breath she pulled in. She glared at her father's back again as he came towards us and then she caught sight of Will and I standing at the door gawping at her like two morons. I straightened and smoothed my hands over my head. It's a habit I developed after I was discharged from the hospital. I hate the constant reminder marring my skin that I fucked up. That people died because of me.
“Sweetheart,” Graham gritted out through his teeth. “These are the gentlemen I was telling you about.”
“The ones with tight arses and buns you want to bite?”
I spluttered a laugh as her father turned crimson. The silver in his hair glistened against his skin. Will glanced at me, trying to hide his smirk.
“That’s what you said this morning isn’t it?” She asked batting her eyelashes at him. She headed over to a black piano in the corner of the room and picked something up from the top, when she held them up to her face I realised she was putting glasses on. She turned and blinked a few times in our direction and her cheeks turned a really beautiful shade of pink. She ran her hands over her black hair, which was pulled back in a messy knot type thing. Then she trailed them down her body, tugging at the hem of her t-shirt. It was fascinating watching her assessing us.
“I should have punished you more as a child.” He glared at her, but there was no mistaking the small curl of his lips of the undeniable love shining in his eyes.
“So this is my horrible little brat, Aloura.”



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Hi! What to say about myself...I don't really have anything interesting to offer other than I love to read, and create stories for others to enjoy. I've always been told I have a vivid imagination, I just lacked the confidence to pursue putting it onto the the written page. But finally I embarked on making a single dream come true.
I love to read and write. I only read romance, any genre really, but it has to have a beautiful romance. I also demand a HEA, even if it takes two or three books to get there. Reality is too broken and jaded without having to live through the trauma and angst in a book for it to end unhappily.



Readers drawn to stories full of gripping emotions that put them on a roller coaster ride of pain and healing alongside unforgettable characters will find this book the perfect read.  Ms. Frost's name might not be well known but with a book like this it won't be long before she gets recognized for this deeply emotional and gripping tale of abuse, PTSD, and unquestionable acceptance showing the healing power of love. Add in a bit of suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat as Ms. Frost keeps you guessing with her cleverly concealed villain and you'll be captivated from from the first page to the last.

On the outside Ryan seems invincible, every inch the war hero he tries to be.  Behind that facade though is a man in a lot of pain from a childhood of vile abuse from those who should've kept him safe and a war time injury that took him to the brink of death.  A lifetime of pain has left him a shell of a man, a man he sees as toxic and not worthy of happiness.  Episodes of PTSD and living memories of his abuse make him feel out of control and a danger that others need to stay away from.  Wanting to help the few people who have stayed by his side leads him to playing bodyguard to rich girl Aloura which changes his life irrevocably.  Though he tries to push her away she's committed to him, both his dark side as well as his caring side.  Ryan's pain was palpable, each hurt he expressed radiated off the page and had me wanting to heal him too.  All he ever wanted was to protect people and fate continually spit in his face.  All his pain may have tainted him but there's still a kindhearted and sweet side to him just waiting to get out and Aloura fuels that.  Ryan's a larger than life character who you're immediately drawn to, and despite his scars, he's beautiful in his own damaged way as he longs to find his own HEA but scared to go after it after a lifetime of rejection.  Finding someone who can see into his soul and love him unconditionally is what ultimately saves him from his past and helps him make a future.

Aloura's not your typical rich girl as she's a bit of a loner, devoted to her music and dance, quite content to be on her own.  Her self-esteem is a bit low too after a childhood of bullying due to her unconventional home life.  The moment she and Ryan meet there's a crackling connection as she's drawn to his strength but also senses his sadness.  She's a kindred spirit to him as their mutual loneliness binds them and her unwavering support has him finally addressing his painful past.  Aloura may seem meek but she has a very strong will as Ryan's harsh words when pushing her away were hurtful but never drove her from his side.  She's loyal too to those she calls family which was another element connecting her to Ryan.  She seems a bit naive in matters of sex but being around Ryan brings out her inner vixen in surprisingly steamy encounters.  From start to finish Aloura's the kind of heroine you admire and root for and I liked her immensely.

This was a hard book to read at times as Ryan's past was revealed but uplifting as he finally finds a love truly worthy of him.  Aloura was an admirable heroine made more enjoyable for her unconventionality.  Alongside these two compelling main characters comes a cast of secondary characters just as engaging and with painful issues themselves slowly unveiled throughout the story.  Throw in the suspense of a stalker, whose identity is well-concealed, and you end up with a story I was sad to see end. The romance too is sweet yet sensual and the journey to HEA richly rewarding. Though this is the fourth book in the Surviving series it's not too late to experience this unforgettable and emotional read as it stands strong all on its own!

My rating for this is an A-

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.

Here's the same old "girl posing as a boy" story but with a rock-n-roll twist.
Remy Curran dreams of one day being in a band, except the group she wants to join refuses to hire a girl drummer. So, she auditions as a guy...and makes the cut.
Becoming “Sticks,” a member of Non-Castrato, isn’t quite what she dreamed it would be, though. She spends most of her time keeping up the subterfuge and learning how to walk, talk, act, and drink like a man.
But what’s even harder to deal with is acting oblivious when the band’s heartthrob lead singer, Asher Hart, treats her like one of the guys and not a woman. She never imagined he’d be so much more than a pretty face with a nice voice. But he’s better than perfect. He’s perfect for her.
When love and lies combine, Remy must keep up the act or lose everything. But who knew lying to reach one dream could prevent you from attaining an even bigger dream?


Remy and I bent at the same time to turn on the karaoke machine.
“Sorry,” we murmured together when we nearly bumped foreheads. Then we shifted an inch apart but still both going in to get the machine up and running.
“Holy shit,” she murmured under her breath, turning toward me slightly. “You smell really good."
I didn’t want it to, but my body reacted, remembering every touch, lick, and kiss she’d ever given me. I glanced at her face, and her eyes flared as if she was in trouble for saying such a thing.
“Sorry.” She lifted both hands in some kind of surrender. “It’s just...it’s new. You’ve never smelled like that before."
Lust stirred through me. I tried to bite it back, tried to cling to the fact I was mad at her, but a need unlike any I’d ever experienced with any other person roared through my blood.
I had to shake my head and blink myself back to the present, remind myself where I really was and what I was doing. And that was most definitely not Remy Curran.
“It’s, uh...Eva gave it to me as the best man gift. I figured I should wear it today."
She nodded, agreeing. “Well, it’s amazing. I think I just got pregnant."
"...You look just perfect. I would so throw you down on your bed and ride you right now if I didn’t know you were really a girl in there. Hell, I’m tempted to, anyway."
I rolled my eyes but chased it with a smile. “Thanks. I think."
“Now practice your man walk,” she demanded, waving out her hand.
I faltered. “My what?"
She sighed. “You’re not going to pass for a dude if you stroll in there with your hidden girl hips swaying and flattened tits pooched out on display."
My mouth fell open. “Excuse me. I do NOT walk like that."
She snorted. “Oh...own it, puta. You’re a hot piece of ass, you can’t help the girly swagger."
“But I don’t—"
“Hunch your shoulder over a little more, concentrate on keeping your hips in line, and try to jut your cock forward when you strut."
“That’s how hot guys walk, like they’re leading with their junk."
I could only shake my head. I had honestly never seen a guy walk as if he were trying to poke his pecker out ahead of him. “Where do you come up with this shit?"
“Just do it, puta."
I sighed but used her suggestions, trying to overdramatize the cock-and-go strut, as I was thusly dubbing it.
“What do you think?” I asked.
She purred out a promiscuous growl and clawed the air in my direction. “How do you say ‘I want to sit on your face’ in Spanish?"





Linda grew up on a dairy farm in the Midwest as the youngest of eight children. Now she lives in Kansas with her husband, daughter, and nine cuckoo clocks. Her life's been blessed with lots of people to learn from and love. Writing's always been a major part of her world, and she is so happy to finally share some of her stories with other romance lovers.



Ms. Kage's Forbidden Men series has been an enjoyable ride for me as the heroes of these stories have been delicious.  With this seventh installment readers are once again introduced to a sweet and sexy man who's not what you expect.  Him being more than he seems is a good thing as the heroine of this story isn't what she seems either as she puts on a facade to achieve a dream before discovering another one put in jeopardy by all her lies.  Though the theme of this story is ultimately familiar, Ms. Kage's writing keeps it fun despite a few hiccups along the way.

All Remy wants is to be in a good band, but until she dresses as a boy named "Sticks" she'll never get there.  Getting there though leads to all sorts of complications as she finds herself drawn to band mate Asher.  Remy's a likable character whose choices weren't made maliciously.  She's sassy with a strong will who just wanted to prove herself and knew of no other way.  Her and Asher started out as friends (as Sticks) and I adored their banter and openness in sharing their deepest thoughts and fears. She got to know him on a completely different level and it added an extra layer to their overall connection, one I missed once the truth came out and they became romantic.  Her whole charade seemed a bit unbelievable though, especially with the acknowledgement of her mask, and went on a bit too long which took away from the romance between Remy and Asher.  Ultimately I wish the truth had come out sooner!

Asher may seem like a rock god who lives for one night stands but the reality is vastly different as he longs to find that one person to complete him.  He's jealous of his friends who have found their HEAs and it's these interactions amongst them that put a smile on my face and reminded me of how well Ms. Kage crafts her heroes. Asher's interactions with Sticks were also entertaining, witty, and enlightening but went on for too long as I desperately wanted to see the charming and romantic side of Asher in action.  Asher's attraction to a voice he heard at karaoke led to further conflict as it was another of Remy's personas and continued to distract readers from the main romance as did Asher's father returning home from prison.

On a whole this was a charming story with appealing characters that had a few issues to mar its perfection.  The interactions between the characters were engaging and teeming with wittiness that felt believable too.  I just wish the romance between Remy and Asher had been stronger and that more time had been spent on them as a couple.  The theme of this story veered a bit into cliched but for most of the story it felt fresh.  Overall this was a satisfying addition to the Forbidden Men series and I enjoyed reuniting with past characters while looking forward to what comes next.

My rating for this is a B.

*I got this book from the author for review in exchange for my honest opinion.


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