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Mega Romance & Erotica Giveaway!

Hello to my wonderful followers and fellow book lovers!  I'm so glad you stopped by today so I can fill you in on an AMAZING GIVEAWAY sponsored by 19 of today's best authors, and promoted by the fine folks of Xpresso Book Tours, that gives readers the chance to win Amazon GCs and books!  Keep reading to get a taste of the books being offered along with easy instructions on how to enter...


Luke bared his teeth. “You don’t like me."
Emily shrugged her dainty shoulders and took a diminutive sip of her drink. A kiss of moisture remained on her small mouth when she returned the glass to the table.
“Everyone likes me,” he felt compelled to point out.
Her snort of disbelief rankled. “Because y-you’re so modest, no doubt."
That was it. Time to hit the reset button on this debacle and return things to the way they were before she showed him every delicious inch of her naked body.
He eased back in the booth and folded his arms over his abdomen. “Ah, I get it. There’s something wrong with you, isn’t there? A personality disorder, maybe?"
A lick of fire flared in her eyes.
An answering spark shot to his groin.
“It is odd, I’ll admit,” she said. “I mean, w-why w-would I dislike the cop who, w-with zero evidence and even less reason to be suspicious, has accused me of an array of grievous crimes ranging from distracted driving to frowning?"
“Are you still mad about that? I apologized, didn't I?"
“I’m sure you were just doing your job to the best of y-your abilities."
“That’s right,” he said. “It’s hard, thankless work keeping the streets of Thief Island free from thugs and hoodlums."
“Is it hard work keeping track of all the w-women you accuse of felony frowning?"
He wanted to kiss her.
“Don’t be silly. Lack of respect shown to a public servant isn’t a felony. Tactless and repugnant, maybe, but not a felony."
She sighed. “Experienced as y-you are with moral corruption, I trust you’re right."
From across the table, his brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law watched the exchange with wide eyes, their heads volleying like spectators at a sporting event.
Luke tilted his pint and downed the last drop of Guinness. He pushed to his feet. “Speaking of moral corruption, I need to talk to our brother about his children."
Noah straightened. “What about them?"
“Their obsession with My Little Pony has gotten out of hand. It’s time for an intervention."
Noah laughed and Luke clapped him on the shoulder. “Congratulations again, you two. Let me know the details when you have them.” Then, with an exaggerated snap of his fingers, he swiveled toward Emily. “Oh, I almost forgot."
She regarded him with dark mistrust. Smart girl.
He let loose with the smile that whipped color into her cheeks. “I have your panties with me. Would you like them back now or shall I hold on to them for later?"
She choked on the chip she’d just popped into her kissable mouth.
“You were in such a hurry to get dressed, you must’ve forgotten all about them."
Her mouth moved with little pinches and odd twitches while she struggled to find and form words. Insults she wished to hurl at him, most likely.
Except she didn't.
In a flash of movement, she bounded from the booth. He shifted his weight to block her retreat and startled Tootsie Pop-brown eyes flew to his face.
He braced for her retribution. Would it be a cool dressing-down or a fiery tongue-lashing? He hoped the latter.
Instead, her expression crumpled and she shoved her way past him.
Disappointment sliced through him. He turned in the direction she fled.
Luke looked down at Noah’s hand clamped on his arm.
“Are you two going to be able to play nice?” Worry shimmered in Noah’s dark eyes.
“No worries, brother.” A smile twisted Luke’s lips. “I always play nice.”


This would be the first meeting where I would see my lover face-to-face.
He’d left strict instructions for me to sit at the table he reserved for us. He requested I sit with my back to the entrance. This tricky move on his part allowed no way for me to see him as he entered. If his intention was to control and torture me, it was working. A loose strand of hair tickled my cheek, so I tucked it behind my ear.
I watched for the waiter, again wanting that drink, but as much as I hated being outside my comfort zone, I loved the naughty, decadent feeling I got from doing something simply because my Master told me to. When I submitted to his demands, I stepped outside my safe little world, the one where my ex-husband ignored me for years, where I felt inconsequential. With him I wasn’t invisible. He relied on me.
Sure, it was for things of a sexual nature, but to me, that was something, and I felt fulfilled for the first time in ages.
A few months ago, when I’d been supremely pissed at my cheating husband, I went online. I admit it, I’d been looking for trouble, which was mind-numbingly easy to find. I hadn’t intended to find a darker side of myself with needs that shocked me. I’d never meant to find someone. I’d merely been looking, searching—for what, I wasn’t sure.
What I did find was a whole new world of dominance and submission, self-inflicted pain as well as pleasure, and sexual satisfaction with a stranger. A man who reached out and touched me in corners of my soul I hadn’t known existed. We spoke every day, I performed sex acts upon myself at his command, and sent him reports on the intimate and sometimes humiliating tasks he gave me.
I was his submissive, and he was my Master, and every aspect of our relationship took place over the internet. I addressed him as “Sir,” but in our chats he went by the moniker,“MC.” We communicated via Skype, email, chats, and the occasional phone call, never seeing one another. That is, until today.
had insisted we not use cameras, even though he implored me to do webcam “sessions.” My privacy was of the utmost importance to me, so I always refused. I’m a kindergarten teacher and couldn’t take the risk of being videotaped. So the only notion I have of what my Master looks like is a product of my imagination.
But today he flew to Houston to meet me in person. To have a real “play date.” In the flesh. A chill ran across my skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake.
Today I would finally meet the man who dominated me for the past few months. My stomach roiled with anticipation. What would he look like? Would it matter? Of course whatever he looked like, he wouldn’t be the “Master” I’d daydreamed about.
Things never worked that way. It would be like conjuring an image for the hero in book. When a movie is made, the actor never matches the character in your head. It was always a disappointment.
I’d tried to prepare myself for that from the beginning. I never pictured MC to be a handsome movie star. Instead, I envisioned him as rather average, with salt-and-pepperhair and kind features. For some reason I pictured him wearing glasses, and possibly a beard.
In any case, it wasn’t his physical appearance that captivated me. MC awakened a primal response in me. He exposed my mind to a world in which I could be open about my sexual desires. A world where the wanton girl inside me was encouraged to come out and play, rather than squelched and pushed into a back closet where she had always lived. He controlled my sexuality, sensing my deepest, darkest needs. And it didn’t hurt that he made me feel cared for and cherished at a time when I desperately needed that.
My phone showed it was 5:12. Any minute now… The wait had been both excruciating and delicious at the same time—a perfect reflection of our relationship, a testimony to both pain and pleasure.
“Close your eyes, my pet.” The familiar voicwas a sound I’d come to crave, and hearing it sent shivers of anticipation dancing down my spine. Suddenly, I wanted to freeze that moment in time, to stop while things were still beautiful between us, before reality could mar the fantasy


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